Beethoven Virus Gets An Extension Thanks to Good Ratings

MBC Beethoven Virus starring Kim Myung Min, Jang Geun Suk and Lee Ji Ah has been extended by 2 more episodes and will end it’s run on 13th November.

According to the production company, “We have recently decided on extending the drama by 2 episodes. This means that the drama will now end at Episode 18 instead of 16. With the additional 2 episodes plus the special, the original end date for the series on 5th November will now become 13th November.

With the extension, the follow-up drama The Return of Iljimae will now have more time to prepare itself for battle. Starring Jung Il Woo, The Return of Iljimae will now be delayed to December or January next year.

16 thoughts on “Beethoven Virus Gets An Extension Thanks to Good Ratings

  1. Ahhhh. No!
    This is bad. It means the ending will really suck. Whenever they do this the ending always sucks.

    And I really wanted to see all of the new Iljimae in Korea. But maybe I can’t see all of it, because I’m going home in February. D:

  2. just what i was wishing for.
    cuz im so into this drama.=]
    other than east of eden.
    i just love the drama.
    but i wanted rumi wid the young gunwoo not kang mae.
    thanks for the update coolsmurf.=]

  3. AHHHH~~ am i the only who is spazzing about this.. more beethoven virus!! ^^

    this made my day alvin.. hahaha… *pops out*

  4. that is such a bad idea! no matter how good a drama is extending means it’s going to drag but thank god it’s only 2 eps that’s not too bad. i watch golden bride and it was 50 eps long and got good ratings so they extended to another 20 but only ended up with 14 more.

    but really they should stop extending dramas just cause it got good ratings cause that means they have to change the story a bit to add more eps i wish they could just leave a drama the way it is.

  5. hehe i don’t know about “best”, but it’s among the best ENTERTAINING shows! for some reason i don’t feel the extended episodes will suck too much. they’re already playing out the series as one disaster after another, an never-ending string of problems. it’ll just be new trouble for the extra 2?? please just don’t suddenly find cures for senile dementia and terminal stage of hearing loss 😛 or somebody gets a personality change cos he has cancer :PP

  6. enjoying this drama very much (& it has taken me back to my classical roots as well) but when i hear the “extend” word for dramas, i don’t look forward to it =P it drags~~~

  7. 😀
    I’m glad.
    I was a bit sad when I found out that it was only to have 16 eppies.
    But now that they are extending it, it makes me happy haha.
    Love this drama.

  8. how is this drama?? do they have a lot of shots of them “playing” the instruments?? lol i dont know if i can watch this.. i hate watching fake playing.

  9. JGS is so good in acting even all the cast…even though that they really don’t know how to play the instrament BUT you will see the meaning of the drama…in that drama…it’s not all about the instruments…it’s all about the life of the people…it’s really a good drama…there is a lesson…Just watch it…hayzz my comment is too late hahahha

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