Park Min Young at the 2008 Korea Drama Awards

Park Min Young arriving at the red carpet of the 2008 Korea Drama Awards. She also gave out an award during the ceremony. Did not win but I thought she looked really pretty and elegant in her dress compared to the past.

Arriving at the Red Carpet

At the Photo Area

Handing Out An Award

For reports and pictures of other stars at the 2008 Korea Drama Awards, visit Dramabeans and Hanfever for their coverage. List of Winners.

15 thoughts on “Park Min Young at the 2008 Korea Drama Awards

  1. I’m in love with that dress it seriously flatters her figure.
    I like how she used the sophisticated yet flirty look but I would have liked to see her hair a bit more her, not all picked up but you know flowy and what not.

  2. yeah the dress is reeeeally pretty !
    it’s nice to see an asian girl with curves,
    because it makes those girls who do have curves feel better (:
    and that not everyone has to be stick skinny to be pretty!

  3. eunhyukie,

    but she’s curvy where she needs to be and not where she doesn’y. Not many girls are blessed with this. You’re either all round slim or all round ‘curvy’. 😉

    I’m curious though, how old is park min young? I think she looks much older coz of her pullup hairstyle. Really pretty, but makes her look much older than she probably is.

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