We Got Married Episode 31 Picture Summary + English Softsubs

Not feeling the urge to watch this anymore. Don’t know about you people?

Alex and Shin Ae, oh my, they hardly got a mention in the news!

We Got Married E31 Downloads (thanks to awesome muish)
Download the softsub at megaupload or mediafire or mediafire, uploaded by muish & xsteph17x & thienlonggianglam. Episode 31 from Clubbox (971mb).

138 thoughts on “We Got Married Episode 31 Picture Summary + English Softsubs

  1. i still love it. sure, andy and solbi left, but they became boring anyway. hwanhee and hwayobi couple are AWESOME and i still love joongbo, and crown j seo in young need to hurry and get married lol…

    its all worth it. so far.
    but marco is annoying…=/

  2. I know what you mean! but i’m still watching it for the old couples and once they are out i’m done! watching it! i’m only watching the cuts or else i fast it forward to the old couples! its just not the same anymore!

  3. Hi!

    I have always loved your website. It is one site I normally visit for any updates in Korean showbiz news.

    Like any AnBi fans, I too was upset when they left the show. However, I still love the show… especially JoongBo couple.

    I have noticed that your summary about the show is getting less interesting, perhaps because you, yourself, are no longer insterested in the show. If its a burden to you, it would be best to stop doing the summary.

  4. I’m still only watching JoongBo cuts… And maybe SIY – Crown J. Other than that, nope. I think it’s getting bland… Pfffft.

  5. all couples are fun to watch except marco – son dambi. they have no sparks but just annoying and boring esp the woman ….. too bad the new pd is wasting too much air time on them.

    by the way, the new pd seems not good enough to handle this program. the main theme is for marriage but she made it like a game show..

  6. Why add Don Don to Crown J and In Young? The show is searching for stuff.

    And I agree with many of you Marco is so annoying, that couple has a maturity gap that is far too big.

  7. i agree this show is starting to get less interesting but I dont think thats neccessarily due to the couples. The only couple right now that I dont like watching is Marco-Dambi. Though Son Dambi is way hot…. I think its the missions that are making the show less interesting. People want to see couples do their own thing and get closer and not go play games like other variety shows. The missions are good for the new couples to give them something to do but for the older couples they dont neccessarily need them anymore to get closer. Watching alex take care of babies again was definately boring but I assume that was to take the focus off of Shinae during her period of grief…. anyways, having ranted so much i guess ill stick with the show just to see if things get better

  8. i’m with you there Alvin… lost the motivation to keep watching…i only read caps and clips now…

    somehow…the factor or thing that made the show super addicting back then was the possibility of the “reel” couples becoming “real”….may be i’m biased b/c i’m an AnBiHolic, but the show just doesn’t seem to have that factor/thing anymore…

    i mean…yeah…it’s good to watch all the nice little sweet stuff happening…but it just doesn’t make me get all goosebumpy and crazy like before….gosh… i do miss Andy and Solbi!!!

  9. I kinda have to agree with you. After AnBi left & the new couples came on the show, I only skip to Alex & Shinae parts.

  10. to make the show better:

    – Marco and Dam bi should be taken off, I see no chemistry and Marco irritates me. He used to be funny with his ‘killer’ remarks, but now it gets old. Dam Bi is nice and good looking, but it seems as if she has no personality whats-so-ever, so we don’t grow on her as fast as the other wives.
    – Don Don shouldn’t live with Crown J & In Young, it will just make them fight more. When they fight, we don’t want to watch them and their negative energy.
    – Stop excluding Shin Ae and Alex (it seems like they’re dying out these couple of eps) We all know they had a little bit of air time due to the Ant tour.

    The PD is trying to do more publicity stunts, and it seems it’s losing viewers rather than gaining. Especially with Don Don moving in with the ant couple. He should just be an MC.

  11. i don’t understand why people think Andy and Solbi were boring….how are they boring???

    looking at how the show is going now… i truly AnBi couple contributed to much of the success of the show when it started out…. people were sooooo interested in them b/c they kept viewers guessing what’s reel and what’s real….

    sure AlShin, JoongBo, and CrownIn couples contributed too…but AnBi were the ones that gave it it’s push to become one of the most popular show….

    and yes…like many of you…the show seems to be more like a game show now…. it’s losing it’s marriage factor… cuz i’m not really feeling that anymore from the recent episodes….

  12. i think the new couples didn’t give the same effect as the old couples… hwanyobi couple is just way too annoying… before hwayobi joined the show… i actually realy like her as a singer… but now… it’s getting way too annoying to even just hearing her voice (sorry if i offended anyone of her fans…) and the killer couple… i’m srill trying to figure out what so special about them other than the slang korean that marco is using…

    and it’s getting complicated with alshin couple after all the incident happened lately… the ant couple seems to lost their vibes and they need don don to spice up their living style?? the lettuce couple is just as awkward as always… there are so many things are lacking in the show now… or maybe i am just biased because anbi left the show…

  13. WGM lost its appeal a while a go…

    It’s all about Family Outing now!
    Can’t wait to see Bi and Hyori do that famous tango dance again!
    Plus having KJK is also awesome πŸ˜€

    And the whole family have a charm about them… Love it!

  14. I still love the show!!!!

    My number 1 couple are always Crown J – SIY. They’re really MFEO.

    About the new couples, I like HYB and Fany. They’re so funny. Hope they could get better and better.

  15. “Not feeling the urge to watch this anymore. Don’t know about you people?”

    Sigh… I’ve watched it…

    And I’m not feeling the urge to sub it anymore…


    I still like Joongbo couple but they were on so briefly…

    I like the AlShin couple…but they were on so briefly…

    Oh, why do they have Hyungdon live with the Ant couple? -_- What kind of a newlywed couple lives with a housemate like that?!!

    I kinda like HwanYobi couple…. but I don’t love them yet…

    And I can’t stand Marco. x_x He was really bad in this episode. I was annoyed with him last time when he was late… but this time, really… I felt sorry for Dambi.. I don’t know about her enough to be a fan…but I thought she had a lot of patience.

    Well.. anyway.. I am stopping subbing this show.. sigh……….


  16. i’m missing my old couples…..and the show is losing its charm. or maybe it’s just me. who knows. it’s not the same anymore…none of the new couples strike me at all..

  17. you know… i totally agree. i’ve downloaded all of last month’s episodes and i STILL haven’t gotten around to watching them. and it’s kinda sad because i used to be REALLY into this show– like i was obsessed. i watched 5 episodes in a row once i think.

    *sigh* i don’t know where it went wrong. i think it started after alshin broke up the first time T__T

    thanks for sharing the pics anyways. hopefully i’ll get around to watching this ^^

  18. Dear Muish shi….

    You are stopping subbing the show….*sobs*….I hope you change your mind….

    Thanks for all the fantastic work, you are such a gem to all of us….

    Take care, come back soon..HUGS E

  19. I’m still lovin’ this show. Can’t get enough of it. Although I do feel that it has changed a bit.. can’t exactly catch on as to what it is, but maybe I guess it’s the mission. They need something more interesting. Like “Meeting the parents”. Oh that would be fun.

  20. They’re cutting out alot of airtime for Joongbo and Alshin couple =/
    The show is getting a bit bleh.
    But I won’t stop watching it.
    As long as those two are still on and of course I need my “A” intake once a week or I go through withdrawal. =/

    Hopefully the show will get better.

    aww Muish =/
    Thanks for subbing up until now.

  21. I agree AnSol couple was getting boring. But I think it was bad idea letting them leave the show… They (pd’s) should have figured sth out to help them get the attention again!!! They were the best couple for a long time…
    I do like the old 3 couples… But this show is gettin way too boring. 😦
    Because I don’t see anything better from this new couples. Hwayobi and that Marco guy is… make me wanna stop watching this show and just sleep…
    Changing/Adding couples won’t save this show anymore.

  22. hmm…i guess everyone said just about everything~
    it seems that WGM is goingow downhill ever since AnSol left
    i’m not saying the show is boring now because they’re not there
    i’m saying that since the big move with AnSol happend, all the new couples aren’t just living up to the expectation and everything
    i waited a long time since the new couples got interesting but they’re still not cutting it to even now
    and my patience is kinna getting thin…….
    this week was the FIRST week ever that i didn’t search “we got married ep XX eng” when i got on youtube
    which i used to do every sunday and even days after that!
    i guess the biggest problem right now is that the couples aren’t getting any progress at all!
    i guess we’ll just have to see what’ll happen then

  23. i dont lyk the way the pd’s promoting HyungDon or something.. that’s too much.. almost every event HyungDon there, to be honest, he is THE BEST MC on WGM for me. his comment is funny.

    WTH, Alshin’s time is becoming more less and less. for Marco, i dont lyk him from the first chuseok ep. somehow he is irritated me. feel sorry for Dambi. i lyk jinyoung-hyunji better, although they looks father n daughter.

    for Hwanhee-Hwayobi, im OK with this couple although they doesn’t lyk married couple. Yobi is good woman n is funny.

    Ssangchu couple is entertaining me so much..^^

  24. -i HATE marco…he is annoying..pity dambi..
    -hwayobi n hwanhee not much interesting for me…
    -shinae n alex..getting boring..but i still love them..about the baby..they should just stop it… i want to see them alone..not with the baby..n all already know that both of them will be a good parents…
    -SIY n crown j…i really like them..but adding don don will just make them fight more…don don should stop appearing in any couple now..he will get more anti-fans…he should know this…n i think he wont get married with his attitude…who want a lazy husband???
    -joongbo couple still the best for me…hehe…joongbo hwaiting!!

    anbi couple left the show not affecting me much…even i love them but they kinda getting boring…hehe

  25. me too!! i used to be obsessed with this show!!! my love for it has died.. maybe it’s becuz of the new cast… :/
    alshin and the ant couple are my favorites! ❀

  26. same with me…

    lost interest in the show when you lost interest…

    its not because of you, but around the time before
    AnBi left… when they did the couple outings…
    i lost interest, i hated that they mixed the couples..

    i prefered it when they let the couples do their
    own thing…


  28. Like everyone, I’ve been losing interest in this show. I used to really anticipate for it every Sunday morning, but now I see it uploaded and I don’t click on it until several days later.

    At one point, I was obsessed with the Anbi couple, but towards their last two episodes, I no longer liked Solbi anymore. She changed. She started dressing differently, acting differently; I didn’t find it interesting nor appealing.

    Now I’m only watching for the Alshin couple. As funny as the Joongbo couple are, I still feel this great gap between them.

    I’ve completely stopped watching the Marco-Dambi couple because they lack chemistry. Period. The PD only put Marco in there because of his wild personality and Dambi because she’s relatively new and pretty. I don’t see their relationship blossoming into anything.

    I can see why competing Sunday shows have better ratings than WGM, which used to get some of the highest ratings. I don’t know what they can change to improve their ratings.

  29. My opinion about this,,,

    I really adore AnBi couple since the first day (mainly because of Andy oppa (oppa?! are we that close lol)) and when they left, I felt really sad.

    Alshin couple is also my favorite because they compliment each other very well (even though others say they’re too good to be true, but what can we do it’s reality show and not actuality show so yeah, you get the gist of it) and when they first left, I stopped watching for a while but then I can’t go on without seeing the AnBi couple. But now, they have sooo little air time that really makes me frustrated!!!

    Ant couple got on my nerves first because all they did was fight and I did not like SIY first because of the concept she had about being materialistic and plain witch, but I liked them as the show progressed, but having Don Don live in their house is just not right!!!

    Ssangchu couple, I did not like them also at first mainly because I was jealous of Hwang Bo having Hyun Joong as her husband but now I’m soo into them now. I just don’t like how they only have small air time just like Alshin!

    Son Dam Bi-Marco couple, at first I liked them but now, it is making me mad! Sure they look good together but they don’t have that spark that I first saw during the Thanksgiving special!!

    Hwanyobi couple, they are really funny especially hwayobi but I don’t know why but I never really liked hwanhee (maybe because he has this arrogant aura around him and because I prefer Brian than him in the first place) but, I’ll try to see if he’s going to change a little.

    Overall, I’ll just watch Alshin and Ssangchu couple… and if they take them out then that’s the end for me!!

    Sorry, a very long comment but hey its really rare that I comment on some stuff so I took advantage for this! sorry πŸ™‚

  30. yeah, it’s definitely getting less and less interesting for me.

    I only watch it because of my dearest AlShin couple. But they are getting less and less airtime! I don’t know if that is a sign from the PD or what, but once theyre gone I’m out.

    I was already sad enough to see AnBi leave, and without my ALShin I don’t know if I could watch this anymore, it’s really unfair to have them only air for 8 minutes out of a 90 minute show!

    I really dislike the PD’s.

    Anyways, I laso like Joongbo couple, they are very funny, and they give me the laughs while Alshin gives me the heart flutters. But other than them I don’t think the hsow is that great anymore.

  31. I still like this show alot.

    Love lettuce couple the most! I want more airtime for them!

    But I rmb when lettuce couple was new, they also got alot of airtime…now the Pds probaly let the new couples have more airtime cos according to their polls, the hwyobi couple ( is tt the spelling?) is the most popular. Can’t help it…the Pds are just pandering to the public’s likings.


    I rather they focus more on the old couples.


    They only take into account the freshness of the show..but what about the older couples that have grown on us?

    And yea..I absouletely think that hyung don should not come and interfere in crown j and siy’s wgm life. He’s annoying!!!! Yea..he’s funny but..it’s a drag to watch him.
    the Pds probaly only when him to be there to irritated SIY.
    FOR WHAT!!
    -_-. Haiz.

    As for the Marco and Dam bi couple, I don’t think Dam Bi is annoying. I think she’s Ok. But I don’t see any chemistry between them. Oh. and MArco’s trying too hard.

    Overall, i still love the show. πŸ˜‰

  32. i tink itz getting more interesting
    i love joongbo couple the best(so kute)
    ant couple needs to really get married soon
    but i have a feeling if they are going to part itz because of hyun don
    alshin is gettin less air time which i do not like
    they were once my favorite couple and i wish i could see more of them
    the R&B couple are starting to grow on me
    and tarzan and jane need to get out of the show
    i cant stand marco and son dam bi’s attitude
    they’re probably worse than the first time ant couple aired

  33. marco was awful, in my opinion, from the very start. ha. maybe i just can’t click with such a character. i like the rest except that couple. maybe alshin too, cause i don’t go for the romance. joongbo is my favourite(: cause hyun joong says really funny things. haha. but i don’t think its the pd’s fault…this kind of shows, i feel, lose their intially overwhelming appeal really quickly maybe…kinda pity the pd..since he seems to be getting alot of blame. lol.

  34. i’ve never felt the urge to watch it…but i do make sure i do during the week…great stress reliever….so joongbo having fun at the park?? NICE! I’m starting to like this more than before actually….It was getting a bit boring…when is my Alshin?

  35. Many people have been losing interest in this show because of all the changes, but I’m still very much into it. I still like watching the Ant couple’s interactions. They’re the reason I’m still watching.

    I wish people would stop complaining about the Lettuce couple getting less airtime because if they don’t do it like that, they won’t have enough material to last them a while. With how busy Hyun Joong’s schedule is becoming especially with the filming for his new drama, I doubt he’ll have that much time to film WGM, and right now, they seem to be getting most of the filming out of the way. So please stop making it sound as if the PD’s are purposely cutting their parts short, especially considering they had the longest cuts before. They probably just don’t have enough material to work with, or at least, that’s what I think.

    As for Marco and Son Dambi, personally, I think Marco is really cute in his own way, and they could make a great pair if only they could be given the chance to develop more as a couple. People shouldn’t keep comparing them to the old couples, because the old couples didn’t work out great at the start either. Andy and Solbi may have gotten a lot closer towards the end, but at the start, it was always Solbi that was giving and Andy was always holding her at arms length. He may have done sweet things, but you could tell at the start, he was doing a lot of it for the sake of the show and he actually looked quite awkward with her until they were given enough time together.

    And Hwanhee and Hwayobi I think are doing great together. They bring a fresh feeling to the show, and I wish people would give them the chance as well.

    Alex and Shinae are actually growing on me, and I like them a lot more now than before. They look so much more natural together.

    But coolsmurf, if you’re losing interest, then don’t bother with posting summaries if it feels like a chore to you, since you should be posting things you’re interested in πŸ™‚

  36. surprisingly, i didn’t miss ansol at all
    like i don’t even notice they were gone
    just enjoy the show like I did every week

    the only problem i have with this show right now is Hwayobi
    I don’t know why but she really gets on my nerve.
    i mean her couple is cute, but mostly because of Hwan Hee, she’s a bit too weird for me… I guess

  37. =/ have not even watched episode 30.
    I intend to though.
    Prolly won’t get further than that with no more english subs.

  38. wow.
    where’s alex + shinae ?
    these days, it seems they barely get any air time what with the ant tour and all.

    hm. marco…..
    kinda annoying in a way. sorry to marco-fans but the phrases like “killer” is just getting old.
    i mean, its just…….on and on and on and on.
    the marco, son dam bi couple is just …….. not fun.

    hwanhee+hwayobi as a whole is okay, i suppose, but when hwayobi talks, it can be kind of frustrating and annoying in a way.
    i do like their couple though.

    but my fave, alshin seems to be disappearing every week
    but seriously. they’re mostly the only reason i watch this show and if they leave like andy and solbi, im totally dropping the show.

    lettuce couple = funny.
    ant couple = …..? :\

  39. I’ve lost some interest, too. But everytime I see Crown J & Seo In Young together I just fall in love all over again (with that couple, anyway). XD

  40. im steadily becoming less and less interested in the show and it’s not because of andy/solbi leaving, i havnt liked them since the first month anyways and was actually glad to see them go. but as it goes down, it’s hard to have them keep pretending to be a wedded couple with these missions without making it “too real.” and it’s the reason why chemistry is beginning to fade with the older couples.

    too bad for WGM, it’s a fatal flaw in these shows that assume reality. now maybe if they got really newly wedded couples, or if some of these couples became real couples (never gonna happen)

  41. Yes i have to agree that my interest too had died down a little.It seems that the new couples are not having a effect..

    the new couple seemed not so natural?i dunt know..its like they are trying to hard for the show..to act like couples.Basically its their first few episodes and i felt that there should be a ‘awkwardness’ between them but they tried to catch up with the old couples.And yea..like what the others are talking about..maybe its the lack of chemistry….

    Ant and joongbo couple are the ones that kept me going..they are too entertaining and i love them too much!!

  42. i don’t like the new couples period. hwayobi annoys me, and maco tries too hard. they don’t seem ‘real’ at all. i’m only watching for the older couples now.

  43. I love the new couples ,they are funny…Yes I prefer watching FO more than WGM but WGM is still one of my favs…also Alex and shinea,weren’t filmed maybe due to Shinea who was sad because of BF’s death?

  44. wow I guess I’m kinda different cos I only started watching the show during the Chuseok Special ( and only cos I thought the Hwanhee-Hwayobi pairing was so unexpected it wd be terribly exciting) hehe and I guess I wasn’t disappointed.

    So for me, it’s only the beginning… I’m getting into the whole interest & hype abt WGM! can’t wait for the subs each week… aww too bad muish is stopping the subs but I must say I’m very grateful for all the great and fast subs you’ve delivered these past weeks… I really appreciate them from the bottom of my heart. Thanks so much.

    haha I guess this show is targeted at the Koreans, not at us, so the PD doesn’t care what we think abt the changes and all. haha but right now, it suits me fine. HwanYobi for the win!!! =)

  45. Yeah I’m starting to get tired of it. I mean I admit I’m an Anbiholic but I still like the Lettuce couple and Alshin couple but after the Farewell mission, the missions that they get now are getting boring. Dambi and Marco was cute at the special but now Marco is getting annoying and the couples that I like barely get any air time. =/

  46. i’m just waching for lettuce couple, crown j and inoyung couple and of course..alshin(or what lil snippet of them that i see) ….it’s kinda lost it’s flavour with the new couples..but i dno..i’ll just skip those parts and watch the parts i want to =)!

  47. Everyone is so negative of WGM here, if you don’t like it then don’t watch it! I mean some criticism is okey but its going overboard here. None is forcing you to see WGM.

    I think the this episode 31 was much better then the last two episodes. It was fun to just see the interaction of the couples.

    But I agree with some of you that Don Don should not live with CrownJ-SIY and that Marco should be a little bit more adult.

  48. Hmmm, I agree that WGM may not be as appealing as it used to be back then, when it first started. However, I’m truly disappointed to see the lack of encouragement being given towards this show. If you were truly a happy viewer previously, instead of being a downer, why not show your love for the show that you once had and give some words of encouragement? Don’t lose hope and expect for the worse.
    If things were to continue to head in this direction, and us viewers do not even contribute to the effort of trying to get back WGM’s old charms, then, although its sad to say, we’ll not be able to see any of the couples and their well created chemistry during these past few months anymore.

    AND THAT IS SAD. I won’t be able to see CJ & SIY’s relationship growing more and more, episode after episode =[.
    Also with HJ & HB. Although he’s bound to leave due to his hectic schedule, there’s still something there that needs some sort of completion and until that “event” happens. I will not be satisfied >.<..

    Urghh.. I dunno. All i can say is, WGM, hwaiting~

  49. This show kind of lost it’s initial purpose of what a “newly wed” couple seem. Especially during the ant tour, the couples seems like just friends. Even though it’s a fake marriage, they should act as if they’re really married. I know I should give the new couples some time but:

    – Hwanyobi couple just seems so fake. Like it’s from a drama. I had so much respect for these two and I admired their talent but Hwanhee’s portraying himself like some irritating jerk and Hwayobi is annoying on this show.
    – Marco and Dambi has no chemistry. I sense nothing from them at all.
    – Ant couple: I like this couple but putting Hyun Don to live with them is a mistake and will only eat up most of the screen time of the Lettuce couple + Alshin
    – Lettuce couple: I’m not a fan but I like them. Even though I feel the gap between them and they’re entertaining, I can’t imagine them together in real life
    – Alshin: they have their boring moment but I feel they’re what this show is supposed to be about? To me, they seem like a real married couple (minus the events prof. alex gives her but I think it’s b/c he truly cares for her). They seem natural and I think these two could actually really date in reality besides Ant.

    The PDs for WGM suck. It seems like all they care about is the ratings rather than the satisfying the viewers.

  50. yeh u agree with most of you’s.
    The show isnt as interesting as it used to be like i would get excited when i know it`s out but now i dont really care?
    Ant couple and Lettuce couple are the only reasons i`m watching this show. If they leave (esp Ant couple) i dont think i will watch this show =/ what a pity….

  51. I’d still watch it… it’s getting a little mundane… but that’s what marriage is about… there isn’t always gonna be excitement… so I’d watch it just to wait for the exciting bits to pop up… let’s hope ppl continue subbing T_T

  52. gotta agree with most of you here that this show is getting boring. when I first watched it I was like obsessed over it and tried to download as much as I can per day. But now, I’ve seen it subbed and uploaded but I still think if I should download it.

    Ansol couple is cute of course, I wasn’t really of their fan. But seeing them leave did make me sad. and I was teary when I saw them cried in the 28th episode where they had to leave.

    Alshin is my favorite, they’re really sweet. and I can feel the chemistry between them, and that’s what make this show interesting, the chemistry! whether it’s real or not, at least the chemistry pulled me to watch it

    same thing goes for JoongBo couple, yay, this couple is just too funny! so hard to resist! haha, I didn’t like this couple at first, yeah… because I thought HwangBo looks too old for HJ, but as I watched them, I fell for them! I think chemistry is the key here once again…

    Ant couple, lol. Although they’re like always fight in every episode, it’s still bearable to watch, sometimes it’s tiring to see them though, must admit that I did skip some of their parts because their negative aura sometimes is too strong and that’s what I don’t really like, but I love them… the way they solve their problems are always surprises me, lol. And the idea of adding hyung don to their house, is really not good. he’ll get more antis I think… x/

    the new couple. I don’t really like them much… x(

    Marco-DamBi does have a beauty appearance but I just can’t stand Marco saying “killer” all over again… it was funny, but now it’s not anymore.

    Hwanyobi… I don’t know, I can’t feel them at all, no comment.

    wow! I blabber quite long eh?

  53. I’m feeling the same as you alvin! It’s just not the same anymore.. even Joongbo is starting to bored me. Im only watching the subbed eps once they’re released, because of Alshin. Once they leave I doubt I’ll continue watching. Bleh


  54. I’m scared it’d get so bad that MBC cancels it. =( FOR GOD’S SAKE, PICK UP THE ACT AND GET RID OF THE MARCO COUPLE!!!!

  55. I love joongbo n alshin couple….. I think the new couple are boring, so I just skip their part… I agree with loveholic, just get rid of the marco couple already….

  56. even the mission letter that’s always in every episode of WGM are barely there anymore :/…I miss the 20% scripted mission strangely enough…perhaps because I feel like that 20% has slowly becoming more than that…ha!…seriously, I wonder if the staffs ever do their research on married couple anymore?…..ah who am I kidding…missed the old PD too…O__O (no matter how hated he is/was)…ah, if the hype of WGM is just like how it used to….

  57. I just don’t understand what’s the PD is thinking now! The show’s getting boring! I just stick to my fav couples, AlShin & JoongBo.

    The new couples, Yikes! They are so boring! And why does that big lazy bum aka Hyun Don still put in the show. Really change the mood for watching the show. He should just stick to being the MC!

    I don’t understand why AlShin couple got less & less airtime. It’s really annoying!

    No wonder the rating got down from 5th to 6th place!

    Seriously, I think the PD or the writer should be changed immediately!

  58. sorry for the double post but, probably WGM aren’t meant to be on the long-run (promotes newlyweds live at the beginning…different feel of newlyweds..then?)…unless its purpose along the way is to promote stuff (sponsors and couple sightings..etc)…like how FO promotes places just like 1D2N but adding ‘family’ element to it…got hooked on this one..plus..mc yoo and his hyungs are damn funny…

    its only a matter of time (after Alshin and Joongbo leaves) that I’ll stick around WGM…missing solbi a lot..

  59. i don’t think Alshin couple will be leaving any time soon. episodes 31 and 32 must be when ShinAe got hit with Choi Jin Shil’s death. I’m sure WGM staf are just trying to give her some time to mourn and recuperate. I mean, think about it, put yourself in her shoes. Do you honestly think that you’d be able to work knowing that your best friend just killed herself? Yeah, I didn’t think so. The fact that she even decided to continue shooting WGM up ’til know shows that despite the tragedy, she’s still a professional. I mean I get that we all love watching this show and want to see our favourites week after week, but at the same time, they’re people too. So please try to be a little bit more understanding. It’s a privilege that we get to watch this show anyway. It’s not as if we’re paying for it. Some people are just too much!!!

  60. I am only watching HyunJoong-HwangBo cuts and HwanHee-Hwayobi cuts….the others, kinda boring especially Marco-DanBi couple….I think the PD or the scripwritters need to inject more creativity into it….

  61. they lost their direction I think. maybe they should stop the whole thing. I still watch for the sake of watching but I dont get so excited anymore.

    and WHY WHY WHY are they doing this to AlShin? I’m a big AnBi fan, but I still think that AlShin could have helped WGM after AnBi left. If they’re not letting go of AlShin, then might as well make use of them instead of just showing like super short clips of them! Understand if Shin Ae cant do it anymore, just let her leave then and dont make us anticipate and then have to go through the tarzan couple to get there!

    Ps: Anyone who wants to sub WGM, PLEASE skip marco-sobdambi parts. I dont think anyone would mind. Hehe.

    Come on everybody, lets watch family outing!! It’s the best!!

  62. I REALLY HATE MARCO AND DAM BI COUPLE. SO ANNOYING. He needs to shut up once in a while and be less hyper.

    I hate how AlShin are BARELY getting air time ’cause of the new couple. I the PD should have kept their promise that they were going to add ONLY 1 couple so it be even of 4 couples not 5.

  63. I still like this show. I loved AnSol couple but… to be honest, I really like both new couples too. Now, I can say that I like each couple here and I’m waiting for each episode πŸ˜‰

  64. I feel like a traitor for saying this… but I feel the same way too… the URGE to see is just not there no more… previoulsy, I must see it on the same day telecast or latest on Monday, with or without sub… now I just watch it before next Sunday roll around.

    The momentum is lost…
    The synergy is lost…
    The direction is lost…

    I still love Alshin, Joongbo an CrownJIY, but… their time is getting so wee short, esp Alshin

    Seriously he is cute, good body, attentive to his buin but whats with the “chu go” thing? I know she is so hot that it kills, but seriously Marco… you need to know you are on TV and say something more tv-attractive…

    And gorgeous HwanHee will it hurt if he is nicer to Hwayobi, and I dun get how Hwayobi stomach it all? And she actually thing he calling her dog poo is cute…

    Seriously once the old couples leave the show I am done with it… but for now, I am sticking with it, though less enthusiatic… The PDs need to do something…

  65. omg…i thought it was only me who felt that way, but ive lost the urge to watch this as well, its become somewat boring,..im way less enthusiastic than i used to be for this show…..but thanks for the pictures…

  66. Yup…lost interest.
    Will still watch AlShin part but that’s it. I normally just wait for AlShin cuts nowadays.

  67. i feel you alvin!
    this show has really lost its touch.
    one of the many reasons that they are losing the ratings to FO.
    cant we just get decent and good fun lettuce, A! and alshin couple?
    although hwanyobi is entertaining at times, but its just too scripted. bringing them in together with marco+dambi was really unnecessary.
    just give the rest more screen time!
    (esp alshin! ggrrrrrr)

  68. I still like the show but.. I can stand the Marco & Son Dambi couple… He’s annoying and she’s to stiff…
    Anyway, thanks Godness there is still my favorite couple => JOONGBO !! I luv them ! =^^=
    Fany & Yobi are hilarious but they still need some time to adjust to the show I think..

  69. I am only still watching because i love Alshin who are my 2nd fave couple, Ansol is my 1st, I love Hwanhee & Hwayobi couple. HwangBo & HJ make me laugh.
    I am not keen on the ANT couple now, i felt they are very bored. Dont know but feel rather annoying with them. but it is my opinion.
    I hate the PD…….who made Alshin’s part so short, the preview, made me feel sad, and they both were teary, ihope they really arent leaving……..prove me wrong!

  70. After Andy and Solbi left, I totally lost interest in WGM.
    It’s like WGM lost it’s charm after the new couples came.

  71. Ohh myyy…..

    I think I am with you alvin..this show really gets boring and it is just a pain for me to watch Marco!! (or any new couples’ sake..sorry to the fans..)

    I just think WGM has lost its sparks..maybe I am biased since I loved old couples more than new ones..well, you just cant blame them, can you? Old couples like JoongBo, Alshin, CJ-SIY and AnSol are the pioneer of this show..so, WGM viewers tend to loved old couples more..

    Since AnSol left the show, I am stick to Joongbo and Alshin – my other two fav couple! But they are getting less and less airtime!! wth?? But cannot blame the PD for Alshin part, though…everybody knows she is still mourning..really love Alshin, I think they have better chemistry compared to other couples in the show..its a real chemistry..if u guys know what I meant..

    I think I am gonna quit watching this show once Alshin and Joongbo quits..I am already half-dead-due-to-sadness since Ansol left..huhu!

  72. the ep seemed kinda boring. also Andy & Solbi were getting boring a weeks in a row before their final ep. it was sad to see them go cause they did get close & were close to the rest of the couples too. i agree about Marco couple being boring, he seems too silly & she seems too stiff. it is harder to like her cause she has no personality, just a girl with a temper. Hwanhee & Hwayobi are funny, just her being strange & him being mean then caring. i like Alshin the most, but their time has been cut so much lately, wth. AntWitch are cool but they seem to be acting a lot lately, with their fake fight, bringing Hyun Don into their new home to cause more trouble. i like Hyun Don, but by the PD doing this will make Hyun Don get more anti-fans. the Lettuce couple is okay, they are awkward but silly & getting close. they should dump Marco & Dambi, they have no chemistry. or at least keep Marco & get him an interesting partner, (could they bring Solbi back to get re-married?). also there needs to be a new couple that is more interesting, & maybe has more of a fan base, like an idol, hopefully help the ratings too.

  73. i dont feel the urge to watch WGM anymore too.
    I used to rush to the computer to see if it had been uploaded with eng subs every monday and get really excited. I don’t know why but I just don’t feel the need to anymore.
    Like most of the people here…. I REALLY don’t like Marco. He is really really annoying. He’s the type of people that I actually don’t like. He just needs to shut his mouth sometimes!!!
    I only watch the Joongbo cuts nowadays, they’re my fav couple.

  74. Really, Alvin?

    I still love this show!!! It’s sad to see Andy & Solbi leave but why dwell on it? I think Hwanhee and Hyobi is hilarious but I can’t get a connection with Marco & Son Dambi…mainly because of Marco. It seemed forced and I just can’t get myself to like them but they are gorgeous to look at… It’s too bad because I really like Son Dambi on the show but I can’t help but wish she had someone else as her ‘husband’. Oh well, I’m not going to dwell in that.

    I’ve lately loved the Hyun Joong & Hwang Bo couple! They are HILAROUS and my ultimate favorite, the ‘A’ couple is still on the show so for me, everything is still great.

    What people need to realize is that Shin Ae is still mourning for her late friend, actress Choi Jin-sil. That’s probably why she will hardly be in the show for a couple of weeks… Shin Ae, aja aja fighting!!!

    Rest in peace, Choi Jin-sil…

  75. i still watch it for my favorite couple alshinn!!!

    i always watch their cuts first and then watch the whole episode a couple days later.

  76. I haven’t watched the show for a while since Anbi couple left. They were the ones who made the show really popular and they were unceremoniously removed. I didn’t like that.

  77. andy-solbi, alex-shinae, crown j- inyoung, hwangbo-hyunjoong
    i still think those 4 couples are the best
    its not that the new couples are not fun, they are great but nothing beats the 4 i meantion earlier. this is just my personal opinion.
    these 4 couples are just too fun and great.
    gosh, maybe i just miss anbi too much

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  79. i only watch the show because of alex and shinae.. and for some reason they keep on getting short air time. i wonder why.. before with the original couples.. i was watching the whole show. now, i’ve lost interest..i just watch alshin parts.

  80. Sigh…I have to agree with alvin and muish. The show’s just not as interesting to me anymore. Maybe andy and solbi were smart to get out early and leave on a good note.

    I must say… with all the interesting guests appearing on family outing… I’m more interested in watching that.

    Does anyone know where i can watch those subbed? I wanna see bi and kjk!

  81. I watched WGM for entertainment now, but not because of addiction anymore which I had when AnBi were still on the show. Actually, all of the couples are not literally boring but it’s the missions they got lately which I felt that did not do much justice to them. Just my personal thought.

    I think people like us dwell on AnBi couple because they are one of the pioneer couples that really make this show popular and well known and fans got emotionally attached to their lives portrayed in the show. I admit that I am an Anbiholics and really miss them in the show.

    Out of the new couples, I find Hwanyobi couple rather entertaining. I only watch out for Hwanyobi, Alshin and Ant parts now. =D

  82. whoa..i really love reading everyone’s comment.. πŸ˜€

    i agree that the show is not that interesting anymore.
    i dunno but it is now lacking its spark. i was way addicted to the show when i was watching it just for a couple of episodes. and i ended downloading alshin cuts from the very start episode.
    too sad that they are having the least air time in the show.

    for the few last episodes (after the addition of new couples), i am just interested watching alshin cuts.
    for some, they maybe boring to watch.
    but i really find them very sweet and natural to watch, though there is still a bit of awkwardness.
    they still seem gentle and in a way you can see that they have the ‘care’ for each other.

  83. i used to bother coming home early on sundays to stream and watch the show in all excitement, but truthfully these few weeks, like you, i dont quite care anymore. whatever’s happening is becoming repetitive. you can pretty much ANTICIPATE whatever’s gnna happen. it was more exciting because of the element of unknown before.

    i like the joongbo couple for who they are, but as a SHOW, i can guess most of it already – hyunjoong will say some random thing and poke fun at hwang bo, hwangbo will jump around and be usual hyperactive self.

    crown j and siy will fight over some random thing, siy will likely win.

    and etc.

    and also partly, i dislike the some of the dissing between fans (esp on forums) – and mind you, BETWEEN fans of the very same couple that they are supporting, not even different couples’ fans lol. the wgm fandom was at an all high, and some fans got ugly when others said a different view point.

    just my 2 cents

  84. I actually like the show much better and if Sondambi couple leaves then i’ll feel better cuz they are kinda boring compare to the others..the other 3 couple are both hilarious and fun too watch ^^ Alsun couple are sooo sweet too!

  85. Hahahaha!!!! Alvin!

    You said in the chatroom “of-course I am still going to watch”.

    Told you its going to be b~o~r~i~n~g !

    Why don’t you always believe me? Hey, I got two in a row now .

  86. I only watch for Hwanhee.
    His “personality” is really my type.

    I hate Marco and Son Dambi though
    And Alex and Shinae were always boring to me.
    Crown J and Seo In Young are too old now.
    But HyunJoong and Hwangbo are still cute.

  87. ya, its so true that shinae and alex only got little airtime!
    But i think they’re really doing well outside of the show!

  88. dammit where is alex and shinae? they are my favorite couple after anbi left… actually i like all the couples.. haha but i aniticipate to see what alex the prof could be doing next time… event wise. ahhhhh > <” sighs… they so need more air time T-T.

  89. i’d also like to add, i only watch to kill time now too. if alshin leaves… i’d cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. i find them genuinely sweet.. real… minus the events haha. love them as a couple! ❀

  90. i agree with ru
    alshin is my favorite couple but lately they been getting less time. I also like joongbo and crown and seo in young
    i dont really enjoy watching the new couples.
    when they had the original couple i was always excited to watch it. but now since anbi left and alshin is rarely on it and plus the couples outing together with the new couples i find it less interesting than it was before.
    Original Couples Hwaiting!

  91. What?!

    What are the PDs doing with adding Don Don back to the show? Are they out of their minds? He always ruins the mood especially when Andy & Solbi and Crown J & In Young trip…

    Why don’t they just give him another ‘wife’ to leave him again?! Why ruin another couple’s time? Sorry, but the fact that people are saying that Don Don is moving in upset me! The reason he’s on the show is to irritate In Young and make her hate Crown J more! So pointless. I know we should all wait and ‘see what happens’ but I don’t like it already…

    There goes another couple that I’d like to skip.

  92. absolutely agree with you guys about Don Don. it’s annoying to see him spoil the mood between the couples. and Marco is so slimy!!! feel that Dambi and Marco is just a good looking pair without much substance in the feelings.

  93. It is not as interesting anymore, but I adore the “old couples” and the new couples are interesting. I don’t know .. it’s a show that I will only take a break with watching, but I will never just stop watching it because there are other shows I find more interesting.

  94. Now’s the time they should take out KJK from FO and push him in WGM. I think HE will save the show. I’m only watching WGM because of ANT and LETTUCE, of course the original and since I havent watched ep. 31 yet.. I’m so pissed after hearing that Alshin didnt get airtime! (and i thought leeteuk and eunyuk with the kids were as funny as hell) Grrrr.. they’re the next to boot huh?

  95. omgggg. i hella miss the old couples, especially anbi. ):
    this show has been lackluster for a while now.
    they need an icon couple again!
    without anbi, this show just…died.
    i agree with the KJK addition!
    the one man+one woman=KILLER.

  96. yes i lost interest too! i actually stop watching when ep 24 came out and didn’t start watching again untill ep 29 aired and now i haven’t really bothered watching. i use to get excited every week but now i don’t know i can’t seem to watch anymore i still love andy and solbi and was sad they left i hope i bring myself to watch this again.

    i still haven’t watched ep 29/30/31 basically i haven’t watch since andy and solbi left.

  97. Look at other way, since this show is losing the magic, when it comes to the end. Fans can just say goobye without hard feeling. Remenber there were so many fans worried their beloved CPs would say “I’m sorry”, and watched the show with complex feelings during the two Farewell Trip eps? Now, no matter how much love I have for Alsin. If this show just ended by the production team itself. I am sure Alex and Shinae still have their bright career to work for.

    PS. Still waiting for ep32, and of course all my heart belong to Alsin.

  98. lol, i know what you mean. This series is getting kinda boring. Something I dont religiously watch, but something I will watch when I have nothing better to do. I personally think that ALSHIN doesnt get enough air time. WTF was up with the 10 minutes they had the last two episode? And the new couples are just plain annoying. I just skip them.

  99. I love it still and I find it really funny ^_^

    Cant wait for the next ep

    Shinae and Alex wee sweet this episode and i want to confirm her crying cause we’ve never see her cry on wgm

  100. lol
    the only reason why i watch WGM now is for joongbo, alshin and ant couple, but since there are rumors that the ant couple might leave and that alshin might leave too, i’m not really looking forward to it anymore.

    I used to chase the episodes like a wild dog, but the new couples are just …… bad. sorry to any lovers, but i really dislike them! i wish we could have the old couples back… : (

    the show has lost its spark, man. i remember when there were the old couples, i watched all the episodes in a row, like, from episode 1-21, i think, without stopping. Now, i’m just (=_=) about them. : (

    just get rid of marcoxson dambi, please! and have more ALSHIN, damnit! the show is slipping because they lack content of the old couples

    please, wgm. listen to your viewers and give us more old couple action!

  101. I agree…WGM is not as interesting as before for me,especially since ANBI left the show (I am an anbiholic).The ant’s tour on ep 29,30 was very dull….It look so script..ALSHIN scene with the baby was boring..I skip their part.Probably I will switch to fam.outing next week,…

  102. For me its getting boring too. I think there is more than are a few reasons. First of all, anbi left, and I reallllllly miss them. Secondly, i think that the new couples espcially son dambi and marco have to spark at all. They are seriously showing soo little of the old couple especially alshin. Although i think don don is funny, but the PD should not try to stick him with couple. Thirdly, i do not like the new missions and the new setup. It gives a weird feeling. I am also sad that Lee Hwi Jae left, i liked his comments, i wish the female MC would leave, and Kim Won Hee should come back.
    I am only watching the show cuz of the old couple. The ant couple are hillarious, I love it how they over react to everything. Alshin couple are soo sweet. The lettuce couple is cute and unique. I really like HwangBo unnie, she is soooo adorable.

    I wish the PD improves the show, the ratings have been down.

  103. Yeah, I’m starting to lose interest in the show, too. I surprise myself, considering I’ve been a HUUUGE fanatic of this show, but there’s just so many gaps in the chemistry of this show that it sometimes gets boring already.

    Really, I think the only thing that keeps this show alive is fans who are still holding on, waiting for something to happen. I know that’s why I watch it. If anything, it’s just JoongBo that I tune in to. I don’t even pay attention much to Ant couple anymore. =[


    is it just because they were soooooo true about their inner feelings????

    bwahahaha!! you guys are absolutely STUPID~!!!!!!!!!!!

    MY TUMMY… ACHING….. HAHA!!!!!!!!

  105. i’m feeling so sad now cos no1 seems to be subbing wgm anymore 😦 arghz. I think i need 2 take up Korean.

  106. I miss Anbi :/
    I only watched the new couples because of the ant tour. I skipped half of it though, Tbh, I don’t mind Alshin having the babies round… Its cute~ (q◕‿◕q)
    Whislt watching ep 30/31, Every now and then i ended up going back on youtube watching when anbi performed Love song x].

  107. hi ~ i duno where else i can continue watch we got married subbed cause i used to watch it at youtube but there isn’t anymore… can anyone help? thanks

  108. Hey… I was wondering if you could help me?

    I’ve been trying to find out the ringback tune of Shin Ae?:)

    WOuld you happen to know?

    The one that’s playing when Alex called her when he was in front of CoEX, please email me once you do find out.. thanks.:D

  109. Totally with you, coolsmurf! I’m not really into this show as much as before. I skipped so many parts of the recent episodes when I was watching it on the internet.

    I really dont like the new couples. I extremely dislike Hwayobi. The way she behaves is so… childish. Her first impression she gave me already turns me off by acting all childish and cute, then she had to put couple photos all over HwanHee’s house… I extremely hate that.

    But I’m still watching because of Alex & Sinae, and also Hwang Bo & Hyun Joong (my favourite after Andy & Solbi).

    I totally miss Anbi couple! But for now, Joongbo couple is the best! The funniest and sweetest =)

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