Shin Ae Able to Laugh with Alex’s Touching Daily Escape Event

Romantic guy, Alex made his “wife” Shin Ae laugh with his sudden daily life escape event. On MBC We Got Married which aired on the 26th, Alex was able to make Shin Ae laugh by their escape after she had finished working.

Shin Ae had become depressed following the sudden suicide of her close friends, Choi Jin Shil. Alex thus made a sudden appearance at Shin Ae’s signing event to give her courage. However, seeing his wife in sadness, which he hadn’t experienced before, Alex waited until the signing event was over and grabbed her hands and left. With their phones turned off, the two raced toward a countryside village where they could not be noticed or disturbed.

Shin Ae sang along with Alex her favorite song Scarlet Sunset by Lee Moon Sae and become more upbeat. Shin Ae expressed her gratitude in her interview, saying, “I felt good. I was emotionally very frustrated but I tried not to show it by saying that I was feeling good…but (Alex) is so good at reading me that I was able to have a good time without worrying too much in a long while.

Shin Ae continued, “I was so grateful that I was able unload a little of my heart ache and enabled me to escape from my daily life” and thanked Alex again.

Meanwhile, in the preview of the following episode, Alex shed tears as he worried about Shin Ae and caused much curiosity from fans. The 2nd part of Alex and Shin Ae’s daily life escape will air on 11/2 and will reveal a little of what Shin Ae had been unable to express about how she had to let Choi Jin Shil go.

Note: This is actually from last week episode. But I forgot about it.

credit: soonjap@soompi (translation) + Luv@soompi (pictures)
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21 thoughts on “Shin Ae Able to Laugh with Alex’s Touching Daily Escape Event

  1. no one is subbing the whole ep of wgm anymore….i hope someone would sub the remaining eps of alex n shin ae in wgm…

  2. I just watched WGM live a few hours ago and it was indeed very touching. I had stopped watching WGM a long time ago but decided to watch this one since the Wonder Girls were making a special appearance.

  3. LOVE THEM!!! thanks for the summary or else i wouldn’t have known.. >_<;; *cough* haven’t been watching for awhile..

  4. Alvin,

    Who knows when the subtitles will be up but can you tell us what she said about Choi Jin-sil and how she was going to ‘let her go’. It’s so sad and recently, one of CJS close friend returned to television show again after a short absense to mourn for their friend….she was on the show TAXI and a guy from a group called ‘Hot Potato’ sang one of his songs with a guitar which made the driver (host?) and the friend cry.

    It was really touching and sad…

  5. i think marriedsubs only subs for d lettuce couple only. but i found d parts for alshin and hwayobi couple wif eng subs from
    altho not a full episode, but still, better than none. plus, i dun really like d new couple. son dambi is annoying, and hwayobi became more and more irritating even if she’s funny.
    after alshin left, there’s no more reason for me 2 watch wgm anymore…
    without alshin and anbi, d show is so lifeless… no more solbi making comment on other couples part… and after alshin gone later, there will also no sound of alex laughing so loud… and i can even see hwan hee is kind of acting in this show… not even becoming himself. not like the old couples, where they express their real personalities. ant couple also dims out… they’re bickering over and over again n then crown j makes surprises for her… its d same thing all over again… too boring…
    after alshin left, i’ll just watch for d lettuce couple only. since they’re d only couple left dats worth to watch. juz hope they won’t leave too… ugh~ there goes my frustration… ^^

  6. they should go out for real!!!!! they are soooo cute together!! and shin ae needs someone that cab heal her broken heart and alex needs someone sweet and funny like her. *sighs* imma miss them like crazy.

  7. I was going through your blog and found this posting which you’ve forgotten about it. Glad you post it.
    Romantic Alex, he is and it was indeed a very thoughtful and caring of Alex to make ShinAe forget the hard time she is going through. Going to miss this lovely couple.
    Coolsmurf, I hope (praying also) that you’ll be kind enough to sub AlShin last few episodes to that we’ll be able to know and end happily with them. Thanks a million in advance.

  8. love alshin couple!! It’s so sad that they’r leaving WGM! and yes!! i strongly agree that they should go out for real! They’ll be such a perfect couple!! Hope their romance will stay strong off-screen too! I do hope that Alex has no notion of giving up Shin Ae after WGM! πŸ™‚

  9. youtube.. CJW Town just finished subbing the full ep of episode 31. go check it out guys. think subs are just slower now cos Muish’s on leave… hopefully not for long! lol

  10. Episode 31 was subbed by Muish and is posted on Soompi… So download the raw and watch the subs!! πŸ˜€

    [Muish wants to sub episode 32 so she didn’t want to see a gap between episode 30 and 32 so she subbed 31 and episode 32 will be out she said around wednesday!]

  11. I feel like this is the most real couple! They should really just date! Alex is such a sweetie caring so much for Shinae!
    She is the luckiest girl in the world! Can’t watch the show anymore after they leave…..

  12. will be missing them indeed!…they are/were the reason why i started watching WGM in the first place. The send-off (final eppies) of a couple very much loved should be a big deal esp the orig 4(to me that would be:alshin/anbi/joongbo/ant–lol). They(the orig 4)are after all, the ones who made this show work….in my opinion.

    and yes i burned my finger..(2nd degree burn!) it hurts like HELL and typing is a pain lol no joke

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