Han Hyo Joo Models for Korean Air

Han Hyo Joo was recently appointed the new spokesperson for Korean Air and was in America to film a series of commercials to promote the airline.


The CFs were done with “Across America” as the theme and filmed separately in the east, mid and west regions of America. For the CF shoot, Han Hyo Joo was in America for a 2 weeks long-distance trip from 9th October. She expressed after the shoot had ended, “It was really tough having to film the CF outdoors for 2 consecutive weeks. But seeing how hardworking the team was, it galvanized me up and we successfully completed the whole CF shoot.”


Han Hyo Joo is now back in Korea after her America trip and is now filming SBS Heaven’s Postman with Hero Jae Joong which will debut in May 2009.

credit: bashfulxharmony for Youtube videos

8 thoughts on “Han Hyo Joo Models for Korean Air

  1. she is so pretty. actly, i watched iljimae because i was stunned by her beauty. hihi.. but the drama is good anyway.

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