Oh Ji Ho Joins Park Ye Jin in Lord of Study

Oh Ji Ho has been confirmed as Kang Suk Ho in SBS Lord of Study and has been receiving training from a lecturer teaching at a respectable school.

Oh Ji Ho’s management expressed, “Oh Ji Ho is not pretending but actually learning the maths very diligently. The amount of hard work that he is putting in is no joke really. But the fact that he can solve hard problems after learning it once, surprised even the teacher that he was learning from.”

Not long ago, Oh Ji Ho had appeared on an episode of SBS Ya Shim Man Man where he managed to figure out the problem faster than a calculator. Lord of Study talks about how Kang Suk Ho flops and failed at one school. He later ends up teaching at the special class in Seoul University and encounter lots of funny events with the special students. Park Ye Jin will play opposite Oh Ji Ho’s character and is called Lee Hye Sook. Lee Hong Gi of F.T. Island also stars.

Filming begins at the beginning of November and is scheduled for broadcast in early December in the Mon-Tue timeslot, taking over Tazza.

credit: gomdorii (translation)

22 thoughts on “Oh Ji Ho Joins Park Ye Jin in Lord of Study

  1. Another smart one. Sounds like a good plot. But of course wondering just what Park Ye Jin’s role is. That would make this article so much better… 😮

  2. Park Yeh Jin & Oh Ji Ho, this is sounding better. yeah i heard OJH is crazy smart with math, pretty cool he’ll get to use his math skills for this role.

  3. wow!!
    I am so impressed with the cast so far!
    I love all of them ^^

    I can’t wait to see who the other students are!
    Aside from Hongki, I am hoping for some hot new young actors to appear, maybe ex-Ulzzangs or something! x]

  4. interesting!
    so this series is about “math”?
    like Good Will Hunting?
    quite a challenge to spin a series from it.

  5. can’t wait to catch this new drama. hopefully his role in this new project will allow Oh Ji Ho to showcase his acting talent!

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