We Got Married Episode 32 Picture Summary + English Softsubs

Now some say I should stop doing this. But I am going to keep doing this until otherwise. Not having the urge doesn’t mean I dislike everything.

The main reason why I even watched We Got Married in the first place. Alshin couple are already leaving in a couple of weeks time and they are given just under 10 minutes of air time where they have a talk under the stars at the planetarium, especially Shin Ae having to deal with the loss of Choi Jin Shil.

The highlight here was Hwang Bo setting up a blind date for Hyun Joong SS501 group mates, Kyu Jong and Hyung Joon. Who were the girls? None other than Ye Eun and Yoo Bin of the Wonder Girls. This was largely unreported by the media but fans of both groups knew about it for ages. Just something brief and the full dinner date will only be shown next week. No wonder.

I just feel that Hyung Don excels as a MC on We Got Married but is seriously an irritant when placed into the show proper. I don’t know how interesting it is to put him in the same house with Seo In Young where both properly can’t stand the mere sight of each other. Poor Crown J caught in the middle.

Why is Son Dambi is tearing? Son Dam Bi was crying because she felt that although Marco is six years older than her, it often feels like she’s the one who’s older. Remember the scene at the bookstore? He was off reading comic books when she was trying to genuinely put in the effort to help him be a better person. He wasn’t trying to meet her halfway and compromise like two people in a relationship should. Many thanks to ja-yun who posted in the comments.

????? I don’t know.

We Got Married E32 Downloads (thanks to awesome muish)
Softsub at megaupload or sendspace or mediafire, uploaded by muish & dreamgazer1985 & thienlonggianglam. Episode 32 from Clubbox (1022mb).

73 thoughts on “We Got Married Episode 32 Picture Summary + English Softsubs

  1. Thanks for keep on doing the summary. I do really appreciate it and look forward to WGM couples news everyday from you.

    I have to say I 200% agree with you on the argument about putting Hyung Don between the stylish sweet couple In Young and Crown J. Why??? I guess almost all girls feel he’s really irritated. Sigh!!!!

  2. Hey thanks for doing the summary. Seems like its getting harder to gets subbed episodes nowadays.. anybody got lobang? Hhahah

    Anyway, much apreciated coolsmurf!

  3. Hi Coolsmurf.
    Thank you very much for your summary. You are the fastest!!!
    Appreciate of what you are doing. Now I even visit your blog almost everyday.

  4. sorry to say but they try to bring the show more higher rating by bringing big star like wonder girl this show become unrealistc and boring

  5. you guys aren’t faithful at all to the show….
    as long as there’s an interesting couple, im willing to watch.

  6. Thanks for the summary. I really do not feel the urge to watch WGM. I really hate the don don idea, seriously the and couple already fight enough without him. Hwan buin is soo adorable, i really like her.

    Will if all the old couple leaves i probably wont pay attention to the show anymore.

  7. “I just feel that Hyung Don excels as a MC on We Got Married but is seriously an irritant when placed into the show proper.”

    Haha. He’s really so annoying, I never got him, not even from the start.

  8. why did they even put dondon in the show?
    i don’t even understand..
    with his presence,there would be even more quarrels with SIY. =.=

  9. heyy coolsmurf.. thanks so much for still doing the picture summaries !! greatly appreciated^^ .. im a non korean so i have trouble watching the raw vids and understanding them .. ><” not meaning to sound offensive towards CJWtown i <”

    newayys THANKS

  10. aww thanks for saying that coolsmurf! yes, i’m not all excited like i used to be when i first started watching wgm but some of it is still fun to watch. i don’t like it how a lot of people are being negative about everything as if complaining would make it all better. just move on if you don’t like it.

  11. Thank you. It’s really sad that Alshin are already. I really love them. I’ll still continue to support them though and hopefully they become a real couple. I think the only couple worth watching now is Joongbo.

  12. gahh~ as much as i love wonder girls and SS501, using celeb like them to get higher rating on this show is kinna getting boring
    focus on the COUPLES! the COUPLES!!!!

    and thank you for doing this btw!

  13. Thanks for keeping this up. I’m learning Korean right now but it’ll take me a LONG time before I understand it enough to know what’s going on. You are a life saver in the meantime. Thanks!!

  14. haha the whole point of putting hyung don in the same house as them is to keep things interesting can’t you all see? Of cos some will want to see the lovey-dovey stuff between CJ & SIY, but it’ll be boring, so HD needs to come in to mix things up a lil. Or else it’ll be so predictable. = Boring. not that I really care. HwanYobi & Joongbo are my faves. WGM just gets better for me in that sense I guess.

  15. Man, 10 minutes for Alshin?! =( The PD should give them a little more air time … after all, they are leaving. =((( they are my favorite couple.

    im excited to watch wonder girls! hahah. Yeeunnie looks soooo beautiful! Yoobin too! =D

    Thanks for the summary coolsmurf! Really appreciate it!!

  16. First of all I dislike Wonder Girl 😛
    just because their music isn’t my style and none of them are pretty either way
    Second to many couples with to little airtime
    Third Alshin gets less then 10 minutes of airtime
    why am i still watching this?

  17. To make an ‘excuse’ for why Alex & ShinAe’s parts are less than 10 minutes is probably because they only had a few hours to tape and some personal stuff they didn’t want to show…(ShinAe crying)…

    We all know that the PDs still want to show ‘awkward’ scenes when in reality, they are far from ‘awkward’ now.,

    Why IS Son Dam Bi crying? She was a bridesmaid for Kim Hee Sun’s wedding which the late Choi Jin-sil attended so maybe they became acquantiences/friends since then?

    Oh, and I hate Don Don. Why is he even still in the show? Any girl would want to leave him because he’s so lazy and boring. I was thinking that they should just give him another wife but that’s just a waste of time… Anyway, I felt uninterested in the show mainly because of Don Don is ‘moving in’ with Crown J & In Young.

    Atleast Hyun Joong & Hwang Bo are fun to watch now but it’s too bad that Alex & ShinAe decided to leave again! I hope they come back again though….has Alex finished his military service? Andy will be leaving for his military service mid-2009 so I highly doubt he and Solbi will return to the show… 😦

  18. People!!!! Stop complaining about how you don’t watch the show anymore. I don’t care, I’m still watching it. There are still people out there who enjoy the show every Sunday morning. I still look forward to coolsmurf little screencap summary. If you no longer like the show, then don’t reply to this post then. I’m just thanksful that some people are still loyal to the show and continuing to upload and sub it. Many people, even though don’t like new things happening, but there are still old couples that are worth watching. So don’t ruin it for those that still see WGM as their source of entertainment. I just hate repetitive complaining…….JEEZZZZ

  19. To omg we also don’t care if you’re still watching.
    Thank you.

    && I feel bad that ShinAe is leaving the show but it’s for their best interest. Wishing them all the best. 😀

    && The JoongBo couple all I have to say is FIGHTING!

  20. I’m one of the few who actually don’t mind Don Don moving in with the Ant couple. I mean, if they’re wanting to portray a married lifestyle – many married couples have relatives live with them. This is common. Think of Don Don as Crown J’s older brother (whom CJ does refer to often) … annoying and irritable, but you can’t get rid of him because he’s ‘family’.

    I think it’s a good idea. Let the chaos continue.

  21. i agree Hyun Don is an awesome MC on this program, he MCs other shows but this one let him shine/be funny. they should probably get him a new wife, one that he would like & would like him.

    Alshin seems to be getting the same treatment as AnSol got before they decided to leave. that sucks & so do the PDs.

    about Alex didn’t he already do the military stuff or maybe he is a Canadian citizen so he doesn’t have to?


    Last episode, when HB was thinking of girls to set them up with, I thought, “Ah, it would be great to have the WG come on WGM, but they are busy, and I don’t think HB is close to them.” BUT BAM! That was totally a surprise for me when I saw them.

    It makes me sad that even THE coolsmurf doesn’t watch WGM anymore when it was you that got most of us started with the show. =/

    Hopefully, they get a boost in ratings with Ye Eun, Yoobin, and 3/5 of SS501.

    I can definitely understand how AlShin is leaving. =[ It just makes me sad that they are getting the same treatment as AnSol before they left the show… with little airtime. Also, AlShin keeps getting excluded from other couples like AnSol, too. It’s always JoongBo and Ant Couple that interact with other couples. =[

  23. alvin…i stil love ur blog…..ehhee… y dun u sub ths episode of WGM…?? i cant wait for eng sub for AlShin couple….nwy thanx alot for ur hard work…. hehehhe… ~ ^_^

  24. i still watch this show as long as joonbo and ant couples are there…. marco and son dambi are grrr esp when i saw her crying and being too serious to deal with the issues….

  25. Son Dam Bi was crying because she felt that although Marco is six years older than her, it often feels like she’s the one who’s older. Remember the scene at the bookstore? He was off reading comic books when she was trying to genuinely put in the effort to help him be a better person. He wasn’t trying to meet her halfway and compromise like two people in a relationship should.

  26. seriously… dis show is slowly becoming a disaster. wif those new couples who aren’t natural at all and using idol groups as special guests, i don’t think it will boost up its ratings anymore… not after anbi n alshin left. (n we have to admit, people got hooked on dis show much thx to these 2 couples.)
    the concept of hwan hee and hwayobi couple n marco and son dambi couple really can’t impress me… i dun noe why… its like they’re acting and covering up their real personalities too much, esp hwan hee. as much as i like hwan hee, his ‘bad boy’ act seems really sooo fake. and hwayobi is so irritating… n i mean, reallyx2 irritating. i like her before but her ‘weird’ personality is… urm… juz WEIRD?
    Gah~ i’ll only watch d lettuce couple part after dis.. i’ve found hwan hee n hwayobi n also alshin and lettuce couple parts being subs in youtube… but couldn’t found ant couple’s parts. anyone noe where i can watch for ant couple’s parts?

  27. i’ll still watch the show, but the PDs has to get rid of don don, i agree with everybody that he is a great MC for WG but nothing more. And he’s messing with my favorite couple 😦

    We got Married has to get back that ol’good formula that make them popular in the past.

  28. Wonder Girls? WONDER GIRLS?
    I’m SO excited!
    ❤ ❤ ❤
    aaahhhhhhh can’t wait for someone to sub this and upload it!

  29. They just given Alshin couple under 10min airtime ?
    When they’ll leave the show just a couple weeks again ?
    Oh no, the show really annoyed me…
    I need more airtime for Alshin before they leave…

  30. people shouldn’t get mad that j
    oongbo couple is getting less time
    its only a matter of time before they too get out of the show
    what with HJ Drama and upcoming ss501 album
    the boy has already OD-ed over stress,
    i don’t think his company wants that to happen again

    *sigh* we got married seems so fake and scripted now
    i don’t even bother watching
    with AlShin and AnSol gone, so is the magic

  31. Marile and OMG,

    How can we be loyal to a show that is not loyal to its fans?

    When AnBi were leaving we knew that they would have at

    least 3 more episodes and was hoping for more airtime, but

    didn’t happen. Then now, AlShin is leaving and again, a big

    let down on airtime w/c is under 10 mins.

    I am sure there would be enough footage to cover at least

    25 to 30 mins of airtime. They are still part of the show,

    still have fans of the couple who watches them every

    single episode, so PDs should at least show gratitude to

    those fans and give a good chunk of airtime for their fav

    couple who are leaving. Maybe some loyalty given

    to the fans will lure some back and stay with the show.

    But, I high doubt that they would.

  32. as hwangbuin is becoming more popular to the guys,glad to see joongbo has one more step to deeper and closer=P
    understand why ppl will leave wgm,it’s not really like the gd show as our expected.
    however,i will keep watching it as my loveable cp joongbo is still there.and cj and iy are very funny.it’s worth me to stay.
    i’ve been addicted to wgm,addicted to joongbo and cj,iy not only in the show.therefore i really hope to see their update news there in the coming days.hope coolsmurf will do so.
    support jb and cj,iy and also coolsmurf~thanks for yr time and effort to update the news for us.

  33. wooo, tons of complainers! if you don’t like it anymore MOVE ON! geez…. I for one am not ready to leave this show behind..Joongbo and Ant couple are still there…and so will I… YeEun and Yoobin just got excited all over again! As long as there are interesting couples I will watch…I don’t really get emotionally attached to people i have never met….So whoever that manages to make me laugh has my attention.. GO GO WGM!

  34. Hwayobi has her own personality just like that, if you watch X-man in the old days, she always unique like that.
    Hwan Hee’s acting is fake? bad boy? please watch the whole part of them, he always scold her but he just automatically do whatever she want.

    I think he care his wife with his own way, every couple just has their own way. I was curious about this couple bcos they said this couple is replacing my fave couple Andy♥Solbi.

    What should I say, Andy♥Solbi can’t replace by any couple, but as I said, each couple has their own style, way, problem just like in real life.

    How could you said that HH’s act is fake then what about IY? nagging every time? that’s not fake either rite? just yeah … their style is like that …

    For now, I just enjoy the show as long as I can and as long as I have couple to watch ^^

  35. im going to miss Alshin ❤ their the reason I even watch we got married. PLUS ! WHT only 10 minutes . GR , I already miss the ansol couple now Alshin ?!

  36. @indies67 : RIGHT ON!

    Well, I think we have rights to complain since we’re watching the show and helping to boost ratings..? DUH~

  37. am i the only one who loves Dondon? only when he’s MCing though…not that anyone should care…just a headlight, since..hey, go easy on the guy…he’s portraying THE Dondon…the annoying hyung/oppa who supposedly bring chaos and all sort of disasters to WGM couples…

    and srsly SERIOUSLY, the new PD really sucks at editing…wonder if the old PD (as hated he was…) bring the crews of WGM to his new pilot…since the shooting were equally bad…-_-.

  38. havn’t watched this one yet but man… stupid lately. more than the new of alshin leaving i hated putting ant/witch with hyungdon. the PDs saw the popularity of the show falling steadily and decided to stir up a lil drama by sticking these together. when you said poor crown j… he was the one who agreed to this. basically he saw money being taken out of his pocket by family outing and decided to put himself into this situation. it’s retarded and looks desperate. you know the charm of this show was how natural everyone seemed to be but now.. theyre trying soo hard to fit into their “roles” (or what everyone wants to see from them) that it just aint natural anymore. WGM lost sight of what it originally was… they sold out. sigh at least alshin is leaving before it burns

  39. I still love WGM. I’m a loyal fan of the show. I was an AlShin supporter from the get go and then I became addicted to learning more about the other couples as well. I say, do what you want because it’s your blog. =)

    As for AlShin leaving the show, I think the PDs were just trying to be considerate towards the couple but a lot of their fans took it the wrong way. As a fan, I think it’s a better decision to let Shin Ae deal with her grief and Alex with his physical stress. As much as I love watching them onscreen, I also know that for them the show is considered work and they need rest. I wouldn’t push them to overwork themselves just to entertain me. Even celebrities need a break. Plus, the PDs are most likely short of time and footage for AlShin. They didn’t get to cover as much of the couple since CJS’s passing and I think they wanted to give respect to Shin Ae’s grief.

    And, please don’t be so bitter just because some of the original couples are leaving. The show gave all of them a bigger presence and helped their careers phenomenally, so to turn your back on a show that supported it’s cast (the ones that you loved) is ridiculous and childish. I’m sure all the people who’ve been on the show would tell their supporters to still give love to the show that helped them.

  40. incognitus, if you’re watching it on youtube or other video sites, it’s very likely that your viewing doesn’t count in the ratings. I think that they get the ratings from ppl watching live in korea. I think the TV station has a way to record it when they are airing to see how many homes are tuning into their station or something. I think I learned this from the drama On Air when they talked about viewer ratings.

    At the end of the day, this is a show, even if the couples don’t leave, the show will come to an end. Reading everyone’s post made me realize how much I am attacthed to the show. Just like Heroine 6 and loveletter and etc. Too much for my own good since I knew that this is all made up when it started. I wonder if it is still made up for the older couples like ant couple, alshin, anbi, joongbo. Don’t you?

  41. Thanks coolsmurf, I always enjoy the capture and picture you have of the couple on We Got Married! Please don’t stop the summaries, don’t listen to those people who comment or say negative things.

  42. thanks coolsmurf..
    haiz i kinda like marco dambi because of marco..
    but maybe theyre not suitable for each other?
    i have to watch this then

  43. Thanks for the summaries. I’m glad everyone enjoy the show, regardless with all the complaining of the couples. But we all know, we enjoy watching the show because it’s different from any other shows. I hope the couples really do like each other at the end.

    I’m sure everyone have their couples…I don’t mind the new couple, they are pretty interesting. But as times passes, I’m sure couples will have to leave each other. Just sad to see it…but the show must go on.

    Beside, you can totally tell that andy and solbi were parting. Look at their gestures, especially how solbi forgot part of the farming incident…that really hurt andy’s ego. I was not surprised that he said “sorry”, but my hubbie and I was really surprise when Solbi said “Sorry”. Now that was unexpected.

    I honestly think Alshin couple are going to hook up, you can really see it in their eyes…You know when they really like each other, when their eyes sparkles, when they see each other. But couldn’t help, but to smile…=) That’s love in the making =)

    or its just me…but thanks again for the summary

  44. people chill out a bit… don’t blame don don too much..
    I think the PD asked dondon to live with the ant couple and put them into test since they are the oldest couple in the WGM… and since the show is getting boring we need him for entertainment purposes… common he’s fun to watch plus inyoung and crown j its triple the fun..hmm..please be more open minded and considerate.. yes we all know don don is annoying as hell, yes he’s lazy and everything but he’s a nice fella… he just need to act that way because its the character he needs to portray in WGM like inyoung…its his job.. blame the PD…its the PDs fault…they want him to act that way…

    sorii for any spelling mistakes or grammars…

  45. Hwanhee and Hwayobi = cool

    Marco and Son Dambi = annoying

    SIY and Crown J = interresing + Don The Lazyas3 = disaster

    I’m only here b/c of HJ and HwangBo and hwanhee and Yobi~

  46. Hyun Don a good MC? ….. no … just much more acceptable than having to watch his antics as a participant. I can see why the PD put him there …. its as if he has orders to be as annoying as possible. The PD’s are trying anything now ……

    Actually … I don’t think I’ve liked Hyun Don in anything … from Xman to Infinity Challenge to this … just find that there are so many better characters and MCs that easily overshadow him or would replace whatever he brings.

  47. Marco … I find him hilarious … even if he acts like a child. But he’s seriously making himself look bad, especially if he’s making Son Dam Bi cry ……

    Instead of wanting to play … he’s already said he hasn’t worked in a while …. why not take the opportunity with this show to gain more exposure and that you’re a serious adult …. instead of looking like a partying goof?

    I vote to replace Marco …. .with me. hahahahaha

  48. It’s so sad that Alshin is leaving.. They and AnSol were my fav couples and the reason why I started watching the show..

    But the show is good.. It still is… The couples are all different so it isn’t boring…

    We should it all give the future episodes a chance even though we are upset about Alshin’s departure.

  49. Poor Dam Bi, Marco seems to have a double-standard outlook when it comes to their relationship! He wants to party, but he won’t allow her to do it!

  50. I find it funny how people keep bringing up how unrealistic it is to bring celebrities onto the show as guests..
    Obviously not everything on here will seem REALISTIC.
    Also, what do you expect?! Average people being guest stars? The fact that the couples on the show are celebrities themselves means that they’d obviously have CELEBRITY friends.

    Urghh.. if you’re so unwilling to watch the show, then why do you still bother reading the summaries and repeatedly say that WGM is boring?

    Okay, now that’s out of my system.. sorry for being so rude. I just think that if you don’t feel the need to watch WGM anymore, then please keep negative comments to yourself and ruin it for others who do want to continue watching it. =\

  51. i agree with you too grace! i seriously dont understand why people like to give so many comments when to them, this show is boring and not worth watching. i love this show despite 2 of the original couple is out of the show or going to. if this show is going to stay true for say a hundred plus episode with no addition of new couples. then that to me is BORING. stop being so negative! after all, this is just a variety show.

  52. Hyung Don is annoying… but him being annoying is supposed to spice up the show? ^_^ Poor In Young…

    Alshin… nooo!!! Oh well… they have a lot going on… I can understand. If the A-couple and Lettuce couple stay… I don’t mind watching still…

    Son Dambi and Marco… honestly… I cannot stand Marco… he’s such a bimbo… and Dambi just lacks personality.

    Hwayobi fawns too much over Hwan Hee… please get yourself some R-E-S-P-E-C-T girl… Hwan Hee’s ‘character’ on the show is still confusing me… so is he hard on the outside and soft on the inside? Hard in and out? I dunno… he’s a complex character…

    Thanks for the screenshots…

    SS501 and the Wonder Girls? NOOOOOOooooo!!!!

  53. I am in love with Joongbo couple more each week. They are the main reason I am watching WGM. “Thank you” for your summary. You did a fantastic job.

  54. So sad to see Alshin leaving T.T they are my fave..but i’ll still watch the show it’s so hilarious XD i mean Hwanhee/Hwayobi couple are just awesome!! i love Hwanhee’s personality..lol

  55. I’ll miss Alshin )’:
    Hwanhee/Hwayobi couple annoy me x’]
    Probs’ bcz they replaced Anbi~ :/
    I ♥ Lettuce couple more and more each ep (:
    Ant couple getting boring though :/

  56. Alshin was starting to get interesting! They were finally getting to be a bit more comfortable and intimate with each other again and now their leaving?!?! Geezus…. I hope they stay together after the show and maybe have updates for us late on?

    Don Don….OmG I HATE THIS GUY! I dont even know why he is even on the damn show everytime I see him I just want to like smack the leaving daylight out of him. The Ant couple were totally fine the way they were. I am so upset that they had to move in with him. Crown WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!?!?! I know your intention were good but geezus this is going to just bite you in the butt late on. Again… I HATE DON DON! I was so annoyed with him I had to fast forward the show to watch the lettuce couple.

    Lettuce couple #1 couple they are starting to really feel comfortable around each other. Sometime like a old couple. Haha Notice how Hyun Joong tells her to change he is really old fashion for someone who is suppose to be “Fresh” but I love him to death. I thought the wonder girls and SS501 members were really fun to watch. Maybe because I cant stand the new couples. And also because of DON DON! OMG how I hate that Guy!!!

    As for the new couples. MARCO gets on my damn nerve! he needs to grow up he doesnt deserve Dambi and he freaking made her cried! how can you make a girl like that cried!?! Dambi and Hwanhee should be a couple instead they look good together and I am sure he would have treated her a wholeeee lot better than freaking MARCO!
    Marco is just a pervert trying to SkinShip Dambi all the time. He should just be with Hwayobi instead because she actually likes that , always trying to get affection from Hwanhee lol

    Phewww ok thats was a lot of venting but yeah I still love the show. I think if it wasnt for the lettuce couple I would have stop watching. Ant couple KICK DON DON OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!

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