Sneaks of Korean F4 and Goo Hye Sun from Boys Before Flowers

The Korean adaptation of popular Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango, Boys Before Flowers which will be shown in December recently revealed the image concept for their Korean F4 and female protagonist, Yeon Woo.

Korean F4

Filming for Boys Before Flowers started on 5th November with their first scene filmed at Incheon International Airport. Goo Hye Sun, Kim Hyun Joong, Han Chae Young plus others all took part in the first filming. The scene for that day saw Kim Hyun Joong and the rest at the airport, sending Han Chae Young off, with Hyun Joong and Han Chae Young locked in a heartwarming embrace.

With this being his first acting role, Hyun Joong expressed after filming, “I have to act out a totally different person from myself when filming this drama. So I was pretty nervous as it was my first time. But Han Chae Young sunbae took really good care of me and we successfully completed the shoot.” Hyun Joong also revealed that his character in Boys Before Flowers will have a meatier role as compared to the original adapation. Thus, he will strive and work harder in order to not disappoint the legion of Boys Before Flowers fanatics.

Lee Min Ho as Goo Joon Pyo, Kim Hyun Joong as Yoon Ji HooKim Bum as So Yi Jung, Kim Joon as Song Woo Bin Koo Hye Sun as Yeon Woo

Feeling excited?

101 thoughts on “Sneaks of Korean F4 and Goo Hye Sun from Boys Before Flowers

  1. “Daoming Si” (I can’t spell his name in Japanese version) looks like Shiwon.

    The one Korean “Rui” looks just like the Japanese one.

    Kimbum looks good lol.

    Goo Hye Soo looks like Han Chae Young’s character in Choon Hyang.

  2. I”M SO EXCITED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I wanna see Han Chae Young being Shizuka and embracing HyunJoong with hug!!

    Can’t express my excitement,,

    dang,, HYD was my number one drama and Han Chae Young was my favorite actress esp. after her drama in Sassy Girl Chun Hyang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    can’t wait!! can’t wait!!

    coolsmurf!! please continue update with pictures!!!

  3. this WILL be the drama that will bring back my love for KDRAMAs. after coffee prince, i just couldnt get into other dramas. no other drama had the sparkk.. now this one! thank you!

    yay! i will be watching this for sure.
    i just hope it wont disappoint!

  4. Wow… they look quite similar to their Japanese counterparts… well, with the exception of Hye Sun. She has that unique look.

  5. kim bum looks soooo hot!!
    and hyunjoong!! yay more scenes!!!
    the more i look at it, the more that guy does look like daomingsi.

  6. :O OMG….only hyunjoong looks good in the korean version…..hmm…i still prefer the Taiwanese F4! (At least all of them looks pleasing to the eye) As for the drama and plotline….will have to wait and see if it surpasses the Japanese and Taiwanese version…..

  7. What did they do to Lee Minho’s hair? It doesn’t really suit him.
    I’m so hyped up for this drama… I love the Japanese version of it. Simply amazing ❤

  8. Goo Hye Sun is really too old for plays a high school girl, it’s the only thing who bother me. Dude she is 24 years old!

  9. kim hyunjoong is gonna be great as rui/hua ze lei! as for the other casts which i have saw on soompi, i think they chose the right people, especially the three bratty schoolgirls. and looking forward to their wardrobes too. =] the school’s uniform is cute.

  10. @rae..His hair is like that because F4’s leader Domyoji is supposed to be curly haired, Rui is light/fair haired, Sojiro’s hair is parted in the center and Akira is long haired if they were to follow the hairstyle of the characters in the manga like they did in the Japanese version. Jerry Yan’s Daoming Si had his hair straightened in Meteor Garden’s adaptation of HYD. As you can see, Kim Bum and Kim Joon didn’t have their character’s hair so this is another deviation from the original aside from the storyline itself. Pretty interesting though.

  11. I’m super curious to see what this version will be like after seeing both the Japanese and Taiwanese versions! I’m so excited!

  12. Wow, the cast looks good!! Hyun Joong looks just like Rui, and wow, the main male lead looks hot!! He looks like Siwon from Super Junior in that picture!! I don’t think the other two F4 members look badass enough, but we’ll see. Goo Hye Sun, I’m still not sure about her, she looks a little old in that picture.

    I’m really excited to see this!! =D

  13. GOODNESS!! It’s total hotness overload…<333

    I like all of them. Hyun Joong and Kim Bum especially..XP

    *fans away fangirliness*

  14. OHMYGOD!!!!
    now i’m SUUPPER EXCITED!
    hotness galore!

    HYUN JOONG~~~ *DIES* he’s so perfect for the role of rui hanazawa. hope his acting is good. ❤

    btw, Lee Minho looks a lot like Jerry Yan(Dao Ming Zi from taiwan F4) with that curly hair.

    KIM KIMBUM and that other guys looks great!
    oh fark, i can’t waaaiiittt even this is the 3rd Meteor Garden/Hana Yori Dango show i’m gonna watch. LOL

  15. no offense buh da guy who is playing as Tsukasa his hair is ugly >__< no offence it’s even worse than the Japanese one

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  17. ooohhh…i agree with some of the comments above. the korean domyouji looks like an uglier version of choi siwon and hyunjoong resembles oguri shun in some ways. i’m excited for this.

  18. I know domyouji is SUPPOSE to have curly hair but it doesn’t really work on that guy……

    But Hyun Joong looks damn fineeeeee so Im super excited!

  19. Hyun Joong IS the best lookin.
    Aint she suppose to be in uniform? =.=”

  20. taiwan version for the win still! the leader is way better looking than this one. everyone is only watching the korean version basically for hyun joong.

  21. i’m watching EAST OF EDEN and QUE SERA SERA at the moment…. and really looking forward to this once since it’d be a nice change of tone.

    i love love love HS stories, even if this one takes place in college….. same difference


    btw….. i think she’s really old for the F4 guys …… but that only means one thing….. THERE’S HOPE FOR US GIRLS BORN IN ’84!…… if only my bf looked like kim beom…..


  22. Its nice to see pictures! =) I’m really excited because I’ve seen all the different versions of this drama. I just got to say, I have high expectations for this drama. =D

    Thanks Coolsmurf! =D

  23. OMG, hotness overload. I seriously think HJ looks the most like RUI in the manga!
    The main guy doesn’t look too amazing, but i think i will grow to love him since i wasn’t to fond on matsumo jun’s looks at first but eventually got use to him (coz of his amazing acting) also the domiyoji in the manga isn’t really that attractive (its the personality which makes you love him).
    BTW whos the guy with the reddish hair because he is looking super cute O.O.

    I seriously can’t wait for this.

  24. hmmm.. looks like they choose the wrong actress.

    I mean they shld have find a better, pretty, sweet looking actress. No offends =)

  25. i’m excited to see the 1st ep since i’m not familiar with the original. the guys all look so young & kinda feminine.

  26. I’m not really excited.
    I keep remembering Hana Yori Dango with MatsuJun && Inoue Mao. Hopefully they can pull it off.

  27. Shillang looks mighty fine ^_^!!! It’s good that he’s gonna have more of a complex role than the original. I wonder how his chemistry with Han Chae Young going to be?! I am super excited!!!

  28. Doesn’t anyone else agree that HJ is not that good looking?

    Whether you have different standards or types,He is average if not bad looking if anything…

    I don’t hate him,it’s just the truth even out of ss501 he is not the best looking out of them.

    Anyways,I can’t wait to watch this drama,I already watched the Japanese version,which either way,I will think of it as the best,even if it wasn’t the first one to air,the only particular reason I’m watching this is because of Kim Bum.

  29. kibum and hyun joong is hella good looking
    the other boys look decent too but i wouldn’t say a total heartbreaker but nonetheless i am still super super excited for this efinn’ drama…

  30. Ahmmm!!! hyung joong’ll work hard in oder to disappoint fans ….Hj’s a high responsibility for his work 🙂 my pretty boy fightingggggg!!!!!!! I’m so excited to wait for HYD…^^
    I still believe hy’s appearance….absolutly fits for Rui :p

    Coolsmurf thx for up dated!!!!

  31. I’m an HYD lover since forever, if there’s one thing that made me love HYD even more was when the Japanese at last made their own version and actually finished it with a bang! The Taiwanese was okay too, but I’m actually looking forward for the Korean version. I’m not too familiar with the cast with the exemption of Kim Hyun Joong, but that’s what makes HYD even more exciting, with almost new actors being cast. Good luck!

  32. Although i know it will be very popular, and at first i’m quite excited too,but to me,there is a few problems which made me not excited about it anymore.

    1.The hair style for Lee Min Ho is too ugly.The other 3 are a lot better.

    2.Goo Hye Sun acting PURE again?The character in ‘Pure 19’ is so stupid.Everytime i saw the character,i will scold her like crazy.(Altough i know is not her fault, is the screenwriter’s and director’s fault for making the character so stupid(very act).But i just can’t forget that stupid character she has acted.)

  33. Original Japanese Characters:
    Makino Tsukushi
    Domyoji Tsukasa
    Hanazawa Rui
    Nishikado Sojiro
    Mimasaka Akira

    Shan Tsai
    Dau Ming Tsi
    Hua Zhe Lei
    Xi Men
    Mei Zuo

    Geum Jan Di
    Goo Joon Pyo
    Yoon Ji Ho
    So Yi Jung
    Song Woo Bin

  34. hyun joong is the most handsome, cute, charismatic, cool, beautiful guy…………………. ` alll the best… LOVE U HYUN JOONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

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  37. hi…ahneong…goo hye sun is not too old to act this drama..see got a baby face….so lovely smile…soooo cute….love her so much….god bless hye sun… 🙂

  38. F4 is really great drama
    i love it very much……..they’re very very handsome,especially Hyun Joong…….he’s really cute.i like his role .hope to see him in other good drama.

  39. im a die hard fun of the boys over flower….how i wish if i could own a cd of thier movie which is the boys over flower…

  40. Hi f4 fan . Hi f4 u al so cute.i love Chan Dia the most c very strong n always fight with what happend to her love i know it just a drama but i found i like them so much..u al my idols…(¤,¤)¡

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