Park Jin Young & Lee Soo Man, Who Is the Real Midas in Korean Showbiz?

Article where the CEOs of JYP Entertainment and SM Entertainment, Park Jin Young and Lee Soo Man reveals their concept behind grooming their respective talents. Now if only Yang Hyun Suk of YG was interviewed as well.

Park Jin-young: taking Korean talent to the West

Park Jin Young

“I wanted a group that was young but appealed to all ages with music and dance,” says JYP, the man behind the success of the Wonder Girls.

Park Jin Young debuted as a singer in 1994 and established JYP Entertainment in 1999. His company produced a list of K-pop stars like Rain, G.O.D, Byul and Noel. And in 2007, Park launched his first group manufactured girl band, the Wonder Girls. “The concept of the Wonder Girls is similar to the one I had with G.O.D, who have sold over 6 million albums. As a producer, I wanted them to be trend leaders, and I want the singers to become the top Asian vocal group through hard training and long hours of practice,” he says.

Everything about the Wonder Girls, from writing lyrics and composing music to costumes and choreography is controlled by Park’s magic hands.

JYP Entertainment Artistes

Not just for the Wonder Girls but for every choice he makes, Park claims that personality matters the most. “I don’t just choose people with talent. Once chosen, they will have to spend a long time with me, and that is why I base my criteria on their personality and compatibility with my own. What is more important than singing and appearance is the person itself. Singing ability alone doesn’t captivate audiences, it’s the charm that wins hearts.”

Park has several new singers in his stable who are about to launch their debut albums in the U.S., like Min and G-Soul. His ability to discover new talent and his productions have won him worldwide recognition.

Lee Soo-man: promoting Korean talent in the East

Lee Soo Man

“People in their 30s and the 40s are emerging as the main cultural consumers, and Girls Generation specifically targets men in that age group,” says Lee Soo Man (53), CEO and producer for SM Entertainment. “Likewise, Shinee targets women in that generation.” Lee debuted as a singer in 1971 and was an acclaimed professional emcee in the 80s. After establishing SM Entertainment, his first major breakthrough came with idol group H.O.T. in 1995. He has been dubbed a star maker, producing Shinhwa, Fly to the Sky, BoA and TVXQ.

SM Entertainment Artistes

Lee is especially known for his ability to read the market trends (consumer demands) just a second ahead of the curve. Taking advantage of his unique skills, Lee has been expanding his business to developing star-related contents. SM Entertainment is now involved in over 40 kinds of business, including album wholesales, entertainment agency, publishing, and licensing.

Lee Soo Man was at the forefront of the Korean (Hallyu) Wave that had swept all across Asia, defining the Kpop craze when he launched H.O.T. in the Chinese music market, and subsequently turning TVXQ and Super Junior into Asia’s top idol groups. BoA, extremely successful in Japan, was his “masterpiece,” borne of what in other sectors is called a localization strategy.

But Lee continues to place particular emphasis in China, as he believes it will be the world’s largest entertainment market soon. To expand his Asia dyansty, SMAC was setup in collaboration with Japan’s leading entertainment company, Avex, and China’s largest entertainment management company, Cheng-Tian.

Original article lifted from Digital Chosunilbo (English Edition).

150 thoughts on “Park Jin Young & Lee Soo Man, Who Is the Real Midas in Korean Showbiz?

  1. ahahahaa..don’t be jealous of their singing skills.
    wondergirls are best maaann 🙂
    AHAHAHAHA..girls generation targets from the ages 30 – 40s…that is scary and sad at the same time o_o;

  2. I agree with yo. SNSD are dancing in short dresses holding lollipops, for 30-40 year old perverted men?? But guys around their age wouldn’t be interested in that kind of concept anyway.

  3. i agree with #1 to an extent. i don’t think wg can sing at all, but jyp does have an eye for picking out those who can entertain.

    lsm, i believe, is a genius. as negative of a reputation as he has, you can’t deny that his marketing strategies succeed like no other; nearly every group he debuts is a huge hit.

    can’t believe he accomplished all that by the age of 53..but that’s of course, thanks to all the hardworking artists out there! BoA, DBSK, hwaiting! keep up the great work!

  4. i agree with yo and loveholic. It’s just so…disturbing…how LSM is totally aware and happy that these perverted men like 9 little teenage girls O_o

    I’m sad that YG wasn’t interviewed as well…i’m more of a yg family person since SM and JYP is too into artists’ image/concept, and YG is more into making unique music
    …although that may be my own biased opinion =]

  5. “People in their 30s and the 40s are emerging as the main cultural consumers, and Girls Generation specifically targets men in that age group,” says Lee Soo Man (53), CEO and producer for SM Entertainment.

    The above quote to me sounds like JAILBAIT.


    I, too, wish YG was involved, he chooses talent over looks as Daesung puts it, lol.

    I’m a JYP person as I like his artists, especially WONDERGIRLS. I’m into some SM artists and YG artists too.

  6. I love the wonder girls, but I was surprise when I went to visit my old high school, there was a WONDER GIRL’S Club 0.0 I was like what the…..

  7. It’s because of JYP’s eye for personality and charm that I’ve been drawn to the Wonder Girls. I think they’re very talented young women, and it’s true that one’s character is what people want and end up loving. LSM will someday regret having put together a group such as SNSD… at least the Wonder Girls know when to shut up and don’t run around acting like a bunch of bimbos with no manners whatsoever… I hope that in the future, people will start to care more about what’s on the inside than what’s on the outside, because that’s where true morale resides… and SNSD’s filled with plastic.

  8. woah i hope this doesnt get ugly like in soompi …….. lol <—*whispers* it was a mess in there.


    LSM = scares me

    JYP = he sound cool


  9. I agree with #11 Kari. Wonder Girls have charms that attracts you to them.

    Actually Wonder Girls can sing, it’s just that the song that they are promoting doesn’t really showcase their voices. I think the girls have unique voices. : )

    It’s scary when LSM said that Girls Generation specifically targets men in the age 30s and 40s. Does the girls’ parents know about this?

    I’m more to JYP and YG!

  10. when i read that jyp wants wg to be the top asian VOCAL group, i was just like eh?? cuz to be honest, though i love wg only sunye and ye eun can really sing, sunmi has yet to impress me with her singing. i think i’m more drawn to wg becuase of their personalities, catchy songs, appearances, which is what jyp likes to look for. as for lsm…well i thank him for creating sm entertainment, i love all of the artists he produces, dbsk is my #1^^

  11. Woah, GG and SHINee are targeted towards 30-40 year-olds? I’ve been listening to the wrong kind of music then LSM. I ain’t even a noona. No room for dongsaengs, eh? >:D LSM, your genius and economic sense awes and scares me at the same time. Having thought about your comment, I want to go out and buy a broom to chase you around with.

    SNSD rocks my socks foo’!

  12. @kari: you dont know for sure that they had surgery or no surgery, your blatant ignorance, hypocrism and tunnel vision is quite irritating, you talk about personality but you haven’t even bothered to try and understand SNSD’s personality (have you watched the documentaries or even shows that they’ve made appearances on? does it seem like they act cute for a reason? or are the MCs asking them to), but labeled them outright bimbos by the way they look and btw, they have people to decide what they wear, they don’t choose for performances

    as a fan of both wondergirls and snsd, i think a lot of fans these days are just rude, i mean if you have nothing to say don’t say it, and who are you to judge how someone else is? do you people who flame know those people personally? you people are shameful and full of teenage angst that needs to be let out off the internet, your hurtful words are unneeded and definitely unwanted

    anyways, back to the main article… yeah, they are pretty good at what they do >_>

  13. oh yeah and regarding manners, because of the cultural differences and the explosion of netizens who over-dramatize everything, something simple such as a joke gets blown out of context and uninformed children like you Kari just believe whatever you read and hear without knowing all the facts and just make it what you want to believe, if it’s tiffany from SNSD that you are referring to as rude, you are totally dumb. the comment regarding junjin was said as a joke and in america and canada im pretty sure you can make a joke like that, but in korea apparently it’s rude according to netizens who hide behind their computer to make ruthless comments, but even junjin didn’t even get offended by it or didn’t even know about it until he was told, and when told he considered it as a compliment to be compared to justin timberlake, so you ignorant whatever get over yourself

  14. of course talent matters, but so does personality.
    jyp does look at talent but he really looks at personality b/c it attracts i feel more people… esp wonder girls who i have to admit dont have all the talent in the world, their charisma is SO CAPTURING it doesnt matter..
    and obvi snsd are pretty talented with singing but they HAVE SO MANY ANTIS b/c their personality isnt taht great… or they made mistakes on saying stuff they shouldnt have ..

  15. SM artist is waay better, ok… maybe SNSD isn’t but i love SMTown!

    JYP is a brilliant in making good song but somehow rather the artist isn’t as interesting.. I’m shock that he said that he choose someone who has personality..because truthfully i found JYP artist boring..

    As in LSM or JYP.. it’s neither.. JYP=weird, LSM= greedy

  16. Now we know why LSM picked trainees based on their looks! I think that this would make SNSD fans go after LSM for sure..!

  17. yup.. agree..NO WONDER jyp artist have to talent. especially the girls cant sing -___-
    is that jyp’s definition of an artist? one who cant sing or is ugly but is a comedian? then where’s the real talent? they are all in SM since sooman looks for appearance, voice AND personality….

  18. I think it’s really important for music directors to RESPECT the artists personalities rather than to use their looks/talents for money and popularity…^^ Don’t you think?

  19. JYP is hella ugly
    And LSM looks like Hwi Jae the mc XD ROFL

    Anyway, they both can produce talent. The wonder girls aren’t that up to par with their singing, esp live, but they have great charisma. I’m not saying they can’t sing, but they can improve. I’m not saying this as someone who sings, but as someone who listens to people singing o_o just in case any wg fan want to jump me.

    SNSD has talent, but lack the feeling the Wonder Girl’s give off. They’re both good groups, I don’t think we should be bashing the other group because one of them is our favorite. They also have different styles of music.

  20. WG can’t sing??
    wow, i wonder why they are still in jyp.
    sure, park is not looking for just a singer but d=park is a singer too.
    He has pride too.

    SNSD flashing their panties for the old ajussis to make money. duh!

  21. ” “People in their 30s and the 40s are emerging as the main cultural consumers, and Girls Generation specifically targets men in that age group,” says Lee Soo Man (53), CEO and producer for SM Entertainment. ”

    ^One word to describe this: S-C-A-R-Y!
    Is Lee Soo Man trying to encourage pedophilia?
    So the hole lollipops and cutesy concept are not innocent afterall.

    I wonder what the parents of the SNSD girls think about this? And I wonder what the girls think about being targeted to old perveted men. :/

    I feel sorry for them.

  22. JYP and LSM said their groups were ‘manufactured’ ‘and have consumers’ which is the same as plastic = the crap toys you get at the dollar store; as a kid you think those toys are pretty and cool but once u buy it, u get cheap plastic crap
    I am glad they didnt interview YG at all, his company actually has the talent and looks dont matter at all. he didnt ‘manufacture’ his artists cuz they already have high quality talent [1tym, Jinusean, Moogadang, Big Bang, Stonyskunk, Gummy, and even the people who left like Lexy, Wheesung, Soulstar, big mama] the talent brought in the money. unlike SNSD, WG,Shinee,etc. where the looks are what attracted ppl, Big Bang, from an un-biased view, weren’t very goodlooking but they have the talent and charisma that makes them hot and talented artists now

  23. honestly I don’t get why people make a big deal on how all these idol groups get plastic surgery. In my opinion, they get their faces done because people tend to harsh.

    I suddenly feel bad for Korean artists (well all artists actually). If they get their face or any part of their body done you criticize them for being “unnatural”. But if they don’t get plastic surgery you call them “ugly”.

    Antis need to get a life instead of putting all their energy to hateful comments that don’t really help.

    to put everything in a nutshell: stop bashing on snsd or wg or an group for that matter.

  24. hey guys i think this is not a war between wonder girls or snsd!!!
    everybody make a war between them… i hate it!!!
    i like both groups and i like sm entertainment and jyp… the music is important and nothing else…
    sm entertainment and jyp fighting!!!

  25. For all you people out there saying that LSM is “spreading” pedophilia, I think you should know the culture behind Korea.
    In Korea, Nunas (Older Women, Older Sisters.. only to be said by guys.. if you want to call a sister or woman and you’re a girl; you’d call them “Unni”) are aloud to marry men younger at a reasonable age. Same goes for Oppa (Older Men, Older Brother.. only to be said by girls.. if you want to call a brother or man and you’re a guy; you’d call them “Hyung”) are able to do that too. Whereas, it’s looked down upon in America, it’s not a big of a deal. In Korea, most girls/women like guys who are wiser.

  26. ewww
    LSM basically just said he’s selling SNSD/SHINee to pedo ahjussis and ajummas 😮

    I don’t agree w/ JYP, though….I mean, when the artist has no talent, wouldn’t ppl just watch them for their personalities on TV, and not buy their album??

  27. LoL.. @ #1 comment WG can’t sing??
    this really made me laugh how can they get this big if they can’t sing?? please use your brain.. ha ha ha ha..
    i agree WG needs to improve.. ESPECIALLY SO HEE.. ha ha ha ha ha..

    SNSD?? no comment.. disband *cough* disband ha ha ha ha..

  28. people don’t give WG the credit they deserve….give any other group the songs WG sing, and lets see how they will fare… its about charisma, how u carry yourself and stage presence… all the other girl groups lack that big time… The prime example is when they performed each other’s songs… ALL biases aside, you have to admit that performance wise WG pawned…and they made the song their own…

    Also people say WG can’t sing and SNSD is better…

    5 members. 3 are great singers, they have a great rapper and one is not all that impressive (improving..) … 1 out of 5 is bad = a whole group of talentless girls?

    9 members. 3 are great singers *Taeyeon, jessica and seohyun* 2 others are good *tiffany and sunny* … the 4 left aren”t that impressive…
    4 out of 9 are bad = the whole group is amazing??

    Its all about the math really…. and since people like to find faults in WG, they can’t say they are rude, bad role models etc… the only thing left is saying they are bad singers, because hey, one not so great singer equals the whole group..(Sohee you are improving….I’m so proud of you)

  29. Of course it’s lee soo man. Everytime an SM artist releases an album, there will be literally hundreds of versions of CD packages for their diehard fans to choose from…most of the time they just bought all the versions from A to C. No wonder he’s super rich.

  30. ^^Sooo agree with you!

    I’m used to ppl bashing on Wonder Girls but who really cares?? Wonderfuls love them. Korea certainly loves them. Singapore now loves them! Lolz Soon more countries will love them~ Ain’t no anti will bring their populairty down thas fo sure!

  31. @vertigo
    lol, I think the four girls who supposedly can’t sing in snsd can sing better than sohee. Hyoyeon and Yuri can rap well too. Taeyeon can sing better than Sunye too.

    So yeah, it’s all about math LOL.

    I have nothing against wonder girls, in fact I love Sunye. Neither am I a snsd fan btw. Just stating my opinon. Biasness aside. I think, as a group, snsd’s vocals and dance are stronger than wg’s.

    Though I have to agree with you that wg seem more likable and are great performers on stage.

    Back on track, LSM and JYP are equally great businessmen of the industry. I’d say their target audiences are different so it’s incomparable.

  32. After scanning through most of the comments here, I’d say I agree most with douming. I don’t get it, why are some of you constantly harping on snsd being rude? C’mon it came shenyuepop, known to be anti-snsd. Things were exagerrated. If not, they’re false in the first place.

    I follow activities of both groups and I think both are awesome. There’s nothing wrong with being a fan of wg or snsd. Yeah, go ahead and support the group you like but stop bashing on some other group.

  33. lol… i’ve always thought of Lee Soo Man as the korean version of Johnny-san of Johnny’s Entertainment in Japan..
    don’t you think so?

    i prefer Park Jin-young though..
    i like his style better..
    different people have different tastes so… =)

  34. sorry but id have to go with JYP

    LSM even admitted that 30-40 year old men are like ubsessed with SNSD and i can see why since snsd are wearing short skirts and flashing their panties out for the whole world to see.
    lol so what i think, SNSD should just get disband or might as well just sing those old korean songs to ahjummas and ahjussis

  35. Lols, why isn’t YG inside hahas! I’m more of a YG/SM supporter. I don’t know, maybe they have interaction with each other? Like SMtown and YG family. Does JYP have one o.o? As in i don’t know about them hahas! xD. *no offense*

    I don’t get why does everytime there’s a article of SM and JYP there would be WG and SNSD? Wondergirls has charisma on stage, but their vocals aren’t that good.

    SNSD has good vocals but not very charismatic on stage! You people say SNSD is rude because of the things they said on the radio, i agree, but didn’t they apologise? Yes they did, publicly too. (:

    Eventually it’s not up to you to forgive them or not, is the artist that they insulted, it’s kinda sad that SNSD and WG are good friends but got bashed and VERSUS against each other *smacks forehead.*

    Another thing about the the plastic surgery. Yes, so what if SNSD has plastic surgery? Don’t WG as well? Just because there isn’t pictures to show doesn’t mean that they’re 100% natural! Famous stars also has plastic surgery but they don’t get bashed only SNSD? O_O.

    *No offense don’t kill me please*
    And thanks for taking your time to read this comment! (:

  36. I love hearing Tayeon, Seohyun, Jessica and Tiffany sing. And I love watching WG’s charisma on talent. Both are good groups to watch.

    To those who keep bringing up the rude subject drop it. It gets annoying when “artists” that got made fun of don’t care but suddenly the netizens do.

    If you like WG and hate SNSD because their rude, fake then don’t make comments about SNSD. If you like SNSD and dislike WG cause they can’t “sing” then don’t make comments. It’s easy.

  37. You guys are so freaking idiotic seriously fighting over the stupid things like ” wondergirls is better ” OR ” No SNSD is better”

    Cmon get a life none of you are EVEN a better singer !

  38. i totally agree with JYP’s way of choosing people to be his artist since in the end, it really IS the character that’s important
    the first time i take a look at WG’s perf i thought “omg they’re soo slutty!!” but then when i finally brought myself to watch their MTV show, my mind changed completely for their sweet character!!!
    maybe some of you don’t like comparing WG and SNSD but ykw, that’s just how people are and you might as well get use to it rather than banging your head on the table everytime it happens.
    SNSD, my first impression of them was just really nice! nothing bad, until all the bad personality starts to pour in. of course not ALL of them has sooo much ego, but SOME does.
    However, i can simply say now that a LOT of artist from SM made huge success in the K-industry and aross asia! maybe the problem for sm is just how he overwork is artist or something, that’s why i prefer JYP in this one

  39. The reason why Wonder Girls are popular is because their dances are easy and fun to dance and also because their songs are catchy and fun. Besides that, the girls are charismatic. JYP doesn’t make Wonder Girls’ songs to show their vocal habilities and their dances aren’t ment to be difficult either…

    But whenever they have a song to showcase their vocals, they sound great. I really don’t understand why people say Wonder Girls don’t have good vocals… Only Sohee doesn’t sing that well (but at least her voice match with the others on the songs), the other members sing very well and Yoobin raps is great too. So only 1 out of 5 doesn’t sing well and you guys generalize as if the hole group doesn’t sing. Common’… :/

  40. JYP > LSM.

    “But Lee continues to place particular emphasis in China, as he believes it will be the world’s largest entertainment market soon.”

    Yeah? Then promote ZLY right, you idiot; don’t debut your much hated girl group anytime soon. >.>

  41. I agree with Sang, douming, hoot & Jaejoongx3…
    If you don’t like SNSD or whoever, don’t bash them because you think they are fake, rude and plastic.
    There’s no confirmation that they are plastic, and as you see, it’s normal for Korean celebrities to get plastic surgery. I see people do it all the time, so what’s the big deal anyways?

    Every group has it’s talents and such. I’m a SM/YG/JYP supporter and I hate watching people bash about the artists and say who is better.

    It’s always like DBSG vs. Big Bang; SNSD vs. WG and such as.. but do you guys think that they hate each other?
    NO! In fact, they’re all good friends. Seungri is a huge fan of Junsu; SooYoung & SunYe attended the same school, so they’re probably good friends; and SunMi is a fan of TaeYeon too.

    They all have their own little pros and cons.
    SoHee may sound bad live, but she’s improving and she’s actually a very talented dancer.
    SNSD is a group of MCs, VJs, singers, actors and models. They do all sorts of thing and not all of them focuses on singing.

    Going back to the article, both JYP & LSM have their own strategy getting their artists onto the market. JYP & LSM are really smart men. They KNOW how to market their artist to make profits and such as. They know how to make us anticipate for their artists.

  42. All you have to do is watch their TV shows, and then hopefully you’ll be able to make the right decision. I used to like both groups, and as another person said before me, my impression of either was not too great. In fact, it was pretty bad. But watching their shows and getting to know them through a television screen really made the difference, and Wonder Girls made the better impression on me. Based on what I saw, SNSD acts too much and one of the members is very rude and stuck up… And just watch the variety shows that they appear on… I hope you’re not being blinded by their outer appearance, because there is a member or two who don’t deserve to receive such love from fans… And no, I wasn’t referring to Tiffany earlier, she just makes mistakes because of her clumsiness and her personality just makes her really outgoing and talkative. I remember in one of the first few episodes of the WG MTV Show Season 1, JYP told the girls that they should never be conceited and should always try their hardest. I doubt LSM ever told SNSD this, but it would’ve probably made a difference if he had…

    Anyway, performance-wise, WG also win (in my opinion). Their charisma on stage is just so overwhelmingly captivating and just… *_*. Idk, it’s kind of hard for me to explain, but to me, they’re different from other artists that are promoting songs right now, and I like the uniqueness. Sure, they’re not the greatest singers, but JYP definitely knows how to make some wonderful artists.

  43. I knew of Wonder Girls, but never really heard their song apart from “Tell Me.” Yesterday, while watching Music Cafe on my korean cable channel, I heard their new song “Nobody.” These girls blew me away. They can sing, and have talents.

  44. …they’re both starmakers, no doubt about that, but they have a lot to learn from Johnny’s Jimusho on how to keep their talents and make them milionaires too aside from making them and their company rich…and now that JE is planning to open offices in Korea, I bet young Koreans would flock to JE’s audition knowing they’ll be treated well and paid better there than by these two Korean agencies.

  45. Funny how this is about the company heads but WG and SNSD is in the majority of the comments debating over whose better. I think both men are smart and have created some big names like the ones mentioned above. I enjoy watching and listening to the music of artists from both companies. They truly know how to pick entertainers.

  46. Did you mean ‘pity YG,’ in a good way or bad way? Don’t tell me you’re turning into one of those blogs…..

    Anywho, my style is more YG.

    All three men know how to make that money so all three deserve the ‘Real Midas in Korean Showbiz.’
    Though it should be SM, cause of Boa and DBSK being so huge in Asia.
    But I rather it be YG (this is biased), cause of BB (they’re getting huge in Asia also), Jinusean, 1TYM, YMGA, Gummy, I can go on. =) Plus hip-hop was unknown in Korea until he showed up (Wikipedia + YG site).
    I agree with rainonlee, YG just knows how to produce talent and knows how to recruit them badass producers!

    Megane, so true. Johnny is like THE entertainment company in Asia. He would totally crush YG, JYP, and SM. He does scare me though, kind of intimidated.

  47. @ Maybee Because each individual has talents as vj, mc and etc SnSD should split up as a group they do not bring anything fresh and anyways some girls shine more than others since it is hard for 9 girls to share the stage equally
    I think it would be best if they split up and did their own activities.
    Its a win win situation
    For me well because they annoy me and for them because they will allow themselves to shine on their own and show their own talent and charisma
    Because seriously. wearing ohh so short clothing and waving lollipops around does not showcase anything

  48. i totally love SM stars for their talent. BoA and DBSK and CSJH are mad talented and i adore them for that. i really feel that SM has a great feel for talent/pretty faces but it does feel they are VERY manufactured and prepped to perfection… although no personality – as in BoA. DBSK has more personality, probably because they debuted a little older, in their late teens and are in a group. each guy has a different personality too… so they can give more support to each other and learn new things from each other… while BoA can’t, as she’s a solo singer. it doesn’t feel like she’s evolved for the better.

    but JYP’s artists have this soul to their work that makes me love them. WG aren’t the most beautiful girls… i’ve heard a lot of people comment about how ordinary they seem (even though i think they are gorgeous). but i think that’s what also draws people to them. they aren’t as manufactured as SM stars are, because JYP wants their personality to stand out – a good and charismatic personality. each WG girl is so down to earth and “normal”… yet still mad talented. Yoobin’s rap, Ye Eun’s soulful voice, Sun Mi’s husky voice, Sunye just has an all around great talent, Sohee’s dancing… even though some may not think they are the greatest artist, it gives them this inbetween feel of “normal people” and “professional singers/talent.” i bet if Sohee got into SM, they’d make her have eyelid surgery… but JYP actually thinks something like that is more unique and doesn’t make them conform to a certain standard that SM seems to have on all their trainees/artists. JYP goes for more “natural” personality talents (and damn hard workers! -Rain, Sunye) than SM’s manufactured acts.

    i think LSM has got the midas touch just cuz of his sheer amount of pop acts… Shinhwa, HOT, BoA, Fly to the Sky, S.E.S etc. but then again, obviously most of his older artists end up leaving the company because they feel like its eating their soul and not letting them grow – such as Fly to the Sky, most of H.O.T, Eugene and Bada, and all of Shinhwa…

    However, WG are probably going to continue to be my greatest fan obsession for a long… long… long time..

  49. I’m sorry Alvin i respect you and your blog ..i just wish you rephrased what you said about this “I pity YG wasn’t interviewed” what’s there to be pitied about? Is it because his artists are as not as big as those two? [hehehe i don’t know but lol i was a bit EH? about that sentence to me since i’m a YG fan but i’ll let it slide from you =D]Anyways but you know he doesn’t manufacture those kind of stars with the exception of Big Bang that’s a given. But anyways that’s just my p.o.v on that sentence you said. I was iffy when i read it but i still respect you and your blog. ❤

  50. what stars did YG entertainment make famous? i’m not too familiar with these companies. its kinda creepy how the Wonder Girls & Girls Generation are targeting males young & old, especially with their skanky outfits, but i got to admit i like their songs, rather catchy. i hope the Wonder Girls make their hits like Tell Me, So Hot, Nobody into English songs.

  51. “People in their 30s and the 40s are emerging as the main cultural consumers, and Girls Generation specifically targets men in that age group,” says Lee Soo Man (53)

    ^ That quote is disturbing! LMAO…eeeewww~!!!
    they are catering to the fetishes of old men…that’s NAAAAAASTY!

  52. “People in their 30s and the 40s are emerging as the main cultural consumers, and Girls Generation specifically targets men in that age group,” says Lee Soo Man (53), CEO and producer for SM Entertainment.

    Oh my GOSH. x_x I admit, I was rather disgusted with SNSD because of their image–no deviation from short skirts, cutesy image, etc. Their name “Girls Generation” seemingly portrays them to be role models for young girls, something I thought they did a very bad job at. But now….if LSM specifically “designed” them to be like that, appealing to men twice their age….. -shudders- I feel sorry for them.

    Sure, LSM may be smart. But that doesn’t make it a good thing.

  53. Oh, and I just thought of something else.

    Sunny, LSM’S NIECE, is in SNSD. So the man’s even including part of his own family in a group he wants to flaunt to much-older men?

    Forgive me if I seem narrowminded at all, but frankly, this is sick.

  54. i seriously think that JYP singers are young and unexperienced. They can’t really sing that well..

    SM has some great mofo singers.. SM has THE MOST TALENTED singer in KOREA!!!!!!!!!!!

    and YG entertainment? not included? are you shiitting me? maybe korean folks doesn’t like rap/hip hop but omfg YG people are hella talented.. look at Big Bang, se7en, and more..

  55. JYP is a genuis when it comes to creating hit songs, but his artists suck at singing! Lee so man’s artists have better talent!

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  57. it seems that WG and SNSD are pretty much equal
    Now shinEE&DBSK & BOA
    just happen to be my favorties ^___^
    at least for now lol
    oh and w/o these management companies all these artists wouldn’t even exist for everyone to bash or love
    so give them credit at least for that :] hahhaha

  58. JYP has some of the most EYECATCHING artists.
    But LSM has some of the BEST artists.
    All in all, they’re both doing well…
    But seriously… With what LSM said
    about SNSD… Jailbait…. Ew…
    LOL. You people on here are being
    so biased…. Open up your minds a bit jeesh.

  59. This was supposed to be abt the better mastermind in the K scene but seems like everyone prefers to focus on wgSNSD. It’s not they are the only artist PJY and LSM created.

    the only thing abt this article that I have to say is..what lsm said abt SNSD’s targeted market is like him saying “girls, scream out to your sugardaddies~”

    which is…well it’s like he says he’s promoting sugardaddy culture. It’s not paedophile since snsd aren’t kids but it’s just..not right…

  60. SM only produced one awesome group which is dbsk.
    suju and shinee are fruity and ugly. shinee can’t be the next dbsk. boa and csjh are okay.
    snsd is okay, at least they aren’t talentless.

    JYP produces okay groups. WG kind of suck. 2pm and 2am are his next big thing. Bi was cool but he lost him.

    Wonder Girls and SNSD are both jailbait. Although i must say that it’s not their fault but the nasty jyp and sm that made their image the way it is. i will say that snsd has more talent than wg.

    taeyeon & jessica > yeeun & sunye
    hyoyeon> yoobin
    yoona = sohee

    though i must feel sorry for them because their talent is going to waste because lsm made them into jailbait girls.
    though dbsk pawns all. those girls aint got nothing.

  61. JYP FTW!!(:
    LSM’s a perverted old man.

    At least JYP knows how to appreciate people for who they are rather than LSM who makes his artistes conform to his idea of a perfect band.

    Although, DBSK’s my favourite band of all time(:

  62. ooh my head hurts! i dont know what to say anymore LOL
    well DBSK pawns all : Looks AND Talent

    but i admit LSM do base his artist on looks most of the time
    but ofcourse there are exceptions!!!

    But he got REALLY LUCKY with DBSK
    they’re a once in a lifetime deal and i think people have to admit that they can sing!

    most artist its either/or. Plus the groups are like: 2 real singer, 1 rapper, 1 dancer and the other are fillers. I can totally tell that some have no talent and r in it for looks only. Lucky for LSM, he hit the jackpot with DBSK

    not a huge fan but i have to admit that they’re talented and worth the money

  63. Wonder Girls is the best girl band …
    Their competitions are like DBSK, Big Bang,Rain and they still managed to win #1 awards.

    If you say they can’t sing….. maybe you haven’t really listened to their ballad songs at all-

  64. If we didnt have JYP entertainment or SM entertainment than we wouldnt even be having this argument or any of these great music artists.

    Music is a good market, and its good to have artists that can compete with each other. Some have better strengths or weaknesses, ie talent or looks, but thats how they earn their living. If you cant sing that, than you better hope ur pretty enough to attach some attention and sell some albums or ur out of bussiness.

    Plus, music is universal. I’m grateful to live in an era that has so many talented artists and talented ceo’s.

  65. i believe he meant “pity” as in “its a shame”…

    I really want to hear what YG dude (name?) and Dae Sung from DSP have to say… before JYP and YG… DSP was SM’s rival, even bigger…. what happened?? T___T .. SS50 1and Kara fighting!

  66. and i must add…

    Whatever yuor complaings are both producers seem to be doing amazing for themselves…hating them for what they already are is a waste of energy, since they aren’t going anywhere… I’ll stick with JYP and YG, but that does not mean SM sucks…we all just like different things…shouldn’t it be time we all accepted that?

  67. Definitely SM. Talented singers.
    Personalities doesnt count. They only praise your good personality, not your singing talent.

    Singers produce fantastic songs, not ‘personality’ songs.
    Audience like us, can’t sense any good personalities from songs. =_=

    BTW. i am dbsk fan! HAHA

  68. YG artists are probably the most talented of what’s available these days….

    between JYP and LSM, the quality of their artists….if you really think about it they aren’t really better than each other….

    LSM throws money around to reach his objectives while JYP has better marketing sense, and i suppose his own experience as an artist is particularly useful in this case

    though i’ll be eternally grateful to LSM for putting Shinhwa together some 10 years ago….

  69. JYP = Good music, charm, good marketing sense

    LSM = Money-maker. Follows trends and whatever makes money, irregardless.

    YG = Talent first. Everything else is secondary.

    And I can’t believe LSM actually said SNSD were produced to attract men in their 30s and 40s?!?! If I were a SNSD member I’d feel violated. LOLLL…. So that’s the reason he has them performing in mini short skirts in front of uncle crowds. Gross. Poor girls. 😦

  70. I think SM and JYP are both great. Every company has there own strengths and weaknesses. It depends on opinion, but that doesn’t mean you can bash people because they don’t think the same as you. For example, I like WG better than SNSD but that is an opinion. You can’t bash stars because you don’t like them, leave them alone! I’m sure you wouldn’t want t be called skanks if you were one of them. YG is awesom too!! 🙂

  71. I agree that DBSK is one of the most popular and successful bands that LSM has ever created, but do you know he was actually planning to disband them a long while ago? If it weren’t for Cassiopeia boycotting his products, DBSK would have been broken apart.

    SM likes to take a group and pick out the most popular and successful ones, and discard the rest. That happened with H.O.T and Shinhwa too. Thank goodness Shinhwa stuck together and moved to a different company….they’re still here after 10 years while no band under LSM has lasted more than 5 years.

    I think this shows even more (in my opinion), that JYP is the better CEO.

  72. Lee Sooman could have been the one…he may have had that Midas touch except he doesn’t know how to keep the gold…he’s only money hungry so he can invest the earnings in other personal business enterprises that keeps him bankrupt and he just kept making SME talents his milking cows… I hope his new partners would teach him how to treat his talents better…personally, its JYP for me, if being Midas means turning everything he touches into gold, it’s really him…he’s far richer than LSM.
    But I can’t wait for Johnny Kitagawa to show them how to really run an entertainment company…he’s the ultimate Midas for me.

  73. im just grateful that there is VARIETY in music choices in the k-pop field. it’d be intensely boring to limit yourself.

    i wish LSM would let their artistes showcase more of their personalities tho, we all know that the sm town boys especially have fairly fun personalities and some of them have a few screws loose which will be pretty interesting 🙂 but sm limits the artistes to suit a certain profile type etc, hence making them seem manufactured.

    i think in terms of vocals, sm has more stellar singers than yg or jyp. but in terms of showcasing personalities, yg and jyp have the bag.

    i dont care for bashing and blah blah, but just based on SKILL, im really sorry to say that altho i enjoy WG’s music, and them as somewhat like an icon, uhm their singing skills is AT BEST mediocre; i know this because ive been doing music for several years. in western music, if you tried to sell more package+personality without the skills, you’d get chucked off the stage ><

    but jyp’s new groups are fairly impressive tho. 2am CAN sing (im not keen on their genre, but they have skills) and 2pm is mad dancing with a few decent singers.

    it seems like the POPULAR boy groups/artistes are more talented than the female ones. the more skilled females groups i.e. CSJH are definitely less popular…

    somehow i dont like the idea of LARGE entertainment groups. you definitely wont have the chance to sing more than a few lines at all and you get a lot of crap because a few dont sing (like in snsd and super junior) cuz in the first place they were not all meant to be singers.. its just a silly idea in the first place in my opinion, altho i love super junior’s crazy personalities 🙂

  74. @flower
    “Funny how this is about the company heads but WG and SNSD is in the majority of the comments debating over whose better.”

    hahaha i agree with you 😛 but i think in general the male groups/artistes and their fans are more accepted and tend to live with each other in more peaceful coexistion? 🙂 so they dont really come too much in to the debate.

    i still stand my call that the popular male artistes are more talented than the POPULAR female ones ><

  75. I go with JYP,Wonder Girls can sing,I don’t know why people bash on them,The ones who do are truly just haters!

    They are praised on magazines and on the internet for their vocal talent believe it or not,They CAN sing,you guys just have nothing on them so you guys say ”They can’t sing”,It’s like having nothing to say and saying ”Oh,umm… well … yeah … they can’t sing good, haha”.

    Tell me was on purposely not a song where they showed vocal talent,that’s what got SNSD a lot of bashing because they didn’t sing it right!

    So Hot,I think they did pretty well on their So Hot performance,but they would always be tired after performing it around 5 times a day each week same with Tell me.

    Boa can sing? ch,yeah right,I mean girlfriend can dance extremely well,but that’s about it, her music is the same as Britney spears no vocal talent,but good beats, so they cover up her voice with too much effect,I’ve only heard one good live performance by her,which sounded just like the recorded version.

    DBSK? Okay,these guys are probably the most overrated bad and overrated live singer on the planet. They can sing,Oh yes they can,but only slow songs,just like any normal boy band they have trouble singing fast songs.

    So it all comes down to:

    LSM-Everyone in there is overrated,some have vocal talent.

    JYP-Everyone is underrated,and most have vocal talent.
    (Don’t say Wonder Girls is overrated,cause as far as I know they are bashed pretty much ever day and every performance from Anti’s, Even their fans know they are not perfect ,but the fans to the performers of LSM seem to think godly like of their own artists.)

  76. singing:
    taeyeon & jessica > yeeun & sunye

    hyoyeon> yoobin

    but acting:
    yoona > sohee

    And DBSK is the best !!!! thanks LSM

  77. I always thought WG were pretty conceited, even if JYP told them not to be. Come on, it was on TV, how do you know it’s not scripted or just to look good?

    Funny how people blame the fact that WG can’t sing on their songs. Since when was out of breath and off key singing a technique? Maybe JYP did want them to sing the songs a certain way, but I’m sure it’s not the way WG sings them. If you watch SNSD’s perf of Tell Me, good vocals really do make a difference in the song.

  78. @ 101 … Seriously no further comment on your comment you just made yourself look very stupid. ” I always thought WG were pretty conceited, even if JYP told them not to be. Come on, it was on TV, how do you know it’s not scripted or just to look good? ”

    When ever they are talked about they are regarded as nice girls,and they have been praised for their vocals many times. As individualist they sing better than any of the girls on SNSD,although I will say singing all together SNSD as a group sounds a little bit better,but that’s all.

    Also,When were they ever out of breath!?,I’ve seen all of their performances from Tell me to now of Nobody,none of them have run out of breath.

    and the only one that has gone off Key is Ye Eun,who is their best singer,so I think anyone can let that go,it would be stupid to not do otherwise.

    Seriously if you guys are going to hate on them,put in some valid reasons! You guys have nothing better to use then that they don’t sing good,when in fact they can,your just not looking hard enough! and JYP did want them to sing it a certain way,look for the article on Wonder Girls Wonderland!,and again why do you think people were complaining about SNSD vocals on the Tell me performance,Simply because they were there and only sang it good,JYP and many others will agree that in the disco pop era nobody sang their songs good live,but in fact they meant on doing that.

  79. @101.
    just to let you know JYP and WG didn’t really focused on their vocals in tell me and so hot.
    As we all know now, their live performances with Nobody are really great except for sohee SOMETIMES.

    Just think about it, why would jyp let them sing live if he knows they can’t sing??duh.!!

    SNSD’s tell me is good because they didn’t used the technique that WG are using.

  80. Uhh…

    To everyone that left a comment, I’m sure you’re just trying to defend the girls you love, but to do it with out any substantial facts or evidence is making you all look completely idiotic and ugly.

    To all the fans that love all 14 of these girls. I’m sorry you had to see that. ^ Cause I definetly am.

  81. Lee Soo Man’s statement with his targeted audience is kindof creepy, but I think comparing these two is a little irrelevant, no?

    If the question is really about being the “Midas” in Korean Showbiz, I would definitely go for Lee Soo Man. The guy takes advantage of everything beyond music, like merchandise, lots of guestings, radio shows, variety shows, and all the like. Lee Soo Man is a businessman, and I think that would suit the whole concept behind this question. Lee Soo Man knows what to do next, and anything he produces becomes an instant idol hit.

    As for JYP, who I respect very much, he focuses mostly on music, and that’s his thing. He knows his way around music and everything, and that’s where he gets his moolah. Not on expanding to various media besides music. I mean, yes, he does expand from time to time, but definitely not like Lee Soo Man. I think I adore JYP more solely because he brings passion to entertaining. Forget the sometimes off singing or whatever, he looks more on passion and the real thing that counts when entertaining people: charisma and personality. Dude, I don’t think William Hung could’ve pulled off “She Bangs, She Bangs” on American Idol if the guy didn’t have personality because I think we all know the guy didn’t exactly have the gift of the best talent in the world. =/

    But I say Lee Soo Man’s the Midas, but I still say GO GO JYP!!! ^^

  82. @Syrinxe
    “Oh, and I just thought of something else.

    Sunny, LSM’S NIECE, is in SNSD. So the man’s even including part of his own family in a group he wants to flaunt to much-older men?

    Forgive me if I seem narrowminded at all, but frankly, this is sick.”

    Wow. Good point. I agree. That’s pretty gross.

    But anyway, I chose to comment before I read the comments, and frankly, all of you need to understand both entertainments and need to stop being so narrow-minded. It seems that most of you are just hating purely because one’s artist(s) rivals your ohsoperfect favorite artist(s). It’s ridiculous, especially since most of the arguments are between the Wonder Girls and the Girls’ Generation. Really, guys. Grow up and know what we’re talking about here. It’s between JYP and Lee Soo Man.

    Also, I’m a Wonder Girls’ fan, but I also like SNSD. It really upsets me how each others’ fans are bashing each other without valid points. Wonder Girls CAN sing, just not as good as SNSD. Also, the two bands have different styles obviously, which calls for different vocal talents. The style of the Wonder Girls call for heavy choreography and lots of good beats. As for SNSD, it calls for cutesy songs with simple choreography. SNSD is also trained more on vocals. Wonder Girls are trained to be balance in all areas, meaning they are not necessarily best at one area.

    And in my opinion, this will seem offensive, but I gotta say it… SNSD members gotta sing well. I mean, they only have one to two lines in their songs to show off their vocal talents, so they better sing well, y’know? Really, no offense, but there’s so many of them, and only like the vocal leads really get more than two lines in each of their songs. If you listen to an SNSD member’s solo compared to a WG member’s solo, like for a radio show, I would even say they are at an equal skill level. =/

  83. LSM .. he knows the business well n’ beats out jyp on a long run…

    as for the girl groups… LSM’s snsd and jyp’s wondergirls are very controversial … and many people negatively talk about them…

    i guess thats why they are famous (aside from their singing and dancing abilities)

  84. It’s depressing how everyone just totally forgets about CSJH The Grace and Jang Ri In …. even though they are among the most talented people in all of SM Entertainment surpassing MANY artists that do not deserve their popularity

  85. it’s true CSJH the Grace has talent but their lack in something ..maybe their personality where is not powerful as other girl group

  86. CSJH is considered an ‘older’ group although they are not old in age they have in SM for awhile and we all know what happens to older SM groups…..they get left behind sadly.

    lol and this article, it’s clear whose doing better in business.

    JYPE is the most wealthy entertainment company in Korea period, and JYP was named the most wealthy entertainer, LSM was on that list but his personal wealth and company didn’t even top BI/Rain alone…who was only a FEW spots behind JYP.

    Talent wise WG are more talented than SNSD, the only thing snsd fans have on WG fans is a few bad live performances that they cling to for dear life, lol. Because that is ALL you have, yet I could post simply three videos that pwn SNSD’s WHOLE album, LOL.

    Yet what do WG fans have on SNSD?

    Nasty attitudes.
    Lip synching
    Being pedo bait now.


    SNSD < WG.

    It’s over.

    WG are moving on to bigger and better, and snsd couldn’t catch up if they tried.

  87. SM can make ’em, but he doesn’t know how to keep ’em.

    For example: H.O.T., Shinhwa, S.E.S., Fly to the Sky

    SM is bleeding money, someone give them a Band-Aid.

  88. LSM is stupid. He only knew how to raise his big bucks. Poor SM artists, I wish they have everything and right money too. Mr. Lee is one of a lucky.

    But I never do like him.

  89. WG= FAIL


    At least SNSD can sing WG SUCKS at singing. All they have is catchy songs to hold them afloat. W/o those songs they are NOTHING. People really need to stop praising the talentless. It’s getting old.

  90. sorry huns, being in the singing profession doesnt neccessary make you a SINGER. anyone can sing cuz everyone has a mouth, but being a SINGER is an entirely different ball game.

    BOTH snsd AND wg have a fair bit of members who are clearly NOT singers.

    about half of snsd can be (loosely) considered as singers (lets not even go into the sheer brilliance part okay) and about half of wg.

    the other half each are… highly questionable. after such a long time supposedly doing music i.e. including pre debut trainings, im pretty disappointed with the overall quality.

    SINGERS make a song. they dont need a ‘personality song’ to make em. its a pity nowadays people get so hyped over some manufactured tune/beat and not listen closely to their actual vocals.

    i can bet you that if you put a raw mike on them, 80% of them wont sound decent. notes not ended off cleanly, breathing, flat notes etc. a true singer can do a raw mikes. its hard, definitely, but that is why singing is a TALENT and a SKILL. not any tom dick harry can do it just because they want to.

    take this from someone who has been doing music for years.

  91. For overseas fans such as myself who have limited access to Korean entertainment except from YouTube, I’m going for the most favorite ones. And that goes to (mostly) JYP’s artistes.

    The WG’s song & dance “TELL ME” are still a craze in my country & now “NOBODY” is bound to be a real hit! Wonder Girls are classy & elegant & talented girls unlike underwear-flashing SNSD/GG! Wonder Girls are very popular & their songs hit #1 most of the time!

  92. OMG some of you pretend like you are unbiased :/
    Then no hate comment pls? i personally am SNSD HATERS and WG SUPPORTERS (you have no idea how i want SNSD to ~vanish from the earth literally~ ) but i ain’t going to talk about those two groups, because this is all about JYP vs LSM. (NOT SNSD vs WG or DBSK&BOA&CSJH&SHINEE&SOCALLEDTALENTEDSMPEOPLE vs WG&2AM&2PM&ANDABUNCHOF”SHITHEADTALENTLESSCANNOTSING”PEOPLE)

    JYP pwns LSM. come on, JYP is a musician. duh.
    JYP acts as a father figure for his artists. well i never saw LSM be with his artists.

    Sure, LSM has more talented artists. But I can also held an audition (when i’m famous of course) and choose the good-at-singing people and beautify them (plastic surgery *cough cough*) and asked wonderful composers to make hit songs for them.

    However, JYP is there to support his artists. He talked to them, gave them advice, had dinner with him, blah blah blah.

    AND CHARISMA IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING AN ARTIST SHOULD HAVE. That is what differentiate them with other talented yet normal people!

  93. it doesnt matter who is better at singing at another or anything else…its all in the eye of the beholder….wat’s really disturbing is SM is targetting young-short-skirtted-lollipop-holding girls to 30 and 40 yead old men!?!?!?! that’s gross…

    ps. for all those complaining about how WG can’t sing and SNSD can and blah blah blah…..give it up….if u got the looks, the music and the backing to promote then doesnt matter if u can’t sing or not….so really…just pick an artist that can and support them!

    ~my personal opinion….WG isn’t great vocally, but they’re amazing girls, very down to earth and don’t put on any airs about being famous….SNSD is great vocally, but i’ve been watching their new reality show and something about their personalities give the vibe that they’re a bit conceeded about their fame….just my personal opinion, don’t kill me on this one….

    ~YG should be intereviewed!!! i think he’s the one guy who NEVER picks on looks…..its totally music over at YG entertainment…so i’ll go in the middle on this one…

    YG FIGHTING!!!!!

  94. By how the interview went, all it seems is that Lee Soo Man is a money lover. I have nothing against Girls’ Generation (Other than a few of the member’s rude remarks and attitudes) but I feel pity for them in actuality (Oh god, so he was PURPOSELY aiming for that?). And SHINee too. They have enough talent to make it without their Noona thing. But all-in-all, I love JYP and his talents. Like really, this is why he makes more money LSM even while being younger than him (36!). He actually gets to know his singers since he was once in their position, etc.

    But as everyone said, I’ve always wondered about YG..

  95. I like SM Entertainment more, but that’s due to my love for Super Junior. I gotta say that what they both have said kinda sounds weird. LSM gets SNSD and SHINee for 30-40 year old men and women and JYP picks on being likable more than talent. It just weird when you think about it. I always thought talent mattered the most. I guess I get what they are saying though. Entertaining is important and you need to have the “IT” factor to make it even if your skills aren’t the best. Also, it’s the entertainment business money is needed and wanted. I only wished that LSM didn’t create so many subgroups with Super Junior. I like them all, but all of Super Junior are hardly together except for little occasions.

  96. 129^ Well, Super Junior isn’t exactly gifted musically speaking. They really owe it to LSM for making them popular by letting their personalities shine(which drives fangirls wildl)…
    This may sound harsh, but I don’t think SJ will ever be remembered for being talented since they’re only an ‘idol group’…

  97. @LS: Everyone in Super Junior has his own strength…and in order to showcase their talents they’re broken into groups but in cases where they they have to sing and dance, they have to be together, some to do the vocals and some to do the power dancing so that all together they balance each other but to call them talentless is so mean…they were picked accordingly and it just happened that all of them are pretty boys…you should see their concert to find out how good they are…especially the vocals of K.R.Y with the most vocally gifted member, even among all the idol groups in Korea right now, the youngest Kyuhyun…you might change your mind.

  98. I thk i prefer JYP than LSM wateva these ppl above me offence here.
    JYP artises have good and better image as compared to LSM (eg. during training, JYP artises dun focus on whom gg out wif whom and having a scandal or watsoeva, instead they trained hard and deserve wateva they own now) LSM artises has a lot of controversy like sunny and jessica jung got into SM ent cos of relationship with LSM, their uncle and having relationship with donghae and dumped by JJ and wateva~thou i thk its just rumours bt see wat i meant? Wateva with the trainees at SM ent? Haiz~Anyways WG and JYP artises are the best ok? they came to singapore and sang live esp for 2PM who did the stunts but sang perfectly w/o the heavy breath being heard on the singing (those ppl who sings shld noe wat i mean…) and they were so respectful that they keep bowing to the fans who took their pics.
    LSM is strategic up to the point that these young artises are misused for perverted men? Haiz~ He is strategic in making greedy money if i were to see it..JYP makes good music and compose the music himself but LSM is using his resources to compose music so see how talented is JYP? I still thk that artises at JYP are being treated better than LSM with the rumours saying that he beat them up but for JYP, even as young as sunmi, is not afraid to use JYP to make funny jokes..unlike LSM whom the artises keep saying like he’s like a father to us and ends up sueing Shinhwa for wanting to use the gp name when they move to another company~~
    All i can say is LSM sucks!!!And JYP Fighting!!

  99. ^^rhey

    Its true that everyone in SJ has their own strength, but you could also say that for every group in Korea. What makes them special is their charm, and charm isn’t talent, neither does it reflect singing ability or musicianship. Furthermore, if they wanted some to focus on dancing over singing, why don’t they just hire backup dancers?
    I also agree with you that Kyu Hyun is the best singer of the group, but having so many members really dilutes his talent – hes the only one of few in SJ that can go solo.

  100. People bashing SM for saying the truth?? The fact?? both SM and JYP are targetting man and woman in their 30 or 4o. WHy?
    1. They have their own income –> they can buy the album and stuff
    2. That’s the ages where they begin to feel insecure and want to get their younger day back –> looking for new thing

    It’s all about money. I surprised to see that people are surprised to hear this fact. If you saw Momusu concert you’ll be scared to see the amount of older fans on the concert hall just to see young girls singing and dancing on the stages.

    JYP and SM has their own strength and value. But as producer, I still give credit to SM. The only artist that survive after come out from JYP is Rain (and maybe few member of GOD). SHinhwa, FTTS, Eugene, Bada, and bunch of other still have their place in kpop until today.
    Money maker: nothing beat Jhonny’s 😀 — fan service FTW

  101. “People in their 30s and the 40s are emerging as the main cultural consumers, and Girls Generation specifically targets men in that age group…”


    where’s chris hansen when you need him!?!??!

    at least JYP said the wondergirls are for ALL ages to enjoy >_<

  102. JYP looks like he cares about his community, SM, Idks so i won’t be a biased person. STFU about Wondergirls not being able to sing. Do you know their family backgrounds and how hard they worked just to get up there? They must’ve gotten the most people treasured to them lost, at a young ass age too. Would you like singing with only getting 2-4 hours of sleep only? So Hee kinda sucked in singing after that filming accident? But after the car accident where all of the members got hurt, did JYP tell them to stop singing so well? O_O WG’s conceited? Your fucking stupid, they look like they could manage the title of being Korea’s little sisters supporting them and all. I’d want a sister like them >:D.
    SM Entertainment’s about money, but that;s his profession, for fame, alot of people are kinda like that too, utilizing people for dreams, it’s okay I guess.SNSD’s okay, I don’t think all of their members should be bashed, just Tifanny for example lol. She may act slutty in Korea, but in America, it seems okay lol. Plus she was influenced by a uglyass slut who disgraces all Koreans LOL. I don’t think they deserved to be placed in MKMF, even though they should be recognized in the top groups, just because their song’s old. :3. Plastic Surgery thing: idc’s lol, but if you were offered for a free surgery, wouldn’t you wanna look prettier?Look thinner? [ not saying SNSD]
    WG fighting 😀 I hope you don’t disband even when you turn 70! xD. Talent wise, I think WG has more, I mean, they can pull off ANYTHING from what I;ve seen form them. I woulnd’t be suprised if they could crump or do some folk dancing. haha xD

  103. JYP looks like he cares about his community, SM, Idks so i won’t be a biased person. STFU about Wondergirls not being able to sing. Do you know their family backgrounds and how hard they worked just to get up there? They must’ve gotten the most people treasured to them lost, at a young ass age too. Would you like singing with only getting 2-4 hours of sleep only? So Hee kinda sucked in singing after that filming accident? But after the car accident where all of the members got hurt, did JYP tell them to stop singing so well? O_O WG’s conceited? Your fucking stupid, they look like they could manage the title of being Korea’s little sisters supporting them and all. I’d want a sister like them >:D.
    SM Entertainment’s about money, but that;s his profession, for fame, alot of people are kinda like that too, utilizing people for dreams, it’s okay I guess.SNSD’s okay, I don’t think all of their members should be bashed, just Tifanny for example lol. She may act slutty in Korea, but in America, it seems okay lol. Plus she was influenced by a uglyass slut who disgraces all Koreans LOL. I don’t think they deserved to be placed in MKMF, even though they should be recognized in the top groups, just because their song’s old. :3. Plastic Surgery thing: idc’s lol, but if you were offered for a free surgery, wouldn’t you wanna look prettier?Look thinner? [ not saying SNSD]
    WG fighting 😀 I hope you don’t disband even when you turn 70! xD. Talent wise, I think WG has more, I mean, they can pull off ANYTHING from what I;ve seen form them. I woulnd’t be suprised if they could crump or do some folk dancing. haha xD.

  104. different, but similarly effective marketing techniques. the two men are geniuses in their own ways.

    i really wonder what all those housewives out there think when they discover their husband’s secret stash of snsd goodies though. ^_______^

  105. it’s stupid to say snsd is rude. I know they did make mistakes and said rude thing (it’s not even rude), but it was all just for fun, just like sj oppa, don’t you even know that heechul and kangin said even more stupid things. And about the short skirts, doesn’t wonder girls wear that too ??? why always snsd ???

  106. “People in their 30s and the 40s are emerging as the main cultural consumers, and Girls Generation specifically targets men in that age group,” says Lee Soo Man


    He admits to his pedophillia.

  107. Pingback: Quotes for Today « Fangirltainment

  108. I definitely don’t know about the singing but they do know how to entertain and isn’t that what its all about? Look at some famous americans…. can’t sing but can sure perform up a storm (i.e. Brittany S)

  109. lmfao, If you audition in SM Entertainment you will get popular…. which is kinda funny because I heard a lot of people did audition in JYP but how come only 4 gruops i see there and btw RAIN BI doing it by himself now hes not in the JYP no more HAHA what happened? LMFAO btw even though Rain is from JYP i styll love him and also SNSD!!

    which is the popular this days RAIN BI, SUJU, 2pm and of course SNSD… =P

  110. i honestly hate lsm but i have got to admit, the man knows what he’s doing. almost every top idol group there is in korea came from his company. and lol snsd targeting ppl ages 30-40?

    dude that is like the smartest strategy on earth! that right there is the age group of people who can afford to keep supporting the certain idol group with cash that is considered more than pocket change. and come on… just cos they attract 30-40 yr olds doesnt mean that they wont attract younger fans? it’s unavoidable that they attract younger generation fans like me[im not even legal yet] at the end of the day.

    lsm is smart, but he’s fuckin selfish and thats why i hate the man. he may know how to produce top talent[no denying that his artists can sing if ur thinking rationally] but he doesn’t treat them well. and he sucks ass for that.

    JyP on the other hand.. im pretty sure he’s good to his artists since he’s not so old lol. and hes produced some great artists like wg and 2pm too.

  111. Interesting how people watch those korean tv shows and believe that what is shown is the real person. All these artists are entertainers after all, they understand they have an image to uphold to keep their fans. Of course I’m not saying everyone is acting and everything and is fake. But face it, if you were in those entertainers shoes and were on a tv show, wouldn’t you just show your good side, or at least fake that you have one?

    I saw some yotube clip of when SNSD was in LA for the hollywood bowl, and how some of them treated their fans outside their hotel after shopping. It definitely wasn’t warm or cute like how they appear on tv, it was actually quite the opposite. They ignored their fans, and were cold.
    The clip is pretty biased with the comments, but still you can see their cold attitudes outside the KBS/MBC/SBS cameras.

  112. @Loon:

    I totally agree with you! I LOVE SHINee, and a little bit of SNSD’s music too, and I’m 19 O_O I’m only a noona to Taemin, Key and Minho, but dongseng to Onew and Jonghyun in SHINee. I can’t believe SNSD’s and SHINee’s concept is directed to 30-40 year olds >_>

  113. “People in their 30s and the 40s are emerging as the main cultural consumers, and Girls Generation specifically targets men in that age group,” says Lee Soo Man (53), CEO and producer for SM Entertainment.”

    Uh… scary?

    _ And the Wonder Girls can sing…

    Both SM and JYP have different strategies. But, I personally like JYP better. Plus Wonder Girls have much, much more charm than SNSD, in my opinion.

    WG fighting! 😀

  114. I think some of the bashing is called for, especially SNSD since apparently their fans are also as rabid.

    Different strategies but its working for both of them (and even YG honestly). WG I’d say knows how to be catchy and are packaged VERY WELL for their image, hence why they are catching huge breaks in the west. I can’t really say for talent, but the timing and how their are packaged has really worked for their charm and talent. Remember in pop music, its not always talent but the look.

    SNSDs charm also works to some degree but I don’t feel for them musically as opposed to ogling at their choreography at times.

    I’m actually reppin’ for se7en honestly.

  115. Hey You are!!!!!!!! attention please!!!!!!!!!! do you know? In World or Other Place in Asia most Popular is SM.ENTERTAINMENT Have a big and successfully Concert and all people Know it,
    YG No! SM yes!

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