We Got Married Episode 33 Picture Summary + English Softsubs

Rain bought some Rainism effect to Family Outing as it achieved a whopping 29.6% rating last night, almost hitting 30%. We Got Married got 14.1% while Happy Sunday (includes 1N2D and others) got an average of 14.2%.

Alex and Shin Ae second-last episode as they go the Anbi route, reminiscing about their past memories in their luxury home. They then got busy preparing everything from the balloons, presents, etc for 600 fans from their Alshin fanclub as they decide to use a fanmeeting as their farewell from the show.

Alex and Shin Ae

2:2 blind date between Ye Eun, Yoo Bin (Wonder Girls) and Kyu Jong, Hyung Joon (SS501) finally gets underway after a teasing preview last week. Through a series of couple games like 3 secs gaze, love compass, etc to gauze the other party’s feelings, Ye Eun and Yoo Bin both picked Kyu Jong. Hyung Joon showed particular affection for Ye Eun, “Although I pointed to Ye Eun, but I got zero votes.” But Ye Eun who had eyes for Kyu Jong expressed, “I pointed to Kyu Jong. I thought originally that he was very shy, but actually he is very suave.” But Kyu Jong did a banjun (reverse) and confessed, “I like Yoo Bin”, as their frank exchanges left some with happiness and others with despair.

Another highlight from their 2:2 date was everyone dancing along to Wonder Girls Nobody and the joyous mood lasted until the end. Great to see that JoongBo was still pretty much the highlight despite their guests presence. But they sure are milking it as this blind date will continue in Episode 34.

JoongBo English Subbed Cuts – Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3


Continuation of Crown J caught in the middle of Hyung Don and In Young.

Ant Couple

There has been some feisty verbal exchanges going on in the We Got Married Soompi thread this past few days mostly directed at a certain individual and his supposedly overworked subbing team. Well, everything that was stated by wr3ck3dd, muish, Joongiebo, etc kind of speaks my mind.

Spreading the We Got Married love as much as possible has always been the aim of me and fellow subbers like KoreanSubUTD, muish, londonface, etc. It’s not for glory, hits or recognition. You want recognition? Work hard for it instead of shamelessly plugging yourself at every given opportunity. Overworked? Oh I see you taking on another program. How contradicting is that. Don’t bite off more than you can chew, not delivering on what you have promised. I started this subbing of We Got Married in the first place and it’s sad to see this happening. This has been an entertaining spinoff from We Got Married.

We Got Married E33 Downloads (thanks to awesome muish)
Download the softsub at megaupload or mediafire or sendspace, uploaded by muish & pekkles & aznprincess. Episode 33 from Clubbox (1000mb).

This week’s episode was nearly 140 minutes long!!!

61 thoughts on “We Got Married Episode 33 Picture Summary + English Softsubs

  1. i’m really gonna miss Alshin couple my favorite along with Crown J & InYoung. watching PIG with AntWitch couple is getting on my nerves. WHY is he still on the show? it’s sooo unnerving to watch him on every episode. such a despicable man. UGH!!!! i think it’s time for a pig roast. like, seriously!

  2. Alshin!
    I just hope Alex gets better (his back problem) and that his new Clazziquai album is a hit.
    I hope ShinAe remains healthy and that her new drama is a super hit.

    About the arguments on Soompi I read them and it made me laugh really hard. Some people are just ungrateful and make the ones that appreciate the hard work you guys put in mean nothing to us.

    For all the subs up to now thank you.
    Including subs other then WGM.

  3. hahaha some people are so dumb always looking for recognitions gosh. lets be humble…

    anyway, keep up the good work alvin! 🙂

  4. T_T” wwooo…..Alshin couple!! i will sure miss them! As for the subs available for WGM, i really do appreciate all the effort that the subbing teams put in so that ppl like me who don’t understand korean can still enjoy watching it. And it was Alvin who got me interested in all things Korean! Thanks again Alvin!

  5. I think that they are just making the blind date go on longer so more wonderfuls will watch so the ratings wont drop right away…

  6. i feel sad that WGM ratings are dropping! i still remember when the show was so popular, and now with Alshin couple leaving after Anbi i think it’ll be worse for ratings from now on:-(

    The PDs should go back to the old formula, and make Don don leave the Ant couple’s house!

    and i’m not “in love” with the new couples yet, i do not hate them but sometimes they’re annoying, specially Marco (i like Son Dam Bi though, poor girl lol).

    but for me the show is still fun to watch!

  7. I was fine with couples leaving and new ones entering because I liked Hwayobi and Hwanhee’s interactions. But I just stopped watching once HyungDon moved in with CrownJ and Seo InYoung. That’s just wtf, why would the producers do that. Frustrating, but maybe I’ll just watch Alshin’s last parts.

  8. If it wasn’t for The Ant couple and The Lettuce couple, I would stop watching the show. It’s getting duller and duller with each episode.

  9. Yay, thanks for the quick summary. Will wait for the subs to actually watch it though..

    So sad about Alshin, but… they’re so cute/good together… I have a feeling that this “friendship”/relationship will really continue on in real life. 🙂

    And I totally agree with yours and muish’s opinions. I think it’s rude to have taken something on, not work on it when someone produces something faster, and then leave the fans hanging. It’s really just unprofessional.

  10. i like this show more than family outing… i checked out family outing.. and it’s not interesting to me…
    i hope ppl will keep subbing we got married

  11. Ah, alshin ;___; </3

    I liked the Joonbo parts, though I feel sorry for Hyun Joon. D: I love how my two favorite wonder girls are the ones guest starring :].

    The only thing that bothers me about these past few episodes is how we don’t really see the misson cards anymore and how one event somehow turns into 3 episodes instead of 2.

    There is drama on soompi? O_O seriously, we aren’t paying for subs at all. We are getting a free service, yet people still complain.

  12. alshin is leaving…. wat a pity !!

    the only interesting part is lettuce couple only… these two persons getting so much closer now and having big chemistry which is so amazing ^^

    ant couple with pig – annoying indeed coz all they did thru these recent epi are fighting and fighting only …..

    for the new couples.. not really paying much attention coz yobi is speaking so slowly…. macro/son dambi – i am speechless and wonder whey they were chosen to the show…

    here i would like to thank muish and marriedsubs as they greatly contribute their time and energy to sub and upload the show for us non-korean…. many thanks to them ^^

  13. Coolsmurf…thanks a lot for the summary ^_^ I always like to read it before I watch them with sub. I’m not sure if I’m the only one who’s glad that the WG appearance will drag on to next episode too ^_^ kekeke…just my greedy thought as the girls’ fan.

    About the subbing issue, I’m absolutely agree with you. That persoon *ahemcjwtowahem* kept posting in soompi saying that it wasn’t about popuplarity but in fact his subbing team is all about gaining popularity through youtube viewers and subsriber. As a subber myself, it’s just very sad to see someone who would go to this extend to gain fame online. Fansubbing should be works by fan because they’re passionate about it, not because of fame nor monetray value.

    I was suprised that they take on Wonder Bakery too since they obviously behind on WGM and now they trying to sub another show?!? Umm…that’s a flag for gaining popularity right there. And they basically bash all the popular subber out there like muish, Marriedsub and they even mention how they post the subbed version of Big Bang’s MV earlier than you’re but they don’t get why you have more viewers than they do…again…thirst for popularity right there! Anyway, I probably just watch WGM RAW when Muish stop subbing and will wait for Wonder Bakery sub from Wondersubbers ^_^

  14. okay dude i LOVED your last bit!!!!!
    I was fired up earlier because of that person… Seeing what they did today, I’m even more disgusted than before…. I was really disappointed that Muish had to come out of her break, because of lies…its a shame people are using our love for korean entertainment to try to make us adhere into their forum….really shameful..you should do it, cuz yuo want to…not because you are expecting something in return, say hits, suscribers and whatever else you are seeking…

  15. alvin..
    i remember i got 2 know bout WGM thru u..(bcoz i was asking bout seung gi n u said u focused on WGM at dat time)..
    dont worry, all of WGM lovers know how u,muish,n lots more subbers
    (sorry if i dont mention others…shows how ignorant ive been..)
    n y do i seem to know this supposedly overworked subber n his team????
    bingo i DO know who u r..stops messing with my lovable WGM subbers…
    wats up wif “help to spread ************”…
    obviously they r only eyeing for d spots…

  16. anbi is gone and now alshin *cry*
    but joongbo is there and hwanhee +hwayoobi are cute too…
    marco+ dambi omo määp do not like them…
    crown j+ in young are little boring now…

  17. em i dont really attracted to the new couple..haiyo feel sad to see the earliest couple stopping in WGM….feel like want to stop watching..now im watching only for ant n witch couple..pig is really **** why must he is in the house…=(

  18. I like dondon, but i don’t really like it that he is inbetween the ant couple. I feel soo sad that alshin is gone and i heard that the lettuce couple will only be there till the end of the year.

  19. Like most variety shows, WGM is losing its magic touch. The show will get boring sooner or later…so sad!

    Thanks a lot for the summary! =)

  20. when SsangChoo couple leave at the end of this year, I’m not watching it anymore. Hwayobi gets on my nerve too much, I pretty much just fast forward everytime the HwanHee & Hwayobi couple is on, Marco and DamBi is weird too. Ant couple and HyunDon…T_T

    AlSin is leaving……..I’m guessing I’m gonna cry A LOT next episode then..

  21. i only watch WGM for joongbo now, they entertain me. 😀 i hope someone subs this episode or at least the joongbo cut.

  22. It’s true that the new couples haven’t had the same magic as the other couples have, more or less. But it did get better after some time I think.
    But maybe it is so that the PD, or whoever, have lost the good ideas. It seems like, at least, that it is often the couples themselves which comes up with fun stuff. I mean, WG was HwangBo’s idea. Unless it’s really not true…
    Anyway. I agree with those saying it feels more sad nowadays. And also the insecurity around subs makes one less eager to see this.
    Family Outing on the other hand is more fun even without subs. Schoolympics was great without subs even, too bad it was short lived.

  23. coolsmurf, thanks for the pic cap, no Hwanhee/Hwayobi or Marco/SonDambi? i’m so sad to see Alshin leave, they were the best, but its sweet to see they got closer & will probably be friends after they leave. i get why you’re upset at the team that said they would sub, but broke their promise. but i feel bad for them because they got bashed so much, it overshadowed the fun & love of the soompi page & made it a negative place. it would have been better if they just hashed it out themselves (PM each other) instead of sharing their insults, making it personal, & adding a mob feel to it.

  24. I don’t know how anyone who doesn’t speak or read Korean cannot be appreciative of the time that these subbing teams/people take just to sub “WGM”. The show itself is way longer than any other show I’ve watched. I know it probably takes a really long time for them to just do the basic translating, and I know that these people do it on their free time without getting any payment for their work. It’s really pathetic that viewers who freeload off of them can make vicious comments or even complain at all. The subbers have lives outside of “WGM” and they shouldn’t be prodded to finish subbing faster. How irritating. Just be glad you get to watch at all. You give people an inch and they take a mile.

  25. I’m not going to repeat what most of you have written(because I agree with you)

    I’m just using this comment to show my support to all the subbers (and you too, alvin ^^)

    a thanks from the heart might take soo little time, but it makes a huge different.

    thanks ^^

  26. ugh… WGM is getting less intense D=
    plus ALSHIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they were my favourite couple but i guess now i’m just going to watch the lettuce couple =T

  27. My fave couple were Alshin couple but that doesn’t mean that i’m gonna stop watching XD haha
    I’m so into Hwanhee/Hwayobi couple now and Hyundong totally needs to leave Ant couple. Lettuce couple doesn’t need any complements..they are hilarious already ^^

  28. Thanks for the subs!! ^^ you guys are the best!

    i don’t get the whole subbing issue, as i only watch joongbo subbed cuts (or i just go to the joongbo thread @ soompi to read the subs people post there ^^)
    but i support you and muish, cause you always sub the best shows and you are faaaaast! ^^ and we can tell you do it cause you like to do it, not cause you want to be noticed.

    alshin is leaving? that’s sad! i have to admit that i don’t watch the show, only joongbo cuts . but i watched the episode where alshin had to take care of 4 kids and they were so cute together!!! after that i started watching their cuts too ^^

    anyway… i still have joongbo! ^^
    hyunjoong ❤
    SS501 <3<3<3<3

  29. The majority of us are grateful for the subbers and the subs. After KoreanSubUTD stopped, muish step in to provide subs. I was very happy and grateful that there were people out there who loves WGM enough to continue bring subbed episodes to Korean- illiterate fans. I still remember enjoying subbed cuts coolsmurf among other subbed cuts provide while I wait for KoreanSubUTD releases. (There was so much love back then!) Of course, there were always those impatient for subs. But, it wasn’t something that blew out of it’s proportions. If I remember correctly, Tung Tung Subbing Team also offered to step in to sub. But at the end, muish and Tung Tung agreed that CJWTown Subs, who just come into the scene, would take over the project. (They all three talked it out at some point, I think.) Musih provided softsubs, Tung Tung, CJW, MarriedSubs, etc provided hardsubs. Peaceful still, yeah? Cliff (CJW Chairman, self-titled to go with the theme of subbing team(?)) did all the encoding and uploading while he build up his subbing team. And at the same time, trying to uphold his corp(oration) slogan, #1 Korean Enterntainment Source. I didn’t have anything against this. I believed he was doing his best to provide. Lots of people were appreciative too. So when Cliff finally announce that his team is now capable of taking over subbing of future WGM episodes after he complied a long list of people who wanted to help even though many were new at subbing, it was great. ( Afterall, muish can take a break after all she done so much already that all the fans were eternally grateful. ;] ) But people got spoiled with muish’s super fast subs! :/ So, there was alot of complaining going on during the week of episode 31 when Cliff wasn’t able to release his project. Tho, I don’t think it was entirely his fault, the translators he assigned to the project weren’t able to finish their task and didn’t tell him that it might be too big for them to handle. ( I think there were 3 translators total. But when he couldn’t contact 2 of 3 translators for a day or two, wouldn’t it be time to get some of the other to translators to fill in to help CJW meet its self-imposed deadline? And on sunday (11/2), Cliff in his shoutbox, “We really need some reliable translators.” “If they gave us a heads up… this wouldn’t have happened.” “I could have asked some other translators to translate before.” I found that a bit ironic. If you can’t contact them, isn’t that a heads up?) And he didn’t make any official progress announcements where I think he should have. It might have calm down the WGM angry fans. When the week passed, Cliff upload an subbed incompleted version of ep 31 on yt. There were people that appreciated the vids. He predicted/promised that three more days was enough time to release the whole completed version. Then, muish subbed ep31+32 ( I really want to thank the Lettuce couple making WGM viewers laugh esp. b/c that partly made muish want to sub again ><b ). Three more days passed, there was no signs of CJW subbed ver. of ep31. I’m sure of the real reason. But I suspected its because Cliff said in his forum shoutbox, “And that defeats the purpose of us subbing episode 31 again.” So, I guess he dropped that ep31 project. (Tho I think he should have made an announcement.) All a while, Cliff expresses his dislikes for muish, Marriedsubs (in his shoutbox). “what did muish say? is she subbing this weeks?” “… thats what I don’t like” “I don’t like MarriedSubs… shes pissing me off.”… “Cause… she stole my job.” (11/2). YT users also expresses their dislike for CJW. Then Cliff finally makes an announcement. But its about withholding/stopping CJW subbd WGM eps until a apology is made because of the negative comments directed at CJW. All hell broke loose. And only in soompi. I wonder why his precious YT channel and forum was tinted free? Bad publicity? But these are some things Cliff said before the bloodbath: “Maybe we should just stop subbing. and just sub music videos.” (after muish’s sub releaes) “Well we get enough views just through RAW WGM FILES” “Our forum is pretty big and we need more surveilance” (<- ego much?) “Well if we release softsubs, people are just going to edit it and upload it as their own” (<- makes me think twice about CJW logos on muish subs on his yt) “We uploaded the English Subbed version of Big Bang’s Sunset Glow MV before wondersmurf did. By like 6 hours.” “And people are still watching wondersmurf’s… New goal. Sub as many music videos as fast as possible.””I believe 7000 out of our 7900 subscribers are for We Got Married.” “We need some people that are subscribed for english subbed music videos. So let’s sub more and more.” (at CJWTown Forum Shoutbox 11/2-11/5) Now, he and his team are subbing another show. While we’re grateful for the subs, Cliff has brought more trouble then what his subs are worth. But Cliff definitely provided #1 Korean enterntainment from all this.

  30. isnt that great if all WGM couples (AnBi, AlShin, JoongBo, HwanYobi, CrownJ, MarcoDambi) can join this family outing just once….???!!! Sure it will beat a GREAT GREAT ratting !!!!!!!! hehhee… juz my second cent…hehhe.. ^_^ anyone agree?? …hehehe..

  31. i watched ep 33 last sunday… it made me sad that they only gave the alshin couple 10 minutes.. why cant the pds give them a little more time since Alshin is leaving.. i guess next week is my last WGM episode,.. the other couples are just irritating.. the only couple left to watch is joongbo..

  32. oh damn!! i read the fights in WGM in soompi thread.. well all i can say is if you need a laugh just go there..
    in my opinion the subber (not muish) complains and complains but ive never seen any subs from them yet..
    im gunna stick to muish and you guys subs..

  33. omgah coolsmurf~
    You, Muish, marriedsubs, koreansubutd and other translators for WGM.. FTW! I really do appreciate for what you guys have done to us. i really do.. i totally dont against any subbing team/individual.. coz i’m a subber myself. but i think i know the point of the last paragraph you wrote there.
    coughcjwcough~ wannabe #1 korean ent.. rofl I wouldnt be this mean/harsh to this cliff or whatever the company name is.. but his ego.. and “subscribe subscribe subscribe” is like o.O.
    i mean.. probably he’s trying TOO hard to make his channel be the #1 korean ent.. but for me.. that’s a total failure.. coz all HE CARES is popularity/subscribers.. his main point is not “PROVIDING NON-KOREAN #1 KOREAN ENTERTAINMENT” < BUT “WE NEED SUBSCRIBERS.. WE NEED 10000 SUBSCRIBERS SOON!” oh come on.. kinda sick of those kind of people..

    and yea i stalked their sbox before,..

    ^(And I really want to get 10,000 subscribers+ without losing the account.) < hungry of popularity? rofl

    ^ talking about how he subbed that bb mv in 6 hours earlier than coolsmurf, but people still watching coolsmurf’s video.
    (DUH! people know the reason why) 😀

    ^ seriously.. is he thinking on having a competition.. o.O
    ok im done stalking.. hahaha

    coolsmurf.. thanks for all you’ve done before.. I missed xman so bad 🙂

  34. “And also… I read posts that were attacking our forum…… There is one on Coolsmurf’s blog. Read it. https://coolsmurf.wordpress.com/2008/11/10/we-got-married-ep-33-picture-summary/” – Cliff
    “haha oh wow. It seems like a lot of people are stalking our forum and using what we say against us.” – Cliff

    I don’t know. But I really think the finger pointing is at you, Cliff. After all, why would all the quotes that’s been used only been yours?!

  35. Oh and, both sides of the arguments were wrong anyway.

    1) People have no right to complain about what other people are doing without getting paid. Since when did ‘Don’t bite the hand that feeds’ rule changed :/.

    2) Subbing team replying negative comments = adding wood to fire.

    And those two points are what the arguments revolve around. Sooner or later, people will realise internet arguments are stupid but entertaining to forum trolls.

  36. I wasn’t aware there was a drama involved when the subbing of eps 31-32 were delayed, huh. Was just ecstatic when finally marriedsubs and muish came through with them. Even with just the JoongBo cuts subbed on ep33 this time, I am eternally grateful to both of them, and even happier that muish decided to sub until JoongBo leaves end of Dec. That’s what I call “LOVE” for our couple. Thanks!!

  37. I don’t know if I should add fuel to the fire…^^ But since all WGM subbers seem to be in this mess of a drama… here’s the course of events as I remember them.

    EPS 22
    I randomly released my first softsub. At the time, wasn’t planning to really bother with who uploads what, but then there was chaos and too many people uploading subs with format changed, disclaimer deleted, etc… so I put a few rules.
    1. Person using subs has to get my permission and be aware that I am only releasing a text file (they’re the ones responsible legally – or illegally- in distributing the video)
    2. Eveyone keeps my disclaimers/fonts, etc intact.
    3. Generally keep it to 2-4 people using it for youtube at a time + Tung Tung for HQ.

    At the time CJW and some other girl (I can’t remember) got permission to upload to Youtube. #1 Korean Ent thing and promising subs to his subscribers every week (when I had only thought of doing this temporarily) did bug me.. but who am I to tell him how to run his own channel?

    EPS 24.
    I gave permission to MarriedSubs since the other girl who was uploading on youtube had quit and I thought it would be a good idea to have back up. She uploaded the episode before CJW can.. and then CJW added a disclaimer saying “Licensed to CJW” which made me very nervous…^^

    EPS 26.
    CJW gathered lots of people for his team and said he could sub the episode in 1 week. So I told him to go ahead and took a break. I got a bunch of PM’s on how to sub from his team that week… and then went to his forum to find out what was going on and he told me that his team has only ever subbed MV’s before. -_- Then his translator’s computer crashed on the 4th day after translating about 1/3 of the show.

    I went back to subbing. At the time, he also wanted to do HQ downloads with my subs and I told him to stop using my subs for various reasons (on his former shoutbox):
    1. He’s a “corporation” and I’m an “underground subber”
    2. He requires 10 posts to download while I just give my subs out as softsubs.
    3. The “licenced to CJW” thingie bugs me.
    4. I don’t think I have any right to tell him to change just because we’re different… so I’m not gonna even ask.
    5. I am annoyed that he told me he could sub WGM when he’s only ever subbed MV’s… and he should try to see if he can sub 30 minutes of something first at least.

    So I kept subbing.

    EPS 29
    I was getting tired of WGM since Joongbo had very little air time.
    CJW posted 20 minutes of subbed WGM EP 29 and posted on soompi that he will start subbing starting eps 30.

    EPS 30.
    I still subbed this since I hadn’t told anyone I was gonna stop and I thought it would be bad to stop suddenly without notice. I added a note at the end saying that I may stop subbing. I still expected CJW to sub Eps 30, especially since he didn’t PM me telling me to stop or anything.

    EPS 31.
    I read on his forum where he said, “tell muish we will sub only if she stops subbing” or something like that… saying they were working on subs but had to throw them out because of me. So I told him I would take a break in that case.. and he told me it would take him 1 week.

    1 week later:
    He was unable to reach 2 out of 3 of his translators. Actually, I think being late with subs is fine…… if you had never put out a deadline in the first place, or as long as you tell people a bit of info when you know you’ll be late. Unfortunately, he didn’t… which just made people really angry. -_-;;; Ah. therein lies the importance of communications.

    Actually, I just read on his forum that one of the translators was sick… so I do feel bad for the team. Although.. that still leaves 1 translator unaccounted for and unreacheable.. -_- Oh, well.

    EPS 32.
    Since Joongbo is doing better and I know they’ll leave at the end of the year, I decided to sub until then unless someone else starts subbing. I didn’t think the 30-40 000 ppl should be left hanging. Waiting is okay. Waiting 2-3 weeks for an episode is probably fine… as long as they’re not left hanging.

    What I think of this fiasco:

    1. CJW went from subbing MV’s to Wonder Bakery which is 22 minutes… so that’s pretty good improvement over a few months.
    2. But he probably still shouldn’t have used WGM as the first big long project (which is 100 minutes with looots of people waiting anxiously)
    3. I do feel bad that his translator was sick. I do feel bad that his previous translator crashed his computer. But honestly, it sounds like he probably wouldn’t have finished on time either way.
    4. I think taking a long time to sub is fine as long as you don’t falsely advertise…. And all the people who commented, “you have no right to rush them, they’re doing this out of their own free time” is very right………. I don’t think viewers have a right to demand subs.. but I don’t think that they should be lied to, either. -_-
    Viewers have no right to demand free subs.
    Subbers have no right to demand free support.
    5. Ah. If only CJW had posted a short one line note at the top of his YT channel saying “I’m taking a bit longer because of problems with subs,” he could have saved himself sooo much trouble.
    6. Generally, fansubbers are the polar opposites of major corporations… so I don’t think we can help but feel uncomfortable with him. It’s instinct.
    7. I wonder if he’s annoyed with me that I’m posting this and that I’m subbing WGM. Hum! I’m annoyed with him too!! ^^ I did give him two chances, a month apart.
    8. CJW. If you’re reading this and want to comment, please PM me directly instead of getting your secretaries to PM me saying “Cliff told me to ask you…”
    9. What happens with fate of WGM subbing?
    I really don’t know. It is 100 minutes long and will be increased to 105 minutes later this month. It’s a crazy long show. -_- It’s quite possible that in 2 months, CJW may still the the only team willing to even have a crack at it. It’s true that their goals are not very realistic but a more realistic team would probably look at the show and go, “There’s no way I’m doing that show.”


  38. Hi Alvin & Muish,

    I’m not sure about the whole WGM chaos that’s been happening over at soompi, and if CJTown has been harassing you (I’ve not visited soompi lately). Anyhow, I wanna let you guys know that there are ppl who appreciate your work and dedication that you put into for the things you’re passionate of. Ofcos Alvin’s video has higher viewership for WG, cos ppl knows his passions for WG and he’s a proper subber compared to the other *chairperson* (cough cough) who (i believe) doesnt know korean (oppss..).

    Since the beginning, although i’m a fan of WGM, i’ve refused to watch videos from Chairman Cliff… becos he claims to be the best in korean entertainment.. and even have the nerves asking ppl to “donate to support their work”?!

    Muish and Alvin.. you guys are the best!! Pls dont be bothered over some fame-starving idiots out there!

    (wondersmurf, muish, hellobello, jonggie, cjwtown, etc.)


    As a non-Korean WGM-addict, I’m really grateful for your hard works (as you may notice, in every videos I always thank both the uploader & the subber/translator)! 😉

    Sorry to say that I now only watch the JoongBo cuts cause my fav couples AnBi & now AlShin are leaving the show! The ant-witch couple are getting stale & boring. The 2 new couples are just “blah”!!

    So to all the awesome subbers/translators…my hats off to you all for your hard work dedication & great sacrificies! BRAVO…BRAVO… BRAVO….

  40. @Muish: WoW! after reading your post I think my dislike toward a certain self-proclaimed CEO ahemcjwahem even more. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feel a bit iffy when he thought of his subbing team as a corporation and even ask for donation, which is what every subber would refuse. And I absolutely detest the idea of racing to release sub. Does that idiot think subbing is a competition or something? No…subbing is anything but competition. It’s all about passion and the love for something. I mean, just like Mr.Muish have said, cjw work his staff like a slave and I personally feel sorry for them for having to work under such person. Usually I’m not against any fansub group or individual as I think they’re all wonderful people who sacrified so much for us fan but cjw is just errhhh…if you read his post on soompi, forum etc. You’ll know what I mean.

  41. This has nothing to do with WGM but i wanted to say something. Alvin and muish i totally agree with you. I know subbing takes a lot of hard work since i am in charge of 2 subbing teams. I agree with you on that CJW guy. I know how you feel. I am in charge of SHINee subs, a subbing team for SHINee and CJW used our lyrics translation without permission to sub SHINee videos. They did not even bother to credit us. He puts his own logo on the video just because he timed and encoded the subs. I don’t think its right. All he cares about is increasing the number of subscriptions on his YT channel. He has his own subbing team so he should use his own subbing team to sub things and not use other people’s translations. SHINee Subs and CJW went through a fiasco similar to WGM subs. So i understand you guys completely. I am also annoyed and angry with CJW as well. muish and Alvin thanks for your hard work in making subs for non-Korean speaking fans.

  42. you subbers rock so much!!

    i’m actually surprised Muish hasn’t stopped subbing yet. i feel so sad for you Muish, i want to pet you to make all the subbing headaches go away!! don’t let the pressure of thousands of viewers affect your decisions to stop subbing, because if you feel like it’s a pretty stressful thing, then look after your health first and do what you feel is best for you (even if it makes unappreciative people angry).

    IMO you guys should ask for donations. or maybe not even ask, but just put a paypal button somewhere on your page but don’t say anything about it. it may not amount to much, but eh, just think of it as internet tipping.

    and legally, that ‘licensed to [x]’ thing is totally illegal. you can’t really ‘claim’ subs when the actual dialogue is owned by the producers of the show (and it’s not like they hired someone to sub it, so they own the dialogue). A producer/whateverit’scalled of the show WGM can totally rip off of X’s translated subs and use them for an english distribution, and not worry about lawsuits. for example, if I translated Harry Potter into Spanish, does that mean I own this translation? No. So Muish is totally right about being icky about the ‘licensed to [x]’ thing.

  43. @Everyone

    I’m sorry. That’s all I can say. Sorry for the negative comments. And sorry for not meeting our own deadline.

    I have been immature and foolish in the past two weeks.
    I am announcing that we are not subbing WGM until we become better at subbing and organizing. I did get in fights with some people at Soompi, but after thinking about it, everything they have said is correct. Our subbing team should be learning from what you post about us. So after we improve, we will “attempt” to sub We Got Married again and hopefully by then, we won’t bring disappointment to y’all.

    Girlwithsmalleyes messaged me after I uploaded the video. She asked me to add proper credits and I can keep the video up… (For Love Like Oxygen)
    Then, she messaged me after we uploaded (Amigo) and asked us to remove the videos. All our videos with lyrics from your translators, so we did as she asked.
    But when I saw the translations, I thought we were allowed to use it(?) cause it said “Please do not edit and give full credits if using for subbing, etc” or something.

    @Everyone again
    So sorry. Hope you guys can forgive me for my mistake.
    We dropped WGM, but we took on Wonder Bakery. We will use this opportunity to improve as much as we can and come back as a reliable subbing team.

    Sorry for the troubles,

  44. i don’t quite agree with your take on the soompi drama. Yes he was pretty ambitious and didn’t really make good on his claim. and got pretty angry and said some things he shdn’t. and perhaps did some things he shdn’t. but I think if you get bashed like he did and if you were his age, you might just act like he did. It was childish sure, but he was just acting his age, you pple who are adults who bash him for getting angry are no better. At least be polite instead of being so sarcastic. Yes he’s wrong, but must you behave the same way you accuse him of doing?

    I mean, esp since we have Muish so wonderfully subbing for us and I know Coolsmuf you used to do the same, but it doesn’t mean we get all arrogant and bash him. when muish decides to stop and no one else is subbing, who knows u need their help. Oh well, thank God that drama has ended. back to the real show.

  45. ooh ok i didn’t see CJ’s comment before mine. Okies now that’s he apologised and realised his mistake, great the matter’s closed. Hope everyone around here grew up too =) back to being a happy WGM family again =)

  46. I can’t believe Alshin i leaving. I was so disappointed the first time they left, ahh i was hoping that they would have gone for a long epi. This is so sad T_T

  47. i loved alshin’s cut on this episode.
    wished it was a bit longer though ><;;
    ima miss them sooo much<3
    after that, i guess im not watchingg 😛
    i know this is random. but i reallyreally want the sweaters that alshin couple was wearingg x3 hahas. i want its!

  48. Hey guys, I read through this entire post because I am also a fan of We Got Married. I have been appreciating the work of coolsmurf, muish, marriedsubs, and cjwtown. Now theres this big thing about cjw scamming or whatever. And i read comments here (im not goin to bother naming who) that said that the cjw guy put his watermark using muish’s subs???

    So i think that is wrong. but on the other hand, coolsmurf also puts his watermark in the JoongBo cut he uploaded last week…?
    So i dont get people saying thanks to coolsmurf and then like giving sh!t to cjw…..

    Just tryin to solve the problem here.

    anyways thanks to al the subbers for the hard work

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