Big Bang “Fights” for Lee Hyori at MKMF 2008

Popular idol group Big Bang will join forces with sexy singer Lee Hyori for a special stage for the 10th MNET Korean Music Festival (MKMF) 2008.

Big Bang and Lee Hyori

This Big Bang and Lee Hyori special stage was going to be one of the big highlights of MKMF 2008 with the organizers hoping to keep this secret until the day itself. But it was to no avail as pictures of Big Bang and Lee Hyori in discussion while in the dressing room was leaked by fans.

According to sources, their special stage will appear as the opening performance in part 3 of the entire music festival. The stage will see them performing an item lasting 12 minutes as they swap songs to perform. Viewers and fans will thus get to see Big Bang performing Lee Hyori’s 10 Minutes while Lee Hyori will perform Tae Yang’s Only Look At Me. This performance will be specially designed like a mini musical with special dance chereography that will see the 5 members of Big Bang vying for the love of Lee Hyori.

Big Bang and Lee HyoriBig Bang and Lee Hyori

According to someone in charge of MKMF 2008, Big Bang and Lee Hyori has been rehearsing everyday. He expressed, “Lee Hyori won the Most Popular MV award in 2003 and this time, she will be teaming up with Big Bang who won the Best Song Award in 2007. I believe it will be a very thrilling performance.”

25 thoughts on “Big Bang “Fights” for Lee Hyori at MKMF 2008

  1. i dunno which one is better, wonderbang or hyoribang (as if there was this term before,, well, if you could name it better). But I’m looking forward to seeing this! I like both Hyori and Big Bang..

  2. I was really really hoping for a wonderbang, but I guess thats not happening.

    Well, Hyori is nice too..So, I guess will be looking forward to it.

    I hope its a wondershinki performance then.

  3. ^^

    Haha yeah, my first reaction was, AWW NO WONDERBANG?!
    I like Hyori and Big Bang but i dunno about them together :/
    Likewise with Wonder Girls and DBSK…

  4. I wonder how will it be if dbsk and wondergirls

    Both fan base either hate it or love it
    Like to see that happening Esp. the unexpected=)

  5. Man I can’t wait for MFKM if they’re airing it at school time I’ll skip school just to watch it (I know it’s retarded but duh it happens once a year).

  6. OH! can’t wait!
    dis is gonna be awesome!
    Lee Hyori and Big Bang!
    perfect collaboration!
    it’s sweet dat they
    will be fighting for
    Lee Hyori on stage!
    again, can’t wait!
    hwa ee ting!

  7. I’m excited to see this considering Deasung and Hyori get along really well on Family Outing. Both Big bang and Hyori are great artists as well!

    MKMF is gonna be really goooood this year! πŸ™‚

  8. i was thinkin how they will top the beast, amazing performance in 2007. but hearing this speical stage, they will. plus lee hyori didnt even go to 2007 mkmf. but now shes going cause of big bang.

  9. OMFG. i think top totally did a stage kiss with lee hyori during the performance O.O!!!

    hyori’s thing with taeyang for λ‚˜λ§Œ 바라봐 wasn’t that great…taeyang was good, but she was lacking. her thing with gdragon was all right, a bit better than her thing with taeyang. her thing with top was eh too.

    my favorite part was seung ri’s rendition of u-go-girl and his partner dance with hyori. it was MADDDD good. it was actually really good. it was what you’d expect from big bang and lee hyori together

    HAHAHAHAHA about daesung’s performance. hella cute.

    overall, it was very…messy and just not as good [except for the seungri part] as i would have wanted it to be. but then again, hyori was like on stage practically the entire time so i kind of understand if she were unable to get everything down in a short amount of time.

  10. oh yeah i forgot. u kno t.o.p has always wanted to kiss her and it came true. more like a peck on the lips but i bet he was in heaven. or her. lol.

    i hope crazy fans will b chill about this though cuz u know how some ppl overrreact

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