Family Outing on the Up. We Got Married in Crisis?

If it ain’t broken, why fix it? This can be applied to current variety shows in Korea, in particular SBS Family Outing and MBC We Got Married who are both going along different paths in their path to become the ratings leader.

PD Jang Hyuk Jae of SBS Family Outing announced today that the family on the variety show will remain as it is with no one being added or departing. This mean that Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Hyori, Park Ye Jin, Kim Suro, Lee Chun Hee, Daesung and Yoon Jong Shin will remain as it is. He was speaking in response to whether they might be any changes in the family lineup as reported.

PD Jang expressed, “They (family members) have excellent chemistry now and are well-liked by many regardless of age. Those in the 40s are taken care of by Yoon Jong Shin, the 30s by Kim Suro, Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Chun Hee, Lee Hyori and the 20s by Daesung and Park Ye Jin. Together, they are ‘Family‘.

With Family Outing currently enjoying a strong following and high ratings, the success must be attributed to the permanent family members who have contributed a lot with their wacky personalities. And when you add rotating guests like Kim Jong Kook, Rain, etc once every fortnight to the mix, the novelty factor and possible relationships makes it very interesting.

How are guest family members picked? PD Jang replied, “It’s not about inviting idols just because we want to create headlines or anything. Anyone can become a family member as long as their schedule permits them to.”

MBC Sunday Sunday Night segment, star wedding variety We Got Married is finding itself in a sticky situation. This was evidently seen via the ratings decline in the weeks after Andy and Solbi’s departure. This is despite the addition of Hwanhee, Hwayobi and Marco, Son Dambi couples, new PDs (from Episode 29 onwards), different studio recording format plus some subtle changes.

According to TNS Media Korea, the rating of We Got Married this past Sunday (Episode 31) was 13.5%. This was a drop of 2.2 percentage points from the previous episode of 15.7%. This is particularly worrying since it’s competitor in the same timeslot, SBS Family Outing had 27.5%, besting it’s own record.

The production team have been trying to assimilate the new couples into the show, hoping that the viewers can try something new (novelty factor) and take to them. But obviously, most of the viewers aren’t buying into it and felt that they are incapable of filling the void left behind by Andy and Solbi.

1N2D has been going on strong because it has stuck to it’s trusted 6-member team of Kang Ho Dong, Lee Seung Gi, Eun Ji Won, Lee Su Geun, Kim C and MC Mong for months now. The chemistry between them is excellent and viewers can identify with them easily when they tune in every week.

74 thoughts on “Family Outing on the Up. We Got Married in Crisis?

  1. OMG!
    AnSol really did leave a big void in the show. And Family Outing is really fun to watch with all the hosts there.
    WGM has been getting a bit boring lately.
    They should hurry up and do something to hook viewers..
    Goodluck with all the variety shows.
    I like all of them though.

  2. 1D2N is the best!!! I love this show ^_^

    Family outing is okay, but We Got Married?! 😦

    I used to love this but it’s getting less interesting.

    I’m neither Anby couple fan nor hate them, but I think this show has lost its moment.

    PS: coolsmurf, why did you never write about 1D2N?? You don’t find it interesting enough?

  3. It wasn’t just because of Andy and Solbi leaving, IT WAS THE WHOLE SHOW GOING BORING BECAUSE THE ENTIRE FORMAT CHANGED!! Yes, WGM wasn’t broken to beginning with, but they wanted to add a few unnecessary assets to it anyway. Episode 29, 30 and 31 were soooooo dull because they kept focusing on the 9.7% rated new couples instead of the old couples. WHY???? The new PD is a woman, surely we would’ve thought SHE’D be more accessible of portraying married life than the old male PD.

    Super Junior showing up to babysit? SS501? Wonder Girls? They think they can boost ratings by inviting idols to a reality show? How realistic will that be? If the format is still crap and the old couples are being pushed in the back, what good will it do anyway? The PD needs to pick up the act NOW, stop trying to force viewers, who are mostly fans of the old couples, to watch what they don’t want.

    Mmmm, Family Outing looks good this week…

  4. Truthfully, I’ve started to lose interest in the WGM after Anbi left and all the new couples came onto the show (Marco/Son Dambi, Hwan Hee/Hwayobi, etc), and the PDs started devoting less time to the original couples. I think the concept of the show is very dependent on the chemistry of the couples (obviously), which takes time, but I feel like lately it’s not there between a lot of them and since the members come and go, there isn’t any real permanent feeling to the members of the show.

    Whereas, Family Outing still has that strong family feeling among all the members, each playing their own part well, and it’s good to know that they’re also permanent fixtures to the show, while also having guests here and there to change it up a bit WHILE still maintaining the strong family feel.

    Overall, I’ve come to like FO a lot more now, and have stopped watching WGM.

  5. I was never a fan of the anbi couple ,they weren’t funny like the ant’s couple or unique like the joongbo couple…I don’t know why everyone actually likes them :/ also I am now a fan of the new couples..but ever since I started watching FO ,no other variety show can compare to it :/

    Actually any show with xman’s PD and Yoo jeasuk will be asuccess XD

  6. WGM got high ratings cause of the romance factor …… Anbi couple’s romance factor continued to grow week after week ….whether it was real or just great acting.

    One of the existing couples need to step up to save the show …… I don’t see any of the new couples having that chemistry. Ant couple fight to create their romance ….. but adding the fat boy just kills everything.

    Lettuce couple …. awkward but cute. Not gonna go any further ……….

    AlShin couple is this show’s only hope! IMO, the only couple that can pull off “romance”.

  7. wgm has lost its initial spark. like you said, why change something that is not broken? i think wgm is trying too hard. and their too hard is giving them the negative effect.

    i say if you want to be successful, come up with a formula and stick to it.

    like FO which i absolutely love or 2d1n.

  8. it’s not really just because Anbi’s gone…the ratings have been going down for a while. plus, the novelty of WGM has long worn off. ppl stopped watching…tuned in to see who was leaving for the departure episodes…and then forgot about the show again. If I didn’t have a favorite couple, I wouldn’t watch at all anymore.

  9. 1D2N FTW!!! Seriously ^^ i love all these shows but i can’t give up on the hilarious team of 1D2N XD

    Plus i’m actually sorta happy that Ansol is gone..they were cute in the beginning but in the end they lost the chemistry.

    Family outing is hilarious too..Hyori, MC Yoo, all of them ❀

  10. I have to agree with beejee, if not for Alshin, I wouldn’t be watching WGM anymore. The show is becoming really boring.

    Hmm 1D2N and Family Outing look good. I believe I should be starting on some new variety shows soon XD

  11. i really love both show… wgm is interesting because of joongbo… family outing has an interesting ‘family’ chemistry in it… i begging dont stop the wgm show.. =)

  12. they need to go back to the original format for WGM and show more of the older couples. i am not too fond of sondambi/marco. they are so annoying. she only does the chair dance and its dumb. i like hwanee and hwyobi, they are getting better. but seriously, PD needs to step up or else…

  13. stop the wgm…hehe…just joking…i just want to watch joongbo couple..hehe

    kim jong kook in FO…cannot miss it…

  14. I don’t have access to KBS so I can’t watch 1N2D! I can only see it on youtube and it sure is funny!! I would love to see Kim Jong Kook on that show…esp since he’s friend with MC Mong and old xman days with Kang Ho Dong and Lee Seung Gi. Can’t say I’m fan of WGM nor Family Outing. But definitely will watch FO when KJK is on!! Sorry but am a big fan of him and its so exciting to see him back!! πŸ™‚

  15. Weren’t the ratings going down for WGM before the “will they leave or stay” drama spiked them back up anyway, so I kinda doubt Anbi is really the direct cause of this.

  16. i havent been addicted to W.GM. since andy and solbi left now the only couple i watch are alshin and hwangbo couple.
    and family outing is really funny.
    they should really do something

  17. 1 thing that irritates me about wgm is that u somehow feel there’s no permanancy?

    U grow 2 love e couples then they just take them out and replace them -.-!

    besides, these couples have been ‘married’ for just a few mnths..LESS than 1 year. Why take them out so soon! Marriage should last like longer to be more realistic .

    Haiz. I just hope they don’t cut away joongbo’s time.

  18. I`m one of those who didn`t really care that much that Andy and Solbi left, just because they had nothing much left to offer…Especially since Solbi was in too deep and Andy was still very hesitant…it made for an awkward show….But the new couples are a bore to me… I knew I would`ve loved Hwayobi, but Hwanee just annoys the hell out of me…And Marco is cute and all, but its a real culture clash…and both of them (with Dambi) haven`t even realized it yet…The only entertaining couple left is Joongbo, and sometimes the Ant couple…. And of course Alshin still have that perfect relationship…. I want them to axe the new couples and bring the old format back… The studio even got boring and MCs leaving…sigh….but oh well WG are rumored to be on next week, I CANT WAIT!!!! lol

    I really need to start watching Family outing, Hyori, McYoo and Daesung are waiting for me…

  19. I prefer 1n2d and WGM over family outing. I’m not quiet sure, [and correct me on this] but wasn’t the concept of Family Outing taken from 1n2d???

  20. the biggest problem is the PD getting the wrong persons to replace anbi.., macro/dambi is a big mistake.. they definitely should be got rid of.. people watching WGM are for the OLD Couples however the new pd wastes too much air time on this boring new couple for promotion which lead the dead end to the show.. i only watch old couples esp. joongbo and skip the new ones…

    1n2d is super funny and all these guys have great chemistry.. The pd is terrific and the mission is fun every week.

    FO – i start watching it.. it is interesting but i still like 1n2d more or the guests on FO are always big stars which helps on the good ratings ???!!!!

  21. I still prefer WGM over the other emissions…. I have to admit that it’s mostly due to the JoongBo couple (my fav !).

    Anyway for sure something is wrong with WGM and I think that Marco & Dambi should leave and so should this new PD…

    Maybe if they ask the netizens which celebrity they would like to see as a couple in the emisson, then wouldn’t that make rating & the quality of the episodes better ?

  22. I don’t mind if WGM gets canceled but I will miss AlShin and Joongbo and the Ant couple…. ok I will mind a bit haha.
    But right now Family outing is becoming one of my faves just cause MC YOO is on it.

  23. its cuz
    in family outing
    theres more ppl
    the mroe the merrier
    guys like yoojaesuck are funny wehrever they go
    and they also bring a diff. guest every day
    wgm its the same over and over again
    and they dont have like the mbest mcs that can make anything funny
    which 1N2D has….

  24. Love love love Family Outing! The permanent Family members are so outrageously funny! Love the dumb/dumber brothers and the always funny unnie Hyori!

  25. God I miss X-Men right about now LOL
    I don’t know, to me the new members of the “We Got Married” crew are too familiar with the format. It was nice when it was fresh and new, but now, who doesn’t know what WGM is? It’s becoming gimicky to me. PLUS, there’s too many friggin’ hosts and host changes, and whatever. It’s my belief that the hosts make the show enjoyable. Think about it, why could we watch X-men for soooo long? The hosts made it super fun. Or like Infinity Challenge. Where would these shows be without people like Kang Ho Dong, or MC Yoo, or Lee Hyuk Jae? The host chemistry screws a lot of it up for me on WGM…especially what’s-her-face, she gets annoying fast. You know what I mean?… LOL My two cents…

  26. isnt sondambi leaving the show soon? doesnt she have to film a movie in the US? God i hope they take them out the show. The marco and dambi couple is really annoying. the PD needs to stop giving so much air time to the new couples. When Joongbo first started, they got short airtime in their first few episodes but it was extended when they became popular. they should do that to the new couples. let the viewers get used to them little by little not shove them in their faces to force the viewers to watch them ….I have tried watching FO when it first started out but it wasnt that interesting to me (maybe i should give it another try)…but i LOVE 1N2D …the guys have an amazing chemistry and they are very funny. The crew is very hilarious too πŸ˜€

  27. WHOA! Even the PD changed for WGM?! That’s why things were different! I miss the old WGM! I’m going to have to try one of the other shows now!

  28. FO can get old fast, but new guests keep it fresh. WGM should get 2 popular idols as a couple & dump a new couple that aren’t so entertaining. no offense, but Marco & Dambi probably are the most unpopular/boring/no chemistry/had no idea who they were until they were on the WGM special. WGM should get like Kim Jong Kook or JunJin and pair them up with a member of the Wonder Girls or Girls Generation or someone age appropriate & just as popular for either.

  29. so true about wgm! ever since andy and solbi left something is definetly missing. those who said they got boring did u ever think that the couple themselves saw their departure coming? and what would be the point to keep on faking their remaining episodes. the new couples just can’t compare especially dambi and marco!

  30. The thing is is, I love “We Got Married” and that’s the variety show that I’ve watched first. Up until I saw “Family Outing,” the show and the casts are awesome. I certainly can’t seem to pick which is the best show. I still love WGM despite the departure of Andy & Solbi, I’m still supporting the show don’t get me wrong. But FO is hilarious.

  31. im an anbi fan and i got hooked of we got married because of them so when they left i dont want to watch it anymore so i i watch FO instead .. .. its so funny my yoo is really a great host … added to the fact that there is hyori … hyori with all her elegance can be quite a country girl and ye jin amazon skills is charming .. chunhee’s weak side add to its fun … and daesung dumb jokes makes it all really a very entertaining show .. as for we got married i still watch it though but only if its sub plus it becomes quite a bore because agree they are just trying to hard …

  32. I love Korea — it’s a wonderful country, but I’m saddened to see that the television industry there is descending into such mindless “entertainment” — it might as well be Japanese!

  33. Its not the fact that Andy & Solbi left but its the fact that the WGM show hasn’t really gone anywhere since they left. I really like Hwanee & Hyobi by the way but Son dambi can get a different husband. There’s no appeal with Marco & Son Dambi except that they both look good.

    I think the fact that Don Don is back on the show will only make people annoyed. Who wants him to live with Crown J & In Young? All they’re going to be doing is anger…

    Boo, Don Don better not live with them!!!!

  34. out of all 3 mentioned, 1N2D is the best. i love the camaraderie of the guys there. i also love those candid moments when it’s early morning and it’s time to wake up. ahh, who wouldn’t love Lee SeungGi and his insect repellant?

  35. Wow, I might start to watch Family outgoing after I finish my exams!
    Since We got married is kinda boring now…

  36. yes i even felt a void left by andy and solbi T.T
    nothing felt on par anymore without them even though i still watch, but only for the lettuce couple

    and go 1N2D! My favorite! still going strong πŸ™‚

  37. OMG! Alshin leaving the show is already confirmed. They shot their last episode yesterday.

    Bye WGM for me too. I’m only watching it for Alshin. Maybe after they left, I can start to watch FO.

  38. i guess wgm got a little boring bec. you can only do so much with two people… just like in real marriage, you tend to fall into a routine after a while… but i still love the lettuce couple, they’re always full of surprises!^^

    family outing is fun! i guess anything that yoo jae suk is in can be fun bec. he’s such a great mc… and the guests are a plus too… they add a different feel to every episode…

    but 1n2d is still the best for me! it’s just the six of them but they never miss to make me laugh… that’s what having fun is! they’re silly, they’re sweet, their bonding is amazing! love them!

    i wonder what the ratings of 1n2d is on it’s own? bec. the rating show family outing and wgm on it’s own while 1n2d is as a whole kbs happy sunday…

  39. I’m not sure what happened but when Anbi started losing time, maybe that was when the old PD left, the chemistry just changed.Maybe they should have had a rotating couple from the start. But now with AlShin’s departure, I guess WGM is just about over for me. Joongbo and Ant will be gone soon too and then I’ll be done. The new couples are okay, but it’s just not the same.

    F.O fighting

  40. ahshi the ratings for 1n2d is high!!! it’s about 23-25 percent, but they get low rating all together as a segment of happy sunday.

    i love love love 1N2D!!! they guys are awesome! each member has their own charm and that’s why i stick to 1n2d….

    MC MONG: hes soo funny! his reactions to bad news is soo cute!
    LEE SEUNG GI: he’s soo adorable. one has to love his dorkyness
    EUN JIWON: he’s adorable too. i love how he acts so childish and not to mention the DULI face is soo cute!
    HODONG: he’s the best MC and his facial expressions are priceless.
    KIM C: he is a kind hearted person. he’s the mom of the group and the “master” lol
    YI SUEGEN: he makes me laugh everytime! nothing can beat his dance move!

    1N2D ALL THE WAY!!!

  41. agree… wgm is quite boring now.. i mean, no fun segments anymore.. they should find ways to handle that.. as much as I love hyunjoong… im only following the show.. bcoz of him now.. not interest to follow the rest of the couple.. they should add more guest like they did with alshin with suju boys.. that’s quite entertaining… but yeah, i like family outing more now…

  42. well…alshin is now leaving too so that leaves two new couples and two old. but wgm started to get boring from a certain point and i guess there were just a lot of ansol fans, including me. i do think that hwayobi and hwanhee are so cute :_)

  43. i used to love WGM
    but after anbi left and the whole new format, i lost interest in it
    and why did they add dondon to the ant couple?
    stupid idea -_-
    he pisses me off so much,
    i like him better as the mc..

    i love FO though<33

  44. Honestly, WGM doesn’t really have any chemistry anymore after Ansol left. I guess people just stopped watching. I’m starting to get into Family outting now so we’ll have to see where it goes. I mean no one wants to sub WGM therefore its also no use of watching if you dont have the subs to understand them. I know that subs are a lot of work too.

  45. uhh…i’m also start to watch WGM less and less. I only watch Hwangbo and hyungjoong part only. Not interested with new couple. I feel like “something” missing. Alshin n CrownJ couple; OK for me. Gonna stop watching WGM when Ssangchu couple gone
    FO show is OK (obviously i watch it bcoz of Jae suk n DBSK) but i slightly love 1N2D !! Fun n Funny. You gonna love it ^_^

  46. “le
    WGM should get like Kim Jong Kook or JunJin and pair them up with a member of the Wonder Girls or Girls Generation or someone age appropriate & just as popular for either.”

    You know, the only thing that would actually really get me to come back to watch WGM, now that Alshin have been confirmed to leave the show, is if Kim Jong Gook and Yoon Eun Hye were coupled together!! πŸ™‚ haha

  47. Kim Jong Gook and Yoon Eun Hye together is an awesome idea!! LOL i think everyone would love to see them together but in my dreams lol i don’t think that will ever happen but who knows hehe ^_^

  48. in regards to WGM; i’m sure the fact that the disgusting slob Hyung Dong is going to be in any way part of any of the episodes won’t help ratings much either. it’s like the PDs want people to stop watching.

  49. Seriously, if you look at it in the long run, i think 1N2D will last. Yea FO still has their main cast and stuff, but i don’t think they have the same kind of chemistry or closeness that the 1N2D cast has. There has been some talk of 1N2D adding celebrities to the lineup like FO, but the PDs believe that the main cast is already enough to entertain the audience, which i SO agree. Plus 1N2D is hella funny everytime! 1N2D FTW!

  50. OK, that’s it…
    i’ll just hang on with WGM (i also watch 1N2D for a good laugh)
    and when JoongBo ends, bye bye WGM…
    anyway, Lee Seung Gi of 1N2D is cuuuuttttteeeeeee….

  51. oh well, WGM has enjoyed its heyday…and it’s glory days are over now…I don’t even want to watch it anymore. And that thing with wonder girls blind dating SS501 members is just lame…..

    IN2D all the way! I don’t mind if they make small changes, as long as the cast stays the same!! Including the dog!!!!!

  52. WGM is getting a bit boring now and all the original are so popular and loved by many and half of them decide to leave so I think that might have something to do with it because I think Anbi did have a lot of fans.
    And Family Outing is really funny, and every week there’s someone different on the show so they would wanna see how well they’ll do in that episode etc. πŸ˜›

  53. i’m an anbi fan too…
    and it’s to bad that they go seperate ways,
    i’m starting to like WGM because I’m starting to watch it but sure gonna stop watching it after AnSol move out…
    I think (for me, not generally speaking) the AnSol couple are the main reason why WGM is a big success… so I hope they could do something to make WGM not less boring… and I hope AnSol couple will go back…

  54. when anbi left WGM…rating started to drop slowly…and the new couples just doesnt do it for me now i guess…its not the same anymore…everytime tuning into watch WGM its prettty exciting…now…its just to pass time…tbh Family Outing is bloody halirious…and with all those host you cant say NO to that…and after the confirmation of Alshin leaving…i think WGM might go down the drain unless it does something very intresting

  55. i dropped WGM as soon as KJK appeared in FO. the only factor that keeps me watching WGM are the ant couple and the joongbo couple….

  56. I didn’t have too much hope for Family Outing, but now it has become a must watch for me! The guests are great and add more fun moments to watch, but the true stars are the “family” memebrs! They could stand out on their own with no guests cause they are just so funny! This show rocks and I high recommend it!!!!

  57. knew this was going to happen when Andy and Solbi left… once Alex and ShinAe leave..(which will be soon)…the ratings will drop more….once Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo leave… the show will most likely not survive….

    it’s losing it’s marriage touch and more like a couple game show….

    as for 1N2D, it’s steady b/c the cast are all funny and their chemistry makes it very enjoyable and identifiable…

    FO has definitely won over me this past few weeks… definitely one wacky cast, but they are soooooo fun to watch!!!
    *Stepmom Kim
    *Dumb and Dumber brothers
    *Madame Lee
    …these wonderful nicknames…

  58. On WGM issue i think its about time the PD’s show the changes and the reality that the NEW COUPLES (sondambi and marco : Hwayobi and hwanhee) are not attracting viewers… and then came the issue that alex an shinae will also be OUT of the show…… that means only lettuce couple and ant couple are the one we want to watch……


    if the lettuce couple will leave the show…. i will not watch WGM anymore… unless they will be back…. to me they are the best/ funny/ couples….. :>

  59. WGM was a great show when it first started, however now the shower is becoming more of a pain to watch. Son Dambi and Marco do not have the chemistry that the older couples had. It would probably be wise if the couple ended it or the show will crash. Especially now that Alshin are leaving. I think the only ones that may be able to keep the show going is the lettuce couple. The thing about WGM is that there are sooooo many changes that you dont know what to expect. And if you finally accepted a couple they leave. It kind of brings down the enjoyment of the viewers. Hopefully it will not come to that. I am praying for a comeback from WGM.
    On the other hand…. FAMILY OUTING and 1N2D rock!! xD I love the dumb and dumber brothers. The lively and close, they are permanent and each of the members of the family have a special inside joke that make it enjoyable to watch. 1N2D is also awesome because of the members. They are so funny and their interaction with the locals are so sweet. Also it is so awesome that not only are they in the show but the crew as well. They include their managers and PDs its unusual yet unique to show them. Plus their popularity increases xD like MC Mong’s manager and the young PD

  60. I really do feel the crisis for WGM, totally. But I think it is still a great show if the new couples will just change to somebody better. I really dislike the new batches of new couples who came in after Joongbo couple.

    Anbi couple is still the best. The void will definitely be there, everybody knows. Plus, the PD changed? I think thats why the captions and stuff are abit different… like… less cheesy! LOL

    I think I’m going to defect soon to Family Outing haha

  61. no doubt!
    FAMILY OUTING is better than any korea variety show in my opinion
    that is just my opinion,anyone can object it.but pls dont start a ‘war’ here,i am just sayin out my opinion honestly
    yejin shouldnt have leave family outing and so does chun hee oppa.they r my fav couple in the family
    i love them so much
    kim sooro wont be kim sooro if chun hee leaves.i mean kim sooro is chun hee stepmum,ryt?
    and how can the family do the girl ranking since they is only one girl-hyori left?????
    who will ‘savage’ those food for the family?
    thats depressing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    dont leave!

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