Jo Sung Min and Choi Jin Shil’s Family Embroiled in Battle

Even after the death of Choi Jin Shil, a battle is now being waged between her ex-husband Jo Sung Min and Choi Jin Shil’s family over her property rights and custody of the 2 children. This is currently being hotly disputed in Korea.

According to a close friend of Choi Jin Shil, Choi’s ex-husband Jo Sung Min met up with Choi Jin Young (Choi Jin Shi’s brother) yesterday afternoon for a discussion over Choi Jin Shil’s property rights and it gradually descended into a tense mental exchange. This close friend expressed, “Earlier, Jo Sung Min had visited Choi Jin Shil’s mother and suggested that Choi Jin Shi’s property rights should go to him. He also met up with Choi Jin Young yesterday to reiterate his stand. He also said that he would go through legal means to appeal and regain full custody of the 2 children whom he had given up on in 2004.”

According to the current Korean judicial system, if the mother passes on, custody of the children automatically goes to the father. But with Jo Sung Min having given up on full custody of the children in 2004 following his divorce to Choi Jin Shil, this has become much more complicated than it seems. According to a lawyer who specialises in cases like this, “If Jo Sung Min didn’t give up custody of the children, it will automatically be his by law. But this is a complicated situation right now and will probably be settled in court.”

What is the value of Choi Jin Shil’s property rights? Many estimate that it could be around 200 billion KRW. But Choi’s family denied that estimation and said the actual figure was only 1/4 of the estimated amount. They expressed that Choi had 10 billion in cash, her house was worth 30 billion, adding other properties and land that she owns, the total is just over 50 billion KRW.

With both parties stating their intention to manage Choi Jin Shi’s property rights and neither budging, this has led to an escalation in worsening relations between them. According to the close friend, “Jo Sung Min had warned Choi’s family that they are not to manage or withdraw any money under Choi Jin Shil’s name without his stamp. He claimed that the children’s mom (Choi Jin Shil) would have wanted him to manage her property rights after her death.”

With Choi’s children only 7 and 5 years old respectively, they aren’t of age right now. With them yet to reach 18 years old, who should manage their mom’s property rights? According to another close friend of Choi, “We knew that there would be a dispute over Choi Jin Shil’s property rights. But seeing this really happen really saddens and pains my heart. I sincerely hope that the dispute between the adults would not cause any hurt to the children in any way.”

79 thoughts on “Jo Sung Min and Choi Jin Shil’s Family Embroiled in Battle

  1. her children should get it.. beside that he can work for his children…. the children can get the heritage when they r old enough..

  2. According to the latest news reports and Jo Sung Min’s lawyer, Jo Sung Min has given up his custody rights and has told Choi Jin Shil’s family that ‘he is not capable of raising the children so Choi Jin Shil’s family must take care of them’. The two sides have agreed that Choi Jin Shil’s family will take care of the kids. HOWEVER, Jo Sung Min is demanding parental rights (and with it the property rights). Basically, Jo Sung Min doesn’t care about the children and only wants the property rights.

  3. what a BIG jerk!!!!
    i hope he trips and breaks his’s just really mean for a man to be like that, especially to his own children — his own flesh and blood!
    i hope they just figure something so that the kids would get the rights to everything choi jin shil owned and just wait til they’re of the right age to actually get to claim the properties..

  4. he should be ashamed to even try to get that money… wth is this world coming practically abandonned your kids and now you are coming back for their mother`s money…. despicable individual…hope he doesn`t get the kids nor the money…

  5. what a creep! this man should not GET anything….

    down right low…

    it teaches u something too…. DRAW up a will….

  6. fact 1: gave up his custody for the kids (full custody)
    fact 2: DIVORCED

    in what terms should he even get a blade of grass off her property…..his using the kids as an excuse to get the money…..

    seeing that if he gets custody of the kids he will get some kind of alimony from her estate… and he’ll ‘manage’ the money that the kids will most likely inherit….

    he knows that if he get the custody of the kids, he’ll get the money….just like tt K-fed guy…..d only reason they want custody of their kids is because they get monthly allowance…which the kids wont use tt much until they start furthering their education… when they inherit the money….the guardian can manage it until they are 18….

    we all can see through his plan… the question is will the court see the same…afterall….no one can be trusted…..

  7. What a big jerk, that guy! Is he after the money?
    Wasn’t he a big baseball player?

    It’s really shameful to hear this as he’s taking advantage of the publicity by trying to take over the children’s custody & his ex-wife’s property.

    Doesn’t he know or understand the word “ex”???!
    He left his wife, family and all and now he wants to take everything??!!

    He’s really despicable, low life JERK!!!

    I hope Choi family wins the case should it be handed over to the court!

  8. Jo Sung Min SHOULD NOT GET IT. Now that she’s gone, he’s taking the opportunity to steal all her assets.
    He just wants her house and her money. He doesn’t care about the children.
    If he did, he wouldn’t have given up his rights as their father.
    Can we not forgot how abusive he can get?

    The children deserve to inherit all of them. Choi Jin Young should take care of them and help control his sisters assets. It’s her family that should get it, not Jo Sung Min. He’s no longer part of the family.

    I hope Choi Jin Young wins this or else it’s hell for the kids.
    Their father is almost a stranger to them. Since they don’t see him often.

  9. Choi Jin Shil did not have a will?

    She went through a lot of hardship to win the custody battle with her ex-husband. Why didn’t she make a will knowing what a jerk her husband is.

    I hope the judge will put all her assets in a trust fund to pay for the expense of raising her kids. Whatever left should be handed to the children when they turn 18 (whatever the age limit in Korea is)

    Shame on Jo Sung Min, a deadbeat dad!

  10. That’s just wrong.
    Instead of worrying about freaking properties worry about the two kids who lost their damn mom. So the hell what if property has value but these kids lost something important and they should care about their well being.

  11. he battered her during the marriage and now he wants to steal her kids and money after her death…..

    What a shame of this guy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    can he still be considered as human being ?????????

    This guy is totally a LOSER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. whoa….her ex-husband must be facing alot of backlash from the scary neitizens right now…how immoral of him…he has no ties to her property after their divorce…he must not make enough money playing his sport…what a low life!!!

  13. i think since he gave up full custody of the kids, he shouldn’t get the right to appeal. i mean, if he really did want those kids in the first place, he would’ve appealed the decision, but he didn’t. he willingly did so. plus, i think choi jin shil’s family is probably the best fit to take care of those kids.

  14. the property should go to her son, no way to his ex husband who given up his children 4 years ago and now want his children back because of property..

  15. LOL^ I swear I was going to just write the same thing as pegsywegsy. The ex-husband is definitely an ass*bleep*

    He should feel ashamed.

    I hope the kids know that their uncle is better for them… I feel so sad for them.


  16. if im correct, it’s really not even that much money to be fighting over. 50M KRW is like 35k USD, it’s not even enough to buy a decent car =T well here anyways.
    i guess 35k goes a long way in korea.

  17. this ex-husband sounds like a gold digger. he was abusive towards CJS when she was alive, and left her when she was pregnant. this guy is scum. CJS’s brother and mother should get the property & kids, they were there for her through all this, but the ex just came after she died, pretending to be kind then wants to takeover her property. this sucks. the guy gave up his rights, he shouldn’t be given another chance.

    Jo Sung Min is a JERK! wth. if he cared about the kids, he would be there for them on a personal level not try to STEAL their mom’s hard earn money.

  18. I hope this will work out fine. If he only wants the property rights, i really hope that the ‘parental rights’ do not matter in the court. o.o;;

    man it must be tough for the family… i wonder how the children is…

  19. people like Jo Sung Min makes my day go bad!! I mean the dude left his wife and kids then after his ex-wife died, all he wants is money and he is just using his kids as his cover just to get the money!!!! What a piece of useless sh*t he is!!!

    Choi Jin Shil’s family should get the parental custody of the kids and let the kids get the money of their mom for their future!!

  20. hectev2000

    No, you’ve got it wrong. It’s either 20 uk korean won or 1/4 of that which is still A LOT of money $$. In US dollars, it’s approximately estimated to $20 million dollars or a quarter of that which is $5 million, not $35,000.

  21. I meant to write 200 uk won, which is $20 million US dollars.

    1 uk KRW is approximately $100,000 USD,
    so 200 uk KRW is approximately $20 miliion USD.

  22. the 2008 award for worst ex-husband goes to……Jo Sung Min. he also won worst ex-husband 4 years ago. what a jackass.

  23. “They expressed that Choi had 10 million in cash, her house was worth 30 million, adding other properties and land that she owns, the total is just over 50 million KRW.”

    To elaborate further in USD from the info above, she had a $1 million USD in disposable cash (cash, checking/savings accounts, etc); her house was worth $3 million USD, adding her other properties and land that she owned (villa, land, etc.), in total is just over $5 million USD. Some articles estimated about $20 million, but Choi’s family denied the estimated and said it was only about a 1/4 of that ($5 million).

    FYI, she had earned a lot more money (from my recollection totaled more than $30 million) because of her stellar career during the whole 80s and 90s, but because of her ex’s debt, his money from his fail businesses that he borrowed from her and did not pay back in exchange for child custody, the lawsuit she got from the CF (advertisement) companies because of her “damaged image” after her divorce which cost her $ millions of USD, etc., Choi lost a LOT of her money. And now it seems like JO is after even that 😦

  24. manda

    I don’t understand what you mean by it doesn’t make sense? Do you mean that it didn’t make sense that she would only have an asset of $35,000? If so, then yea, I would agree with you, especially because she was one of THE top female actresses during the late 80s and the whole 90s. Of course, she would have millions in assets.

  25. dky86 is right about the approx. 5 million assets. exchange notwithstanding, a million in korean/east asian terms is like 8 zero’s (?) in the west it’s 6 😛 CJS’ top-star salaries per episode of drama is at least 5-figure, so the math sounds right esp. since she was frugal barring the unforeseen $ “disputes”.

    i’ve not energy left to comment on this man. he’s just a real piece of work! i used to give him the benefit of doubt showing up at her wake, funeral and such. in hindsight the photo-opps look like a real bad (expressionless, LOL!) command performance! he gets FAIL for poor acting.

    he has no right to claim anything.
    he gave up his custody of the kids & theyre freaking divorced. they have no legal binds now whatsoever. idiot. seriously,how selfish can you get?!?!?! …ARGH!

  27. man that jo sung min guy is
    effed up =___=
    greedy son of a b**ch

    he has no right to claim anything!
    he should not even get a single penny

  28. what a douchebag! why should he get her money? they’re divorced! if anything, the money should go to the kids when they turn 18. if he attains full custody that’s sad because he totally gave them up four years ago. you think he’d really treat them nicely now that his ex-wife has passed away? i don’t think so! he just thinks of them as money. the maternal side should attain full custody of the children…do they have psychologists testify in court about the possible negative psychological affects on the children if their father were to obtain custody? hope he’ll have numerous psychologists to testify if so because they’ll all agree that it’s not right this man be responsible for them.


  29. I understand if the husband wants the children, BUT his ex-wife properties also ??!!! RIDICULOUS!!! What kind of man is he??!!!

  30. @dky86
    50,000,000 South-Korean Won
    = 22,535.6 British Pound

    So if you double that you’ll get round $44,000
    Sorry. Just got curious so i went to check out the currency covnerter.

    Anyways…that MOTHER $*3$£

    PS. Can someone tell me Jo Sung Min’s history?

  31. Are YOU Serious?! Choi Jin-sil divorced him for a reason and he didn’t fight the custody for the kids in 2004. Choi Jin-sil had full custody where the ex-husband can only visit the kids 2x a month. That already said that Choi Jin-sil wanted her kids with her and her family…what about when she changed her children’s name to ‘Choi’ instead of their fathers last name?

    That says it. Yes, he is the children’s father but Choi Jin-sil wanted her family with HER and her family. I don’t know why the husband is even asking for his late ex-wife’s property rights. They ARE divorced and should be considerate that if anything, Choi Jin-sil would pass it down to her children.

    Shame on Jung Sung Min. Money does turn people into vultures especially those who doesn’t deserve any part of the passed money or properties…and in this case, I don’t think he shouldn’t get custody with the kids only because he never object it when Choi Jin-sil was still alive.

    So wrong.

    Rest in peace, Choi Jin-sil and God bless her family & two children and friends.

  32. Correction, I meant that the father’s name is Jo Sung Min.

    He used to be a baseball player for a Japanese team. That’s all I know…

  33. what the hell?
    Why do Jo Sung Min have the right to get the property and money? he has divorced her back in 2004! they’re final divorce no longer marriage. he doesn’t get that.

    Only his two child get it!! seriously!!!

  34. @ WGLuver

    I remember reading an article about how Choi Jin Shil’s image was ruined after she was discovered by the media in the hospital for her husband beating her.

    She lost her image and the public’s support. Then she managed to land a main role on a highly praised movie and her image slowly got better.

    I know Jo Sung Min as a baseball player and that he abused his ex-wife, Choi Jin Shil.

    Try looking up Choi Jin Shil’s history, I’ll try to find that article; I orginally found it searching that.

    like honestly…
    Jo Sung Min HAS NO RIGHTS!!!
    It should obviously and definately should belong to the Children…

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  37. Don’t know about family law in Korea but that ex-husband of CJS is a money grabing person, clearly his just interested in CJS money and properties…..hate him why does a man exist in this world……..

  38. WTF the ex should not get ANYTHING at all. He gave up that right when he cheated on her. The money should be managed by the children’s uncle in a trust fund or something to be given to them when they turn 18.

    And no I believe Choi Jin Shil wouldn’t want him managing her money or taking care of her children or she would not have fought so hard for custody of her children.

    Sheesh. This is disgusting. I hope justice prevails.

  39. This is going to be a hard case to decide on. Like many others, I believe Jo Sung Min should have no rights to take his children back, as well as what his ex-wife left behind. However, law is confusing and complicated, so I have no clue how the decision will be made. To me, the ex-husband is taking everything for granted after her death. After all, he decided to give up on his children to let his wife raise. It seems to me like he did not want to care about them when he went through the divorce. But now that she is gone, he wants to take everything she has set up for her on life and the kids. It is just plain selfish how he wants to claim everything back as though nothing happened. If the kids were older, they would definitely have a say in this, but unfortunately, they are still really young. I hope Choi Jin Shil will win the case since I am pretty sure the government will be involved in this. Jo Sung Min should just bare the consequences of going through the divorce and giving up on his children. To take them back after leaving them behind for good, as well as taking the assets from his ex-wife is so immoral and selfish.

  40. wait, are you sure u got the figure right? 200mil KRN (200,000,000) is only about 150k USD. She is a famous actress and she doesnt even ownt that much? And her house only worth 20k? Im sorry if i sound ignorant and only care about money, but that is just kinda unbelievable for me to see how little korean celebs make. I have very little knowledge of the Korean laws, but how can custody rights and parental rights go seperately? The money is entitled to the children, shouldnt it go with the children and who take care of them (thus the one who got the custody rights). How can the parental rights (money prospect) go to one, and the actual children go to another? How can the law enforce that the money will solely be use only on the children (since it is theirs). If the father dont even live with the children, how can he finance their needs (again using their money, not his).

  41. Like I’ve stated multiple times already in my replies to this post, to put things into perspective,

    200 UK KRW is approximately $20 million USD, MILLIONS NOT A COUPLE THOUSAND DOLLARS.

    however, it’s most likely a quarter (1/4) of that estimation which is about $5 MILLION USD.

  42. where are the anti-fans on this A-Hole? He’s the one that needs to be driven insane!! Sorry for the language but he is such an obvious Loser. If the courts give him custody and property rights, then there is something seriously wrong with the judical family courts in S. Korea. He legally signed over his rights when they were divorced, they even changed their family name to Choi. He is obviously only wanting the money. What a creep!! Didn’t she divorce him because he squandered all his money and was in big debts???

    All of her fans need to stand up for her and get this guy!

  43. i also do not understand how CJS lost favor with the public when she got beaten up by the hubby. ITs not her fault you know.. you think a mother likes to be beaten up….

    its sad about how things can be twisted…

    RIP CJS…..

  44. 50 BILLION won, you guys… so that’s like 34,361,900 USD.

    anyways, this is such a horrible situation, esp. for the kids… –;;

  45. dky86

    i think you didnt convert the currency using the proper rates , if you use the online currency converter . 200 million Won is NOT 20 million USD . at most it is USD 137, 447

    using the current rate of 1 KRW = 0.000687238 USD

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  47. “He claimed that the children’s mom (Choi Jin Shil) would have wanted him to manage her property rights after her death.”

    ……. he’s kidding, right?! that’s the most preposterous thing he can say. he’s officially a scumbag beyond a scumbag. how dare he say that?!?!! he was abusive, they divorced, he gave her custody to the kids & she even changed their last name to hers. what does that tell you?
    not only that, choi jin shil’s mom & bro was her support & help took care of the kids, not him. even the dumbest of them all knows that that statement he made is the most ludicrous thing ever.
    if korea’s justice system lets him get away w/this, this is going to be the biggest letdown -_-;;;

  48. xing

    how on earth can all her jae-san be only worth $130,000. that doesn’t make sense, especially since she’s been a TOP actress who has done numerous CFs and been paid accordingly for more than the past 2 decade. FYI, South Korea is not a 3rd nor 2nd world country if you’re not aware. It was ranked the 13th highest country in GDP the last I remember.

    Her house alone was worth $3 Million; it was located in Seoul which has very high property value, similar to people living in Manhattan in NYC.
    BTW, I think this is the main reason why people are confused.

    I don’t understand why people here are trying to claim that Choi’s whole jae-san that Jo Sung-Min is after is only in the thousands. It’s in the MILLIONS.

    Here, I even went through the whole Korean currency conversion to USD:

    $1 USD = 1,000 won (chun won)
    $10 USD = 10,000 won (man won)
    $100 USD = 100,000 won (ship man won)
    $1,000 USD = 1,000,000 won (baek man won)
    $10,000 USD = 10,000,000 won (chun man won)
    $100,000 USD = 100,000,000 won (uk won)
    $1,000,000 USD = 1,000,000,000 won (ship uk won)
    $10,000,000 USD = 10,000,000,000 won (baek uk won)

    [man = one, ship = ten, baek = hundred, chun = thousand]

    Therefore, 200 (ee baek) uk won is equivalent to about $20 Million USD; I don’t know where you’re getting ~$137,000. That just doesn’t make sense. It’s 200억원 in korean. Go ask any Korean person how much 200 uk won is, or let alone 1 uk won.

    Even for one CF, top celebs usually get paid at least 1 uk or $100,000 per CF; how could her whole savings and property from over the past 20 years only total $137,000. Even a regular doctor in the US gets paid more than that a year. Your logic doesn’t make any sense.

  49. Okay wait, I figured out why you and some other people are confused with the amount of her jae-san.

    It’s not 200 Million KRW, it’s actually 20 Billion KRW.
    Because 1 uk KRW alone is approximately 100 Million KRW.
    And the reports estimated her jae-san to be 200 uk KRW; thus, 20 Billion KRW.

    I think Coolsmurf miscorrectly stated the amount as 200 million KRW before, when it should’ve been 200 Billion KRW, although it seems that it has now been fixed. FYI, people don’t usually say or refer to it as 200 Billion won, they just say 200 uk won. That’s like some saying 10,000 KRW, when it’s just referred to as man won.

  50. If this goes to courts, i hope the court sees that since he gave up parental rights, and the kids get taken care of by CJS’s brother and parents, then they should hold on to her property as they are taking care of the kids. no way should the brother+parents take care of the kids while the (useless) father gets to take “care” of the money and property that she left behind. its either responsibility for both or nothing.

  51. I never meant to say it equaled, I was just giving a close estimation, especially since people were saying that Choi’s her entire jae-san was only worth $130,000 or $30,000, which it obviously isn’t.

    Plus, even though the exchange rates have changed a lot and the KRW is worth a lot lower now to the dollar than it did a few years back, when the 1,000 won was pretty close to the dollar, many people, myself including, still convert in their head a man won to approximately 10 bucks. I mean, it’s not like I live there, so I just care about approximately how much things are in korean won to the dollar, and I find it helpful to know every once in a blue moon when I do go there.

  52. @ Saki Thank You
    And @ dky86…Ohh i see. Now i understand. So she worth probz round 50 billion won. Now gonna convert that.

  53. She worths:


    Double that you’ll get round $44 million. (round that)


  54. WHAT!! that guy is an ass how does he have rights over her property and only know hes interested in the kids he gave up on??/ i think he is doing it to gain money really.

    and they are divoreced i dont think she would want him to take care of her property when she has her mother and brother, and they are divorced so hes not even related to her anymore!!!!!

    what is this guy thinking???

  55. What the crap?! That man obviously didn’t care about her in life and he doesn’t seem to care about her in death. He frickin’ beat her to holy hell, he doesn’t deserve a thing!!! I remember watching Choi Jin Shil from her hospital bed crying when he put her in the hospital all over the Korean news, what kinda of crap is that?! Give the kids to the people who are going to take care of them because they love them, not someone on the hunt for money! There shouldn’t be a doubt that those kids go to Choi Jin Shil’s family when the ex has a history of abuse!

    In any event I hope that money in the end goes to the children’s future.

  56. man his not even taking care of his own children. and he already said he didn’t want them. all he wants is MONEY!
    that ex-husband cares nothing about the well being of the children. his own think about him self. everything should go to the kids and the brother that is taking care of the kids unlike that useless so called father

  57. The man (if you can call him that) is an arseh%le. It’s bad enough the children saw the worst example of marital relations (yeah, deduct a chunk of dosh from the inheritance for future therapy on marital abuse & domestic abuse issues), lost their father a long time ago (his own fault), and recently lost their mother tragically … he’s trying to rob his own kids. Because he would be robbing them of a stable, loving family environment with an uncle and grandparents who give a damn about them. Where was he during this period when everyone was trying to take care of them? Hell, even Lee Hyori turned up to read them a bedtime story. Where was he???

    And it does not matter how much money is involved. Bringing up children is expensive and education is even more expensive. Every cent should be put aside for the two children although nothing can ever replace their mother. He’s worst than pond scum. Apologies to pond scum everywhere.

  58. Actually 50B won is 5,000,000 dollars. I don’t know where anyone is coming up with the other amounts…
    Either way, that guy is the worst. He should be ashamed of himself, like earlier comments, someone must have done something pretty bad to him when he was a kid or his parents must have raised him with the worst values ever, he too bad. He should give up the money, he has no business interfering in his children’s lives. Choi Jin Young oppa and Choi’s mom are the best people for her children now. And of course, the children should get the money.

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