General Hospital 2 Replaces The Return of Iljimae

MBC announced yesterday that the follow-up drama to Beethoven Virus would be General Hospital 2 instead of The Return of Iljimae. The latter has now been delayed for broadcast officially to next year as a result.

General Hospital 2 was highly popular among viewers when it was shown 14 years ago. Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Jung Eun will lead the drama which will air on 19th November after Beethoven Virus in the Wed-Thus timeslot.

Jung Il Woo fans who have been waiting with anticipation for his version of Iljimae were noticeably disappointed with MBC’s decision. But the production team behind The Return of Iljimae welcomed the decision that MBC had made.

According to the production team, filming for The Return of Iljimae was originally set to begin early next year. But following some changes by MBC which set the broadcast date to 19th November, they had to alter their schedule to meet the change. But with this latest development, the team can now film the drama according to their original schedule without any rush.

According to PD Hwang In Roi, “The Return of Iljimae will require lots of post-production processing especially for the fighting scenes. Our filming schedule was disrupted several times due to the frequent changes but this new development is a good thing because we have more time now.”

11 thoughts on “General Hospital 2 Replaces The Return of Iljimae

  1. i hope kim jung eun’s will act in this drama. im pissed off with her tweetums gestures when reality is she is old already.

    she just cant act well. i hope her acting will be more okey with this series i think this is gonna be different from the ones she is used to before which are mostly light romantic comedies.

    Lovers was serious drama but unfortunately her acting was non existent as she was even outshined by her now bf lee seo jin.

  2. i am sort of frustrated, because i need to wait much longer for this drama.

    and observer, you should have watched KJE’s movie Wisdom Tooth and Mr. Butterfly. the reason she returns to comic acting because people didn’t support her serious acting when she decided to take on a change of image. in LOVERS, i believe she was more matured and LSJ outshone her because of HER GREAT ACTING, in which LSJ personally THANKED her for making him shine in the series. had it been with some so-so actress, i doubt he’d even shine…look what happened to him while filming Lee San, the series was popular, but not him as the lead actress was also busy making herself shine.

  3. I’m anticipating for General Hospital 2 since the first one was really good, The Return of Iljimae is also anticipated, but the timeslot change was due to MBC’s decision to remove Weekend Dramas at the 10 pm timeslot, where GH 2 was supposed to be aired…I have to re-read that article though since I’m really not sure why MBC came to that decision, it may be favorable to the latter since they have to prepare for the drama much better, we just need to have a little more patience

  4. Sorry if I’m out of the loop, but is the The Return of Iljimae with Lee Jun Ki? That doesn’t look like him? Would be disappointed if it was with another actor. Love anything with Cha Tae Hyun so I can’t wait for GH2!

  5. General Hospital 2 sounds interesting. I like the cast, too, but it reminds me of the American soap opera. Atleast the Korean version would have an ending. hahah

  6. i dont like kim jung eun. she is so irritating. i tried to watch the first scenes of lovers in paris before but i just dont like her she is not pretty and she cannot act. since then i havent watched any of her dramas therefore im not gonna watch this LOL

  7. So, don’t watch GH2, heroine, if you dislike her. Nobody’s forcing you to. So shut up. There are still a lot of people who will watch this series. Kim jung Eun does not need your support.

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