Star’s Lover Is First Drama to Be Filmed at Seoul National University

SBS Star’s Lover scheduled for 10th December will become the first drama to be filmed at the Seoul National University in 62 years since it’s founding.

Yoo Ji Tae and Choi Ji Woo in Star's Lover

According to the Olive 9 production team on the 12th, “We are really thankful to the authorities at Seoul National University for their kind assistance. They are widely recognized for its leading role in South Korean academia and kind of fits it with the style of our drama. So we are anticipating a good outcome from this. With the rights of Star’s Lover expected to be sold to Japan, etc, it would serve as a form of promotion for the university and campus enviroment.”

Since it’s founding in 1946, Seoul National University has prohibited any form of drama or movie filming on it’s campus that has commercial links. This will be the first time they are lifting the ban for Star’s Lover drama production.

All along, SBS KAIST has been filmed on KAIST campus, MBC Attic Cat and My Sassy Girl movie was filmed respectively at Korea University and Yonsei University. But Seoul National University has always been keeping their ban on commerical filming (universities mentioned are most prestigious in Korea).

The authorities at Seoul National University will be offering the Museum of Art, Seoul National University Library, Seoul National University Museum, etc for the drama production to do their filming. They hope that this will be a great help in promoting the architecture of it’s facilities and it’s surroundings.

According to the Seoul National University planning director, “We prohibited any commercial-linked filming in the past because it might reflect badly on Seoul National University’s image. But with times changing, rules have to be changed as well. We hope to take this opportunity to promote the university. It’s a coincidence that the leading man played by Yoo Ji Tae is studying literature at the university and kind of complements the drama image very well.”

SBS Star’s Lover has been operating on a tight schedule having just completed around a month of overseas filming in Japan early last month and returning to Korea just yesterday. The entire production will immediately plunge into filming scenes in Korea starting from today. Other cast members in the 16-parter include Lee Ki Woo, Cha Ye Ryun, Ki Tae Young and Choi Phillip.

5 thoughts on “Star’s Lover Is First Drama to Be Filmed at Seoul National University

  1. I was looking into SNU student exchange program.
    They have a really exclusive one.
    I’ve been planning to go there for a couple of years already.
    It’s cool that they are opening their doors more.

  2. It’s great that they allow Star’s Lover to shoot in their campus. It’s probably because Ji Woo is a top S. Korean star with good character.

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