Korean Pop Night 2008 in Singapore

Well, I am not going to write like a fangirl but just a rough rundown of what happened if I remembered correctly. About 90% of the stadium was filled and every seat had Korean Air clap sticks for us to show our support. The stage was quite small with not much space to work with. It was a fun concert overall.


The stated time for the concert start was 7.30pm but of course they don’t. We get a friendly announcement a few minutes before 8 that it would start at 8pm officially. And so it did. Out came Andy, Tan Liyi (YES FM933 DJ who is fluent in Korean) and Park Jung Ah who were emcees for the night. Andy and Park Jung Ah spoke in Korean while Tan Liyi spoke in English to the crowd.


JunJin got the night going with his heart-thumping dance number Wa and it got the crowd rocking. After that, he went backstage for a while to recharge and then came out singing a ballad Those Words I Love You.


Chae Yeon was next to perform and she wore a glittery mini-skirt, singing Two Of Us which most were familiar with the NaNaNaNaNa lyrics. She then followed it up with the club song My Love with lightsticks in the dark.


Jewelry came out to a hot reception especially for Park Jung Ah and who else but Seo In Young. They performed One More Time which got a good reaction and Superstar which was a good song by the way and also good reaction.


Then the filler acts which I thought would and should be placed in the beginning appeared to lukewarm response and even some booing (which was uncalled for). But it was out of place frankly. Lee An and Carrie Yeo (Project Superstar contestant) both sang one song each and departed quickly.

Kim Jong Wook was next and he sang his famous Only You song from We Got Married which got him some fame. But strangely, he only performed that song and did not reappear to sing his second song Bad Guy as scheduled.


V.O.S. appeared singing Soulmate and then Beautiful Life where the latter got a better response from the crowd since it was more upbeat.


Then the idol groups came out in the form of 2PM and U-Kiss. They got the most cheers as expected from the horde of fangirls. 2PM performed lots of acrobatics with 10 Points out of 10 and their slow number Only You. They even included a small dance break at the end. U-Kiss received some loud cheers but got lesser reaction as they performed probably because they are new and not much promotion back in Korea as they performed Iā€™m Not A Kid and U&I


Andy was the second-last act to perform as he sang Propose first and ending it with Love Song. Good performance and great to see him perform live. His ponytail hair today was way better than the hairstyle he had while promoting these songs. Don’t know if it’s just me, but images of Solbi keep floating around when he sang the songs and I also imagined her standing beside him.


Wonder Girls was last to perform and the highlight of the concert I felt. They had the green outfits which they wore 2 weeks ago on Inkigayo and with the horse ponytail extension which was a great combination in their entire Nobody wardrobe. They sang Nobody and it was fun to watch them perform in person and singing Nobody Nobody but you. Having got off the plane just in the afternoon, they looked tired but gave a great professional performance. I thought they performed very well, everyone of them including So Hee. After Nobody, they exited backstage for some adjustments before reappearing for the finale song Tell Me. Everyone was into it, the entire crowd. Sun Ye was very hyper like she usually do for off-tv performances. Everyone was saying Omona when it reached that part. I still can’t believe that I saw them performing live.


My only regret was that the real fans, cheering ones were kept up high in the terrace, balcony seats while there were many inanimated faces in the premier seats facing the stage directly, what a complete waste of space. Park Jung Ah did a really good job as MC as while the other groups were performing, she would sometimes imitate their dance movements or try to get the crowd clapping or moving their clap sticks. Awesome. Andy was stretching his tired legs 3/4 into the night as the poor MCs have to stand for the entire concert plus he had to perform also. It was like a normal Korean music show in Singapore.


Hope it gets a good write up from the press and the organizers were impressed by what they saw, making this a possibility again next year and thereafter. I had fun and hope you did too. For those who were unable to make it, try to catch Jewelry at 1pm tomorrow at Square 2 shopping mall or send all the singers off at Changi Airport before 10:45pm as they return home.

The concert which will probably be edited for broadcast (hope not!) will be shown on MTV Asia (Starhub Channel 20) in due time while it will be aired on SBS back in Korea (so expect HQ quality downloads soon).

And I think no one spotted me. What a relief.

Credit to n-jjang@soompi for pictures.

103 thoughts on “Korean Pop Night 2008 in Singapore

    There’s people who boo-ed Jewelry? Why? T_T~

    & wondergirls green outfit! NICE!! ^^

  2. OMGGGGGG… I love Jun Jin’s and V.O.S’ performances! I liked “Soulmate” plenty thou.. And seeing Andy’s Heart dance live is priceless! My friend and I were commenting that if Solbi was there it’ll be a complete picture but owellss… x)))
    And I felt bad for the MCs too!

  3. I managed to get fantastic seats at the last moment, but my camera DIED, like all the pictures/videos before WG were cut off!

  4. Yeah!! agree!!! it’s like i was hoping and hoping and hoping that Solbi will suddenly appear as a surprise.. haha..

    SY.. i think coolsmurf meant ppl who booed the Sporean singers.. not Jewelry…haha..

  5. came back from e concert .. it was so nice . i love it,,,,hope next yr also hav

    i lost my voice due to the screams n singing….
    the concert was so fun,,,

  6. the concert was great for me SO HIGH~~~haha..i was sweating throughout because i kept waving the sticks and screaming..
    it was pretty short though..it would be so much better if it was slightly longer..no encore tooT^T i had hoped for a mass sing where all the singers would come out and we fans stand and dance on the spot with them!!

  7. i agree with you on the inaminated faces of those seating in the premier seats. There were mostly korean aldults at my side and they did not appear as enthu as the teenagers.
    Anyway, it was a great concert! Im still feeling super high (:

    And alvin! My friend claimed that she saw you at the airport on mon!

  8. i totally agree with the view that the real fans were kept up in the balcony and terrace seats. i was sitting at the balcony seats and practically everyone ard me was a wondergirls fan. everyone was singing along and screaming till my ears were numb at the end of their performance.

    i thought it was an enjoyable concert though. everyone got really high esp at the last part.. i got reminded of solbi when andy was performing too. haha what a pity she isnt there..

  9. I had an awesome view of the performers from where i was sitting. It was just great, except for the camera man who kept moving forward and backward.

  10. i was appalled when ppl started leaving when the performers came out onstage to say thank you. most of them were the korean adults who were the inanimated audience right in front :/ but overall, i thought reception was really good! at least the cheering was almost always quite loud. ppl even cheered for the filler acts (:

  11. the concert was great! v.o.s, 2pm and u-kiss were the highlights in my opinion. even though wondergirls had amazing stage presense, they were vocally rubbish, especially sohee as expected. great performance though

  12. hehe. 2pm spotting after the show!!!

    2pm and U kiss waved at us from their buses. Nick khun pointed at my friend and winked. she just died there. LOL.

    taek yeon smiled at my sister. she also died of happiness. =)

    I thought VOS’ performance was the best of the night in terms of professionability and technicality. 2pm’s dancing was the best.

    Wonder girls were a bit off in terms of tiredness and *sorry WG fans* tune. but they were high. =)

    You’re right. They should’ve MOVED all the adults to the balcony and opened up the arena for the rest of us true k pop fans. hehe.

    I miss ansol. =) BUT!! *trivia* ANDY kept staring at the screen flashing fleeting images of WGM while kim jong wook was singing. hehe. nostalgia.

    everyone sang to andy’s songs too. =)

    For DBSK fans: they received the loudest cheers when the emcee mentioned them even though they weren’t around. [PLEASE BRING THEM HERE!!!]

    ALVIN!!! my friend says she SPOTTED YOU!!!!! =)

    it was good all in all. but I’ve been to better- like with a crazy crowd and MOVEMENT ALLOWED. =)

  13. OMG!!! OMG!!! My throats hurt really bad from all the screaming and singing! Haha.
    I HAD A REALLY REALLY FUN AND ENJOYABLE NIGHT! Everybody went crazy when the Wonder Girls came out…….(loved that)
    And I managed to see Ye Eun after the concert and she waved at me!! She’s so pretty! ā¤

  14. wow!!! u are really fast!! thanks for the pics and news …
    i didn get to go …so would like to know more about what happen at the concert !!!

  15. Haha that sounded fun.
    I wish I could have gone..but airfare is so expensive these days :[
    I would love to see Andy.
    I would TOTALLY love seeing Wonder Girls again.

  16. OMG!
    I had imeages of Solbi being beside andy when he sang the love song too!!!!

    me n my friends were dancing and cheering all the way back at the balcony seats. we were wondering if people actually notice us šŸ˜›

    i hope the ppl u mentioned were us coz we were damn crazy at the back!!!!! šŸ˜€

    Hope there’s an event again next year!!!!


  17. I hate work and school
    I wish I could have gone and screamed by lungs out for Andy and of course the WGs.
    I can’t believe I missed a Tell Me performance haha.

    Glad you had fun šŸ˜€

  18. As for me .. well actually me and my sis and my niece and a new friend of mine whom i met her there .. we really have no choice but to leave the place and go back home but one of us says that why not just try to stay here and who knows they will give free tickets in the end .. the radio ppl say .. the leftover tickets will be given to the organizer back which i dont think is unfair .. i mean they want to know how many ppl support the korean stars but by keeping and do nothing with the leftover tickets wont do any better .. but while we;re waiting .. suddenly this one korean guy i think hes the staff there .. came to us all out of a sudden and ask .. do u guys want tickets then we was like ya .. then he showed the tickets and gave us .. we tot it was 2 cuz 1 pair was stapled toegther .. but its 4 .. i think that we r kinda lucky cuz it was so last min .. its like 7+ already … the concert was greatt!!!!! U.Kiss.2pm & WG Roxxxx!!!! I hope they come again next year!!!

  19. hahaha!
    i saw images of solbi too when andy was performing but he don’t look very happy to me though …
    liyi really did a good job in co-emceeing too..props to her!

    VOS-great live performance .. in love with them
    jewelry – sexy, good performance & i am so not used to suh in young smiling so happily …(lol , she always look so fierce in wgm)
    Kim jong wook- great song,sweetie boy look but he also look kinda of tired & didn’t smile much at all
    2pm- great acrobatics,dance & best of all ,they really look like they are happy to be here …
    u are right,alvin..all of us up there in t block & b block are screaming as we are truly kpop fans …can see nobody moving in those premier seats …lol

  20. YES agreed! it was a little sad to see most of the VIPs just sitting there. i only saw like one small group cheering there.

    and i miss ansol tooo! i was hoping solbi would just pop out somewhere. i would have just died. andy was soooo cute with his heart dance though. =]

    gosh i hope they make this a yearly thing. but hopefully we won’t have to buy phones/laptops or luck our way into getting tix. haha.

  21. ahh you guys are so lucky! ^__^ glad to know how successful the concert was.. hopefully it’ll be an annual thing and I might can go watch them someday there.. ^_^

  22. Hi… Anyone knows what is Jewelry gonna do at Square 2 tomorrow? Are they going to have an album signing event? THanks! šŸ˜‰

  23. lol.
    love your conclusion!

    agreed that the stage is crap.
    too small, and unable to have any interaction with the audience.

    and i love PJA!
    she is great throughout her emcee-ing.
    she also kinda taught liyi the heart dance! (:
    a pity that the Jewelry members did not really have a proper ment.
    would love to at least see/hear SIY give her greetings and “A!”

  24. Wonder Girls, Park Jung Ah, 2Pm, Andy ans Chae YEon!! WHY DO I LIVE SOOO FAR?!?!? hahaha…glad you all had fun… WG would give anybody a high! hahah..alvin I’m glad u didn’t faint, cuz of their outfits!!

  25. these two sentences got me laughing so hard
    “Well, I am not going to write like a fangirl ”
    “And I think no one spotted me. What a relief. ”
    glad u had fun, Alvin!!!
    Can’t express how jealous I am of you guys!!!
    I wanna see the girls (WG) perf Nobody too!!!
    *prays for March 2009*

  26. The wondergirls were great! Just wish they had chosen better outfits for “Nobody.”
    Chaeyeon really needs to invest in a stylist! That getup looked cheap and bleh (as usual with her stage outfits)!

  27. The MCs were awesome! Love love love Park Jung Ah!
    She’s so talented and cool! Really enjoyed the Shinhwa hotties! Andy was so adorable!

  28. i fall in love with park jung ah after the whole event… alright, not that kind of love… i’m going to support her from now!
    chae yeon was good too… i enjoyed her performance as well…
    this whole event was awesome… some flaws though, but still good… the two shinhwa guys, junjin and andy, are simply too hot to resist! hahah

  29. OMO~! I can’t believe how obedient Singaporean crowd was!
    Everybody just sit there and clap, only a few people dare to stand!

    If it’s back at my hometown people will go running to the front and push at the barrier already!

    I was one of the few U-Kiss fans. I screamed like crazy when they perform. I can’t do anything else after that XD

    Me and my friends had fun screaming, ‘I don’t understand what you are talking about, but you look HOT!’ after the artists talked on stage~ā™„

    After U-Kiss talked, my friend who never saw them before keep screaming, “omg! Finally someone I could understand, and you still look HOT!” I think she’s in love with Eli ;D

  30. you’re fast… nice writeup on this! =D

    btw, only jewelry will be having a session tmr? autograph session or what? on albums?

  31. Show was great….no regret watching!!U-kiss and 2PM are the best!!Their dance moves are so cute…Seo In Young,Andy,JunJin,Kim Jong Wook,U-KISS and the rest look so good in person..were screaming and waving to 2PM..arh..they look so gorgeous..luckily they did not turn off the lights in the 2nd bus..soo SATISFIED!:)

  32. so envy of you, coolsmurf!! i really wish that I’m at home right now instead of in States so that I can watch them!!!!

  33. That’s the way it is in Singapore – the best seats (not sure about the Western acts but it’s like this for the Asian artistes) go to the sponsors and media.

  34. @Love 2PM
    its the same in the philippines… VIP’s artists friends, other showbiz personality, sponsors and those who have connections to the powers that be usually have front seats….
    thanks for the pics since it really looked like a fun event especially by the way you described it…. and yah wished i was there too

  35. It was a great concert!! Hope they come again to Spore! And during andy’s perf, i was hoping solbi would come out and sing..her voice was like playing in my head but too bad…the heart dance was cute:)

  36. I had fun at the concert! Hope the camera didn’t capture my crazy antics. haha Andy looks tired rather than unhappy to me. And i agree, he had to stand almost for the whole concert. =S that must be tiring!

  37. My only regret was that the real fans, cheering ones were kept up high in the terrace, balcony seats while there were many inanimated faces in the premier seats facing the stage directly, what a complete waste of space.

    ^ I totally agree! We were all cheering from way up at T40 and there were lotsa equally, if not even more enthusiastic fans all the way at the balconey on the North side.
    Ugh. They should just give them seats at the side, seriously. Some people actually sat stoic throughout. Not even bothering to clap. Why bother coming, lol.

  38. I was waiting for you to post up how it was Alvin…I was anticipating it because you got to see Wonder Girls! I’m glad you had enjoyed it. If i lived in Singapore and went to the concert, I would’ve searched for you…then I could say I met the wonderful Coolsmurf ^_^

    It’s so cool because you got to see 2PM! I love their moves! And Wonder Girls!! I want to see them one day live! (you’re lucky they didn’t wear the wigs ^-^) hehe

  39. coolsmurf ur dream mustve come true..
    ah i wish i could go..
    singaporeans are lucky…
    i like this long wig on WG but i like their glitzy gold outfits more ^^

    did u disguise urself so people cant recognize you? o.0
    i mean.. ur hair is very urm significant ^^

    great to hear u all had a fun time.. *envious

  40. alvin!
    was it you who did a sohee dance in the middle of airport barricades? i saw someone remotely looking like you! haha all this while some poeple were like”omg where’s coolsmurf?”
    “if there was any person that deserves to be here it’d be coolsmurf!”

  41. The concert was great~~~ all the performances was a BLAST!!!

    But I do have to stress that because I am a LeeAn supporter.. I think it was bad to Boo someone~ His singing was great~ and he was very friendly to walk to all corner of the stage to WAVE at people and even ended it performance with a BOW!~ But I am happy I did hear infact cheers and abit of screams after he ended his performance~ I do hope that you all would take sometime and just go listen to his songs & give ur support~ You all will never regret it! =D

  42. I don’t think it was 90% filled
    it was around 70%. There was nearly a block with NOBODY.

    I was expecting to hear Andy’s english.

  43. many thanks alvin for the update! it’s always nice to read your comments – fair and objective and extremely informative!!!! really wished i could have joined the anbiolics instead of sitting by myself!!!

  44. thanks for the report coolsmurf!! the concert was really good! i was lucky enough to get seats in PA!
    don’t complain about the people in PA/PB Premier seats. if you didn’t realise already, the koreans are being civic minded.
    1) the seats are on flat ground, not on sloping ground as with the A, B and T seats
    if anyone stood up, we would not be able to have a view of the performance
    2) it is really common courtesy not to block people
    3) all those people who seemed “”stoic”” they ARE the sponsors who brought in the stars so that you could watch them for free and enjoy.
    4) some of the koreans were really shocked by singaporean fans, especially some who ran up to P blocks and sat down beside them without permission and blocked their views. i saw some fangirls pushing a kid out of her way while cheering one of the performers
    everyone is supporting in their own way, in their own corner. it’s not that they’re not appreciative.
    to each their own!

  45. thanks soo much for sharing your experience!! so exciting you got to go!
    ahh! 2pm and wonder girls! my fave!

  46. the concert was great ! haha. what a great way to meet korean singers which we barely can see live. Hopefully next year we would have this concert again…..with DBSK and others around !

  47. The concert was great! I was lucky enough to get tickets at the last minute! My highlights of the concert was seeing Kim Jong Wook and V.O.S perform! Both performances were great but i’d hoped that KJW would’ve performed 2 songs! I hope they’ll organise this kpop festival and kpop concert next year again and hopefully,SM Artises will come down! i also hope that this concert will open doors to korean artists coming to Singapore to hold their concerts instead of just going to M’sia!

  48. Dear readers,

    The concert was on 4th November yesterday, so i went earlier than the usual 5pm that they stated they were going to give out tickets. I was there at around 2pm. Some of us were already there and i was told by some fans there that the embassy or whoever who was in charge of the tickets distribution. So i reconfirmed it with the officials wearing the kpop concert tags. So they said they were not giving out anymore. So i called the embassy, they too said they were none left. Obviously i panicked and was very disappointed that they did not inform us earlier on that the distribution method on the day itself was cancelled. I quickly called up a friend to check online on the black market and there were tickets for sale.


    going as high as 120.

    I managed to get my tickets for 3 of us (my friends and I) at $120.
    The seller was late, and was a singaporean around the age of 20. What i was thinking was, how could you have had so many tickets on hand? and sold them for profit?

    So my question is to the embassy of korea and the organisers of the concert is, how transperant is the method of distribution of tickets, and ensure that indirect or direct family members of the concert does not use ‘free’ tickets for sale?

    Initially i had a good time last night and thought that the money i spent on the black market tickets was worth it.

    until i read here that some fans who were also waiting outside without the tickets before the concert started has the organisers (who initially told me they were not giving the tickets anymore), gave them the tickets just before the concert started?

    And i also took some pictures of how some part of the indoor stadium could have had empty seats that could be used.

    how many of u came without tix and went home without watching it?

  49. i just got back from Jewelry’s fan-signing at Square 2!!!

    OMO!!!!!!!!!!!! Jewelry girls are SO GORGEOUS!!!!

    At the end of the event, all the girls said something and Seo In Young said “A!” to us!!!!!!!

    at the end of the event when they were walking up the escalator, i shouted “Park Jung Ah Sarang Hae” and SHE TURNED, SMILED AND WAVED AT ME!!!!!!!!!

    ME AND ONLY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PARK JUNG AH!!! SARANG HAE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. thanks for the news…aww..i wish i could be there to see ANdy…^^…and yeah it would be great if Solbi could be there…

  51. Omggggg I wanted to go Square 2 today but I’m having exams tmr : (
    But the concert yesterday night was SUCH A BLAST!!! They should let us true KPOP fans sit at the premiere seats! Those sitting in front were just…quiet. I was sitting at B07 and lol, this aunty in front of me was covering her ears the entire night due to us screaming behind her. She left early in the end hahah oh well šŸ˜€

    Wonder Girls jjang!! Please come back to Singapore soon!

  52. I wonder if the rest of the performers have any activities in Singapore? Can’t seem to find any online besides Jewelry. They look quite pale/tired when I dropped by Square 2 for lunch… )=

  53. WG the most respectful singer. before their song came on, they went up to get into positions, and they bowed to the audience which no other artiste did..

  54. last night was serious fun.
    the entire place went insane when the WGs appeared.
    haha. showing them loads of love.
    hoping for a second one~

    SUNYE SUNYE! woohoo!
    and Yoobin got lots of cheers!
    i could barely hear her rap!

    the WGs look adorable and beautiful as usual. šŸ™‚

  55. hmm? I didn’t hear anyone booing. it’s just that there was less cheering.

    btw, coolsmurf, was your seat at block t09, row 16 or somewhere there? because i sit at row 17 on that block and the person in your picture (back view) looks like my friend O__O

  56. AAAA…I envy you guys who ever who could come..
    I’m stuck in Indonesia, studying and u guys r having fun with 2pm and WG…ahhhhh~~

    I hope I can see them somehow on youtubee

  57. LOL I was one of those “real fans” sitting up in the balcony. shouted for every single artiste whereas others just cheered for their favourites. just as expected, I have no voice now

  58. alvin~~~ why dont you wanna be spotted?!! it would be so fun can you imagine everybody screaming your name hahaahhahaa lol

    *omg omgomg its alvin!!! ~~
    the coolsmurf dude!!! like you know? coolsmurf!!
    oh! that guy!!! cool!!!*

    hahahahahhaah sorry not very funny

  59. Great concert šŸ™‚ hope they do this every year ^^v

    “And I think no one spotted me. What a relief. ”
    Haha xD me and my friends played “Let’s spot coolsmurf” game xD

  60. I was at the PA seats too.
    We have no choice but to sit down and silently do the nobody dance sitting. Like what rina said,
    Tried to stand up but got scolded by korean families sitting behind me.
    Shinhwa noona fans sitting infront of us keep complaining say “we should stand up during a concert~~~like this then fun!~~~”
    erm, i totally agree but, i have no choice. and this is the FIRST concert i attended to sitting throughout the whole show=.=
    I have been to concerts of TVXQ & BB in japan and even though I was sitting at the last row, you can see all the fans(even those aunties)are all standing up. No complains.
    well, I wonder if they should have given those PA seats to familes. Korean teenagers sitting beside me were like so shocked + blur when they couldnt stand up during WG’s performance. Seems like culture shock to them as they keep turning their heads and see if anyone will stand up with them. SADLY NO =.=

    BTW i got my tickets from some media workers who actually sold their tickets that the korean embassy gave them. Bought at a HIGH price too. Ha.

  61. Pingback: Nobody, But You « & I WANT EVERYTHING.

  62. My take on the concert:

    It pales in comparison to similar festivals like hollywood bowl, dream concert(those are high budgeted though) etc. It pales as compared to festivals in Korea. Normal music shows are probably even better.

    It started late and ended early.

    The stage was badly decorated. What’s with the standboards Merlion?

    There were many seats unfilled.

    The atmosphere was good, really good but I thought that there were many anti climax during the concerts. Not mentioning what or who, but you guys know who i’m referring to right.

    The artistes saved the concert. SERIOUSLY. ALL OF THEM WERE AWESOME LIVE (was jewelry lipsyncing?). Quite a few of the artistes had songs that rocked KPOP music industry. One great example would be ONE MORE TIME by jewelry. One perfect example would be NOBODY and TELL ME. LOL.

    The emcee-ing was great but I thought that Liyi should have translated to english what Andy and Jung ah had said coz i think many of the concert go-ers were not as fluent in korean as compared to liyi. AND of course, we want to know what ANDY and JUNG AH were saying right?

    P.S: I’m not complaining since i could understand them, but what abt the rest?

    My fav part of the concert:

    EVERYTHING but Wonder girls are WONDER GIRLS. It’s no wonder they are the most popular girl group in Korea. It’s really no wonder. EVERYONE LOVES THEM. Despite the fact that a few of them that was unstable at live. SO HEE SANG WELL LIVE. She’s not unstable, it was the others.

    ANDY and JUNJIN was great too. They sound so good live, much better than i expected! 2pm sounded much better live than on shows

    The others were excellent live( as seen on TV and as expected) too!

    Suggestions for next year:

    – Change the stage decor, let it be more concert like.

    – MORE artistes pls! lengthen the concert!

    – CHANGE THE WAY TO DISTRIBUTE TICKETS! (This is the worst ticket distribution i’ve ever seen) HARDCORE FANS are up at T and B blk. LOL. Can’t the embassy just distribute tickets to the respective fanclubs? OR they can just sell the tickets lah.

  63. the concert was great . but i was quite disappointed as it felt like i was watching it at youtube. hrmm .

    but i didnt hear any booing …

    overall, it was awesome . looking forward to the next concert ! (:

    maybe shinee, super junior, dbsk, battle and big bang !

  64. And here i thought andy was there to speaks english while PJA did korean ?

    What a shame…

    Wish MTV Thailand would air this also…

  65. V.O.S’s Soulmate.. is there any other name for that song? Seems like I can’t find it on the net and I really want to d/l it.

    Thank you.

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