YG Entertainment Dismiss T.O.P. Suicide Rumors

Big Bang member T.O.P. was admitted to hospital yesterday afternoon at 1pm amidst fierce speculation of a failed suicide attempt. YG Entertainment moved quickly and released a statement saying that T.O.P. was admitted to hospital because of fatique and denied that he had commmited suicide.

T.O.P. Suicide Rumors Unfounded

In a phone conversation with a Newsen reporter, a YG Entertainment representative explained, “T.O.P. was hospitalized due to fatique and exhaustion from preparing the new album and the concerts in Japan.”

After practise on the night of 4th, T.O.P. drank a few cups at his own birthday party. He then took some medicine for his flu which seem to have a side-effect and became a problem. On the 5th, his manager went to look for T.O.P. but with exhaustion setting in and serious flu, YG Entertainment decided to let T.O.P. recuperate instead. They are shocked at the T.O.P. suicide reports

T.O.P. himself expressed, “It was just an accumulation of fatique due to album preparation and having a few drink at my birthday party. I was not attempting suicide. And I have no reason to do so.” T.O.P. was admitted to Heuk Seok Dong University Hospital and in the intensive care ward.

Hospital authorities have also confirmed it was due to fatique. But media reports in the aftermath which suggest that T.O.P. had commited suicide left fans feeling edgy. This was a horrible news to take in so suddenly especially after their new album news and T.O.P. celebrating his birthday.

Big Bang second Korean album Remember title track Sunset Glow MV was released yesterday and already ranked highly on various music charts. Their album preorders has already reached 200,000. Regardless, Big Bang will still make their comeback this Saturday, 8th November on Music Core.

T.O.P. if you remember, has a history of fatique due to overwork and landing in hospital so this may be just overreaction by the media. Some might also say this is a publicity gimmick given it’s so close to their comeback date.

After an overnight stay, T.O.P. has been discharged from the hospital this afternoon and will resume preparations for Big Bang’s comeback.

50 thoughts on “YG Entertainment Dismiss T.O.P. Suicide Rumors

  1. Maybe people are still edgy about so many celebrity suicides that happened the previous month? …it felt like there were a lot, but I’m sure over exaggerating.

    But people assuming that T.O.P would commit suicide is ridiculous. If T.O.P had problems, I’m sure he would talk them out with G-Dragon, Dae Sung, Tae Yang, or Seung Ri.

  2. obviously they are exaggerating things up
    This must be because lots of korean artist suicide lately
    Its not like some other group never faint too

    oh the preorder reached 200k!
    yay~! i cant wait for the album to arrived after its released

  3. i agree with Akki. i think because of recent suicides many netizens are looking for any kind of evidence in order to prevent future suicides.

  4. wow they jump into conclusions so fast! anyway i hope hes alright! GET WELL SOON TOP. hrmm they released a new mv? MUST CHECK IT OUT! thanks for the update!

  5. I couldn’t think of any reason why he would commit suicide, seriously, netizen need to shaddup. Beside Big Bang just released the album!

  6. ah. everytime somemore gets into the hospital, its suicide rumors. LOLX.. wasnt the last one hyun joong.

    yay!! ordered my album too. cant wait for it to arrive.. and happy belated birthday LOLX (obv had too much work plus fun)

  7. so many ppl. faint and get exhausted from working too hard.
    i dont think its a suicide attempt and i can’t believe ppl. are thinking thats it is a gimmick for a comeback too….


  8. sighs, this group has been working awfully hard and their success tenfold! really hope they don’t overwork themselves > <“. i would like to listen to their music forever x3. ❤ big bang!

  9. OMO, my TOP =O
    I hope he’s okay….
    It’s true that Top has gone to the hospital more then once this year due to over work. And the fact that he drank and then took his medicine can actually lead to bad side effects.
    He should have read the bottle and know what you’re not ALLOW to drink any alcohol when on medications.

    *sigh* this boy also makes me worry :[

  10. hope there is no other commit suicide news in k-pop industry… ~ if got any, i think it is really hurt to hear these kind of stories come up so suddenly…~

  11. He will NEVER do dat!
    SUPER glad he didn’t!
    He can’t leave us!
    TOP Saranghae!
    Your awesomely handsome!
    hehe! Big Bang hwa ee ting!

  12. Its called exhaustion! Fatigue! Geez…

    I agree with some of the others, WHY would he commit suicide. That thought didn’t even run through my mind at all.
    He has wayyyyyy too much to lose right now.

    Anywho, TOP feel better. YG is really working him (and the others).

  13. First off, you should never take medicine after drinking alcohol….it says so on the label of any medication. Most likely, TOP went to the hospital due to the side effects of his poor decision. I truly hope he is feeling better.

  14. This is SUCH a publicity stunt it’s a JOKE. Dumb pre-teens and teenagers ALWAYS fall for stunts like this.

  15. @ soyboy…you’re right…alcohol and some medications really become toxic and is fatal sometimes…you could die accidentally (altho some people would rather call it suicide if the victim dies)…too bad for TOP…he should be careful not to mix drinks and drugs next time.

  16. Omg he should be more careful! I was sooo scared when I read about this earlier. You’re NEVER supposed to mix alcohol with medication! That’s a big no-no, TOP! His diet also worries me.

    Thank God he’s okay…

  17. Y wld T.O.P want to commit suicide?He’s like a very happy guy.It must had been a really boring day in the media world for them come out wif such speculation.

  18. i really hate reporters making up stories when something happens..u don’t know what to believe with all the drama they put into it.. Glad he is ok..rest well T.O.P

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  20. oh my. how can the media accused him just lyke dat. pity TOP. i belioeve its a rumor of him committing suicide n dere’s no solid proof anw. TOP oppa, saranghae yo and i’ll be supporting u all the wae. (:

  21. i was totally shocked by the article i read at naver just now.
    hyun joong’s sleeping pills accident and then top’s hospitalisation.
    even though it’s obvious that it’s useless speculation by the media
    it’s still quite disturbing and uneasy reading this.

  22. LOL.
    this made me laugh literally. people are overreacting. geebus =.=’

    i hope top get’s better really soon and don’t exhaust himself too much. fighting !

  23. I like how everybody thought it may have been a suicidal atempt and all of a sudden ” he had no reason to do it”

    I’m glad he’s better now but his busy schedule has been worrying me for a minute.

  24. i like TOP, glad he is okay, i just hope more celebs can get rest, they seem to overwork themselves too often.

  25. awww…i like his voice. hope he gets a lot of rest.

    it’s probably not a suicide. male suicides tend to be more violent (i.e. use of guns, traffic ‘accidents’, etc.), so that’s why mortality rate of male suicides/attempted suicides is higher than female mortality rates. if TOP really wanted to kill himself, he’d probably be dead already.

  26. Taking shots/drinking while being sick and having to consume medicine along with it is not a very good idea. This could led to overdosing or death. Kinda scary to hear something like this but I hope he is doing well and getting up on his feet to prove to everyone that he didn’t commit suicide. It’s weird how rumors can start easily.

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  28. Well, in all honesty, it was a stupid move to take medication for a flu and then drink alcohol. Did he bother to read the label? Typically alcohol and medicine don’t mix, why? Well, it can do bad things to you.

    Anyhow, I digress. I still hope TOP feels better, though it’s shocking to see how the media can jump to such outrageous conclusions. I bet it’s just a hype to get more attention for their new album.

  29. the media get crazy about this rumor!!! that was stupid to drink alcohol while take medicines but TOP and suicide?i mean why should he do it??? i do not know why he would do it…

  30. I mean T.O.P. is really cute and HOT!!! Why would he want to suicide when he is becoming really famous, and why on his birthday? Maybe somebody had a grudge and tried to kill him? That’s an idea, maybe an old friend. dunno. I LOVE BIG BANG!!!!!! eek!! T.O.P. is the best(in my opinion) I think that G-Dragon is sorta sa ga ji looking. Srry if it offends you, my opinion. Anyway, BIG BANG ROX!!!!!!!

  31. Shocker!! My Mr Bear couldn’t do suicide, he has no intention to do so and I agreed with Akki..

    How exaggerated, Seung Hyun hyeong could never do any suicide, we all know he will never do that..


    [I am so left behind!! X) ]

  32. Wow, and as if that would be so surprising anyways. They have to deal with a lot more than any normal person could take in. They should be our heros just for the fact they survive.
    Go T.O.P. we all love ya!!

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