Lee Jun Ki Could Be Frozen Out Till 2013

There has been some new developments in the contractual dispute between Lee Jun Ki and his agency Mentor Entertainment recently. It’s understood that Mentor Entertainment is now seeking an amazing huge compensation of 1.5 billion won and freezing Lee Jun Ki’s entertainment career until 2013.

Lee Jun Ki In A Sticky Spot

Since the contractual dispute between Lee Jun Ki and Mentor Entertainment erupted in September, both sides have been unrelenting in their “verbal assault” and the case has now gotten out of hand. From the initial compensation of 500 million, Mentor Entertainment is now demanding 1.5 billion instead. Lee Jun Ki countered, “It’s them (Mentor Entertainment) who have delayed my payment and did not file tax for me on time. That’s why me and my manager setup a new company to take on other jobs.”

With regards to Lee Jin Ki’s claim, Mentor Entertainment was extremely displeased with his slander remarks and decided to up the compensatation amount to 1.5 billion instead. They stress that Lee Jun Ki had breached his contract in the first place and seems to have shown no remorse. They will use all possible legal means to make sure he fulfils his obligations.

If Mentor Entertainment wins the court case, Lee Jun Ki is most likely to be out of work until his contract with them lapses in 2013 (so lengthy?!).

82 thoughts on “Lee Jun Ki Could Be Frozen Out Till 2013

  1. *jaw drops to the floor*


    5 years worth of Lee Jun Ki work going to waste? They’re gonna try to deprive me of LJK for 5 whole yrs?

  2. Not gonna watch him for 5 years, that’s will kill for sure. T____________________________________________T

  3. i heard his contract would be expired in 2009, isn’t it???

    5 years contract and he signed with them in 2004 .

    hope what i knew is true, why mentor is so cruel to junki….sigh

  4. …this is bad for Junki but far worse for Mentor…nobody’s gonna sign with them anymore seeing what they’re doing now to Junki when they are, in fact, in the wrong.

    Junki might as well get into the service and while away the time but I do hope he wins this case…and show how Korean talent agencies are really bad when it comes to taking care of their own.

    It doesn’t really matter though because this can only affect his work in Korea. He also has another agency taking care of him in Japan as far as I know.

  5. His fans should totally attack the Entertainment company XD i believe they have the power if they want to!!

  6. Yah, I agree that he might as well go into national service during that time. Let Mentor try to sue the government for breach of contract … LOL.

  7. if he doesnt win the fangirls are gonna go crazy i dont blame them everything ‘ive watched with him in it i’ve loved just hope he wins!!


  8. well he might as well move his base to HK, he has a contract with Emperor Entertainment Group (HK) for chinese market which is a big piece of cake!

  9. Well that’s serious. Management companies always praise you when you’re doing great but they don’t return the favor. They also like to take advantage of your money underhanded….

    Sad to know about Lee Jun Ki and hopefully he wins his case!

  10. This is STUPID!!!! Grow up!! Don’t they know that this is bad publicity for EVERYONE not just one party?! I hope no one wins so they figure out how stupid they are!! Just make peace already!!!

  11. Aw, poor Junki. i doubt the court will honor the 5-year freeze in full, even if he loses. both seem to got on each other’s bad side, now they hardball it to court! honestly with the way actors come back from army service older but better than ever, junki returning @ 31 may not hurt his career at all. he’ll only lose $$.

  12. omfg!!! stupid crazy greedy bastards!!!! how can they (mentor ent.) ruin someone’s life like this!!!! they just wanna make a huge profit. fucking assholes! poor LJK.

  13. omg… are u frickin serious. NO LEE JUNKI TIL 2013?!? u kno what that would do to me?! man if he doesn’t win the case… *grr* i hope he gets a really good lawyer! the fans will not stand for this..just watch i bet theres gonna be a strike

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  15. OMFG!!!!!!!
    Like WTF

    God, WHYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????
    No Lee Jun Ki Till 2013 for me is like fricken hell TT_TT

  16. WTF MANN.
    NOO…lee jun ki is my favorite actor :[..
    it would be hell if i can’t see him acting until another 4 years.
    i hope he wins, though. ljk D;

  17. WTH Mentor … STUPID agency

    very crazy 2013. mentor cant do it like that to JK. they are try to kill JK. he innocent

    hope he fighting & win the case

  18. stupid dumbass mentor entertainment!
    i want to see junki in new films -__________-;;
    URGH! poor junki i’m so mad
    for him! 2013 WTF!

  19. This whole lawsuit thing is out of hand, and this all sounds ridiculous.
    I have not seen anything about this anywhere else, so it just looks like it could be rumors.

    Could you please share where you got the information?

  20. IT WILL BE THE GREATEST MISTAKE,It will be the worst and craziest decision to stop Lee Jun Ki ‘s career until 2013! Let think about his imagine in the youth. He’s really great!
    That company just want to kill him. That company just want him to stay there. They don’t want to lose him.Let think about how much profit he has brought to that company.

  21. yea it will be a big mistake if LJK cant work in drama or movie till 2013 even i not a fan of him i still fell bad for him because no one want these kind of thing to happen to them so i hope he win his case

  22. mentor cannot do like this. mybe its mentor plann. they are try to bully him & kill JK career. JK must be frighting & win in this case.


  23. Oh wow..he actually look like a guy in this picture! My first time seeing him as a guy! Cool! <<< sorry total randomness here..LOL

  24. “From the initial compensation of 500 million, Mentor Entertainment is now demanding 1.5 billion instead. ”


  25. nooooooooooooooooooooo! I don’t want this to happen to Lee Jun Ki. That company is so stupid, so crazy and so greedy!

  26. LOL~ I’m somewhat amused from reading all the “Noooo!!,” and “WTF!,” and “No Lee Jun Ki for 5 years?!” comments.

    but hey… I’m with the mob of fangirls. No LJK for 5 years is definite tortures for the fans. Mentor Entertainment better straighten themselves up before crazy fans start a riot outside their building.

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  28. jun ki sign contract with mentor in may 2004 & would be expired in may 2009. jun ki cancelled contract feb 2008. if jun ki does’nt pay it back (1500 milion), mentor drag his contract from 2009 to 2013 & frozen jun ki entertaiment activity.

    so either jun ki win, everything can be ok. but, if mentor win, jun ki must be pay 1500 milion. if not, his contract could be frozen until 2013. that means, he can back to acting 2014. so long time.

    please! u’must be win jun ki!

  29. 1500 million???? !!!!how much is that in dollars???!!! Poor thing!!! He must hire the best lawyers !!! wait, does he knows that he’s at fault ??? Perhaps, Mentor and Jun ki can settle things out of court..then life will be good for both parties!!!

  30. NDS … manager jun ki asked jun ki already cancelled his contract with mentor in feb 2008 after they delayed jun ki payment since 2007. jun ki already submit application in court before mentor sued him. but mentor still ignore all jun ki statement

    1500 milion won in dollars i don’t now. but in ringgit malaysia about 4 milion. if mentor win, jun ki must be pay it. if not, they can frezon his entertainment activity till 2013. jun ki must hire the best lawyers. if not … poor jun ki.

    hope jun ki win his case. his agency is so greedy & bastard! but.. like u said, better they settle things out of court. then life will be good for both parties!!!

  31. NO WAY!!! Can’t be possible!!! omg!
    If I were JunKi, and I (he) win, I’d request for a end to the contract immediately!!! >.<

  32. OMG.
    It’s not his fault, just pay him already.
    How can we NOT have Lee Junki for another 5 years?

    Hope he wins!

  33. FIVE YEARS WITHOUT LEE JUN KI?!?!?!?!?! @*!&@#&!@*%#!*@$*!@$*!&!@$*

    He is just so damn talented (and good-lookin’ to boot). Not being able to act during his prime is just madness. What the hell is Mentor thinking? They should know that the public will side with LJK (just take a look at just look at these comments), this is just really bad publicity for them. They should cool this off as soon as they can, if they want to survive as a company.
    They have just ANGERED his mob of fangirls…hoo boy…

  34. 1.5 billions? that’s a lot. stupid company. Mentor Ent. is taking a wrong step. Who’s gonna sign any contract with them now? They didn’t pay Junki and when he tried to make a living, they sued him. WTH. Hope Junki win the case.

  35. “The Return of Iljimae, not Iljimae 11. it’s on another production company” … not related with Iljimae

  36. Junki has to win this case; if not, I would suggest all his fans to gather together for a sit-in to protest against the unscrupulous Mentor.
    It’s pure greed to demand 1.5 billion won and plain viciousness to try to freeze him for such a long time.
    It makes one’s head spins to think how cruel can such a company get when it turned nasty. tsk tsk..

    Anyway I dun think any sane judge in the whole of Korea would give in to such senseless demands, which is no different from daylight robbery.

    Why is this happening to Junki? It’s really not fair at all…..

  37. O.o!! Omo! Lee Junki sure looks pissed, and heck, I think I would be too. Mentor Entertainment is sure being stupid because Lee Junki is such a talented actor, and attracts such a large fan base/audience. This is just giving them bad press.

    I feel bad for Junki, though legally speaking, he probably shouldn’t have breached his contract. He may claim he didn’t, but sneaking around is never a good thing. Everything needs to be on paper and in writing. Good luck to Junki oppa! I certainly don’t want him to be frozen until 2013! I want to see his beautiful face! He always makes me cry with his wonderful acting. Best of luck!

  38. Not into him, but this is really unfair. They are pretty much trying to make a popular actor become unknown or something by not letting him do his job for around five years? The company is just going to get a lot of pissed off fans going at them T.T Why on earth do they want to go after someone who is so popular? They are in for it if they do that to him!

  39. how could mentor freeze him till 2013? this is very ridiculous. contract finish 2009. if mentor wins, they can’t frzon jun ki career 2013 cause they come first breached their contract. believe me, judge sure rejected to frezon jun ki. he’s not doing criminal act kay.

    i hope jun ki get a news drama/movie ASAP

  40. one more thing … if they still do it to jun ki, fans jun ki (singapore, malaysia, thailand, vietnam, korea, japan, brunei, philipine, & korea) sure banned this company & their artis. jun ki had a lot off fans now cause he top & hot artis now!

    1’m sure mentor bankrupt after this.

  41. i do wonder if anyone ever consider the other side of the case on this. that maybe JUNKI is the one at fault in this situation. celebrities always get away with things and no one ever considered maybe Mentor entertainment might be doing this due to a good reason.

    if i was mentor entertainment, i would be seeking the 150 billion too if i had the chance. haha. no. but i think they’re alittle greedy and asking for too much there.

    with regards to the 5 some years to come, i think it’s just a mere threat for junki to cough up the money.

    it’s all about the g’s

    or b’s (billions).

  42. How can Junki be at fault at all? haven’t you heard Junki said that Mentor had stopped paying him what was his salary (since late last year) and failed to file his income tax on time that somehow has gotten him into trouble with the tax department?

    Mentor is just a bloodsucking leech, surviving luxuriously on Junki’s income, first they took an arm and then a leg and now they want to suck him dry, those greedy bastards; if they had done right by paying Junki on time and not gobbled up every cent for themselves, Junki would probably still be with them.

  43. That’s 4 years. If he hasn’t served his Military duty I think he should do it now. I hink this is actually a chance from fate for him to go out of acting when he has to and when he’s out he can rock it and rub it in that companies face.

  44. 5 years is a GREAT LONG YEAR! i cant possibly wait till 5 years later to watch LJK’s show again…i might have even forgotten him by then! =[

    -falls on floor crying-
    Y^Y why must it be him
    hes gonna be 31!
    hes gonna be broke!
    he might be forgotten by alot of his fans!
    Man! why is it him! its not fair!
    2013! thats one year after i graduate!
    THIS IS SO WRONNNG!!!!!!!!!

  46. Lee Jun Ki
    r u so tried? ,I’m Thailland fanclub. when i know your problem.i would like to help you if u don’t have a job come to my town and work with me. come to stay with me my friend and i will support you.Pls.contact us.

  47. This is stupid!! they cant do this to him! think how angry this will make fans!! (that includes me!!!) stupid money hungry bastards!! LEE JUN KI HWAITING!!

  48. wow…so many people is supporting LJK….!
    yea lets do that!!!!
    let us fan support him until the end….!!
    support him until he win!!

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