Terroir Replaces Lord of Study

SBS has decided on Terroir, the first wine drama in Korea to be the follow-up drama to Tazza instead of Lord of Study which has ran into production issues. Terroir will premiere on 1st December in the Mon-Tue timeslot.

Kim Joo Hyuk and Han Hye Jin

According to SBS today, “We decided on Terroir to be the follow-up drama to Tazza and it will premiere on 1st December.” Lord of Study which has confirmed Oh Ji Ho, Park Ye Jin, Lee Hong Gi, etc as it’s cast has ran into some production issues and was probably not going to make it in time for broadcast.

Terroir was originally set for broadcast anyway on 1st December earlier this year when it was confirmed in production. But SBS decided to delay it’s broadcast to next year after deciding on pitting Lord of Study against KBS Boys Over Flowers drama. Looks like it’s back to square one for SBS after a rather hasty decision initially when it decided to make Lord of Study.

Terroir is the comeback drama for both Kim Joo Hyuk and Han Hye Jin and has been attracting lots of attention before filming. Han Hye Jin’s portrayal of Soh Suh No in Jumong had left a deep impression on viewers. This time, she will be playing Lee Woo Joo, a bright and cheerful wine producer with a acute sense of smell. Yoo Sun plays Kang Tae Min’s (Kim Joo Hyuk) lover in his memory.

Terroir has currently completed 4 episodes of filming which will be set in a grape wine restaurant also known as Terroir. It will seek to show viewers the history of wine making, tradition, background, etc from different perspectives through the eyes of the cast caught in the conflict, romance, dreams, etc. Total production cost have exceeded 6 billion KRW and is considered to be a big budget drama having been in production for the past 2 years.

7 thoughts on “Terroir Replaces Lord of Study

  1. never like classroom drama so im glad they delay “lord of study” HAHA xD .. Wine storyline huh?.. Hmm.. hope its good =)

  2. i hope this is good too !! although i WAS looking forward to hong ki…but oh well now i can concentrate on watching this =) thanks!

  3. I really liked Han Hye Jin in ‘Jumong’ even though the drama dissappointed me overall. There was too much drama and political issues that overshadowed her character’s love story with Jumong which was the reason why I continued (and forwarded through) watching ‘Jumong’.

  4. hey!! I recognize him! I watched lovers in Prague all because I liked his representation of his cop character. Eep, I think his face has grown..sideways. Lol. But I like him though he’s quite aged compared to other celebreties (ie honggi is my age) but he has this attraction..like Lee Bum Soo~

    recommended everyone~

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