Jewelry Autograph Fan Meeting @ Square 2 081105

Jewelry were the only group among the contingent of Korean singers who performed last night to have an extra event scheduled today.


Just went for it since it’s so unusual for Korean singers to make a trip down to Singapore and this being yet another trip to Square 2 in less than a month. I went pretty early but to be inconspicuous, I was in the 4th row.

I thought they were just going to appear, talk and then leave. So it was a good surprise to know that it would be an autograph session before their scheduled appearance at 1pm. We were also asked to shout Jewelry and Saranghaeyo Jewelry for the SBS cameras. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it so I just lipsynced and shouted Wonder Girls in my heart. Event started promptly at 1pm with Park Jung Ah saying a few words before chaos erupted.

Poor planning by the Square 2 and FEO people as there was no proper lines or queue beforehand arranged so when they announced autograph session started, it became a big mess with everyone squashed together trying to get into a few rows instead of a single role they wanted. This was really challenging with all the pushing and shoving, really tested my leg muscles.


Park Jung Ah was very pretty in person.


Gimme the paper.


The two new and youngest members, Kim Eun Jung and Ha Joo Yun. Kim Eun Jung was very pretty and had a really small face. She wore the most revealing outfit, with some cleavage, very apparent when you were waiting for your paper to be signed by her. Ha Joo Yun looks better in person.


Seo In Young did the A! sign at the very end of the autograph session.


Final pose before their departure just before 2pm. They had another schedule. They were also interviewed by Channel News Asia which Tan Liyi (who was MC again) before this autograph session so watch out for that on television.


The unlikely reward at the end of the day.
A4-sized paper with each Jewelry member autographs.


It was quite packed and I think I was not spotted again which was a relief. But I think my face was captured on the numerous press photographers camera and the SBS crew. Only left with airport departure tonight.

49 thoughts on “Jewelry Autograph Fan Meeting @ Square 2 081105

  1. oh.. wat time did you come?
    they sign poster? at first i thought must purchase their CD..
    hah.. so how many people in the end get their autographs?
    sorry askin too much question..

    *full of regret

  2. ah hahaa. i was there just now too. people were pushing and the security guards kept asking people to move back. LOLS. Awww i didnt stay till the very end so i didnt see her do the A! sign. What a pity! =D

  3. i was there!!!!!
    but i was one of the one of the unlucky fans..
    i didnt managed to get the thing that was given out..
    yeah..u are so lucky that nobody spotted you!

  4. i was there and manage to get their autographs too but i do not know u were there coolsmurf maybe u were well hidden. lol

  5. haha nice, it’s great that you went even though you aren’t a hardcore jewelry fan.
    i’ve never been to a fanmeeting before x.x

  6. That was some test for you when they asked to shout “Jewelry μ‚¬λž‘ν•΄μš”!”…
    I’d do the same thing like you did…
    If only Wondergirls are there, then, it’d totally be a different story… ^_______^
    Too bad i can’t be there, i was feeling unwell, and still! nevertheless i won’t miss the chance to wave goodbye to the stars later…!

    expecting more crowd, more shrieks, more of stepping people’s feet… >.<

  7. i was there but didnt notice you!! tskk.. haha.. i know this is kinda out of point but.. im pissed coz my aunt’s taking the same plane as Ukiss & 2pm!! damnit!!

  8. @ nadia: if only you were there in the airplane too~ hahaha.
    i’d be pissed too if i were you.haha. who wouldnt?

  9. to topsin: she looks pretty much the same, petite and small-framed. she was pretty cold at the airport though, not bothering to wave or smile and wore shades although it was 10plus at night

  10. to jiahan: i think seo in young and the rest was pretty much tired after the flight that’s why but i could see seo in young smile during the autograph session and she keep looking at the signboard of crown j love elly and she smiled again so i think she was quite polite to fans and all.

  11. wow jewelry was super gorgeous. i love park jung ah, she was really pretty in person. Seo in young looked tired but still manage to keep her radiant smile during autograph session. All of them look very pretty and they are very polite to their fans.

  12. I was there too (one of the last few lucky ones) ! – Got squashed while people tried to form a single file when the security guard forced us to. O: Park Jung Ah spoke to me and asked me how old I was in rather fluent English as we wait for Seo In Young’s queue to move. She was so shocked that she was twice as old as me -.- and told Seo In Young that in Korean.

  13. *Winnie: I think i saw that scene.. haha…

    I arrived a little late after work and the event had already started. I figured I wouldn’t be able to get an autograph and instead went to as front as I could and started taking pictures. Then the 2 ladies in front of me walked away and somehow I stood right in front, in the middle. So I thought I might as well stood there throughout and wait for the event to be over, and then they’ll say something and probably will stand together for photo opportunities. And I did get some quite decently nice photos, i think. πŸ™‚

    I’m not a great fan of Jewelry either, but thinking that I missed the concert last night, I wanted to fill that gap and meet some korean stars that I’ve always been seeing on korean television programmes, especially Seo In Young cuz I’ve been watching We Got Married right from the start till now.

    I’m glad my trip was fruitful.. and I ended up shopping in Sq 2 after that, so it was a pretty nice day for me. Haha…

  14. SIY even stood up and asked a crying fan not to cry. Plus her “A!” sign at the end of the event…

    The ladies of Jewelry looked pretty in person and seems friendly too, smiling to every fan and saying thank you(s)…

  15. Hahah In Young’s took quite a while to do her signature right! I wish I could have talked to them. I got my signatures but I was too nervous to engage anybody in conversation. Haha did say saranghaeyo to In Young and made her smile!

    ARGH wish I was sending them off tonight but nope, that’s the end of the Korean experience for me….sigh. FANTASTIC!

  16. I came to the event as a Jewelry fan and left the event as a NEW FOUND HARDCORE FAN.



  17. i went there but it was too late to get their autograph..i rushed over IMMEDIATELY after my exams..luckily i still got to see them!!!!!!inyoung was so cute la with the A sign ahaha..

    anyway alvin did you went for the airport departure just now?you know what..although the whole group of artises were already late..inyoung and chaeyeon still went for a short shopping..AHHA..i was laughing and cheering when i saw both of them running across to board their plane with the shopping bags..SO CUTE!!!

    inyoung is indeed a shopping queen~~~!!XDDDDDD

  18. I’m the first 5 who got the autograph. lol.

    i called inyoung and obviously i did “A” and she replied. hahas.

    It’s always better in person. Cool duh~ =)

  19. “A”
    SIY is so cute.
    These candid photos flatter hem more then photo shopped professional ones.

    LMAO on the WGs part.

  20. ROFL @ “I just couldn’t bring myself to do it so I just lipsynced and shouted Wonder Girls in my heart.”
    That was so adorable of you =P
    This sentence made my dayyyy hahaha
    Alvin jjang

  21. you are too funny with your Wonder Girls. the Jewelry girls seem like nice people. did you actually talk to them? the poster in the background looks like actual people.

  22. i really wished i could go…
    i couldn’t go for the concert since i have a levels sooo
    and the fanmeeting… i woke up so late =.=”
    it was a success though right?
    so it’ll be organized again next year?
    ahh.. JunJin and Andy won’t be around…. 😦
    but i’m really grateful you posted up pictures and
    descriptions… thank you ^^

  23. wow alvin, you didn’t say much about seo in young. how does it feel like to see seo in young in person after all these months of watching wgm?

  24. Good review coolsmurf…. read Straits Time review on Kpop nite and well….. it was like so bland….. your article was much better…

    They should just have lifted your article and put it.

  25. That’s great, Alvin!!!

    Glad you got to see them up close and personal and they all seem like sweethearts! πŸ˜€

  26. haha.. alvin, u were there? i think i saw u. i was at the third row and all around me were girls in the fourth row, except you.

    park jung ah is exceptionally sweeeeeeeet!!! i was so happy that i finally got to see her after being her fan for so long.

  27. V.O.S WAS THERE TOO!! IF your eyes were sharp enough you would have seen hyun jun from V.O.S! He’s HOT in real life! HAHA

    And i was so glad i saw jewelry too! All of them look awesome in real life! And In Young did A! which made everyone scream!

  28. Aw. They should have an autograph session for WG too! I wish I’m not stuck at home mugging. Are they all leaving tonight?? Anyone who is going to wait for them at the airport please help me ask Park Ji Hun or Hyun Jun from VOS to bring DBSK here the next time please πŸ˜€

  29. you should be happy! I wanted to go but I got school x_x they are nice enough to give us an autograph session and others didnt even bother );

  30. I wonder why you’re so scared of being spotted.

    Makes me feel that I will definitely let you know with a big fat “Hey! You’re alvin aka coolsmurf!” if I ever bump into you just for the sake of it. Hahahaha.

    I normally wouldn’t coz I understand that although I follow your blog and feel like I know you after some time, it’s gotta be quite freaky for random strangers acting like they know you very well. But your phobia is just such a tempting factor~

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