Kim Jong Kook Permanent Family Outing Member Afterall?

After weeks of speculation by fans, denial by Kim Jong Kook and PDs, objection by antis, neutrals, the latest news today was that Kim Jong Kook has been confirmed as one of the permanent members on SBS Family Outing.

Kim Jong Kook Family Outing Lifetime Membership?

Having established his top variety star status through Xman before his enlistment, Kim Jong Kook has been receiving lots of invitations to be on variety shows since his release. Among variety shows recently, Family Outing has been hitting high strides with it’s ratings hovering above 20%. While you can’t discount the hard work that the existing family members have put in, the fact is that Kim Jong Kook had been on the show for the past 3 weeks. Kim Jong Kook’s honest and shy image has always been well-loved by viewers.

In an interview this morning with Asia Economy News, Family Outing PD Jang Hyuk Jae expressed, “Confirmed that Kim Jong Kook will be a permanent member.” But with regards to this, Kim Jong Kook’s management reply was, “We still have to confirm this.” Since his return and after some warming up, Kim Jong Kook’s gift of the gab has shown no signs of rustiness, making his rounds on the numerous variety shows, promoting his latest album Here I Am.

36 thoughts on “Kim Jong Kook Permanent Family Outing Member Afterall?

  1. woosha: what do you mean by leeching? he’s contributing to the humor and stuff it’s not like he doesn’t do anything and keeps his mouth shut or something…

  2. wow thats great!!! yeah now is family outing one of my fave shows… but what about daesung will he stay in the show???

  3. Well… i luv him since X-man… and am glad if he really is a permanent family member… BUT I hope no one will be leaving the show soon…
    And definately not Daesung… I love the dumb & dumber dorky brothers ^_^

  4. I knew it.

    Sigh. I’m not into it though. I think he was so much more entertaining in X-man than in this. Something about the combination. He should go for something that’ll let him shine more since this show isn’t showing his full potential?

  5. YAY! hahaha more jong kook oppa on shows waht more my fav variety at the moment!

    you are right i hope with him joining it wont be like wgm where they are starting to find replacements 😦 esp daedae. i dont want him to leave! NO i mean i dont want anyone in the family to leave. they all have already established their own position and character in the family and if one leave a family will never be same 😦

    i think kjk just needs more time to warm up. i think its unfair to judge him as he has only be in his 2nd outing shown so far. but i see alot of improvement since his first outing and his second one with rain. can still see that ego/macho character in him. the cool level headed one. hahaha. would be interesting if he is part of dumb and dumber πŸ˜€ or not just go skipping with them roflol.

  6. more reason to watch FO over WGM at this point… i love thi man soo much!!! but on the other side… i’m scared that the line up for the original cast of FO might change… i hope it’s not like replacing someone… hmmm…

  7. I’m going crazy ….. more KJK …. but still can’t find subbed episodes, I guess I’ll have to live with the short clips.

  8. great news !!! he didn’t talk much at the show but whatever he said, it was soo funny and hilarious….
    Lee hyori’s dream comes true now ~~~~~

  9. Seeing Kim Jong Kook every can I not be happy? hehehe

    I have always thought that he’d eventually join FO as a permanent member. But kindda weird how his rep hasn’t confirmed it yet..hmmm.

  10. I’m confused, who confirmed that he’s a permanent member since his own manager said ‘we have to confirm this’…

    Also, I don’t care much but they should atleast kick out Daesung. πŸ˜‰ hahah Just kidding. Anyway, KJK is pretty quiet so hopefully he talks more in upcoming shows (if he’s actually ‘permanent’) rather than standing at the side or in the back like Lee Hyori’s bodyguard.

  11. adding KJK definitely makes FO more interesting, we were already use to the original members so there’s even more to look forward to.

  12. as wrong as this may sound I’m going to watch F.O for Kim Jong Kook only. I’m a huge fan of the One Man and I missed him on the variety scene ( you have to see the huge smile on my lips right now).
    Plus he’s a great edition to the show, he brings the laughs and gags.

  13. haha at first it was really awkward. the first two weeks were kind of blech but last weeks was funny with how he treated chunhee haha i’m gonna reserve judgement for now but it still smells like they did this because of xman connections of yoo jaesuk and how popular kim jong kook is. we’ll see.

  14. wow!! KJK is just the most awsome guy to have on these variety shows like FO since it fits with his image so well
    it’ll be great if you consider doing subs for FO eps or even cuts of KJK, Alvin!!

  15. Anyone know where I can get subs for FO? F. O. Fansubs’s situation is still unclear to me as to whether they will be able to continue subbing, and my thirst for watching FO is starting to build up with the addition of KJK to the team.

  16. stop linking KJK with YEH! YEH doesnt even talk about him!
    why cant people just get over the SCRIPTED xman love line between these 2? YEH is in a whole different league now!

    ps! daesung better not leave because of this man!
    pps! i hope YEH never guests on FO while KJK is in it!

  17. ur comments are soo strong.

    i hope no one gets kick out πŸ™‚ and pls kjk!! stay on!! its really much better with u!! and plus the second outing he really did blend in better with the rest.. not as shy and slowly showing his ONE MAN character πŸ™‚ and i still love YEH and ONE MAN. im not sure if its totally over.. since cha tae hyun does make occasional comments.. like how kjk request for i love you – mighty mouth song when inactual fact it might be cos the song feat. yeh. πŸ™‚ like.. why else cth wld do that occasionally since they are bffs?? whee πŸ™‚ i love speculating nonsense and perhaps truth!!

    i watch fo with chinese subs.. since english subs dont seem to be appearing anywhere..

  18. bring him on as a permanent member, i hope they don’t pair him up with eun ye – because well, she’s not really impressive. i think he’d do better on his own.

  19. Much as I love Rain (watching him on Family Outing was fantastic), I have to say that he’s not suitable as a permanent member. He always plays games to WIN. He never allows himself to slip up (and hence, milk any laughs out of the audience). And if he’s not participating in a game ie. just a bystander, he’s almost invisible. This was very evident in his early years. He has improved on this but its still not good enough. Kim Jong Kook, on the other hand, is not afraid to poke fun at himself and is hilarious at times.

  20. oohh! i’ve started watching FO coz of KJK! now i’ll have something to watch again!

    to woosha: i understand we all have our own opinions, likes and dislikes but i wish u wouldn’t be too harsh in expressing yours.. thanks.

  21. KJK permanent in FO? sigh
    why not Rain?
    if KJK is staying on as a fixed member, my next guess is YEH will be begged to guest noh?

  22. i’ve luved him ever since x-man although i gotta admit…he’s gotten a bit rusty. but give the man a break, i mean he’s been gone from the celebrity world for like 2 years….even if i were on the show it’d be hella hard for me to adapt and shine

    woosha…..if u dont lik it, cuz FO pd isnt gonna be listening to u anytime soon, either don’t watch it or just deal with it. ur coming on a bit too strong with the bitching

  23. It doesn’t really matter to me if KJK is a permanent member or not. hehe. As long as he can cope with the surrounding and make viewers happy then it’s fine =D Oh and as long as he is/will not be replacing any other family members =)

    Anyway, anyone know where to watch FO episodes with sub other than at FO Fansub? Cause they’re kinda slow(thx though for the previous uploaded vids with sub) and I really want to watch ep8 onwards. I’m craving for FO now. Do reply me if any of you readers know a place to watch them. Thx =D Oh, email me at: ADVANCE MILLION THX for those who reply…….

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