Hye Rin Begins Her Ambitious Path; Dong Chul and Young Ran Separated Again

All along, we have been seeing Min Hye Rin (Lee Da Hae) being a student activist fighting for the commonfolk, conflicted over her illegitimate child status and her relationship with Lee Dong Wook (Yun Jung Hoon). But as we move towards the midway point in East of Eden, Hye Rin will soon move into the heart of a power struggle as she inherits Daehan Daily (newspaper agency) and sees herself turning into an ambitious woman with political aspirations.

Hye Rin Transforming from Idealist to Ambitious

In Episode 23, Hye Rin’s father liver problem sees him leaving for America for treatment, leaving Daehan Daily under her temporary charge and announcing Hye Rin as his future succesor to the board of directors. Later on, political figure Mr. Chun “forces” Hye Rin to go to an event for some networking.

Before the event, Hye Rin goes to look for Dong Wook, “To seek connections with those in power, I have put on makeup. Quickly tell me not to go”, as she finds herself in conflict with her ideals against reality. How will Hye Rin handle being in a vicious power struggle, having been fighting for justice and against power hungry higher-ups in her position as a student activist in the past. Viewers are interested to see how will Hye Rin’s character will develop.

In Episode 24, Hye Rin meets Dong Chul (Song Seung Hun) again, wanting to buy over his land as foreshadowing of a triangle relationship between her, Dong Wook and Dong Chul surfaces once more. Viewers expressed their curiousity and anticipation on the website, “Hye Rin has now become an ambitious woman that surpasses Ji Hyun even”, “Will Dong Chul and Hye Rin really fall in love? Are the brothers going to become love rivals?”, “Just let Dong Chul be with Young Ran and Dong Wook with Hye Rin, a happy ending”.

For the ill-fated couple, Dong Chul and Young Ran, having managed to evade the clutches of Young Ran’s father, they spend some quality time together, enjoying what normal lovers would do in Episode 23. But Young Ran’s father does manage to find them of course and forces them apart at the start of Episode 24 and that was the last time we saw Young Ran for a while.

Ill-fated lovers Dong Chul and Young Ran

Two years have passed, Dong Chul is now the boss of a scrap car site, severing all links with Young Ran’s father. One day, he receives a call from an agonizing Young Ran in Macau asking him to visit her at least once but Dong Chul asks her to forget him. Later on, in the preview, we see Dong Chul eventually going to Macau to visit Young Ran who is bed-ridden in some sort of cell. As Dong Chul leaves, Young Ran springs from her bed begging him to take her away.

Nothing Can Go Right

Dong Chul and Young Ran, regardless of what happens, they have been through so much, it’s really hard to see Dong Chul falling in love with Hye Rin unless it’s for politics at this point. With 1/2 of the series to go, anything could still happen. But definitely, Dong Chul’s true love is Young Ran.

48 thoughts on “Hye Rin Begins Her Ambitious Path; Dong Chul and Young Ran Separated Again

  1. …too many twists and turns so anything can happen and altho I want it to, it looks like it won’t have a “happily ever after” ending…sadly.

  2. yeah, too much twist and turn. it makes me really wonder how this story will end.

    but really, DC+YR love story really aches my heart.. their love for each other so deep but, they cant be together. i must say, LYH is a very good actress. i cried when i see her suffer.

    yeah, i see HR is becoming a very strong and ambitious woman, which is good. she can help the lee brother to revenge. but i read somewhere she will be someone who is greed with power later on. i don’t know.. i just hope she didn’t. i also have this same feeling towards JH when she is too ambitious, she will be greed and doesn’t realize she is wrong.

  3. lol i hate twists
    i seriously just want a happy ending :] with the couples that are meant to be
    dongchul/youngran and dongwook/hyerin

  4. i agreed with u Kelly i also just want the couple that are meant to be together to have a happy ending and that is YR-DC and HR-DW i don’t understand why LDH fan does not like the ending of HR-DW it not like HR have a romance scene with DC yet for them to want HR to end up with DC so bad am mean if they did have a romance scene i can understand they want HR too end up with DC
    i think HR char will became greedily woman and will try too make DC-DW became enemy later on

  5. wow the main reason I started watching East of Eden is cause I thought Song Seung Hun was gonna be couple with Lee Da Hae cause I freaking love them! I was so thrilled to know they were together in this drama……will it really happen! I hope soo! dum dum dummmm…I don’t really like YoungRan, she’s annoying….but now HyeRin is becoming like this ::sugh:: that sux

  6. yes, i also want to see a happy ending with DC+YR. i m sorry for those ppl who watched EOE thinking that DC would hook up with HR, anyway we are still half way and we dont know what s going to happen, but seriously, how can anyone want to separate DC+YR after watching through ep 24. i dont want to be agonized after watching the final ep of EOE coz so far I feel like I m being tortured coz DC&YR can’t be together for now. the bottomline is i watch dramas so that i can be entertained and pleased, there is enough of unfulfilled love in real life, so i hope the PD is listening and i hope EOE ends with DC+YR together.

  7. Dong Chul & Hye Rin!!!!!

    Dong Chul & Young Ran have separated enough so why not just separate them all of the sudden.

    I still think they writers is going to kill Young Ran!

    It only makes sense but don’t hate me if that happens. I know I’m looking forward to Dong Chul & Hye Rin!

  8. i have to say this film is the worst Korean film i’ve ever seen, bad scripts, lack of logic and twisted characters… terrible!!! sigh…

  9. yup DC has fallen in love with YR..its clearly shown so no reason anymore for HR-DC some number of HR-DC fans that its one sided love. The writer presented a deep kind of love b/w the 2..its a no nonsense kind..deep wit them risking their lives for even some precious time to be together.
    if watching EOE for w/o bias..I for one has no favorite loveteam..my take is on the story not the “stars”. in some forums its such a letdown when there are intense DC-YR scenes and some insensitive fans will discuss DC-HR “staring” which happened many episodes ago…what’s that?..”insecurity?” what’s being shown cant be disregarded, I for one initially thought DC-Yr will have shallow loveline…but its turned out a major one. some even have to make ohhs & ahhs of DC-HR meetings..cant even wait for the DC-HR time..when drama is far from it yet…why the rush..such an insult to YJH, who’s main partner of LDH. IF Hyun Bin as earlier rumored took DW’s role, I wonder if they will want immediate end to DW-HR. seems rush its not for the character HR but for the star “LDH” so she will be paired with biggest star SSH..LDH is big star enough, she’s given intense scenes already, she is good but she just have up her acting level a bit more so she will make HR memorable. it matter so much to hardcore LDH fans for her to be major partner of SSH?..why..from some posts ,coz u think being so will make LDH main female lead. Drop those illusions so u will not stress out,..this is men’s drama, main leads are the male. female leads just same level LYH, LDH, HJH are same level far as EOE is concerned. Han Ji Hye who’s last drama rated as high as 43% is paired with PHJ, most junior in main leads, not major partner with SSH but shines in EOE, even winning best actress for JiHyun role. its doesn’t make her a lesser lead not being paired with SSH. concentrate on the plot and the characters not the stars!..it will make drama more enjoyable to watch! DC-HR may come, be patient, when it comes then that”s time we should talk about it!

  10. i agreed JS i still cant get over the fact that LDH fan dont even give YJH a Chance at all am mean all they talk about is they cant wait for LDH-SSH together sometime i would like to know the reason for not even give YJH a chance too see if LDH-YJH will have good chemistry together because i think DW is meant to be HR partner in this drama while YR is meant to be with DC in the drama am sure if HYun Bi play the role of DW LDH fan would not be this about DW and like u say this is man drama were their no female lead all three of LDH-LYH-HJH are lead female not just one like LDH fan think

  11. Just sit back and enjoy the drama geez…don’t get why people are having this shipping war…the drama isn’t finish yet!

  12. Sorry, but i don’t agree w/ u at some point. I don’t think LDH’s fan (me) want her to partner w/ DC b/c he is big star…sorry, as far as I know, the thought of pair up LDH and SSH is from what we heard in the beginning, which the writer mentioned at the first place, it is not like we, as her fans, out of blue, want her to be together w/ some more famous star….this thought is not so fair.
    After all, I don’t care much about who she will end up w/, just I think they don’t make them meet each other that many times by random just for fun…so it means fate, in the future, they will have a deep connection (which we don’t know whether it will turn to be a love, or not), but it will be deep. At some point, I think that LDH did fair enough, well excellent in her scenes. People didn’t feel her yet not b/c of her lacking, but yes, please think about how much screen time she got for each episode before the recent 2 eps. If u can jut have a cut, it is like 5 minutes for her scene. Even w/. DW (whom people thought should be w/ HR), she didn’t even have that much screen time w/ him, compare to any other couples. I feel it’s so unfair if we just judge her by that.but yeah, it is turning now, so I am looking forward to see her more on screen, and then we can judge her fairly now.
    I just want to defense LDH as HR…yet, still want HR and DC will get more time together, then we can see if they should be together. you guys love YR-DC b/c they already had so much scenes together, why not wait and see about HR-DC…still more than half of EOE, and we know for sure they will have more scenes together in the future, give this couple a chance…I think that I will wait and see if HR should stay w/ DW (he doesn’t even love her yet) , or DC (whom she doesn’t have much time w/), or even Beak (I don’t like his type of love btw). So yeah, I love HR, and I want to see whom she should be w/ after she has more time w/ both of the brothers…rather than blindly said she will end up w/ DC , or any one else.

  13. Yes, you took the words out of my mouth hotmit.

    I hate it when those LYH fans are so immature sometimes! Grow up peoples.

    Probably it’s because of the age gap between the fan base….

  14. but hotmit, as the story turn out like this until now, why there are so many urges for HR to be with DC? it is super annoying for someone who enjoy watching this drama. it was like most of LDH’s fan are too impatient or desperate for DC+HR. and plus, the writer never said that LDH will be with SSH. it is just described earlier that HR will come up between the 2 brothers, but still didnt clearly explain she will be with whom. i really think how most LDH’s fan attitude is like an insult to YJH.

  15. Yes, young ran is in Macau hospital, too far away from dong chul . I read in one korean blog that she is in a mental hospital due to heartache (lovesick).

  16. It’s a DRAMA and I don’t understand how anyone can be so defensive about who SSH’s character ends up with… the writers have the power to have SSH’s character end up with LDH’s character…or maybe none of the above.

    As far as we know, someone can get an incurable disease or die tragically. One thing I’ve learned in Korean dramas that if there’s ALL this drama between two people (that were a couple), someone is going to end up dead…

  17. Or not end up with each other at all.

    I say SHH’s character should have more scenes with LDH’s character so it’s not only revolving around the other girl.

  18. SP why u so want LDH to have more scene with SSH she already have more scene with YJH why cant u LDH fan be happy that HR is with DW why always pushing for DC-HR does all u LDH fan only think that only SSH is good enough for LDH and not YJH or what just be happy that DW is starting too like HR too god sometime u LDH fan can be a little annoying with all ur HR-DC i hope in the end HR will end up alone so i can be happy with all disrespect u fan show for YJH

  19. agree with you koreanpride, can’t understand why HR fans push so much DC&HR whereas HR look good with DW, it really annoyed us, can’t they just focus on what is airing now??

  20. that what i was thinking EOEfan why cant they just watch what air instead of going off and saying thing that does not even happen yet i hate it when i read comment and all see is HR-DC or LDH-SSH never a HR-DW or LDH-YJH all they say is they cant wait for HR-DC all the time that like saying they dont even see YJH-LDH having scene together sometime LDH fan can be a little annoying with all their HR-DC or LDH-SSH

  21. omg~~ reali ~~ let Dong Chul and Young Ran be able to live in peace lol~ i’ve been watchin this drama n i like it but what happens in the drama frustrates me so much~~

  22. honestly, many people who don’t like youngran say she’s annoying, but i don’t get how any part of her ‘crying’ is annoying? if you were in her situation, wtf would you do? i mean, seriously, i used to hate her as an actress over all too, but this story really melted me. D;

    i really would like the producers to leave it a DC-YR vs. DW-HR love story. 9;

  23. It’s not because we want more HR-DC scenes that we hate YR…
    When it is about EOE, the atmosphere is so tense in this blog (sorry coolsmurf) and we can’t talk without critisize what others think.

    When people say they wan’t YR-DC, i understand and i think it is possible but why YR-DC fans can’t admit that HR and DC will have a story??? It can be hatred, love, rivality well, lot of things in fact.

    When we say “i want HR and DC to have more scenes together”, we’re just LDH fan. But when someone say : “I looooove YR and DC, hope they can end up together”, you are not pointed as a a LYH fan.

    Can’t we talk like civilisate people, we all love EOE, that’s a fact. We should be able to express ourselves without being critisized or insulted sometimes.

    Well, I hope YR will not be too ill and I hope LDH and SSH will have more scenes together!! And with DW too, they’re so cute together #^_^#

  24. wow ceres why the HR-DC when DW-HR just start to have romance if u just watch the show with out looking forward for a HR-DC u would know how much HR love DW and DW is just starting to like her too man i swear u LDH fan can get annoying at time with ur HR-DC cant u just be happy that HR is happy being with DW

  25. It seems to me you didn’t read what i wrote. Well, think what you want, i know what i wanted to express. I don’t scorn you because you want YR and DC to end up together and i never said HR wasn’t in love with DW, it’s so evident, no need to precise… I just wish DC and HR to have more scenes togethet, even if they are tense. They are two leads who nearly never met, I want to see what will be their relationship.

    So please, don’t jump to hasty conclusion…

  26. why u have to be greedily HR already have DW she does not need DC each guy is for one girl quit being greedily and LDH is not the lead all three girl have the same screen time so quit saying LDH is the lead because only LDH think she is the lead if u watch the drama u would know all three have the same screen time and just so u know am a HR-DW shipper that why so tried with all the LDH fan always say how they cant wait for HR-DC when in the drama HR is with DW not DC
    so quit with ur HR-DC it getting a little annoying

  27. First, i do what i want, if i want HR to meet DC even if they hate each other, it is my opinion not yours. Second, i don’t mean LDH is the lead girl, i just said she’s one of the lead girls, as JH and YR. But they roughly never met, i want them to meet in the future.

    I’m sorry coolsmurf for all these disturbances but when it is about EOE, i feel like nobody can speak normally, as if they were obliged to “attack” everybody who doesn’t have the same ideas as them.

    Can’t we talk without quarreling? At the end, there will be nobody to talk about EOE because we will be bashed anytime we speak.

  28. HR-DC will never be more then any because they both love another person so i think should just stick to HR-DW because if u hoping for a romance for HR-DC u will be disappoint in the end

  29. Review :-

    What I see that is coming, hye rin and dong wook will break-up due to her family request. Young ran’s mother will appear if not soon later, she is alive. Hye rin will be pressured by his family to marry Mr Paik. I think she
    has to make the land deal successful to avoid marrying Mr Paik. So, who will she approach?. mr gook, mr chun or
    another round of negotiation with Dong chul?. They are all connected. What do you think?.

  30. wow…@ JS good rieviews…..i agreed with u….

    to me….just drama…..

    but ..

    i like Mr Kook(YR father)characters…

    to YR….please….be a good daughter…May God Bless u

    to DC…..still keep on with your ‘revenge’….be proud for your mom and second mom…

    to HR….be strong…and be a good daughter and good Directors of Daehan ….May God Bless u

    to DW…fighting…..

    i hate STW(bad man)….please be a good ‘old man’….

    to Ji Hyun+lovely husband+cute boy…..i love you….


  31. Is my first time posting a comment for this drama, if i am doing is cause i have been in each page about this, and SP you really don’t like LYH and SSH pair, in each page you have post bad comments about them I got it you want LDH with him, but let me tell you SSH real love is LYH so accept it!!!

  32. i agreed with u happy it seen SP is not happy that SSH confess he love for LYH already that why SP is so desperate for LDH and SSH to have romance so he can say well SSH love LDH too ^^

  33. i’ve watched eps 25. why..?.. why DC+YR story is so sad.. it tears up my heart. i really love them both. pls, make them be together…at least in heaven.

  34. No matter how hard hye rin put an effort to make it happen, Dong chul is not ready to commit himself, and also during that time the korean society still were conscious about their status (poor and rich don’t mix).

  35. What does the name “Hye-Rin” mean? Hahah. It’s my name, and I’ve been trying to find it out everywhere. I’ve found out “Hye-” means “intelligent and wisdom”, and “Rin” means “cold”. Is this true?

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