Kim Hyun Joong Departure from We Got Married Imminent

As filming begun yesterday for KBS Boys Over Flowers drama, it was announced that Kim Hyun Joong will still appear on MBC We Got Married.

Kim Hyun Joong Not Leaving (Yet)

According to Kim Hyun Joong’s representative, “Kim Hyun Joong will begin filming officially for Boys Over Flowers on the 5th but will still appear on We Got Married on tv. Both schedules will be executed at the same time.”

“The arrangement will however see Kim Hyun Joong missing the studio recordings as he will be flying off to Australia and Macau in the middle of the month for filming. This will carry on until the end of the year.”

A production staff from We Got Married also confirmed the news, “All four couples Hwang Bo – Kim Hyun Joong, other couples like Crown J – Seo In Young, Hwanhee – Hwayobi, Son Dambi – Marco will remain on the show until the end of the year. Meanwhile, Alex and Shin Ae will depart in two weeks time.

In an interview recently, Kim Hyun Joong confirmed that he would be leaving We Got Married by end December. In fact, all his scenes with Hwang Bo has already been filmed ahead of broadcast schedule and will be enough to cover until end December. So Hyun Joong only has to focus all his energy on doing a good job in Boys Over Flowers. (credit to stargirl777 for this)

65 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong Departure from We Got Married Imminent

  1. glad he is staying on WGM but it will be sad to see him so tired and what not.
    can’t wait for the korean version!!~

  2. Hmm,I can’t really say if I’m happy or not,I don’t find the lettuce couple fascinating or like the best couple, I did,but their relationship got boring after words.

    My first reason of watch WGM was because of AnBi,and then they left,but I stayed to watch it for the Ant couple,and Alshin couple,but now that 2 of their most important couple left,I don’t think Ant couple can support much of my love for the rest,and I find son dambi and marcos relationship to be interesting.

  3. Well, it’s sad to say but the end of the year is nearing. There’s only about 8 weeks left. =( I hope the show continues on for another season. I love my Sundays!

  4. he already covered the filming on wgm till end dec.. so no need to adjust any schedule for wgm at all but concentrate on hyd only..

    is it a sign tht sanchuu couple will leave by end this year
    after alsin since the prod staffs only confirmed no change till the end of the year ???? if so then i don’t think wgm can survive as family outing is already chewing them up ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  5. wow HYD in Australia!!! XD XD!! does anyone know whats happening with that?! i wanna see the cast!! does anyone know what their schedule is exactly??

  6. i’m sick and tired of hearing people keep complaining about “oh i started watching the show because of (original couples), now they take them away, i don’t wanna watch no more boohoo ooweh ooweh”… blah blah.

    the new ones can be as good. the old ones are not that special like some fans making them sound like gods. people are people. all people are special in their own way. we just hate change. learn to adapt. learn to accept new things. learn to love the new couples. i already think they’re starting to grow on us. certainly there’s an issue of chemistry and connection and other blah blah but the show is still very much entertaining. sometimes us netizens expect perfection in a show, in celebrities, etc, when it’s not possible.

    BUT YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY FOR HYUNJOONG AND JOONGBO. and completely agree with 1st comment jina.

  7. Australia?!
    lol I’m wondering the same thing as “jr1988rose” and “so”
    It’s not everyday a drama like this is partly filmed in Australia O__o

  8. HB and HJ have already finished filming their episodes so of course they will be leaving by the end of the year. In HJ’s most recent interview, he was asked how he feels about leaving WGM next month. The only confirmation missing now is from MBC.

  9. haha. glad that he’s staying on … he’s the main source of my giggles and laughter when i watch WGM.

    can’t wait to see him portray Hanazawa Rui, somehow i think he’s gonna have big issues with the kiss scene judging how it is with HB now…. hahahahahahaha

  10. Wow, he’s going to be a busy bee over the next couple of months. I just hope he can handle the work load and get PLENTY OF SLEEP.

    I wish Shin Ae and Alex could stay. Shin Ae is also shooting a drama, so if Hyun Joong can do both why not her? Though I do understand she has other reasons to not continue the show.

  11. I am a little worried because remember last time … how he was super tired and took sleeping pills…

    I hope he will be able to handle it and take care of himself at the same time! Hwaiting!!

  12. Take care of your health, Hyun Joong. That comes first ahead of dramas and variety shows. Keep up the good work.

    Did anyone think Hyun Joong looked so exhausted while he did his interviews during the latest episode? It’s worrisome…

  13. @VALXD: Shin Ae is leaving not only because she has other commitments, but because the stress has been adding up for both her and Alex. She’s suffering through the death of her good friend while participating in a drama and doing photoshoots; it’s exhausting.

    Also, I’m sure she took Alex’s health into consideration. Even if she were to manage shooting for both, Alex’s back isn’t going to heal anytime soon. So for both of their sake, they’re sacrificing this show.

    I’d rather see them healthy and happy than obligated to have to continue on with the show. As disappointing as it is, I felt it was a little unreasonable to say that Hyun Joong could manage to do both, but not Shin Ae. They’re leaving for very legitimate reasons.

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  15. Thank god!!!! if HJ leaves then there is one less reason for me to watch. I really love the lettuce couple (hwang buin is soo adorable) and the ant couple. The new couples are a bit weird.

  16. australia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    why can’t he go over like next mid dec!!! to goldcoast i nhope!!!!!
    cuz I’ll be there!!!!

  17. yup, leader will only need to concentrate in HYD now… since wgm filming is done already… yayyyy !!! I can’t wait to see the Korean HYD then next stop will be SS501 2nd Korean Album… i just can’t wait for 2009 ^^ I miss leader in the music stage … HJ Leader aja aja fighting !!!!!! n do keep healthy ^^ Triple S love u so much ^^

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  19. perhaps they paid HJ more because if HJ leaves… joongbo- end. no one will seriously watch it anymore… well.. i wont.

  20. Wow, he’s going to overwork himself! sheesh.
    should just focus on one thing, and then make a comeback on WGM, like alex did the first time. But i have a feeling it will WGM will prolly die out when HJ leaves xD

  21. so happy he decided to stay GOD, i love this boy.
    i think he really does have something for hwangbo LOL..

  22. He’s going to be very tired.
    All we can do now is sit tight and wait for the drama to air.
    Hyung Joong FIGHTING!

  23. they’re filming in macau? oh. my. must. be. there.
    anyone have any more info on that?!

    I ❤ macau and I will use any excuse to take the ferry over…bumping into the team somewhere will be a crazy bonus.

  24. Shillang loves his Buin too much to leave her!!! ^^

    Plus, there’s no way WGM can afford to lose the Lettuce Couple! Truth be told, I think they’re the only couple that’s keeping the show alive! The Ant Couple’s alright, but they’ve been lukewarm lately!

    I hope he doesn’t get too tired though!! =[ He’ll be traveling alot I bet.

    Also, wouldn’t it be cool if HwangBo visits him on set??! I mean, maybe not on set since Boys over Flowers is by KBS, and WGM is by MBC, but like… on location?! Kinda like how HwangBo visited him in Japan! ^^


    I’m SOOOO Freaking Happy…..

  26. ooo….one of those days HB should go and visit him in australia. then they can go out in public and not get mobbed in a hundred yard ring of fans encircling them. that would be pretty fun for them (to go out in public unnoticed).

  27. wow…he has lots of love for his Buin… willing to stay on WGM and film a drama at the same time!!!!

    although..i hope he does take good care of himself… been seeing too much celebrities over working themselves….

    gosh… more JoongBo love to spread around….

    But upset cos he cant spend much time with buiny 😦
    wahhhh i really want to see hyunjoong in person, but thats a bit impossible, anyone who has info please tell much appreciated!

  29. omg…the 4 couple need are goin to end in Dec?
    how bout Lettuce couple?

    omo…omo…they are coming to Australia…
    argh…i am in Australia…omo…cant wait….
    hopefully they are filming in Sydney…
    hopefully too by tat time, i am still in Sydney….


  30. glad he is staying until the end of the year.. they are my favorite couple i was really sad when i thought he would be going off the show early.

  31. I would really love to know, what HB & HJ really think about each other, now where WGM seems to be covered until Dec. So they are finished are they?
    Ah!! I really should stop watching any show cuz I hate the end. xD
    And HYD is sad aswell. Noooos. Why isnt he Doumyoji?? Q__Q

  32. what?!
    I just saw the update and… =/
    So I guess that’s it.
    no more lettuce couple, no more Alshin, what now?
    I’m going to try t stay faithful to the program, if not I’ll fill the void with Family Outing and Xman haha.

  33. ahh…dang it. they’ve finished filming all of it?…why am I sad now :(?..i know that this is after all a show…-_-..and alshin had done their final one too…gah. madness…
    I wonder if Hwangbo will release an album anytime soon…I missed her more than anything…and since I know what HJ’s been up to, there’s no need to worry about him…

  34. A little bit sad to hear that they finished the filming.
    By the way i’ll enjoy it. And positive thinking (^-^)/
    Happy day by day and enjoy with them until the end.

  35. When the Joongbo couple leaves officially, I might just not watch the show anymore. I think they’re the only reason why i’m watching this now ): oh well, I love all the great memories they’ve brought us, despite being brought on the show as replacements ❤

    *off topic* someone is using my soompi username on your comments all the time (yumi-chan), so it keeps throwing me off into thinking I wrote that comment XD *off topic*


    JONNGBO’s leaving too?!??!?!!!!
    I can’t take it anymore!
    and the old couples!!!!!


  37. HyunJoong Fighting !!!! it’s okay for leaving from wgm., since he has already joined the show for many episodes !!!
    i don’t wana see him so exhuested any more!!! be healthy 🙂 I’m another one who’s waiting to see Hj in boys over flower….my adorable guy ^^
    anyway, wgm may not interesting, if it lacks of Joongboo!!!

    sigh, I knew it was inevitable for him to leave some time
    Love that couple
    lol, I guess I’ll imagine them actually dating in my head during the times when I miss the them most
    They’re great though
    Wonder how the show would be after alshin and the lettuces leave…

  39. what?! he is only going to stay until end of the year? oh man, that will be the last episode for me too.

    seriously, the old PD and old couples HAVE TO come back.

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