Jo Sung Min Willing to Give Up Children But Not Money

After making headlines yesterday, Jo Sung Min issued a statement through his lawyer last night stating that, he has no interest in Choi Jin Shil’s property rights and claims that he is only doing this (claiming the property rights) so that the two young children can inherit them when they reach adult age.

According to the statement released last night, Jo Sung Min’s lawyer claims that all the news reports yesterday has distorted the original aim of what Jo Sung Min wanted. Jo Sung Min has suggested that the property rights should be managed by a 3rd-party (himself) designated by the courts or lawyer. The property rights would then be handed over to the children once they become adults. As for the children custody rights, Jo Sung Min expressed he would respect what the children wanted and would allow either Choi Jin Young or Choi’s mother to raise them. The child support money would be paid monthly through the independant body assigned to manage Choi’s property rights.

The ones to inherit Choi’s property rights goes automatically to her children. But because of their young age at present, the management of the property rights would go to their guardian and the ones with the custody rights. According to Korean law, custody rights of Choi’s children automatically goes to Jo Sung Min after her death. But because Jo Sung Min has expressed he is willing to give up raising the children to Choi Jin Young and Choi’s mother but with no intentions of yielding the property rights management, Jo has come under fire from Korean netizens for hankering after the money over the children’s welfare.

According to lawyers that specializes in this, the current situation favours Jo Sung Min. Although Choi Jin Shil’s family can appeal the decision to strip Jo Sung Min of custody rights, but with reference to past cases, their chances of winning are slim. According to sources, Choi’s property rights has been frozen by the banks and can only be accessed after this whole matter has been settled in courts. But because of Jo’s decision to manage the property rights, Choi’s family of maintaining a basic lifestyle has become a huge problem.

This issue has become a hot dispute among netizens. Many have lambasted Jo Sung Min for his actions and is against him managing Choi Jin Shil’s property rights. They have also taken to signing online petitions against this. Most Korean websites have disabled commenting on Jo Sung Min’s related news articles. Although Jo Sung Min doesn’t have a personal blog, others who has unfortunately the same name has him has suffered greatly with their blogs, websites being defaced and attacked by words scolding Jo Sung Min.

Jo Sung Min = Human Scum

64 thoughts on “Jo Sung Min Willing to Give Up Children But Not Money

  1. what the F*** I don’t believe the sh*t Jo Sung Min is saying!!!!! “money to manage for his kids”?!?! yeah right! dude, we were not born yesterday to believe this kind of excuse especially if the talk has something to do with money!!!

    He is really getting on my nerves!!!!!!!!!!

  2. what an idiot. i think jo sung min should be ashamed of what’s he is trying to do right now. Wants the property but not his children? what a moron.

    omg…i cant believe this is even allowed to happen!!! argh!! why is this even a dispute?!?! …how terrible. he really is human scum…it’s so obvious he just wants the money…and obviously not for the children…he’ll probably somehow put it away for himself!!! ARGH…

  4. what does “But because of Jo’s decision to manage the property rights, Choi’s family of maintaining a basic lifestyle has become a huge problem”? that this mean that Choi Jin young has no money to keep on living?.

  5. He is fucken scum and a jerk.
    I can’t believe the court can’t even see what his TRUE intentions are.
    He just wants her assets. He still doesn’t care about the kids.

    Where’s this petition? I want to sign it too.

    URGH. He cheats on her with some hooker. Beats her up when she’s pregnant. Now that she’s gone, he wants to steal everything that was meaningful to her.

    He doesn’t even deserve to go to hell.

  6. there’s a reason why they got divorced right? maybe this has a part of it.. he’s a money grubbing, heartless BASTARD

  7. “This issue has become a hot dispute among netizens. Many have lambasted Jo Sung Min for his actions and is against him managing Choi Jin Shil’s property rights. They have also taken to signing online petitions against this. Most Korean websites have disabled commenting on Jo Sung Min’s related news articles.”

    I’m sorry to say this: Even though they have good intentions, these netizens are becoming an invasive pain in the ass to Korean celebrities. Sorry, but that’s how i see it. What makes these strangers think they have a say in a private family affair??? I just don’t understand the logic of their nosey petitions.

    the only thing their gossip mongering is getting accomplished is stressing others out. let the law take care of this issue, because in the end it’s the court/family members involved that will make the final decisions. creating a petty petition is just going too far. rant all you want, but don’t try to impose your own judgements/decisions on others, you know?

  8. I had not seen any of CJS’s work and only knew of her through articles I read in 2004 regarding her nasty divorce. So to my surprise, I saw coverage of Jo Sung Min attending her funeral processions. I, in good faith, assumed that since he was at the ceremonies and her family even allowed him to be a witness at her burial, that the internal struggles had come to a “close” as a result of CJS’s passing.

    JSM is “some piece of work.”

    Imagine how much pain CJS was in if she thought that her children would have been better if she was not in this world with them? She must be in so much pain right now looking down on her children from heaven. Can’t she FINALLY get some peace!?!?!

  9. this is getting really sad.. i hope whoever deserves whatever gets it..

    just think about what the children would think and how they would feel if they grow to understand what actually happened..

  10. …she must be really sad right now with all this happenings…I hope she has left a will appointing somebody as guardian for the kids…as for her lowlife of an ex-husband, I hope the earth swallows him alive!
    …I can’t believe he has the intention to become the property manager of the wife he divorced…and the saddest thing is that he has forgotten that he had given up custody of the kids even before her death!…What a blundering idiot!

  11. i wonder how soon after he heard of choi jin sil’s death, he called up a trusty, high-power lawyer to start planning on “managing” her money?? no doubt his appearance at the highly publicized “aftermath” was advised by his lawyer!

    “According to Korean law, custody rights of Choi’s children automatically goes to Jo Sung Min after her death.”

    yeah that’s the law, but can’t her bro/mom hire a good lawyer to challenge this due to special circumstances here? he was abusive, they divorced, he gave up custody, kids DON’T bear his name… how can law protect scums like him without getting a good fight?

    he’s shown himself a failure managing his marriage, his non-role as father, his business flops, etc. how the hell is he gonna “manage” her estate now? acting like choi’s feeble mother and caring brother are the vultures who will squander it if not for him stepping in? there’s a special place in hell for him i hope!

  12. “According to lawyers that specializes in this, the current situation favours Jo Sung Min. Although Choi Jin Shil’s family can appeal the decision to strip Jo Sung Min of custody rights, but with reference to past cases, their chances of winning are slim.”

    Geez, what a way to lose faith in the justice system.

  13. I dont think there will be any money left for the children if Jo sung Min manage the money. After all he has been fighting for the money all along

  14. wah~~ others who has the same name as him are being sabotage~~ so poor thing~~

    idiot *******

    (hope that the choi family will win the case~~)

  15. manda

    I think I read that Choi Jin Sil had also managed her mother (i.e. her health insurance, etc) and her brother’s money so since Choi’s accounts have been frozen, it has impacted them a lot too.

    Jo is a complete jerk. Stop trying to put on a facade and make it seem like your just doing it for the kids. It’s not even like you give a d*mn about them, if you did then you wouldn’t have given them up back in 2004 and again now (which I am glad you did), but it just shows what kind of “father” you are.

    He’ll probably just ditch with the $ if the courts decide to let him “manage it as a 3rd party” my butt.

  16. AND what right does he have to do this. Why is he (Jo) worried that the money will be spent inappropriately by Choi Jin Shil’s brother and mother??!! YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!! Just worry about yourself and how you’re going to get pummeled by the Korean netizens. They OBVIOUSLY have a lot of hate for you now. You probably won’t be able to continue to live in Korea because they’ll spit on you if they see you (I know I would).

    This is probably one of the few times where I actually welcome the ackplers to bash on this good-for-nothing louse.

  17. I found that last bit rather funny (about how others with the same name are getting attacked in cyberworld)

    Anyways i’m glad netizens are taking action because seriously what that guy is doing is disgusting and it seems like he weill get his way in court. Fight on netizens, hopefully Jo Sung Min will see the nasty comments and re think his actions.

    Man i really want to throw a tomato in his face.

  18. ongjaemin

    yea, there were people speculating that he married her for her money after the divorce. but, it sure seems like this has def strengthened that speculation. he was obviously after her money and when he wanted more and she didn’t give it to him, he cheated on her. :/

  19. anoasdf

    choi jin sil wasn’t just anybody, she was like a daughter, sister, friend, aunt, etc. to the entire nation. she’s been the nation’s sweetheart and won the popularity prize almost every single year during the 1990s, and you think they would just let this guy (Jo) take all of her sweat-earned money from her and her family. Jo has NOTHING whatsoever left to do with her. The only tie they have is their children but besides that they’re strangers. and this guy has the NERVE to say that he has the right to handle all of her jae-san. WHAT RIGHT? You’ve completely ruined her. It’s scary how meeting the wrong person can completely ruin a person’s life.

    Plus have you ever heard of activism. Sometimes it could be used inappropriately/wrongly, but there are similarly so many other times where it can be used for good (i.e. women rights movement, civil rights movement, etc). I don’t understand people who don’t see the point in people getting “involved” in these matters if it doesn’t affect them or won’t directly have an influence over the matter, so what?! it’s still voicing one’s opinion when one believes that something is going wrong.

    to take it to the extreme, what if the us and the other nations kept shut about the holocaust and the horrible things that adolf hitler was doing to the jews??

    i agree sometimes netizens might take it to far, but i think in this situation what they’re doing is perfectly fine.

  20. the “trust fund” he “proposed” reminds me of gary coleman’s story. you can see on his IMDB bio: his parents stashed his millions paycheck in a “trust fund” that a large chunk eventually went to the parents. coleman had to SUE his parents when he was an adult!

    this able-bodied man should be ashamed of himself: exploits wife (dead or alive), even his own kids’ well-being & future?!

  21. also it seems that you don’t see the point in people who make or sign petitions.

    there have been many cases, not only in korea, not only on the nation-level, but even in places like one’s school, workplace, community etc. where petitions and public outcry have caused reform and resulted in changes.

    anyways, everyone has their opinions like you stated. i’m not trying to forcing mine on yours, just stating my own.

  22. as for netizens ranting about business among a family that doesn’t concern a public: well choi jin sil’s celebrity unfortunately opened up her biznat to the world. what i’m personally interested in (other than as a fellow human being feeling for the victims here), is HOW MUCH MORE WILL A PHALLOCENTRIC SOCIETY SCREW A WOMAN EVEN MORE?

    go ahead, show us what you’re made of, korean law.

  23. shameless man…he is after her money? did he wait long for the money to come his way? he is one CRAAAZYYY man!!!
    what leaving ur children because of money? what kind of parents is he? he has no heart!!

  24. We may agree/disagree with the interference of netizens, regardless of the intentions but I think we generally agree that this jo guy is a scumbag, doesn’t even deserve to go to hell…etc. You guys name it.

    The way the judicial system works is funny, like how eventhough he TOTALLY gave up child custody rights like 4 years ago, when his wife was PREGNANT, etc..he is still the most likely person to get everything. Sadly, I wouldn’t be surprised that there is a 50-50 chance he may get his scumbag way. With odds on his side, and a powerhouse attorney, the Choi family better get a superpowerhouse attorney on THEIR side. You would be surprised how much a neglecting attorney can ruin your case.

    If I were the Choi’s, I would totally emphasise on his abusive nature, all the way man. All the way. Dumping his wife who has HAVING his kid, when she was having his kid= dumping the kid. Why be all concerned now? After being estranged for four whole years??? Cheating on his wife with a hooker? While still bedding her ?(she got pregnant right?) Hitting a pregnant woman, his wife, no less. Total emphasis on these man.

    It doesn’t matter what a scumbag jo is now, there’s nothing we can do to change him but

    to the kids, all the best from me.

  25. Jo Sung Min, what the heck is he? dad ? husband — after hit wife …now steal money from poor his children?,,,,,
    Hope korean citizen will never let this dumb dad get his goal!!!
    really…no …. let Jil shi’s soul rest well on heaven !!!

  26. he’s a jerk.
    abuse his wife at first..
    then now? he wants her properties?!
    ohgod…he’s such a pathetic asshole -.-

  27. No he probably just realized he’d have more shot at the money and property than the kids.
    Anyone who abuses their spouse doesn’t deserve a dang thing in the end.
    He gave up all rights to her stuff when he sent her to the hospital with the swollen face. (If I recall, didn’t he hit her with a baseball bat, too? Or was it a baseball, I can’t remember).
    Choi Jin Young can handle the money for the kids, Jo Sung Min shouldn’t have anything to do with this.
    Ugh, makes me sick how greedy people are…

  28. omg. he’s a golddigger!!!
    he doesn’t care about the kids at all
    just the property!!!!

    i feel sorry for the kids who
    have an awful father.

    ah, i hate him!

  29. This is a sad reminder of the reality in which we live in. This is the consequence of killing one’s self your no longer able to protect those left behind. Korea is a law-governed country so let the courts decide what is legally right.

    I highly doubt Choi is watching her family from heaven seeing how suicide dams you to hell as heaven is derived from Christianity.

    I hope these suicide stricken celebrities will plan appropriately for their love one’s before they selfishly end their lives.

  30. that son of a bitch!! (excuse my french!)
    I don`t even know him and I`m starting to hate him…What a bastard! I don“t want the kids, but please let me manage their money…Korean law is weird too… how can he be favoured in this?? HE ABANDONED HIS KIS!!! he gave up his rights!! why come back now?? SOMEONE GIVE ME THAT PETITION, I WANNA SIGN IT!! can`t he work??

  31. Once she got the parental rights she changed her kids last name from Jo to Choi that says something. He didn’t look to sad at her funeral.

  32. I’m an overseas fan of the late Choi Jin Sil!

    Give me the petition! Let’s have overseas fans petition-signing via internet or some sort!

    That jerk aka ex-husband should be ashamed of himself! He’s like “K-Fed” of Korea!

    can someone post the petition, so that we can all sign IT?? PLEASE…

  34. It’s a shame for the children to grow up losing a mother and having a father who doesn’t care for them, only their inheritance. I hope he understand that HIS OWN CHILDREN will probably grow up to hate him.

  35. Jo Sung Min proves again and again to be the biggest a** ever. When they were going through the divorce, now with her suicide and HIS children.

    I don’t care if his intentions are true (which are most likely not), he should be focused on the children, not worrying about the money after they turn 18.

    He should be ashamed and I don’t care that netizens are attacking him in this case. He deserves all the crap he gets.

  36. seriously… when thinking about it.. so what if he get the custody of the kids? it is the children’s money and he can’t spend a dime.

  37. This is terrible. I really hope the kids are okay despite losing their mother and having such a terrible, money-grubbing father.

  38. @ Pearl
    yes the premise is “money’s for kids”, but HE will have the power to authorize withdrawal of the money. this means he can take out money in the name of the kids, when the actual use is NOT for his kids! the problem is he has power over the money, directly affecting people who actually raise his kids day in and out! choi jinsil’s mom is old, how is she gonna work to support the kids? her bro is a minor celeb who will have hands full raising kids even from help with her celeb friends! if they have some medical emergency or unforeseen expense like school trips/projects, where does $$ come from when it exceeds some monthly limits imposed on by the court via assh*le-ex husband’s influence?

    he doesn’t see his kids for 4 years, beats their mom even when their fetus could’ve been harmed inside her, & now wants to grab their only source of $$?

  39. that shows you what kind of a person he is wanting the money over his kids…. not like he should get the kids anyway! what a horrible person.

  40. Obviously, this ticks me off. Who does he think he is, giving up the rights to his kids, and after their mom, his ex-wife, dies, he says that he should be in control of the money while her family can raise the kids?

    I know that the Choi family will probably have no problem with supporting the kids, seeing as Choi Jinyoung has been successful too, if his house in the WGM special is anything to go by, and at least he seems to be good at handling money (a 7yr piggie bank? That takes some willpower), but it’s the principle of the matter.

    This guy gave up his wife and his kids, so why should he get the kids’ money if he’s not even really going to be taking care of them? If he wants a ‘3rd party’ to have control of the finances, just allow the bank to keep it frozen until her kids are of age, and let them keep the house or something (if they don’t remain living with their uncle). His wife worked for all of that money, and it should rightfully belong to the children. Letting anyone else touch it who isn’t going to be directly using it for the children until they can decide for themselves, that’s just wrong.

    Usually, I disagree with the Korean netizens on issues because a lot of times, I hear about them going completely ballistic, but I am 100% with them this time. This guy, although he doesn’t deserve to die, does NOT deserve to win this case.

  41. if Jo Sung Min cared about the kids, he probably wouldn’t have abused their mother when she was pregnant or left his family. Jo Sung Min is Choi Jin Shil’s ex for a reason, cause he is scum. what man does that to a woman or to his children. i remember seeing news reports of a very pregnant CJS bruised from her abusive husband lying on a hospital bed, unsure whether her child she was carrying was going to make it. she begged him not to leave her & their children. i hope people & the justice system can see through these jerks. the brother & mom should control the assets & take care of the kids, if Jo Sung Min didn’t step in it would be that way anyways. Jo Sung Min is a cold, heartless, scum bag, douche. Jo Sung Min has moved on, isn’t he re-married?, so his relationship to CJS is completely over. Jo Sung Min is just a gold digging sperm donor.

  42. also Choi Jin Young seems like a great guy, who will raise the kids in a loving environment, & on WGM his piggy bank shows he is good with money. if Jo Sung Min is didn’t step in, CJY & the grandmother could raise the kids & the children would definitely get their inheritance anyways. but Jo Sung Min wants to cause trouble at a time like this, this guy is REAL classy. NOT. i’m so pissed at this jerk.

  43. Hmmm I’m glad that he’s not going to fight custody for the kids because that’s definitely what Choi Jin-sil doesn’t want. Also, I think its ridiculous that he’s after his late ex-wife’s property rights. Why can’t he just leave it the way it is and have HER family take care of it then later give it to the children when they’re old enough.

    It seems that he wants to invest money with the property rights and it’s wrong. He obviously had no interest to fight for his children and glad that he doesn’t but atleast the children will be staying with the uncle and/or grandmother.

    Jo Sung Min, let it be. Your wife as passed and this whole issue is the last thing the Choi family needs. Give it a rest. \

    Rest in peace, Choi Jin-sil.

  44. By the time they’re adults, the property would be worth nothing. He wants the property so his ass can sell it. I say the kids and property should stick together. So if he wants the property that bad then he has to take the kids. Ole greedy ass man. No wonder why she divorced his ass.

    Anywho, wow, he just makes me so angry, but I hope the family keep their heads up.

  45. Well, REALITY BITES…

    All these years we see in all K Dramas that the leading K actors are Sensitive, Kind & Warmed Hearted, Open Minded ETC,ETC…

    So wake up…

    Here, There and Everywhere….

    All the same old stories…

    When JSM & CJS got married the media told it was the marriage of the century….

    Now, THE PANDORA BOX was opened…

    Happy Halloween ….

    Who wants to wear JSM’s costume….?

  46. where was he when i kids needing to be taken care of??… NO! WHERE! he cares nothing of the kids!!! its so clear his only thinking about the money and nothing else. nothing should be given to him, no matter if his the father or not. his not even acting like a father!

    i hope everything goes to the kids and her family. nothing for Jo Sung Min!!!

  47. Could his motive be any more transparent? Is the law in Korea absolute? Can’t there be special circumstances where they don’t completely follow that particular law?

    I don’t understand their law system…why does this jerk get all her assets if they’re officially divorced? Why doesn’t it go to the children? I say, if he gets the property, he gets the children. It’s not necessarily good for the children to live with a father whom doesn’t care for them, but at least he should bear responsibility if he’s gonna get money like that. Hey buddy, there’s no free lunch in this world.

    Morally, he’s a damn bastard; yet, he still has the upperhand. Why is society like that??

  48. jo sung min looks like an old, chubby Jun Jin in that picture. what a horrible guy! money over children huh? it’s good to keep the communication line open even if you don’t live with them anymore.

  49. From the title he sounds like a real gold digger. He doesnt even see his kids right so I wouldnt think he would go to these lengths to do it for his children.
    He’s doing it for himself. Scumbag!

  50. wtf…does this guy have an sense left in him…who in the world would give up their own kids for money…what a retard…

  51. Trying to find a pair of stilettos I do mind contaminating that I can throw at him … ah, bugger it, someone just hand me a large frying pan to hit the jerk over the face with!

    So, just take custody of the inheritance management (what a joke of a term) and let the Choi family do the work of taking care of the children. He’s a real prince.

    Unfortunately, the law does not always protect the rights of children and women. And that’s not just confined to Korea. This makes me so furious and sad for the kids.

    Let me heat the pan first before I hit him over the face with it …

  52. if I were her spirit – I would rise up and haunt this A-Hole till he jumped off a building himself. What an A-Hole! All he is after is the money. Didn’t she divorce him because he had such huge debts – he chose for the debts to be paid off rather than have custody of the children. How can the law be so wrong in S.Korea???

  53. jo sung min…what kind of man that you are???

    your own child cannot know about you…and you still want to manage their life or should i say their money???what kind of father are you???poor child…coZ their get father that behave like crazy man….i hope Choi family can win in this case and get rid jo sung min from their life forever……..

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