Kim Jung Eun and Lee Da Hae Admitted to Konkuk University

Kim Jung Eun and Lee Da Hae have passed the entrance exams for Konkuk University and will be majoring in film starting from 2009 next year.

Kim Jung Eun and Lee Da Hae

This will be Kim Jung Eun and Lee Da Hae second time being admitted into an university. In 1993, Kim Jung Eun was in the arts and design faculty of Konkuk University. But in her second year, her long absence (due to work) from school led to her being removed. Lee Da Hae had gotten into Dongguk University earlier but because of her hectic schedule as well, she wasn’t able to gain enough credits and was removed from her course as well. Both have expressed they will treasure this opportunity and will definitely graduate with a degree.

Both are currently filming a drama with Lee Da Hae in MBC East of Eden while Kim Jung Eun will be in MBC General Hospital 2, airing in two weeks time.

23 thoughts on “Kim Jung Eun and Lee Da Hae Admitted to Konkuk University

  1. Kudos for going to college but when will celebrities actually go into a major other than film or music. How about real courses like Business, Psychology, Math, Biology?

  2. hmm, agree. whats the point?.. most of actor and actress in korea are in uni or already graduated. and its not like KJE and LDH getting into seoul univrsty or get into other faculty than filming or designing.

  3. i think, if there any celebrities get into bussiness, math, engineering, etc.. i’ll bow to them. u get my respect.

  4. considering their status in the industry these actresses would not need to take business or engineering when they will be acting all through their life. come on, anything you are not using, you will forget…and would it even make sense if they finish engineering and then they would act while they can?

    i am glad KJE has considered getting a college diploma, LSJ must have encouraged her to finish her college. her sister is a master’s degree holder in Music major in Flute and is the Korean National Symphony…even if her sister is not a celebrity like her, she has finished Master’s Degree, or could be higher than that.

    imagine she wasted 15 years and finally decided to finish filming. i hope KJE will become a director to try her ability in directing.

  5. I never realized how young Lee Da Hae is. I’ve also thought she was at least 27 0.0 She’s only 24! Congrats to her :]

  6. So KJE hasnt finished college? I thought she is a college graduate. well anyway, I agree with her going to school again. will this mean though that she would not be doing films while she is attending school next year? maybe, she can get married and have a child while busy with school. it’s much possible that being very busy with filming and getting married and have child

  7. diane, from what i read KJE entered the acting school of MBC in 1995 when she was a sophomore in the university, and from then on she had not come back to school, thus the removal from the list. according to her, if getting a diploma means “no job” might as well start earning money, that prompted her to join MBC acting class. she said this after having experienced earning her own money when she had a modelling stint at 17 while a freshman in the university.

    the way i see it, GENERAL HOSPITAL 2 would be the last project she would do. she can still be in the limelight, but more on a less demanding schedule…which is hosting her CHOCOLATE. i can see this time she will finish college as her bf is a master’s degree holder in business. it would be intimidating that she is the only one who has not finished college in her family…of course her parents are degree holders and her sister is a Masters if not Doctoral Degree in Music(as she holds a high position in Korean National Symphony Orchestra) she seems to be the only one in her family who doesn’t have a 2nd language. her sister speaks french as she finished her post-grad in Paris.


  8. ~Wow…congratulations for Lee Da Hae. It’s a very wonderful thing that you still give importance to education while acting..
    Chayo!!Chayo!! Lee Da Hae…

  9. ermm.. i dont get it. almost all celebrity goes to uni rite?.. or it is something BIG in korea?

    bcause as far as i know for japanese celebrities, almost all of them went to uni. and they actually get a cool degree like business, etc.. so i would say, they’re intellect people, they can do something different other than acting or singing.

  10. Totally agree with Empress80 and me.

    Every other Korean celebrity seems to go into uni to do film/music/etc. Not exactly the wisest academic path to take – what can they do with it after their days of stardom are long gone? It may be more painstaking and lengthy to get a more practical degree, but hey, they’ll need something to sustain themselves in their later life (not everyone earns as much as BoA).

  11. Kudos to them for for pursuing their degrees! I think it’s awful for people to question what’s the point. I think they deserve great props for going out of their way to pursue their degrees, even if it isn’t particularly beneficial to their pocketbooks. They’re doing it for themselves, getting some education, and that’s saying something. It might even have a good effect on other teens in Korea. I say go for it, and hope they finally have the time to complete it!

  12. some other ways many celebrity are not degree holder’s coz of a such “reason”. even in other country’s they mine have this kind of situation. “regret “why they not even continued there schooling…What is the important now you can earn money for your own. Even you are wasting the time for a years their would be a chance as long you have perseverance because learning can be non-stop you like it or not…

    no matter what courses you want their is no problem or to be proud off. the most things that you have learn something that you can apply within yourself and people around you…and that makes you happy and satisfied…
    thats why many people are not contented with their work coz there are not happy for that reason…

    Ya I really proud to kim jung eun even the time she wasted but she had courage to pursuit her new journey in life…. wishing for her best…. and good luck

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