Park Min Young Marie Claire and Sure Magazine November 08 Photoshoot

Park Min Young’s agency, SidusHQ has published a set of photos that Min Young took for Marie Claire and Sure for their November 2008 edition.

photos by Lee Seung-yeop (Marie Claire)



photos by Jung Ki-rak (Sure)


note: the last 3 photos were badly scanned…

19 thoughts on “Park Min Young Marie Claire and Sure Magazine November 08 Photoshoot

  1. I’m a girl and the third photo made me speechless.

    Let’s not even start about how she makes me feel abt how I look…

  2. Ok seriously guys, are we talking about the most beautiful woman on earth here?

    I mean LOOK AT HER O_O And she’s not only beautiful she’s super talented also O_O stunning acting and can also sing very well.
    I hope we can see much of her in the future…

  3. Wow…she looks more beautiful each time you post of new pictures of her. My favorites are: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 …oh wait, that’s all of them!

    I love her eyes…she has really nice eyes. I think I have an eye fetish 😉

  4. dang, im growing really prejudiced against plastic ppl cuz all i see when i look at her is that: PLASTIC!!! to me ppl who go under plastic surgery are the most selfish in the world: they are willing to change the way nature has made them to gain, gain, gain. Gain power, money, and fame. its disgusting. i cant place plastic beauty and natural beauty on the same level. At all. its not real, its something some doctor envisioned. Also, in the end, nature will win anyway!!! she’s still gonna die old and ugly.

  5. yea, she looks really pretty in these pics but all i can think of too is…damn, her surgeon, photographer AND graphic artist are GOOD!!!

  6. she looks pretty. sadly…followed by that comment i have to say…but it’s not natural.

    i know she’s a gorgeous girl and talented. the industry causes so many to change themselve and beauty is not exactly skin deep in this case. she is what she is now and you simply cannot blame her for that.

  7. oh shut up, you guys are always saying plastic surgery is so WRONG, tell me whats wrong with it? its okay! I thought you guys go for personality? you guys are so shallow! doesnt matter how she looks like, her personality is great! I’m okay with plastic surgery as long as she doesnt change who she is, then im straight, she’s beautiful, people take plastic surgery so they can FEEL beautiful, hey, atleast she knows she’s hot and RK, you’re probably jealous cause she got fame, and she’s beautiful, maybe your plastic surgeon fucked up on your face to be critizing people with plastic surgery, atleast when she dies, she’ll look like a porcelin doll. look at ayumi hamasaki, she got plastic surgery, and she’s still hot!

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