Schoolympic and Kko Kko Single Cancelled as KBS Revamps Happy Sunday

KBS Happy Sunday will be heading for a major revamp following the subsequent cancellations of two programs, Schoolympic and Kko Kko Single in recent weeks. 1N2D will continue to headline Happy Sunday.


Schoolympic started off in mid-September where Korean Olympians and celebrities compete in a series of games in a studio. But viewers didn’t quite like the idea because it was neither challenging nor funny enough. I have seen just 1 episode and I wasn’t impressed by it much frankly. To take a quote from Lee Soo Geun, the trend now is reality variety like Infinity Challenge, 1N2D, We Got Married and Family Outing, studio game shows are quite off the radar for Korean viewers. Low ratings led to it being cancelled after just 7 episodes.

Kko Kko Single

Kko Kko Single gets single celebrities to go on a tour (overseas) where they get to know more about each other through games and then go off on a 1:1 date. It’s like a hybrid of SBS Love Letter and MBC We Got Married. I have seen all the Saipan episodes and the only thing that registers in my mind is the 1:1 date between Minwoo and Amy who have just that little bit of chemistry. Otherwise, the other celebrities were kind of lacklustre and uninteresting. The program will be taken off-air because of it’s low ratings also and because it simply costs too much to produce (logistics must be a nightmare!).

It’s a pretty intense and tough battle to get high ratings if your program doesn’t have a Daesang MC in Yoo Jae Suk and Kang Ho Dong. We Got Married is doing a fairly good job against tough competition because it’s the first of it’s kind (genre) in Korea. Times are bad and variety shows aren’t exactly revenue churners like dramas. Here’s wishing that they can get past this difficult time, especially the celebrities who have one less program to go on.

30 thoughts on “Schoolympic and Kko Kko Single Cancelled as KBS Revamps Happy Sunday

  1. OMO Kko Kko just recently started, but i agree it was rather boring. Don’t know much about the other show. Wonder what new shows will come now.

  2. To be honest, I’m glad Kko Kko got cancelled. I thought I would like the show at first cuz it seem like a hybrid of Love Letter and Family Outing but after watching a few episode…all I can tell is…it was BORING. The date is boring, not much innovative idea there, and the chemistry between them is lacking. The date is too short for any of them to develop real chemistry at all. Anyway, I’m glad 1N2D is still going strong ^_^ and so is WGM, Infinity Challenge and FO.

  3. awww~ but they should at least finish this season of kko kko single. i was so looking forward to the horror special this coming weekend. just so close ):

  4. Seriously no one can compete with 1N2D..they are 6 hilarious guys…they can be funny even in a small box
    Same goes with family outing.
    We Got Married is quite good i mean Lettuce couple and Hwanhee couple are so funny..i just love them XD
    But Kko Kko agency was such a nightmare..i watched half of it’s first episode and i stopped i’m not even curious to know what happened next even though i love Minwoo!

  5. Thanks for the news coolsmurf.
    Will be curious to see what shows KBS decide to put up in their Sunday timeslot.

  6. i’ve seen Kko kko singles island, it shows really beautiful scenery of the places they visit, & the MCs Shin Jung Hwan & Tak Jae Hoon were really funny, but aside from that the couples especially Minwoo & Amy felt way too fake. KBS should just do a complete copy of WGM, that would be interesting to see that against the original, but they could get more famous celebrities.

  7. Bring back Xman.
    I will keep saying that until I die.
    Bring it back with everyone from Episode 24.
    More Yoon Eun Hye and Kim Jong Kook action.
    Eagle eye and his battle against the sun.
    HaHa and his thick skinned comebacks.
    MC Yoo getting a beat down from Kim Jong Kook.
    The Kang Ho Dong pig jokes.
    young girl warrior!
    The stiff dance.
    I can go on and on… I just want Xman back again.

  8. it’s a great news, i think.
    1n2d often gets higher rating than FO and WGM, and it’s probably the best korean reality show i’ve ever seen.

  9. so kko kko tour thing got canceled? yeah, i watched 30 seconds of it a few weeks ago and turned it off….really boring show…anyways, i can’t to see if they come up with anything interesting…SBS get it together

  10. awww…i really liked kho kho single because it was a dating show. i guess i can understand that it costs too much( really, a different place every time??)

  11. i only watched schoolympic because of khun and i didnt even watch the entire eps. it seemed boring to me. kko kko single never caught my attention. i m glad they are getting cancelled. it saves the station alot of money. hopefully they ll come up something new that would interesting to make up for the money they have lost with these two shows.

  12. I’m curios about something…
    since WGM is currently degrading in rating status, what other varieties is showing above it?..FO is currently leading..and I read somewhere WGM is around 5-6 in rating…

  13. I dont think Kko Kko’s first episode was THAT boring. In fact, that first episode was interesting but it went downhill from there when it just sorta felt FAKE, especially if the producers made out the couples in the first place. (btw, there were some really good eye candies ex. minwoo, volleyball player, tim, & shindongwook) Anyways.. I’m glad WGM is doing fine. However, they should really get more FAMOUS celebrities. *cough, calling for YEH, KJK, Chae Yeon, Brian, etc..) The couples missions recently aren’t very exciting and with alshin couple gone, I’m forced to watch sondambixmarco couple?! (but i can always fast fwd. hehe.) I’m just glad ant and lettuce are still there! As for FO and 1N2D, I have yet to watch those episodes! grrr…

  14. I kinda like Kko Kko tours actually….maybe I just like the Minwoo and Amy underwater kiss….but oh well, they were pulling 1N2D down….1N2D has an average rating of 22-25%, not bad…and if you are considering the fact that it has been running for over a year. Go go 1N2D! My fave!!


    i love that show!!! i’ve watched all 6 of the first Saipan trip episodes like hundred over times already!!!

    Gosh, I can even memorise the lines in there.

    Shin Jung Hwan is funny as hell. T.T

    But I do agree that the second trip is boring. That woman who tried to steal Minwoo away from Amy was just too OVER.

    Hate the 2nd trip.

    Love the 1st trip (since there was PJA and i’m still in love with her).


  16. bring back explorers of the human body with super junior. we learned something, plus they were plenty funny. maybe super junior won’t ask for much seeing that they don’t do much work nowadays anyway. πŸ˜€

  17. thank god kko kko tour is getting cancelled..real boring..schoolympic…never watched it…1n2d the bomb!! love that show! love ho dong, seung gi, jiwon, mc mong, kim c and seung geun!

  18. Wow, another show that got canceled. They should come up with more interesting varieties. Thanks for the news coolsmurf πŸ™‚

  19. 1st travel (kko kko) was funny

    @yumi-chan .. I’m agree with you ^^
    4ever YEH and KJK
    love stiff dance (lee jin) and eagle eye !!!

  20. Hah, now Kko Kko also. But I was most sorry for Schoolympics, cause that one was really funny unlike much else!

  21. Man I just want them to bring back X-Man and Loveletter. Best variety shows for me, hands down. I laughed till I was on the floor basically.

  22. kko kko tour was okay at first. funny at times, lame at times. but when the second batch came in, it was not that nice already. but, still.

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