Rain and Kim Jong Kook Family Outing Battle Draws Impressive Rating

In SBS Family Outing last night, Rain and Kim Jong Kook faced off against each other in an obstacle foot race. Thanks to their presence, Family Outing achieved a highly impressive tv rating of 29.6%, a new personal best.

Rain and Kim Jong Kook Do Battle

As guests on the 11th edition of SBS Family Outing, Rain and Kim Jong Kook competed against each in an obstacle-strewn foot race. With both widely known to have impressive muscular physiques, it was like a personal battle of who is the best. Before their race, Kim Jong Kook joked, “Competing with Jung Ji Hoon (Rain), this might be edited and uploaded on overseas Youtube website”, which led to laughters from all the family members of Family Outing.

With the finishing line in sight, Kim Jong Kook fell surprisingly, allowing Rain to breeze past the obstacles with ease and pick up the win. With his team mates expecting a win from him, Kim Jong Kook was noticeably embarassed and refused to get up for a long time while kneeling in the sand. Kim Jong Kook then start cheering for his team mates in their own races, saying they must win Rain’s team. He said, “You must think about the overseas websites.”

Although Dae Sung fell into the water while competing with Yoon Jong Shin, he showed fierce determination and the fierce pride his team had. With the return episode in a week’s time, can Family Outing break the 30% rating barrier?

45 thoughts on “Rain and Kim Jong Kook Family Outing Battle Draws Impressive Rating

  1. haha i guess we’re one of those “overseas websites”
    kim jong kook… we watch from overseas even when you’re not competing against rain!
    that’s actually kind of creepy…

    Now if he really knows I want to take the oppurtunity to say this.

    *fan girl moment start*



    P.S. Marry Yoon Eun Hye already ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. That game was soooo hilarious!! xDD Kim Jong Kook did the same mistake MC Yoo did when he was competing with YeJin during Yunho’s and Junsu’s appearance. LOL. YeJin is such a great sport! She literally was dropped down to the sand a lottttt. xDDD

  4. AHH! He could be reading our comments! HAHAHHAA! Better start learning how to type and learn Korean to express my love for him. XD Jay kay! =P

  5. KJK actually speaks english quite fluently right? xD
    we can start sending him lots of love through internet power! ๐Ÿ˜›
    and it does sound kinda creepy how the whole world knew what they are doing…*shivers*-_-..

  6. yep the know about youtube,lol. I found out that Bigbang Seungri goes on youtube all the time. they might have accounts.

  7. finally they notice us poor non korean fans!

    hopefully they can hire some of their own subbers to do their eps. =]

  8. Lol~ I thought they were only aware of naver.. ๐Ÿ˜›

    But yea! They ARE aware of some other things — the OVERSEAS WEBSITES!

    I second that — KJK is aware of your presence on YT! ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. I’m tired of hearing “KJK & Yoon Eun Hye” together… I like them both individually or atleast Eun Hye.

    Anyway, I’m happy for Family Outing but only if I could watch the episodes somewhere…

  10. lol it’s a good thing they notice us.sometime i fell i’am an alien coz they don’t even know there are fan exist outside korea. whatever happen jong kook oppa will always be han namja….

  11. I remember during Xman & Loveletter shows, KJK was soo muscular that Lee Seung Gi even commented jokingly that KJK loves dumb-bells way better than women! Now, look at both Bi & KJK, they both have very well-toned, muscular bodies! They seemed identical! hahaha…

    Since I’m a fan of Bi, so I vote for Bi more than KJK
    (sorry, no offense people!)

    Most of Korean artists know of their presences in YouTube, especially because of the popularity of
    Xman & Loveletter shows. Too bad the Korean TV stations (KBS, MBC & SBS) are banning those shows on YouTube!

    The now popular Korean show in YouTube is “We Got Married” but since popular couples e.g. Andy-Solbi & later Alex-Shin Ae, the show is getting more & more less exciting to watch. Only the Hyun Joong-Hwang Bo couple is still enjoyable to watch!

    Hopefully, someone will be kind enough to do English subs on “Family Outing” (hint..hint..hint..to Alvin!)

  12. i am a big fan of kjk….. i watch FO just becos of him…..
    he knew we were watching them thru overseas YT… so funny ^^^
    yes, we are !!!!!!!

  13. I think it’s safe to say ANYONE with a computer in the last decade knows about youtube. It’s one of the biggest sites in the world so it’s really not surprising if they know about it. They’re stars so they must have looked up their own names once in a while.

    I still can’t believe that Rain actually comes out on variety shows though… it’s about damn time.


    My two favorite oppas together…is this a dream!??!?! MUST WATCH!!!!! but where?? who uploads this show??

  15. this is one of the funniest episodes of family outing. the race part especially they had to carry yejin and hyori was so funny and there’s a lot of cheating in the game. This episode is definitely a must watch

  16. I agree last Sunday’s episode was a lot of fun. Equal air time between the 2 guests (KJK and Bi) and the regulars.

    FO inching to 30%..definitely the Kim Jong Kook and Rain effect…lol.

    I chuckled too when KJK mentioned youtube..hehehe. Glad to know he is aware that people outside of Korea also watches Korean programming.

  17. this episode was sooooo funny!!! can someone tell me where a subbed version might be?? thanks in advance!! can’t wait for next epi!!!!!!

  18. Kim Jong Kook is so funny. i want to watch these eps as soon as i can get them. did KJK really say he hasn’t met the right woman to marry yet? so YEH wasn’t the one.

  19. i love that fact that family outing has guests on them
    but i bet if there was no guests then the ratings might not have been that high
    just my opinion

  20. YouTube is known as one of the large video uploader n the whole world is using it every single day…so don’t be too surprise everybody…hhehee… so, it is not so surprise for the korean to familiar with this website too… ~ HallayuWood AJA!!!! ^_^

  21. isnt that great if all WGM couples (AnBi, AlShin, JoongBo, HwanYobi, CrownYoung, MarcoDambi) can join this family outing just once….???!!! Sure it will beat a GREAT GREAT ratting !!!!!!!! hehhee… juz my second cent…hehhe.. ^_^ anyone agree…?? hhehehe…

  22. lol at kinella’s comment ๐Ÿ™‚

    so happy that KJK is now permanent member! it means i will be watching FO every week now haha

  23. i havent really been watching FO, like every episode but if kjk’s gonna be a family member i second nhetski’s comment
    i’m gonna watch FO every week ~

  24. of course ratings would sky rocket!!!

    two of the most popular and oustanding stars togeter on a show with an all-star celebrity cast already…. they’s nothing better than that!

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