Kwon Sang Woo Denies Quit Allegations

Kwon Sang Woo made the headlines yesterday after the production company behind the movie My Love By My Side accused him quitting the movie at the very last minute. His management agency Fantom Entertainment has however refuted the ridiculous accusations by issuing a statement yesterday. 

Fantom Entertainment issued a statement through the media yesterday afternoon, “For the movie, Kwon Sang Woo had already been trying to lose weight to prepare for his role (suffering from neurodegenerative disease). This was even before his wedding took place. But the production company claimed that Kwon Sang Woo himself decided to withdraw from the movie and thus losing his place in the movie. We are perplexed and shocked right now.”

They added, “Currently, the movie industry is in the doldrums and it’s difficult to find investors. There have been many investors and distributors who have asked whether they can contribute to the project but the production company keeps avoiding without giving a proper response. We have actually decided to come to a compromise yesterday by meeting with the production company over this matter. But then, they just issued a statement yesterday to say that Kwon Sang Woo has dropped out of the movie. This is unacceptable.”

As no contract was inked with only verbal agreement being made, this is likely be the end of the issue. But the reputation of Kwon Sang Woo takes another hit. Good luck to him as 2008 has been a rotten one with his Daemul stopped at the production stage and now this movie mess. The only good must be his wedding. Kwon Sang Woo next project is understood to be a drama.

9 thoughts on “Kwon Sang Woo Denies Quit Allegations

  1. So…

    Is he in the movie or not?

    Is the movie still…happening?

    Hopefully Ha Ji Won stars in the drama with him. Someone needs to save Kwon Sang Woo after his horrid and just plain awful drama, Bad Love. Sorry, but even HE couldn’t save the drama….

    Good luck, Kwon Sang Woo! I hope he works with Kim Haneul or…and… Ha Ji Won soon, too! 🙂

  2. I’d say the production company can’t come up with investment money to produce the movie .. so they’ve found a way to not look bad if things fall through, by saying the movie star screwed them over by leaving the project.

  3. Woa 2 totally difference accounts from the 2 parties.
    Somehow I lean more to the production version.

    If the production company have a funding difficulty, they could call off the movie off without pointing the finger @ KSW.
    I don’t see the reason why the production company have to make up the story if KSW didn’t cancel the project.

    May be he had a change of heart at the last minutes (honestly his roll here is not very interesting any way!)

  4. Hi Alvin.. que pena con my love Sang woo !! que año tan extraño para su lado laboral, se le han caido varios proyectos y ahora el deja este que era tan importante..por favor mentenenos informados haber que ocurre si ?? besitos

  5. i guess we won’t know the truth of what led to this. but you have to wonder why, if the production side is BS-ing, did they sacrifice only KSW’s name & not ha ji-won? she may have a better box office track record in korea of steady and small hits, but he’s the one with bargaining power in japan market (the last gold mine in this economy 😛 )

  6. ok… so it means the investor ( two side of story rite ) is NOT keen in KSW..

    IF they are, they would have invest right…..

    KSW=NOT INVESTOR choice?

    i hope you will go back on track soon Sang Woo sshie…… u need to work hard to provide for your family…..

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