Viewers Hoping for Dong Chul and Young Ran Happy Ending

The troubled and difficult love story between Dong Chul (Song Seung Hun) and Young Ran (Lee Yeon Hee) which played out in Episode 22 of East of Eden made many viewers tear up again. In this episode, Young Ran’s steely determination to hold on to their love leads to Dong Chul deciding to give up everything (revenge) and with it, a new chapter of their love story unravels.

Young Ran and Dong Chul Difficult Romance

Just as Young Ran was about to leave for Macau with Mike (Dennis O’Neil), she realizes that Dong Chul was being locked up. Young Ran is so anxious that she runs off to Dong Chul’s home to tell Dong Wook the news. But as she is still quite weak having fainted during her engagement party, she takes a rest in Dong Chul’s home and through the walls, she overhears Dong Chul’s mum talking about his troubled life and learns about his history.

Thanks to the help of Janice, Dong Chul is released ahead of schedule but returns home to get a tongue lashing from his mum and removing his name from the family register. A hurt Dong Chul agrees to his mum’s decision and brings Young Ran to the beach. Both of them hug each other with tears as they can’t fulfil their love despite truly loving each other. Faced with a woman (Young Ran) who he feels that is the only one who understands, treasures him, Young Ran’s father reluctance to trust him totally and his own mother for not understanding him, thoughts of giving up on everything (revenge) floats in Dong Chul’s mind as he ponders about leaving everything behind, and be with Young Ran.

In the preview for next Monday, Dong Chul spoke to Young Ran, “I am a fisherman, you’re the fisherman’s wife, how about we live like that?”. This is followed by Young Ran saying, “Let’s go to a place where my father can’t find us”. Dong Chul’s decision leading to a new twist in their love story. But Young Ran’s father will definitely not take this betrayal and with even more obstacles ahead of them, viewers are full of anticipation for their romance.

The drama website was flooded with speculation and blessing from viewers with regards to their relationship, “It would be good if they leave together far far away, they must definitely have a happy ending”, “their difficult love is really heartwrenching, they must not be caught by Young Ran’s father”, etc with most hoping for a happy ending. But it’s a drama, so it will not happen.

Nearly halfway through the drama, I really don’t see how Dong Chul can love another woman. Maybe the screenwriter had a change of heart.

What do you think honestly?

90 thoughts on “Viewers Hoping for Dong Chul and Young Ran Happy Ending

  1. best onscreen chemistry i’ve seen in a loooong time. it would be such a waste if they did end up splitting them up. but than again i could see it as not a waste if they convincingly tear them apart. no sudden seperation and a complete loss of love between the two would be wierd. they still have plenty of episodes to go but if they are gonna split them up, they need to start now sigh i love the chemistry between lee yeonhee and song seunghyun though here’s to the hope that they stay together!!!!

  2. omg. really?? i really hope they can be together. i really2 hope so. and i was so sad when i think that their love has so many obstacle because they really love each other. and i thought dongchul will be with hyerin in the end. but please dont be so!

    youngran is meant to be with dongchul and so does dong chul is meant to be with youngran!! love them~ ❤

  3. YES, DC+YR forever. there is no other way but to have them end up together. even if they separate for a while, i guess to bring some twists to make viewers more anxious, i m so confident that DC+YR will be together in the end. whats the use of their heart wrenching love story if they dont get to be with each other when the drama ends.
    wow, i m so impressed by LYH’s portrayal of YR. she has done such an awesome job. KUDOS to you, LYH.

  4. i dont want him to end up with another woman!!
    LYH&SSH forever!! <333
    my heart will break if he loves someone else… which since it’s a drama and there’s still 28 episodes to go… i know the writers will mix things up =(

  5. I love this couple<3 Episode 22 is definitely one of my favourite episodes. It is so refreshing to see DC making the first move<3
    With 28 episodes to go, anything can happen but I doubt I will be convinced if DC goes to another woman :/
    I’m so looking forward to episode 23.

    LYH has done an outstanding job portraying YR. She made YR real to me =]

  6. i think if there will be will be to beef up SSH character in terms of loveline…SSH said he’s upposed to play DW..but choose to play DC instead..i think DC-YR is really orig loveline of DC character…and I hope writer will not complicate it too much. the DC-YR loveline is wonderful as it is…even if they will separate at some point..i think they will still end up together.
    some want DC-HR(LDH-SSH) soon utter disregard of DWHR (LDH-YJH) which has a great loveline too …and I wonder if they will rush DC-HR… if SSH choose to take DW character.

  7. Yes, like I said earlier it is dong chul and young ran story, they could have change the script after the high rating from viewers, till now episode 22 there is no connection between hye rin and dong chul at all, so it seems the story change to suit the viewers, not logic to give a new twist to dong chul’s romance as it gone quite far and they are staying at the same house so, I think fans will be dissapointed. Well this is only a drama!!

  8. Ehh…I was anticipating him being a couple with Lee Da Hae, it’s actually the reason why I keep watching….This romance is good and all but I must admit I’m dissapointed.

  9. I love these two they have such a great on screen chemistry together i would be sad if in the end these two does not end up together

  10. Just end it and start your new relationship without so much ‘problem’ with Lee Dae Hee already!!!

    Alvin, maybe someone (ahem! SSH) will end up with a ‘amnesia’ condition and forget about his current lady love and falls with his ultimate love, Lee Dae Hee, in the end. It makes PERFECT sense.

  11. …I really think Yeonhee is just right for the role…no over acting there and she knows how to act with her eyes…sometimes there’s no need for spoken lines for the scenes to be touching or heartwrenching…same goes with SSH.

  12. OOOOO I love that you’re diggin’ this too! I follow this drama religiously. Really, this is something because I can’t stand pretty much every other drama on earth.

    And of course I’m all for DC x YR. But Lee Yeon Hee can be a little more aggressive. Lol.. she’s too gentle in real life so it seems like every freaking movie or drama she acts in, she’s this limp and soft character with no umpf, no power. Like when she touches DC crying face ep 22, I wish she would do it with more strength and passion. I really like the way she talks and the things she says in this drama though.

    So far, I’m also really diggin’ DW x HR. But I don’t think the scriptwriters put in that high heel boat scene of DC x HR for nothing. God, no. Nooooooooo. No drama, please. Sigh…. but it’s like, I know we can’t run away from it. Inevitable. it can’t be a Korean drama if there’s no extreme drama so my heart is prepared for some more love triangles and spider webs.

  13. Wondering if dong chul would like to have a father-in law who is a shrewd and notorious “gangster” business man and his mum detest him working in the casino, if he change his profession through madame Janice and Mr.Choi, then I think there is some twist to the story.

  14. that’ll be weird if they ran together… If they did, what will happen to the main plot aka revenge… If that gets to be forgotten because of this silly romance that would be errrr stupid! They should not have started the drama if it will just end up that way… Viewers are just being too caught up by this immature and really annoying “love” story…

  15. Hahhahaha… I don’t like DC/YR… I’m all for DC/HR.. And we all know it’s coming up anyway.. So immerse in all the DC/YR love while you can!! And yes the story is getting a bit draggy and out of proportion. The main plot is somehow slapped aside and this has become one sappy love story instead. But that’s ok coz we’re only halfway through.. -_-

    If DC runs with YR, then what would DC be without President Kook? NOWHERE. This story is all about power over love. All the characters will choose power. DC chooses power and revenge, HR chooses Baek, JH chooses MH. And along the way, these people will find a soft spot with each other.

    It’s ironic how JH brought MH into the light and now she’s the one going into the darkness. Hahaha…

  16. really love this series….hopefully nobody die…to me…i prefer dong chul with hye rin bcoz of ‘power then love…. ‘ let yong run together with mike….more fair….

    but…will wait and see till the end….

  17. WTH? i hope not dude . . i’m still waiting for HR-DC love to come.

    @Ayu i totally agreed it becoming to draggy for me , & they need to really stay on the main plot & not on the love story. Because to me right now their love story becoming pointless. >.<

  18. this is the drama full of heartaches,its more like theres no place on earth to be happy.. tears were flooded..i felt a little bit boring,but when it comes to dong chul and young ran i find interesting..

  19. Characterisation:-

    Young ran studied 2 years in Japan- outcome and
    mission – 24 hours dong chul, dong chul, dong chul. She should marry him but will dong chul accept her.

    Dong chul – self thought- to proof his father’s death.
    mission – power and revenge.

    Hye rin studied in korea – mission – helping the poor, going to be a lawyer soon, very independant, no romance yet.

  20. HOMG. DONG CHUL AND YOUNG RAN ARE SOOO AMAIJJING. ❤ love them to bits 🙂 ihope they get married

  21. hate too be a bad news too u fan of LDH but there is no way that the PD will have so many love scene for YR-DC if they will not end up together i have watch all episode and their have been only two scene of HR-DC and i don’t think u can call those two scene love scene so if the PD really want HR-DC to end up they would have more scene then just these two scene that why i think u fan of LDH should not put allot of hope for a SSH-LDH love scene like LYH and SSH because i think in the end if no one die LYH will end up with SSH while LDH will end up with YJH

  22. Yan ran’s character role:-
    she is either crying, slapping, screaming, wearing new clothes, kissing, hugging and always searching for dong chul
    and happy to know two men are after her.

    As at now, Hye rin’s character, her role is not dealt deeper, very limited, not expanded (wider), lee hee woo and sun kyung yee wants to keep us suspense, more excitement to come or just concentrating on the romance couple only. I wonder if actress Lee Dae Hee feeling dissappointed?.

  23. hmmmmm…. haven’t watch this yet… still waiting for it to end and fully subbed… hoho… might take a while tho…
    seems like lee da hae’s role is not much eh? hmmm… a fan of her… but guessing from all the comments i’ve read on this drama, i think dong chul will end up with young ran. or seeing how melodrama always end, it’s either the hero or heroin die in the end or even an unsatiesfied ending. its always like that. hope they make a great ending of this drama, since i’m a HUGE SONG SEUNG HOON FAN! ^^

  24. SSH + YR ❤

    its all proved from the poll by MBC. with 2700 voters, 55% on DC+YR and only 13% on DC+HR. people love them. pls let them be together till the end. if HR comes up btween them, she is just simply greedy. just stick with DW, ok?

  25. i agreed with u ab it seen HR char is a greed woman she work so hard for DW to fall for her and now she want to have DC too that just a greed woman i just hope DC will see HR for what she is and that is that she a greed woman

  26. Don’t work up, dong chul & young ran fans, next episode
    they will stay together, that’s what viewers want so the scriptwriter include it because of the poll.

    I think the scriptwriter should let hye rin’s character be independent not involving with dong chul and his “brother”,
    then we can see how lee dae hee can deliver as an actress.

    I didn’t see hye rin working hard for dong wook, she is trying to make a friend because all along she was lonely during her childhood days no close, warmth friend to confide, she is not that serious with dong wook because she is also being drag to her sister’s boyfriend liking her and her family misunderstood this issue too.
    She like to help the poor so how could her script be written as a greed woman?. It would be controversial. Hye rin did mentioned that people need to be comforted.

  27. pinkpanda if u watch the drama u would not think LYH is weak i think if u watch all the episode u will see how much HR work too get DW too fall for her and they just start too fall in love now it seen HR is going too get together with DC too if u dont call that greed i dont know what it call because i saw all the episode and i only see HR have eye for DW so how does she fall for DC when she only have eye for DW

  28. Well, in fact there are 50 episodes!! We’re still at the 22, just wait and see what will happen!
    I think love story between YR and DC will end in the futur… They’re cute but I don’t see passion between them…

    LYH-SSH >> I love both Lee Yeon Hee and Lee Da Hae but i still want DC to end up with HR. Those who want HR/DC are not all fan of Lee Da Hae, they just express themselves about EOE love plot… Don’t generalize please.

    Anyway, i’m realli waiting for DC and HR. If they weren’t bounded to love, why did they have to put the boat scene and the scene at HR’s house and with the other man after HR is released from jail??? They look so intensely at each other, there must be a reason!! And she asks this man who is Dong Chul after, she seems to be intrigue by him…

    I know there is a reason. On the top of the that, she has been described as “DC soulmate” before EOE started to be broadcast…

    Well, we must wait!!

    (sorry for my poor english, i’m french ^^””)

  29. The four ‘fated’ encounters between dong chul and hye rin ( I guessed to build up the relationship) are to help solve dong wook ‘s problem, so their errands have something in common and their encounters can be describe as– curiosity and also mutual attractions?

    Definitely they will have more encounters on these grounds through madame janice and mr. choi. Mr Guk and hye rin’s father are like “brothers”, another connection.

    But the strange plot is hye rin’s father owned a newspaper co. and she is not aware that the two men are connected, too busy with human rights and bar exams? or Miss Na is keeping us in suspense…. later at some point hye rin’s aspiration is to be a politician and as for her romance possibly with Dong Chul.

  30. wow ceres guess u haven’t seen the drama because if u see the drama u would not say LYH-SSH does not have passion
    together when did u read that HR is DC soul mate quit making thing up ceres there is no new saying HR is DC soul mate so unless u have a link too prove it quit lying that HR is DC soul mate guess u must be lDH fan that u even go as far as saying HR is DC soul mate

  31. sorry dudes. i just finished watching episode 23, and the preview for episode 24 has LDH meeting SSH face to face and verbally confronting him about how she’s seen/met/bumped into him a couple times aka she recognizes/remembers his face from their previous meetings. FINALLY. honestly, if SSH were to end up with LYH, they wouldn’t have focused on this couple so closely so early on. after all, this is a 50-episode story arc. we’re not even halfway there, my friends. and the whole YR/DC romeo + juliet couplin is banal and contrite and i’ve frankly have had enough of it. a BIG YAWN to them. i’m excited for HR/DC. i think it’ll be a breath of fresh air to this otherwise flailing drama. it was really engaging before, but i’m sick of this sobby, flat love story. DC did not sacrifice everything good going in his life for some needy brat. he’s supposed to focus on his goal, which is to overthrow shin tae hwan, and whether or not he succeeds should be our main concern. b/c HR will become a woman of power in the future (which is evident as she is the heir of one of the biggest and most influential newspapers in korea), she will have a bigger effect over the dynamics between all the power players in the drama. this will ultimately factor in on DC’s ability to play his cards amongst the powerful. at this point, his connections with certain ppl are what’s going to get him ahead. and if that’s the case, HR is his girl. CAN’T WAIT FOR EP 24!!! WEEE!

  32. how the hell do u be excited for HR-DC when they don’t even have a love scene yet and after episode 23 am sure as hell YR-DC will end up together because the PD would not show this much love scene for them if they not going to end up together and for u to say that YR-DC love story make u want to go to sleep am guess u must be a LDH fan that just piss that she did not get to kiss SHH first like u hoping for but instead it was LYH that get too kiss SSH first and it was YR that DC say he love not HR guess u must be piss that ur actress did not get to kiss SSH first huh cheer up dud ur actress will get her time with SSH there no need too be piss^^ but if u hoping for a love scene like YR-DC kissing i would not put mine hope up too high u might get disappiont

  33. i dont know about DC-HR. because in some other blogs said that HR will be antagonist at the end of the story. so it couldnt be that DC will be with antagonist since he is protagonist.

  34. Love is not just about kisses and loving only, it goes beyond that – family ties, sacrifice, loyalty, responsibility, matured, comforter, brave, intelligent, respectful and dong chul’s father had two women in his life, so is hye rin’s father
    Shin Tae hwan’s had three love life. It is common in this drama. Mr Guk is not a good manWill the same follow suit with their children?.

    But one thing is quite clear, when hye rin take over from his father’s ailing business definitely she is in control of the business and carry more weight (power).

    Mr Gook is not a good man so definitely he will work with Mr Chun and Madame Janice. There will be betrayal and foes too when dong chul and dong wook know about their biological parents.

    This story is also about a new revolution going to take place in Korea, which involve the students and the poor
    workers. More dramatic moments to come but of course with romance!!. Miss Na you sure keep us in suspense!!!.

    I thought there will be more excitement with dong chul and young ran romance when they ran away together but the outcome was a whimper!!!!.this my opinion , don’t bash me!!!

  35. LYH-SSH>> Oh well, you’re really annoying. Yes i read it (that HR was DC’s soulmate), will you punish me because i read it somewhere??
    I was just giving my point of view about EOE love plots… And you’re quite arrogant with us, is it a drawback to be a fan of LDH?? I’m also a fan of LYH to be frank but I don’t see passion between them, love, yes, no passion… And I have seen EOE, thank you…

    Yes, LYH kissed SSH, OUAOUUUUUUUH!! There are 50 episodes dude… When I see how YR got to know with DW, it was so common… But the PD really focused on DC & HR first meeting and they keep bumping into each other without knowing who they are… I thought they would meet each other thanks to DW but they didn’t, it was too simple…

    In my point of view, i think it was fate… I think YR could become a powerful lady with Mike by her side, it could be quite interesting!!

    Anyway, i will look foward =D

  36. LYH-SSH -> you need to calm down, man. i honestly don’t care if YR got to kiss DC first. who cares. i can’t believe you’re talking about who kisses who first anyhow. how old are you, like 12? are you going to marry the first person you kiss? your argument is unreasonable.

    besides, i don’t need a love/kiss scene between DC/HR to be interested in their possible future relationship. their three or four chance meetings was enough to pique my interest. not only that, but these writers wouldn’t have written in these scenes unless they were going to use them as plot devices for the future.

    i totally agree with you, Ceres. i think the character of YR would be more interesting once she marries mike and gains some sort of leverage, b/c underneath the authority of her dad, she really can’t do much but run away and get DC beaten up.

    anyway, it’s not about me being a LDH fan. it’s just that in my humble opinion, i think the DC/HR relationship will really flesh out the drama – show us, the audience what’s at stake here for each individual person living in korea during a most turbulent time.

  37. just as i thought u LDH fan will do any thing to say HR-DC will have more romances then YR-DC when they dont even have a romances scene yet i think guy got too start being biss that LDH did not have a romance with SSH yet because i dont think u guy should put ur hope too high u might be disappoint in the end when LDH end up alone because DC already tell YR that he love her so the chance of DC-HR having romance are as little HR-DC having a kissing scene ^^

  38. I think it’s impossible to talk with you… I prefer to talk with lotus leaf who seems mature…

    Just try to think about the reasons of HR and DC having scenes together?? The boat scene, when they meet with YR…
    You have the right to love YR/DC couple, they’re quite cute indeed but try to be more open-minded and to see the others possibilities the writters gave us.

    But well, if you’re going to answer me that I’m a fan of LDH who got pissed of because she didn’t kiss DC, don’t reply at all…

    Anyway, YR looks like me like JH sometimes : she got hurt in love so she decided to become a powerful woman. YR has got enough charisma to take a role like that!! Her father said she was a perfect heir, i do think so!! More powerful than Mike !! =D

  39. lol u base ur romance on a boat scene and the scene of YR and HR meeting ha ha am mean really dud u base ur romance of HR-DC on that boat scene and YR-HR meeting what so special about those two scene all they do is looking at each other and beside can u tell me why the PD showing so many love scene for YR-DC if they not going to end up together because most drama is who ever have more romance with with the lead always end up together and let not forget the beach scene of DC carrying YR on his back and saying too her he love her because most drama who ever have a romance scene in the beach always end up together so unless YR char die the ending will be YR-DC not HR-DC

  40. LYH-SSH –> i think you must be an 11 yr old child. so, let me put it in the simplest of terms. every man for himself.

    so go. go and worship your little teeny bopper shrine you’ve created for this fictional couple and keep telling yourself that your opinion and your couple are the only ones that matter in the world.

    why would i be pissed off that YR-DC had a kissing scene before DC-HR had one? listen, weirdo. i don’t even know if DC-HR are going to have a kissing scene. if they do, fine. if they don’t, who cares? i just want to see where their relationship is going. that’s ALL i’m saying. i feel like i need to get a megaphone and have it screamed into your ear at a decibel that is higher than any a regular human being can handle.

    YR-DC is fine with me. trust me. if YR-DC end up together in the end, i’ll live. if that’s where the writers want to take the story, so be it. i’m not the one writing EOE. i’m just SAYING that i just found their relationship boring, so i think a DC-HR interaction would make it less so.

    jesus h. christ. please don’t respond saying that me Ceres and i are pissed about DC-YR having a kissing scene. if so, i may just lose it.

  41. well guess i make u made lotus leaf ^^ dont worry man am not like u that will call u name because am a bigger man then u so i just say this again just to make u more mad at me ^^
    the chance of ur lover falling in love with SSH in the drama or as little as she having a kissing with him ^^
    why be bis man i know it must hurt u too watch so many love scene from LYH having so many love scene with SSH but ur lover is still didn’t have a love scene with SSH yet sad to be u man i hope u will get over the hating for LYH cheer up dud your lover LDH will have a love scene with SSH but just don’t put ur hope too high OK^^ by the way lotus leaf how u know HR-DC romance will be better then YR-DC did u have a dream that u hope it come true or u just being bis well any way lotus leaf i have fun talking to u dud hope we can talk again^^

  42. Oh please!

    Chul Rin is bound to happen,why can’t viewers accept that?

    You Young Ran & DC shippers have had your share.

    Why complain now?When the drama was released,it was clearly stated LEE DA HAE will be the main female lead,and will get in between the brothers.

    If you guisy odn’t like it,dont’ watch it then=.=

  43. well, i think we just need to watch till the end. but me, and most of viewers like DC+YR more than DC+HR.

    and i really thin HR is a very greedy woman if she wants DC. she work hard for DW and now, DW has finally started to like her, she want some other man. and she will be the main reason if DC+DW brotherly relationship in trouble.

    and i dont like HR’s character espcly when she is fake. she likes to fish some compliment from DW, like saying she’s ugly and all. is she that desperate for some compliments? of coz she know she’s pretty. fake.

  44. honestly, i dont see how hye rin will be with dong chul. she loves dong wook. and dong chul loves young ran. i dont understand some people say that dc-hr love will be fresh and so on. that was just an opinion as a lee da hae’s fan.

    i think hye rin is more suitable for dong wook. they both are educated and professional. and the way they live and fight to gain justice really suits for each other. and yeah, like many people said, if hye rin loves dong chul, she is greedy.

  45. Hummm, in fact, it can be another relationship than love between HR and DC but well, when I see how Ji Hyun was in the beginning and how she ended, I think everything is possible. HR and DC waited so much time to meet in a formal way and she doesn’t even who he is (i mean DW’s brother), so he does…

    Plus, I think that if she wants to fish compliment from DW, it is simply because she is in love with him and she wants him to look at her as a woman, not only like a friend ^^

    On wikidrama page, we can see a heart between HR and DC, even if it will not be a big romance, i think it is meant for something. And frankly, YR’s father will not allow YR to be with DC. If they want to be together, they must run away and they already did that, they failed…

    I really (really) want to see LYH in a less tender role, she will be so different and well, so much interesting!

    And I agree with lotus leaf and melia, if DC and YR end up together fine, it will not be the end of the world but LDH was described as the girl who robbs the two brothers heart. Maybe they changed their mind, we will see.

    And could you stop keep saying we’re just LDH fan, it seems so derogatory… Some of you must be LYH fan and i don’t belittle you because of that.

    In fact, it’s quite plesant to speak about EOE ^^

  46. My view – IF there is a dong chuL and hye rin’s moment which is still hanging, not materialise yet.

    We now know that young ran is sick (too much beach outing – I am joking !! ) typical korean drama. Most probably from heartache.

    A confession by an ex coal miner about dong chul father’s death, is not false accusation by dong chul because he witnessed it.

    One thing if I get it right, the cross pendant they both wore does it mean they will be together when the time is right or they will meet in heaven?.

    There is also a conversation between hye rin and Mr Chun about shaping the country and hye rin’s reply was – if I survived, so will she die?. Hye rin did ever asked dong wook how long will it take to foget first love but he did not gave an answer so he is still in love with his childhood girl.

    Dong chul and Young ran is also educated so it is up to the scriptwriter to decide where the plot is going.

    Dong chul has many scars on his face and body don’t you think the plot on bashing him should stop ?, if not he will end up with brain damage !! nobody can have him. His mother will be devastated. The writer is indeed witty!!

  47. well when i first start watching this drama i was so looking forward for LDH -SSH love scene too appear but it never did and then i saw YR-DC kissing scene in episode15 and the way they always have chemistry together when ever they together that when i chance from HR-DC shipper too YR-DC shipper because of their onscreen chemistry together and am i glad i chance because if i still HR-DC shipper i would be piss right now that HR still haven’t have a love scene with DC yet and it only 25 episode left to go i was not a LYH fan when the drama haven’t start but after i saw LYH onscreen chemistry with SSH that when i start too fall in love with her

  48. wooaah.. i dont know there’s so hype about this. but i think it because LDH’s fan has become impatient. maybe after watching so many lovey dovey scene of DC-YR, it makes u guys mad. hehehe..

    pls, dont bash me. it just my opinion, bacause i’m not LYH’s fan too. i like JH+DW most but sadly they’re not together..

  49. ‘well’ speaks well there. maybe HR will be the reason for brotherhood of DC+DW breaks. ow, thats hurt. and i will surely hate HR then for making their relationship in trouble and for being greedy.

  50. I don’t understand why people said HR is greedy, and wants compliments from DW. She said that she was a ugly duck ( her mom said that)…she just expressed how sad her life is, that her life isn’t like what people see…well, since she loves DW, she wants him comfort her…so that’s not wanting compliments. Also, HR is not greedy. we don’t know yet what’s going to happen in the future make DC and HR together (if there is). Probably, they are going to hardship together, through loneliness…u never know . it’s still under the table. man, people , u don’t only love one person,don’t u? your love can change, you don’t have only a lover, so why you want the characters have to stick w/ whoever they started w/ . Then in this case, JH can’t love MH (why she starts falling for him, even she can’t forget DW). The same to DW. So yeah, if you want HR and DW together (which is fine w/ me, since they are cute together), but yet HR loves DW deeply, but DW seems not that in love w/ her. And I can see HR is not that crazy about love, she is strong outside, yet weak inside, but we didn’t see she was going crazy for DW when he was w/ JH. So far, I just want HR can be w/ whom she likes (whoever in the future).
    HR will come between the brothers( if it likes what describe at first), but I don’t think she is the reason for their relationship’s broke. EOE isn’t just about love, but also fate. DW is not DC’s real brother anyway, they will know it soon, sooner than DC and HR’s love relationship (if there is) starts. So, yes, I just want to clear about LDH’s character, rather than blindly discuss about HR’s love w/ the brothers. I think that the people who said HR is greedy, and bad, just b/c u like DC-YR…so u refuse to see whatever HR true color is. I wonder if HR is described as DC’s best friend, so something like that rather than lover, probably you could feel HR too…
    p/s: true that I am not DC-YR fan, but I don’t want to speculate whatever is going to happen. so will see.

  51. i agreed Wnn i think LDH fan might not say they bis that LDH-SSH haven’t have a love scene together yet but i know deep inside they cant stand the romance between LYH-SSH so they will find way to put LYH down so they can fell better about them self like those that think HR-DC will have more romance then YR-DC
    i still don’t understand LDH fan why so looking forward for DC-HR when they can talk about DW-HR because so far i can see HR only have eye for DW and now DW just start to like her too if she does go after DC it will only mean one thing and that is she is a greedy woman who just cant stand only to love one man and hotmit ur first love will always stay in ur heart so if DC does like HR it will not be the same as YR-DC love

  52. …..what ever those people comments…..

    sincere to say…quite good series…keep watching at this moment….wait and see…

  53. cnat help but say my piece…”I’m not a DC-YR shipper..i’m an EOE drama fan!…but cant help but comment.. I cnt understand the push by a small number of ppl about HR-DC..since start of EOE there’s so hot about that…even they know it will come later in the drama..think its too disrepectful of true EOE follower to discuss push DC-HR when what’s being developed and aired are DC-YR & HR-DW, Mh-JH. DW-HR is nice love angle ..cant understand why most LDH fans pushing for SSH-LDH..cnt they appreciate HR-DW first or at least let it happen? think its not the charcters really…they want SSH-LDH? LDH needs SSH so much for what? for her
    star to shine brighter? Is there sth wrong if LDH main partner is YJH?…if ealier reports came true that Hyun Bin will play DW, i wonder if they will rush ending of HR-DW..tsk tsk tsk…concentrate on drama…not on thinking that main plot is DC-HR-DW love story..synopsis is clear what the plot is..desperation si because DH fans insist DH is main female lead, i read that many times in posts of DH fans, and that coz she’s female lead she should be paired with main lead SSH, wow even SSH humbly knows bigger leads according to plot are switched babies…for females, its just same level ..the 3 female leads..supporting main leads who are the male..this is men’s drama..why does it matter so much if SSH will not have love story with writer made a deep love angle for DC-YR..and its not change in script at all..its true to YR charcater description. as for HR..its says her love is DW!! so even if as you wish DC-HR…be reminded of HR character description which is in imbc EOE website. when episode is loaded with YR-DC scenes..shippers of DC-HR will talk about scene of DC-HR way back 10 epsisodes ago…be patient if there will be DC-HR scenes, then then that’s time to discuss much about them. DH is big star enough, i like her too, she just have to show brilliant acting, memorable one, so she will shine in EOE…not be rmb as this & that partner. She has intense scenes already..she’s good but she can up level a bit more. I hope she grabs that chance in future episodes. instead of complaining of long wait for SSH-LDH, better enjoy YJH-LDH first. oh Han Ji hye’s main partner is junior of the main leads Park Hae Jin, doesn’t put her in lower rank than LDH & LYH….and the fact that JIHye may not be main partner or in loveline with SSH make her a lesser lead too. just saying…let’s watch EOE with open heart..let EOE characters develop..not dwell on personalities of the cast outside EOE!

  54. i think their no female lead all three of the girl are lead but guess LDH fan think that LDH is the only female lead just because her name is third in the order of the EOE cast i cant understand why LDH fan want LDH too end up with SSH when her character description say nothing about HR falling in love with DC all it say is that she will come between DW-DC am mean what is wrong about YJH that LDH fan would not even give him a chance too have romance with LDH sometime i dont understand LDH fan at all are they thinking that YLH not good enough too be with LDH in this drama or what

    i think the reason why ldh fan want her too be with SSH is because they want too see SSH kiss LDH like he kiss LYH haha but really if DC-HR were too have romance the PD would show more scene of them then just the 6 scene of HR-DC together and i can not call any of those scene a romance scene but guess LDH fan will say it a romance scene in some of those scene

  55. I am not a fan but I would like to write a review of eoe.
    I have another view, so I would like to differed from some comments about hye rin’s character being a greed person. I am not talking about the actresses or actors but about the characters of eoe, that is why I kept mentiong their characters.

    The plot of eoe of hye rin, she is a love child of mr. min (I hope you know what a love child is) the min family has a reputable status in the society as her father owned a well known publishing co. – Han seh newspaper.
    Her stepmother called her an ugly duck and wolf cub because she is an unwelcomed child in the min family, I would like to say that her stepmother is abusing her emotionally with negative words to get back at her husband’s wrongdoing, that is why she kept telling hye rin to lower her voice when they have an arguement because her stepmum is keeping the family affair a secret. When she is courting dong wook, she mentioned those words again about being an ugly duck. What we understand, she is not referring to her beauty but about her identity. She wants to be open about her identity, thanks to dong wook he did not read in between the lines or should I say he is still not over with his first love. She is trying to avoid another misuderstanding because the last gathering with her family was a disaster.

    In episode 24 – two years later. hye rin is still not aware that dong wook and dong chul are “brothers” , maybe sometimes they only meet to catch up with one another because she is working hard when taking over from her father business.

    Also in this episode hye rin and and dong chul meet again without knowing his identity or the owner of the land until they met in person. She remember those encounters and asked dong chul to sell the land base on those encounters, what an irony !!!

    Those graduation photos high up on the wall in
    dong chul’s office you don’t see hye rin in the family photos. Suspense again… There might be some changes to the original script due to the overwhelming poll but still Miss Na Yoon Sook, is an excellent mysterious scriptwriter.

    My opinion, don’t dwell too much about kissing scenes or
    best couples, they are professional actors and actresses. In this drama your idols will be kissing and partnering those that you preffered , in their next drama they will be kissing and partnering someone else so the bickering never end. We should be mature ???

  56. ^review, i think most other people are talking in mature way, except LYH SSH. the way u talked looks like u’re generalizing DC+YR fan were the only one talking emotionally. i saw many other DC+HR shippers talked emotionally.

    i am super agree with JS. i am also eoe fan, am not DC+YR shippers or what. but i really dont understand why there’s so much desperation for DC+HR. just wait patiently for the moment to comes (if there any). it is obvious that some of them are desperate for DC+HR to be together. they talked about the same 5 mins incident DC+HR over and over. and for example, like what lotus leaf said in preview for eps24, how FINALLY HR met DC and talked that they bump into each other several times. i watched eps24 and i actly didn’t see any progress for their relationship yet. yeah, they meet each other but nothing actly happend. it is obvious that ldh’s fan are so impatient.

    i dont understand.. is yun jung hoon not handsome enough for ur goddess ldh? why the urge? why?

  57. we all know why LDH fan want her too end up with SSH because they think YJH is not good enough for her because all i see is they always talk about HR-DC even though they never have a romance scene yet never about DW-HR
    am mean why not talk about the romance between HR-DW if they just want what best for LDH

  58. DC & YR are so cute couple, really hope that they will end up together
    so happy that DC finally confessed I love you to YR in ep23

  59. yea i also happy too know DC confess his love for YR too i can still see the shock in YR face when DC say he love YR at the beach scene hope these two will be together like the viewer say

  60. sincere to say…..dont bother abt those couple….just wait and see till the end…how the way PD make suspens…

    to me…eoe…. great….

  61. LYH-SSH…why do you keep saying LDH fans blah blah blah…so childish.

    (Also I think you are jimmylee78 on soompi lol)

  62. Mao i do not even know what is soompi i think u must be
    one of LDH fan who still mad that LDH havent have a romance scene with SSH yet huh well dont get mad dud lover LDH will have a romance with SSH soon i hope ^^

  63. I wonder everyone like DC & HR just because they are their fans.

    I really like her acting, but I don’t think she must love the main actor in this film. Anyone is Okie, as long as she loves him and he loves her.

    Nobody know DC loves HR or not… Wait and see.

  64. no i dont think so…DC_YR…..

    anyway…i like this series…..different with others …..

    congratulation to those involved with this good series…

    i still keep watching….and very patient till the end..hope make me happy with the ending….


  65. i think most of these people who think HR-DC will be together are LDH fan because they think she was going to get with SSH when the drama havent start but now that the drama has start they do not like how LDH haven’t have a romance scene with SSH yet so they will make any scene that have LDH-SSH together and say they were meant to be together in the drama just because they think LDH is the female lead but i guess they did not know that this drama is man drama were their no female lead all three female are lead not just one female

  66. In episode 24 dong chul is not like he used to be, not involved with casino. Young ran’s mother is alive, she will reappear. There are shift in characters from now after two years lapsed. So we will see more things to come……

  67. i really wish that dong-chul and young-ran will end up tgt. they really have great chemistry and i really enjoy seeing them tgt. they’re suited for each other… i seriously hope to see a happy ending for them too. they have my blessings. <3333

  68. aigo…..why this series take to much time….now, i’m getting boring….times constrain…….just want to know the ‘HR’ dan ‘dong chul’ ending…not YR…i don’t bother abt her anymore…to me she is not ‘good’ daughter…. very pity with Mr Kook(YR father)…he is lonely…as a daughter, YR suppose make him happy….by hook or by crook….she must…at this moment….she’s very suffer….

    hope everybody dont bash me….and sorry my ‘bad’ english…as long as the viewers understand what i want to say…hehehehehhhee.

  69. well pailli-palli how does YR make her father happy when he even want to kill her if i were her i would have left him by himself so he will know how much he need YR by his side instead of forcing her to marry mike and as for HR-DC i dont think their will be any romance for them because it already almost 30 episode and we still haven’t seen HR-DC together yet

  70. @ching….tq for your respons….just for your information…i’m a very busy man with one bright daughter(like mr kook but very different with YR attitude)…my heart getting hurt when YR made him unhappy…so that i wish YR be a good daughter, that’s it…

    anyway…i’m still keep watching this series….no worries abt ending….

    till then…see u in next meeting…

  71. Omg I can’t believe even in this web, i have seen the same people posting bad things about LYH, now i can really tell they are LDH fans they can’t accept LYH and SSH are together and they will be, and now even more, there’s a rumor i just saying a rumor that SSH is dating LYH, they haven’t confirm it, but rumors always true!!!

  72. i agreed happy LDH fan is just not happy with the way the drama is going so they will say bad thing about LYH because if they just watch the drama without biss they will know that YR-DC is fitting for each other
    about the rumor if it true i be happy for them since i like them allot in EOE as couple

  73. ……………..getting boring……..and teribble series….dc – yr…pls pd make it ending faster….because of that (yr) character….and pls make the viewers happy in whatever ending….

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