Choi Jin Shil’s Children Has No Knowledge of Dad’s Existence

Having remained silent while Jo Sung Min was dominating headlines this past few days, Choi Jin Young has finally erupted with regards to this issue.

Choi Jin Young had met up with Jo Sung Min on the afternoon of 27th to discuss over the issue of Choi Jin Shi’s property rights. Jo Sung Min asked for custody rights of the children (which would ultimately mean he would manage Choi Jin Shil’s property rights according to Korean law). But it won’t be that easy since Jo had given up the custody rights in 2004 following his divorce with Choi.

Choi Jin Young angrily rebuked, “Both the children don’t even know that their dad exists. Up till now, he (Jo Sung Min) has never showed or display any fatherly love to them. What’s his real motive for wanting to regain the custody rights at this juncture after giving it up so easily a few years ago?”

Jo Sung Min through his lawyer reiterated, “Custody rights should be given to Choi’s immediate family members. Property rights should be managed by a 3rd party appointed by the courts.” If Jo Sung Min isn’t getting the money, he is making sure that Choi Jin Young and family doesn’t get it either.

35 thoughts on “Choi Jin Shil’s Children Has No Knowledge of Dad’s Existence

  1. man… i wish the courts have eyes and see what kind of man the human scum truly is… courts are meant to judge fairly, and not just accodring to some book…

  2. This is so unfair! Poor Choi Jin Young has to deal with all of this. I can’t imagine losing someone close to me, much less a sibling. 😦 And then come the horrible property rights and investments, and one obviously would not want to deal with all of that right now. Time for grieving is good.

    Gah, this is too heartbreaking. T^T

  3. Psh, I knew that the he was a stranger to his kids. He wasn’t even there for the birth of his daughter why be there now?

    What an ass.

  4. What the hell?

    Jo Sung Min, end it. Why continue hurting the Choi family when you have done enough.

    Let your ex-wife, Choi Jin-sil, rest in peace and let her family mourn the grieve of losing someone special to them.

    Rest in peace, Choi Jin-sil.

  5. man that asshole should just give up
    the main reason choi jinshil divorced this son of a bitch
    was because he cheated on her with some hostess from a bar

    so this fag has no right to claim ANYTHING

  6. have strength Choi Jin Young! He’s been amazing throughout this sad period of time…

    people dying is upsetting; what they leave in their wake is even more horrid.

  7. i wonder whos his mother.
    raising this kind of faceless piece of ****
    i rarely curse on the internet, but this is just too much.

  8. @ kirra12
    LOL, just what i was thinking.
    could he have done nothing but baseball practice all his young life, he lost chance learning about empathy, loyalty, family love, compassion, dedication? endless harsh training, competitive sports makes him ruthless? so he survives first, damn everyone else – even his own flesh and blood?

  9. the kids deserve a better dad than this scumbag.
    if they can only pick, this scumbag would not be their dad

    it makes me soo angry. how stupid is this guy!

  10. WHAT? He’s a total idiot. If there is any justice left in the world, he would be the last person on earth who gets the kids and the money. He wouldn’t even care about the kids if he get their custody. Goodness. How can such a money face person exist?

  11. due wtf
    hes a friggin greedy dick
    it seems like hes glad his wife passed away
    ugffggf this makes me mad

  12. WTH? Selfish greedy man!

    This is sick.. i don’t want the child custody falls to him.. whatever the “blood is thicker than water” stuff, I want justice!

  13. wtfreak? shouldn’t this be common sense or they’re just making it complicated to make headlines?? that bastard GAVE UP custody of the kids. that means he should have NOTHING to do with the kids AND property rights.

  14. @tinhtrn…yup, headline fodder…but poor brother CJY, he’s a bachelor right…some courts won’t allow bachelors to act as guardians nor adopt kids, even their own blood…still hoping Justice will not turn a blind eye to this idiot of an ex-husband and biological father!

  15. i feel very sorry for the kids…
    if they ever find out about this after they grow up…they are just going to hate his guts…what a douchbag

  16. Should this case go to court, I really, really hope that the judicial system would render the children and the property/assets to the Choi family, not to the selfish ex-husband. He’s EX already so he doesn’t have any right whatsoever to claim anything! NONE, ZIP, ZERO!

    JUDGES, please be fair & honest & considerate and give the children & the assets to the proper & rightful caretakers, the CHOI family now and forever!

    I rest my case!

  17. It’s probably a good thing they do not know of their father’s existence and I hope that continues. That knowledge would only hurt them. I really wish the best for the Choi family but I reckon they would rather do without a cent and take care of the two kids on their own resources than let the scumbag get his grubby, evil claws on their dead mother’s lifeblood.

  18. If uncle can’t adopt his kids even after looking after them all this time, korea is letting scumbags get free ride on so-called traditional values (confucianism, patriarchal system.)

    in america there’s enough deadbeat dads to make “nature nurture” a common sense. jo sung min is a deadbeat dad. he doesn’t even pay child support! anyone without fertility problems can make babies, but it takes real men to bring up children.

    CJS changed her kids name to “Choi”, that should be significant enough. but society, culture and law says “father is king, rules over all”, so you have deadbeats thriving, single moms vilified (even when they pick up all the scraps to survive). no wonder adoption isn’t popular in korea, but they feel better sending kids abroad. can’t get over “nature nurture”!!

  19. i feel bad for Choi Jin Young, he seems like a nice guy & he kinda became a parent over night. i hope he has the strength to fight for his sister, the kids & their assets. he has their best interests definitely. Jo Sung Min on the other hand thinks people are as shady as he is. Jo Sung Min is a jerk. i hope the court can see Jo Sung Min has no rights, he is just a loser milking innocent children & their mom & her family. Jo Sung Min is a leech & a deadbeat “dad” or more like a sperm donor, that is it & hopefully the courts can see that.

  20. Man, that guy just want her money! Four years later after she die now he show up on the picture! I hope the kids doesn’t go with him or even want to be with him after four years of not seeing your children or doesn’t even care to care for the kids. I really hope he lose the case. I hope the judges know better. I so agree with you guys on this! where was he all of these years? and her brother had been taking care of the kids all long and where was he when his kids needed him. I don’t live in Korea, but I knew she die so he should have known before me! Man, I hope he doesn’t get a single cent out of this. Like manadononi3 said he is “EX” he doesn’t get shit! Plus, he didn’t even care or show his face to the kids for 4 years and nothing even fighting to win the kids over when they first divorce. He shouldn’t get anything at all! Anyway, thanks for the new!

  21. I want to punch Jo Sung Min in the face and get some sense into him. What a scumbag.

    I wish Choi Jin Shil’s kids the best, I hope they don’t go to the wrong hands. Poor kids ):

  22. He is a definite douche bag. I really hope that all her fans will at least stand up with her family to fight this A-Hole. If Korean law allows this scumbag to get rights, then there is no justice there at all. How can they renegage on the fact that man gave up his rights.

  23. Jo Sung Min is for sure a big bitc* !! Doesn’t he have any shame ?

    Money money money, must be money, in this bastard world…

    Let’s have faith on the justice ! >o<

  24. λ°”λ³΄μ•ˆλƒ? λ‹ˆλ“€μ΄λ­˜μ•„λŠ”κ±°λƒ? λ‹Ήμ—°νžˆ κ·Έ γ……γ…‚μ„ΈλΌλŠ”λˆλ•œμ—κ·ΈλŸ¬λŠ”κ±°μ§€ λ­”μ΄μœ μžˆκ²Œμˆ˜? μ•„ μ§„μ‹€μ„ λ°°λ‹˜μ™œμΌ€λ―Έλ ¨ν•œμ§“μ„ν–ˆλ‚˜μš”?κ·Έλ”΄μ•…ν”Œλ•œμ—λΆˆμŒν•œμ•„μ΄λ“€μ΄λž‘λ™μƒμ„λ‘κ³ μ΄μ„Έμƒλ– λ‚˜μŠ΅λ‹ˆκΉŒ? μ •λ§μ–΄λ‘ μ†μ—κ±·κ³ μžˆμ—ˆμ„λ•Œμ£Όλ‹˜λΆ€λ₯΄μ…¨λ‚˜μš”?

  25. this is just ridiculous. that so called “father” needs to just leave the children alone if he didn’t want to be involved in their lives from the beginning. its damaging enough for the children to find out their mother is gone, and for them to suddenly find out “oh my father is alive and he’s going to be running our lives no with mother gone?” is outrageous. the property rights should go to choi jin shil’s brother and family members who honestly want to care for the children

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