Lee Soo Young Makes Her Comeback with Sexier Look

Korean singer, Lee Soo Young who is often referred to as the Queen of Ballads will make her comeback with a new sexier image after a long hiatus.

Lee Soo Young back with sexier image

Lee Soo Young had uploaded a picture from her album jacket onto her Cyworld yesterday. In the photo, she is wearing black stockings which is pretty alluring and looking sexy in a suggestive position. This will be something new to her fans who are more familar with her past demure looking image.

According to Lee Soo Young’s management, her new image was designed to complement her new album’s title track That Woman. Just like her new image, That Woman will be Lee Soo Young’s fresh attempt at a different kind of music, going down a path that’s vastly different from her usual ballad songs.

Lee Soo Young returns with Once

Her new mini album Once will be released today and she will kick off her official album promotions starting with Music Bank tomorrow evening.

18 thoughts on “Lee Soo Young Makes Her Comeback with Sexier Look

  1. …the first pose’s kinda awkward and the one below’s too stiff…she should have that comfortable but sexy look projected but I guess the photographer is the one at fault here…good luck with the album though…I like her singing voice…

  2. they should’ve fixed her stockings… its thinner at the knee. it happens to me too, so i usually pull it at the knees to make it gather … makes it more even. can’t wait to hear her sing though!!!! she’s been on hiatus for so long.

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  4. I just hope she doesn’t abandon her ballad songs root in her new mini album. There are far too many singers ditching the ballad route and hitching the dance song bandwagon this year.

  5. I remember her from XMAN she was singing in Couple selection and as soon as I heard her I searched her up and got her album.

    She’s very pretty.

  6. Cool ^^ i mean her older image was getting u know it was too familiar with the eyes although i love her ballads..but a change is always good 😀

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