Park Min Young Ceci Photoshoot + Princess Ja Myung Go Confirmed Casting

Park Min Young posted two new photos on her Cyworld earlier this morning and are speculated to be from her Ceci photoshoot taken last month.


Park Min Young Autograph

i think of you~over and over

all the series of clashes daily

You…him it’s still me

If it’s like that, it’s gonna be really heavy

leave it (worries) and let’s go.

nice to meet you, dear ..


Park Min Young in Red


Smiling is in our hearts
A present that’s more precious than anything else
I want to give this present to the person I want to give to

This is my present!

Princess Nangnang and Prince Ho Dong 

Meanwhile, Jung Kyung Ho and Jung Ryeo Won will be in SBS Princess Ja Myung Ho scheduled for broadcast next February (2009). He will play Prince Ho Dong and be involved in a triangle relationship with Princess Nangnang (Park Min Young) and Princess Ja Myung Go (Jung Ryeo Won). Lee Mi Sook currently playing the mother of brothers Dong Wook and Dong Chul in East of Eden will do likewise for Princess Nangnang and and Princess Ja Myung Go. They are now preparing for the filming and will travel to China soon for overseas shooting.

6 thoughts on “Park Min Young Ceci Photoshoot + Princess Ja Myung Go Confirmed Casting

  1. I don’t like the guy in the picture with her.

    I guess I’ll be speaking this…

    She looked like the girl from the Korean drama, ‘Crazy For You’, actress Kim Eun Joo.

    But not really.

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