Best New Male Groups Do Battle at 2008 MKMF

Nominees for the Best New Male Group, Mighty Mouth, Shinee, 2PM, 2AM and U-Kiss will put on a special performance at this year’s 2008 MKMF which will be held next Saturday, 15th November at the Seoul Olympic Stadium.


One member will be picked from each group and show a dance performance from groups that were popular in the past. A Mnet representative expressed, “MKMF has grown over the past 10 years together with the once popular groups like H.O.T, S.E.S, G.O.D, Fin.K.L, etc so we we are preparing a segment to go back in time and relive the memories once again.”

Something similar occured last year involving the nominees for the Best Female Group like Wonder Girls, So Nyeo Shi Dae, Kara, Black Pearl and Kim Bum which became a highlight. With so many exciting new male groups, it promises to be a stage that could rival or even outdo what the girls did last year.

MKMF is into it’s 10th consecutive year and it will be shown at the same time in Japan and China via their cable channels in addition to Korea.

48 thoughts on “Best New Male Groups Do Battle at 2008 MKMF

  1. 2AM.. I think Jo Kwon will dance something hilarious ^^

    SHINee, Taemin is going to dance of course!.. (Maybe Key, but what are the chances)

    Haven’t really seen Mighty Mouth “dance” in their style..

    And 2PM, they can all dance

  2. hahaha. SHINee jjang ❤
    i hope its key this time and he does an awesome job. taemin has had his fair share of opportunities ^^

    2am i agree i think itll be jo kwon too lmao hes hilarious with nobody replacing sohee whattheheck

    2pm.. i hope its not jaebum 😮 i see him too frequently already lawl.

    u kiss’s sense of styling reminds me of super junior h im sorry :S

    WHOS MIGHTY MOUSE? or is it mighty mouth? lmao.

  3. i can’t wait for this.
    all groups are talented but i personally can’t wait to see them dance and also win some awards!

    i’m really looking forward to 2PM
    shinee/mighty mouth fighting!

  4. I’m sure they can outdo last year’s girls performance…how is Mighty Mouth gonna do the dance battle? Do they ever dance before? Best of luck to all of them…

  5. i really hope 2pm will win but i highly doubt it cuz SHINee has debuted before them and has the advantage.. 😦

  6. Who will win: Shinee
    Who I want to win: 2PM

    XD It’ll be really interesting though! I wish they would have a girl sit in the middle and the guys would dance/seduce her like last years!! LOL. It’ll be so cute!

  7. i really hope jae bum will be 2pm representative coz he is the best of the best amongst 2PM members and he’s perfect leader too. he can rap, sing & dance good.
    if only they debuted early., they will sure get the award.

  8. Looking forward to the dance battle!
    My conclusion.
    2AM – Jokwon
    Shinee – Taemin *Duhs!
    2PM – I think Jaebum? Cause his always the one doing the headstand, hahas i don’t know! They all dance well.
    U-kiss – I don’t know, haven’t really seen the dancer of the group yet.
    Mighty Mouth – Didn’t see before.

    But i hope 2PM to get he award! xD.
    Starting to become 2PM bias x___x.

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  10. Lolol. I think this one is easy to figure out.. SHINee, of course! They’re so talented and young. ^___^ Especially with all 3 singles coming out being hits (Nuna Is So Pretty, Love Like Oxygen, Am.I.Go..) I must be rambling but whatever. Lolol. SHINee ftw!

  11. OMG, this will be a hot dance battle, i mean 2pm will probably pick Jay who knows how to do all this crazy acrobatic/Bboy stuff O.O yey- all the boys in 2PM can dance well actually.

    Yeah i think Shinee will win since they’ve been around longer and their SM= Large fan base already, but they have been working hard and are quiet talented so not too bad.

  12. This is going to be good because there is at least one boy from each who could dance.

    Although Jo Kwon is known for his funny dancing he does put a lot energy into it so its cute.

    For 2pm it will probably be Jaebom because I personally think he is one of the best there, despite everyone being able to dance.

    SHINee dancer= Taemin lol ❤

    As for mighty mouth and U-kiss I’m not really sure….

    I think this will be better than last years girls one.

  13. dang there’s so many good dancers in 2PM itll probably be


    all these guys are hella pro’s, everyone else is great
    but these are known for their excellent dancing Taek is good

    omg! theyre all good! YES! the moment ive waited for so long, finally a dance battle!!

  14. SHINee FTW!

    I really hope they win!! i like all of their songs n i mean ALL! even tho i gotta say 2pm is really good too..

    Looking forward to the dance battle! interesting!

  15. If there was any fairness in this world 2AM will win this…but since they have almost zero chances of doing so, I’m rooting for the next best thing ..2PM…

    As far as the perf goes, nobody can deny that 2PM will make them all look like fools in the dance department and 2AM will blow everybody away with their voices.

    Don’t sell Mighty Mouth short though….their cd is one worth buying…

  16. I’m almost 100% sure that SHINee is going to win for best new male group, but at the same time, I can’t help but wish that some kind of miracle might happen and 2PM will be able to pull off a win…

    But a dance battle between these groups will be fantastic! Can’t wait to watch!

  17. I wish 2 PM will get it. They are original, talented & they have everything it takes to be the best new male group.
    & of course, if there were to be a dance battle, no one will beat my Jay.

  18. omg shineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ftwwwwww 😀 i luv you guys HWAITINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGZ

    i like 2pm too 😀 But this time, it’s shineeee for me, heeheeee

  19. Shinee will win. They are talented, From the day they debuted, they caught my attention. SHINEE HWAITING!

    Though 2AM, and 2PM got really good dancers too. I saw some clips on youtube though I duno their names.

    Hwaiting to all groups!

  20. lol.. 2pm will pawn the other groups in the dance battle.. ha ha ha ha..

    and yeah i hope 2pm will win..
    *crossing fingers*

  21. truthfully shinee is just like an ordinary boy band
    My own thinking its better if 2pm wins as they can really dance so well although there is a high chance that shinee will win but i really hope that they wont or perhaps they win in a really good dance battle if not it will be seems like they are choosing the winner in a very bias way i hate this part.

    Not being an anti here but this is my personal thoughts

  22. Shinee is the only group that has really impressed me this year with their performance and vocal talents!
    Blew me away how well these young teenie boppers could sing live so well!

  23. i think shinee is more well rounded. and i LOVE their r&b, very nice 😀 and i love how they ALWAYS dare to try new genres of music. one album, and theres at least 4 genres. r&b, soul, funk mixed with jazz, electro, etc.

    i admire 2pm and 2 am too, but not as much as i do with shinee.

    best if all three groups become best friiends and rub off each other 😀 that’d be awesome.

  24. i really hope SHINee wins!
    i like ONE DAY also
    and Mighty Mouth’s song was on constant repeat

    but SHINee really deserves it, they are great singers and they dance really well too!
    they’re well-rounded too, like someone mentioned up there
    Minho has been in how many fashion shows?
    i just love their vocals!
    they achieved so much in a small amount of time.

    i’m really look forward to this year’s show!


  25. I’m looking forward to it.
    But no AST’1??? Mighty mouth instead?
    I was expecting for rivalry among one day, shinee n Ast’1.

    I’m all for SHINEE. ^^

  26. How exciting! I’m placing my bets that Jay (Even though they’re all great dancers, Jay is always last which means he’s the best? xD), Taemin, and probably Kwonnie (CRACK DANCE) will be for 2PM, SHINee, and 2AM (Not sure about the rest, lol).

    As much as I adore 2PM (TAEC! \o/), I believe SHINee deserves this (Even though they didn’t catch my attention until I heard Love’s Way..).

  27. my feeling says,SHINee

    but i’m fine with any of them winning, all have great voices^^

    Mighty Mouth have 2 songs this year, so they kinda big. as for AST’1..i dont know ’em that well,but i bet they’re great too^^

    thanks for posting^^

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