Korean Music Concerts Cancelled Due to Financial Constraints

DBSK, Super Junior Happy, JunJin and Min Kyung Hoon were scheduled to perform at Super Concert on Saturday but the sudden cancellation of the event just a day before left fans stunned! It was not just the Korean fans who were left disappointed, hundreds of overseas fans from Taiwan for example had already bought their air tickets, applied for leave and were already in Seoul. But they never would have thought that the concert would become a non-event.

Super Concert was scheduled to take place at the Bucheon Stadium on the 25th. But on the afternoon of 24th, a notice came out saying that it was cancelled. This was followed by a representative of S.M FanClub posting a notice on the website to say sorry and expressed that because the organizers failed to adhere to stipulations stated on the contract, so they had no choice but to pull DBSK and Super Junior Happy away. They sincerely apologize to all the fans who have been anticipating and waiting to see the concert.

According to sources, the main reason for the Super Concert cancellation was because the sponsors ran into some financial problems and couldn’t pay up the appearance fees for the performers. Up till the day before the concert, the performers had no choice but to pull out after not receiving any payment. The performers no-show also meant that the concert had to be cancelled.

Korean entertainment companies who are already suffering severe cashflow problems because of the rapidly shrinking music industry in Korea, has been hit even harder by the economic crisis currrently affecting the world.

The MBC Big Music Fiesta in Ulsan scheduled for 11th October earlier this month was also cancelled because of the same reason. This is the second time that Super Concert has been cancelled, causing some inconveniences to fans. Refunds and complaints lodged with the organizers are still unresolved.

27 thoughts on “Korean Music Concerts Cancelled Due to Financial Constraints

  1. It cancelled a day before, which is much better than MBC Big Music Fiesta in Ulsan. I went to that concert and it was cancelled 3 hours before the concert. And there was a girl from canada who came to Korea just to watch the concert..

    It’s really frustating for us as fans, just because the sponsor and they have to cancelled the concert in close time before the concert without enough information..

  2. …if the tickets were presold how come there’s not enough funds for the performers…something’s fishy going on and it’s so unfair to overseas fans who spent so much more for the trip and hotel accomodations aside from the concert tickets.

  3. i felt bad for all the fans that came all the way there jus to see them and suddenly gt turn down.
    hope the next event will be much better!!

  4. well you can’t really blame them since they’re not getting paid…
    the tickets were presold but that’s probably not enough to cover the whole thing, which is why there were sponsers in the first place

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  7. If I were one of the performers, I would just hold the concert anyways regardless of money. I have so many fans there supporting me, and its really about the fans and the music, riiiite? hahaha But alas the world is more complicated than this…

  8. scary!! Really those poor people, especially those who came from overseas. And I mean sure, the performers COULD just go ahead and perform but it’s not up to them right? They have to do what their companies tell them and companies have to make money.

    Oh well. I hope they dont do this to us whos eagerly waiting for the kpop concert in singapore!~

  9. @HelloFellow:

    of course performers would like to perform for their fans, but it’s really not up to them whether they can perform or not. if their company doesn’t receive money, they won’t allow any artist to perform; that’s how companies make money. and even if the artists were persistent about performing, it wouldn’t work in the end because their management would be upset and find some kind of punishment and staff workers wouldn’t help out as they’re not getting paid as well.

    that’s the real world.

  10. aww that reallllly sucks…esp for those that were planning to come and see them overseas! they should really try to get the message out earlier! i hope this doesn’t have a strong effect on future ticket buyers..if i bought a ticket to a show and they canceled at the last minute..i’d probably wouldn’t go see them play anymore..but that’s mainly for the mainstream music..whatever happen to the dayz of real music minus the synchronized dancing/special effects/etc…??…maybe it’s me but i loooove the days of woodstock! hehe. i’m not old btw hehe.

  11. It’s surprising that it would even be legal to sell tickets to something that doesn’t happen later on. I was wondering when the crises would reach this industry though.

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  13. and this is exactly why i never pluck up enough courage to pay my airfare+ticket to go see korean stars live in concert. didn’t this happen with a concert in california too???

    sheesh, they just can’t be trusted!

  14. a lot to learn about business ethics.

    this is the best way to kill your entertainment industry – annoy and hassle fans in a majorly fashion. i feel bad for those who came from abroad….. makes you think twice about supporting these people don’t it?

    big entertainment companies like SM should NOT allow use of their talents names for promotions if they haven’t been paid yet – – – cancellations like this not only reflects badly on the production company, but the talents themselves.

  15. So, the US finical problems is not only hitting the world hard on fears of a recession, but it really effected the Korean music industry as well. -__-

    Thanks United States. Thanks for screwing up the world.

  16. as someone who usually flies overseas for cons…..this really sucks. And the stupid sponsers should have informed the organisers earilier!! They would have known if they had no money weeks before….

  17. The stupid financial problem…it is really Bush, more like the republicans who brought America into this situation (Bush may have decided to go into war but his republican party have to work with him to make that possible so I blame the party).

    But it shows how much korean fans and other fans need to start buying their stuff…or ent. companies finding other ways to raise the money or invent a different system that makes fans pay for the music. If technology is getting this far, music sales needs to follow up to that technology.

    Anyway this is really unfair. Paying huge sums of money and being rejected all of the sudden…a apology doesn’t help. This is really unprofessional of a company. If this continues again, ent. companies will lose money even more.

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