Infinity Girls Will Debut On Music Scene Through Music Core

The six girls from Infinity Girls (female version of Infinity Challenge) Song Eun Yi, Baek Boram, Jung Shi Ah, Hwang Bo, Kim Shin Young and Shin Bong Seon will be making their debut as singers through Music Core tomorrow afternoon.

Infinity Girls

The six girls from the variety show Infinity Girls which is shown on cable channel MBC Every 1 will perform their song Sang Sang (Imagination) on Music Core. They have been recording the song since September (on and off) and releasing it online 2 days ago. Their challenge of appearing on a music show for the first time will be shown in full through Infinity Girls on 21st November.

Before their live performance, watch their music video released yesterday.

credit to my479M@Youtube for video.

21 thoughts on “Infinity Girls Will Debut On Music Scene Through Music Core

  1. cute cute.
    the song is nice and all the girls can sing it seems
    kim shin young with her rapping. i like and can’t wait!

  2. i like the song.. very cute ~~~~~
    hwangbo sang the best…
    kim shin young ‘s rap is nice also.
    can’t wait to see them in live show ….

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  4. my gosh !
    shin young’s rapping is amazing xDDD LOL.
    hwang bo’s singing is soooo good. cant wait for their perf xDD

  5. i highly doubt some of them actually sing like that. Jung sia ah’s voice and way of talking is so god damn annoying does she need to whine all the time. Hwangbo an shin young ftw though!

  6. aww haha the song was really cute and they don’t sound so bad, hehe. They have really nice voices. Love their show, they’re super hilarious! haha. Wish them best of luck and can’t wait to see them perform ^^

  7. holy crap they’re pretty good!

    i really like Siah’s voice!

    ShinYoung…who doesn’t luv her!

    and go HWANGBUIN!

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