Family Outing No.1 for 6 Consecutive Weeks

Kim Jong Kook who has enjoyed immense popularity as a couple with Yoon Eun Hye on popular variety Xman in the past made his long-awaited return to SBS variety, Family Outing as a permanent member (to be confirmed). And this seemed to have a big effect on the ratings. Not only did Family Outing smashed it’s own record with a new high rating, it also ensured that it remained in the No.1 position (against other variety) for 6 consecutive weeks.

According to TNS Media Research, Family Outing obtained a nationwide rating of 27.5% last night. This was an increase of 3.9 percentage points compared to it’s previous high of 23.6% achieved on 19th October where DBSK were the guest family members. As for it’s rivals, MBC We Got Married and KBS2TV Happy Sunday (1D2N has a high rating, but the rating takes into account other programs on Happy Sunday and so it’s lowered overall) got just 13.5% and 12.4% respectively. With Rain scheduled to appear on Family Outing soon, it might break the 30% barrier which was unthinkable when it started.

Having watched the 3 of them on a regular basis, it’s hard to pick a favourite because they all have their own strengths and weaknesses. But right now, Family Outing is slightly edging the other 2 in terms of popularity and having the novelty factor because they have rotating guests every fortnight. I did have my doubts about Family Outing initially because it looked like a 1N2D clone. But it has grown immensely and is deserving of it’s position now.

67 thoughts on “Family Outing No.1 for 6 Consecutive Weeks

  1. I only started watching it from DBSK’s appearance and really loved it! Since then I’ve been catching up on old episodes and I can see why they’re getting high ratings. With the never ending funny battle between the permanent family members and great guests, it’s no wonder they’re doing better than other variety shows.

    WGM has been getting really boring lately. I’ve lost a lot of interest in 1D2N as well. But FO carries a lot of entertainment and laughter with it.

  2. SO EXCITING. I think (and a few others agree), that if FO episodes are subbed as regularly and as efficiently as WGM episodes are, I would prefer FO ANY DAY. Nothing can go wrong if MC YOO is there! He and Daesung make such a hilarious pairing!

    Cant wait to see KJK!

    But I still like 1N2D though, them boys have got alot of chemistry! And Kang Ho Dong’s a superb MC!

  3. WGM started out strong, but it’s beginning to lose it’s power (*in my opinion, Andy & Solbi!!)….it’s slowly losing its momentum and is coming to a halt…

    1D2N is good with a lot of humor and neat stuff going on with a bunch of super awesome guys, but it’s the same guys in each episode and sometimes…yeah..

    FO…i was hesitant to watch it when it first started..but took a chance and it is indeed really good and enjoyable….i wasn’t a fan of Hyori before, but this show made me admire her in every way!!! everything about it is very enjoyable and it doesn’t bore me…

    i guess we can say the ratings does say a lot!!! if KJK does become a pernament member of FO, man…they are going to kick some show butts!!!

  4. As someone who watches all three of them, I pick Family Outing with WGM just trailing close to it. I really, really am a big AlShin fan and would pick WGM first before but now, it’s just fading. I only watch it for AlShin.

    On the other hand, FO is HILARIOUS. You can’t go wrong with MC Yoo with Hyori. They’re just too funny. And I agree with madds, I bet a lot of people would enjoy it if it was subbed as regularly as other shows. I really thank FO Fansub for taking on the job of subbing and it would be a shame if they stop. I’m most of all excited to watch the episodes with KJK. It would be like XMan reunion. Also, they should also have some female guests once in a while. The eppie with TaeYeon was hilarious!

    I also enjoy watching 1N2D through videos ripped from KBS World. The show also is hilarious and it’s really great to see the gorgeous scenery in Korea. The bond of all 6 members is really admirable.

    Anyway, i think I already wrote an essay. Bottom line: FO is a great show! lol

  5. I stopped watching WGM shortly before the changes started happening and I’ve only followed 1N2D whenever I have nothing else to watch.

    Family Outing is easily my favorite because of, like you said, the rotating guests and getting to see a new face(s) each week (which makes me anticipate the new family chemistry and interaction). The other shows are good on their own but have grown monotonous for me.

  6. haha for now im voting for family outing although we got married is a really close second. it’s just all the changes with WGM and the lack of chemistry lately. 1d2n is really funny but i dont know, i just don’t like watching some of their ppl alllll the time. basically i like the ppl in WGM and Family outing better than 1D2N.

  7. I loved WGM.. And then I discovered Family Outing. x]

    I go HAHAHAHDJKSALHJDSHLAFSD for five minutes every five minutes. xD IT IS JUST TOO FUNNY.

  8. seriously this episode was really funny. i haven’t laughed at an FO episode as much as this in a long time because i thought the dbsk one was kinda boring.

    fo has everything – chunderella, step mom kim, dumb and dumber, sneaky food man jong shin, and the two coolest chix ye jin and hyori.


  9. Family Outing is the one for me.
    if only someone subbed it quickly! FO fansubs are doing a great job but well. Haha.

    I love all the Dumb + Dumber interactions and my stomach aches every time I watch it πŸ˜€

    I’m super excited for the KJK one to be subbed.
    Mc Yoo + KJK!!

  10. I’m glad I started watching Family Outing when it first started. Still, not a lot of people do not know about it, but only know the show from the big guests. The reason I love Family Outing so much compared to the others is that right from the beginning the entire cast hit off so well that you wouldn’t think that about half of them never done variety shows before, too. I also love how inside the Family they have their own little unique style and pairings. Plus, with a new guest each week it adds on to a new flavor blending in with the current. I learned so many new things about the people themselves, the country around it, and the lifestyle many people live in South Korea. It’s fun, enjoyable, and just freaken hilarious~! There is no member in there that I dislike at all. Really likable show.

  11. i said WGM b/c i have seen it from the lunar special when it wasn’t a permanent show.

    1N2D was good too and really fun but then FO is so funny and just great.

    i really like all 3 shows.

  12. Family Outing with Taeyeon in it was incredibly funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    gosh, i really love yoo jaesuk.

    hope someone subs FO on a regular basis… i can only depend on Soshisubs to sub but they only sub a show if a soshi member is in it…


  13. I liked WGM initially but I also thought Family Outing was pretty interesting but now WGM is getting boring *cough*AnSol*cough* and I find myself watching Family outing more! =]

  14. its 1N2D for me!

    i also like watching FO and WGM but i guess they aren’t close to how much i am into 1N2D.

    but its no wonder that FO’s rating is getting higher with each episode because of all the guest celebrities they have unlike 1N2D which has the 6 permanent members, but even with that they still have high ratings! FO already has its loyal followers and then you add up the fans of the guest celebrities (c’mon, you have SNSD, FT Island, DBSK and now its Rain and KJK!), so it’s not really surprising that their ratings are that high!

    what if 1N2D would also have guest celebrities? if that would happen, i don’t think FO can beat 1N2D IMO. but i guess i wouldn’t want that, i like 1N2D as they are! πŸ˜‰ they are just neck and neck right now but we know FO has the advantage because of the guest celebrities they have. but they’re still a great show, i had fun watching the subbed episodes! but still, for me they’re not as great as 1N2D!ΓΆ

    it’s actually good that KBS, SBS and MBC are giving us great shows! πŸ˜‰

  15. Family outing is hilarious… JaeSuk & Daesung is the ultimate dork brothers…
    Not to mention I love Hyori more because of this show.. she wasnt a diva and doesnt mind to make a fool of herself
    The pair where SooRo often not ‘bully’ ChunHee (though this guy is so smart) is funny too…
    And not too mention Jongshin.. the guy who always takes care of the ‘seasoning’ Haha….
    I watch Family Outing and then switch to WGM when its done ^_^

  16. Personally, I like 1n2d better. I love all three shows but 1n2d is top on my list. The 1n2d guys seems to have more chemistry and familial closeness to eachother than F.O since they always have guests and all. Without feeling biased to any of my fave actors, I like 1n2d show better since F.O IS kinda like a rip off of 1n2d.

  17. I’ve been a fan of FO since Big Bang’s GD went on as the guest. and that was still when WGM & 1N2D topped the charts.

    i’m so happy that the family has gotten such good ratings this couple of weeks. FO is more heart-warming i guess ^^


  18. I’m deeply in love with WGM, maybe will always be until MBC pulled the plug out of the show or until Shin Ae and Alex will finally get married for real ..

    But yes! Family Outing is my 2nd favorite… it’s hilarious, silly, fresh every week. and I love seeing the cast and guest morning faces and when they cook .. I didn’t know that Park Ye Jin is very handy with cooking, Lee Hyori is not affraid to get dark skin, a little bruises or falling flat on the face in mud, Kim So Ra with his massive Darth Vader like strength, Ju Hee and Dae Sung with their silly helpless attitude. I watch 1N2D because of Lee Seung Gi and Mong ..

    Hmmmmhhh it’s hard to pick ……

  19. I KNOW,. i agree with cherrie.7. the chemistry between the 1n2d casts are undeniable. they bond so well together and they always look after one another. even though kim c may seem like he’s often doing nothing (sometimes i wonder why he was casted), but you just know that he’s an excellent father, when he looks out for other member’s health and comfort. there are funny, heart warming, nostalgic moments. a whole range of emotions experienced with friends.

    with family outing, not being a crazy fan of any singer, i mostly look forward to the events between permanent members. Things you always look for are the dumb and dumber couple, yejin being a warrier, chunderella, etc. The guests often lack chemistry with the rest of the people, obviously cause the others have spent every fortnight together.

  20. For me, it’s 1N2D. I started out watching WGM first, when it’s at their 11th episode but after awhile, it became kinda of boring when the show started changing couples and everything. I stopped totally from episode 20++. Yah, the couples are all awesome and nice to look at, my favourite is Alex and Shinae. But when the whole show introduces new made-couples, it doesn’t seem real anymore.. =\ (no offense to WGM fans)

    2nd would be FO, even though I have no time to catch up on it for quite some time.. I love Hyori, she is the best, no pretense and everything, so natural.. and ya, the dumb and dumber brothers, chunderella are the funniest of all. I totally agree with lala.

    Finally, 1N2D!! ^^ I will never never never get tired of watching the six guys on TV or my computer screen. I love their chemistry, their brotherly ties. I love their humor and no pretense.. (Sugeun’s always farting on TV, like omgs) and then, “bullying” their TV crew. It’s really really cool. Love the big guys!! ^^ Must watch to those who never watch it before.

    p.s. thankful to all producers who come up with these superb variety shows (so stressful ppl like me can destress) and to all subbers who spend their time subbing the episodes. A big THANK YOU. πŸ˜€ (oops, quite a long comment)

  21. WGM used to own me… I was crazy about Alshin… I guess the synergy was lost to me when Anbi left… and Anbi is not even my fav couple… but then I actually love all the couples… its just the new couple, though funny are not pulling me like the 4 original couple -Alshin, Anbi,CrownJIY and Joongbo… I feel so bad its fading though I still watch it every week its just that I am no longer anticipating it as much as previously…

    FO… I started watching it because of Dae Sung…and he made me such a fangirl… goodness… and I am so hooked… I always muahahahahahahahaha……. whenever the caption of “the nation idol and the nation host” appear when he and MC Yoo are doing their Dumb and Dumber brother thing…I love all the interactions, stepmum Kim and Chunderella, heroine Ye Jin, goofy Hyori, her fondness of sticking whatever she can onto MC Yoo’s butt, the father of the group, Jong Shin aka the taste smuggler with all those ramen flavor sachet… I love it all… the guest are funny, but the family itself is already very funny… can’t wait to see sub ver of the ep with KJK…

    saw only a few ID2N, good show but no comments till I see more and KHD… he lights everything up… love that man…

  22. OMG!!! Can’t WGM set up Kim Jong Kook and Yoon Eun Hye together as one of the replacement couples??!!! I just wish they would think of it!

  23. Used to be a big WGM fan but the show’s lost its appeal on me now. Family Outin is a really fun show so I can totally see why it is number one.

    the KJK episode was great. He really brought something different to the show.

  24. i used to watch wgm without fail and was always the first thing i checked when i wake up first thing on monday morning after coolsmurf sub them but now, they wgm just dont appeal as much anymore.
    without a doubt FO is the best variety show currently. i check fofansubs everyday just incase they release a new episode. even though they work slow, but rewatching old subbed episodes never fail to make me laugh over and over again. that is the power of that show. my fav is obviously dumb and dumber πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    i havent had a chance to watch many episodes of 2D1N so i cant make a comparison or pick a favourite but most of the time that i do catch it, i do it enjoy it. but definitely not as crazy funny as FO πŸ˜€

  25. i voted for WGM since i’m hooked on the show, even though it has lost some of its original spark, i still can’t help but love the couples (especially joongbo). The fact thats its regularly subbed and available easily on youtube also helps a huge amount.

    I think i may start watching FO now since it sounds really interesting and funny. Fingers crossed that i can find subbed episodes. I think 1D2N has to many episodes for me to catch up with so i won’t consider start that show (even though i love mc mong, lee seung gi and that host off star king guy T.T

  26. Both 1N2D and Family Outing are terribly funny shows. For me 1N2D edges out based on the fact that it has a bit more heart. I love how the show incorporates ordinary citizens into its storylines. I like how it can be crazily hysterical one moment and so touching the other. I love its craziness but also appreciate the subtle way in which its messages often get delivered. It’s a sweet, funny and at the same time, informative show. I must say that Family Outing is good in its own way, but it does not connect or touch me the same way. I think 1N2D will always have a core loyal fan base, whether or not it’s No.1 week after week.

    @ coolsmurf: The rating for 1N2D is confusing since the show is clumped together with 2 other in the Happy Sunday segment. If I’m not mistaken, the rating for 1N2D when is calculated individually, was 24.3% as compared to 23.6% for F.O. last week. Family Outing was actually second behind 1N2D the week of 081019. The statement that F.O. is No.1 for 6 consecutive weeks is definitely quetionnable IMHO. :p

  27. i like WGM but i also like FO, but both can be repetitive. WGM the couples argue or have a romantic time. FO they play games, do chores & cook a meal. from WGM i like Alshin, but their time seems so short lately. CJ & SIY fight all the time. Lettuce are still awkward but are close. Marco Dambi have the language difficulty. Hwanhee & Hwayobi are funny because he is mean & she likes it, she is a little nutty too. from FO, i love ChunHee & SooRo, Daesung & MC Yoo’s interactions, i’ve never heard of Hyori before watching this but she seems cool/down to earth, & the same for Park Yeh Jin its funny whenever she does something the men are scared to do & they play the sound effect of a knife. KJK sure helped the ratings, i wish WGM could have a new couple that people would enjoy like him.

  28. Only if the damn ‘owner’ of the show stop reporting the Youtube videos. I started watching Family Outing, thanks to the Youtube user who was willing to add English subtitles, but I stopped with the abrupt cancellation of the Youtube account.

    Since then, I still haven’t found a source where I can watch Family Outing… 😦 It’s unfortunate that the users who are willing to add English subtitles aren’t getting credit due to ‘copyright’ issues. In addition, I don’t think they realize how enormous their fanbase are with non-Koreans especially those who doesn’t understand Korean…

    Give US a break!! hahah

  29. I’m totally lovin’ this new “Family!” All the stars on this show are so hilarious and the guests are awesome! Especially lovin’ Hyori unnie! Never seen her so entertaining! She’s the hottest dork ever! Sooooo can not wait for RAIN!!!!!

  30. no matter what i am an advocate of 1n2d it’s too funny
    of course, family outing is hilarious too but i don’t watch enough of it to know i wish sbs comes out w/ eng sub with it
    hahahhaa -___________-;;
    for wgm, it’s funny but sometime it gets annoying because of the drama the PD “tries” to make with the couples which annoy the heck out of me πŸ™‚

    but these three shows of course, deserve their spot of top three just because all of them are enjoyable and funny

  31. i guess right now would be the worst time for WGM to be slacking off ~
    i started watching FO when i heard DBSK was on it and i found it absolutely hilarious! and it’ll will probably continue to amazed me in a few weeks since all the big stars are gonna make their appearence on this show
    to add to their success, WGM is losing a lot of points with their viewers…..i’m kinna sad-ish and really happy at the same time?

  32. All the shows a funny as heck! I watch all three.
    I’m not surprised with Family Outing, the cast are superstars, funny, and very down to earth. And they even have more superstars as guests. (The DBSK episode is a must watch!)
    I definitely would pick WGM over the other two though.

  33. yeah…family outing looks like a 1N2D clone…but with Hyori, MC Yoo, and Daesung (WAIT A MINUTE IS DONGWAN A REGULAR CAST MEMBER?!?! CUZ IF HE IS I NEED TO START WATCHING THIS SHOW FOR REAL!!)….I’m still hooked on WGM, and we the rumored appearance of WG in the coming weeks, I’m over the moon!

  34. I haven’t seen the newest episode of FO yet but as soon as I find it I’m making sure to watch it.
    As of right now I’m kind of unsure about both shows but if I had to give an answer I would say WGM because I’m more familiar with it. But FO and WGM makes me laugh equally.

  35. If I am not wrong, 1D2N was the first to run, replacing an old show. That’s why I gave it a shot. Kang Ho Dong..Kim Jong Min. Lol, you gotta give that combination a shot. It was funny at times while others were just okay. And then Jong Min left for the army…I continued watching for a while and finally stopped. Could say I stopped coz Jong Min wasn’t around. I find they’re newfound ‘comedy’ annoying. Then FO came out, with DAE SUNG! Our boy’s first variety show, as a permanent nonetheless. Of course I’m watching! First few episodes were pretty slow and flat. Then it picked up a little bit. Then they’re comedy got consistent as they really became like a family. They built character as a ‘family’. Dumb and dumber(lol), chunderella, step mom…you guys have mentioned it. In fact, I grew to really look forward to chun hee’s (Not sure how to spell) antics. Before FO, I’ve never heard of him but I love him on the show now!

    I would like to point out to those that find that FO is ONLY getting super high ratings because of the guest list, trust me, if the show was not good in the first place, I don’t think managers would want to put their celebreties on the shows either. So please, give the permanents a little credit. Personally, I now don’t really notice the presence of the guests all that much. (not even GD)

    WGM is well…if we put it in a graph, the line started really high, stayed there regularly for awhile but its going downhill. Not a good sign, eh?

  36. family outing is at how many episodes right now??
    i just started watching it and i’d like to know how much episodes i have left to catch

  37. KBS 1N2D !! That’s one hilarious show with Lee Su Geun & MC Mong ^^ i love them !!
    I watch the 2 other shows too but i just think 1N2D needs more love <333

  38. Ah… I’m so happy he is back. He always makes me smile.
    I can’t wait to see this episode on the hanatv.
    They should definitely make him a regular!!

  39. Family Outing is the “it ” show now …. the concept isn’t mind blowing or super original .. but they’ve picked a good cast (really like MC Yoo and Hyori) and KJK’s return to celebrity life gives the show an additional punch of curiosity for viewers. If they think Rain would take this show into higher ratings … imagine if YEH joins …. WOH!

    WGM has become rather boring ….. I’d say Andy and Solbi took it too its peak, and although some of the other couples are interesting as well, none seemed to have gotten as close as the Anbi couple. The Alshin couple … really disappointing that the PD has not done more with this couple other than having them sit around with a few babies for a few weeks. Lettuce couple are very cute … but lacks a realness that keeps you wanting them to go further. Ant couple … might be real, but I just find them annoying. New couples …. all the originals overshadow anything they’ve done so far. Although I still follow the show .. I think its best days are behind it …. unless they somehow get KJK and YEH !!!!!

    1N2D … have never seen an episode …..

  40. WGM is losing its edge.. i was so obsessed with the show but now it just seemed to lost its spark and i’m just watching it see my lovely joongbo!<3

    on the other hand though, I LOVE FAMILY OUTING. for all the reasons i stated above i just can’t get enough of this show. i love each and everyone of the members but ESP. MC Yoo Jae Suk, Dae Sung and Hyori!! they are hilarious. not to mention the newly added members on every outing trip.

    the only problem though is that the only subbing team for FO aren’t really up to date or dedicated to say, so subbed episodes are really lacking at the moment.

  41. super duper happy about this news….

    KJK again and again proved his ONE MAN charisma….

    more power to the show ^_^

  42. I still enjoy watching We Got Married, but I am starting to like 1 Night 2 Days and Family Outing More. With We Got Married, I cannot stop watching it since the audience “grows” with the couples. As for 1 Night 2 Days, the older episodes were better, but each episode cracks me up a lot. Then there’s Family Outing and like We Got Married, we watch the cast “grow” =) I cannot live without the three shows!

  43. Thank you teams..It’s a pleasure to have you for the sub. titles.. Its fun watching with it.

    thanks and appreciated your fans support for trying us to enjoy it..



  44. For me, it was WGM initally due to the couple’s interesting missions given and how they managed to carry out well. i admit that nowadays WGM has definitely lost their “light” due to lots of blah blah problems coming one after another. but i’ve been a regular watcher so it became of a habit of me to continue watching even though the sparks are not there any more.

    as i’ve been watching live every weekend, just last sunday when i was waiting for the usual WGM episode, i happen to channel into SBS which is airing FO. KJK was on the program and it was really hilarious funny! the way daesung and Mc Yoo interacted with KJK was really humorous. and i caught on a little whereby our cute hyori sister was washing the shoes and it was really funny how the guy hold KJK back and so forth. i didn’t watch further as WGM started but just from the little airtime that i’ve watched, i’ve really gotta admit and agree in unison with the high ratings it has achieved. its just… the excitement is there.

    WGM had been going with the current old and new couples together, i think its really time that they should think of some good ideas to boost their ratings.

  45. i like 1N2D bcus they are all so funny…having kang ho dong n mc mong…i cant stop laughing…n yeah plus lee seung ki..i really like him..hehe..but it is all permanent sometimes it is quite boring to watch…

    before this i really love WGM…maybe b’cus of andy..i’m shinhwa after he left..i just watch the cut of joongbo couple…the rating really drop after andy left…this is because andy is from a shinhwa – a legend group that have a thousands of once he left, the other shinhwa changjo lost they interest to watch WGM anymore like me..hehe…

    i’m going to love family outing since kjk n bi going to be there..but i dont know where can i watch it with sub…i really hopes someone will sub it for us…

  46. I like FO and I think it’ll go for awhile because they keep on bringing new family members. 1D2N still makes me literally laugh out loud and roll on the floor, but WGM is getting more and more boring and silly as time goes. I think it might be time to say goodbye…especially with Jung Hyun Dong. He’s just too annoying to watch.

  47. I love 1N2D (E-BAAAA—EEEEE_Dunno I heard it correctly,but pretty close enough)

    FO , i’ts ok I am not really into it compared to 1N2D (really really funny and some episodes were really heart-warming!!)

    WGM , never see any episode.

  48. I really really LOVE 1N2D!!!

    I mean come on they are the only show that doesn’t change cast and actually sticks to a permanent family which i totally adore!!! everytime i watch it i love watching the six of them.

    can you imagine if FO had just their permanent family??? kinda boring don’t cha think??? where as 1N2D always have fun with their permanent family! that’s why i always chose 1N2D besides who can beat EUN JIWON and his Duli face πŸ˜€

  49. wow Kim Jong Kook(!!) as a *possibly* permanent member on FO!

    but…personally, I still prefer 1N2D =D…for their unscripted humour & chemistry between the 6 members + Great Pyrenees & of course, the scenery of Korea…

  50. for me it’s 1N2D!! ❀
    at first, i started to watch We got Married, but since it’s getting boring a bit by bit for me (that’s just me) but i still watch WGM when subs are out. For 1N2D, Kang Ho Dong, Lee Seunggi, MC Mong, Kim C, Lee Sungeun, and Eun Ji Won are like brothers together, and each week, 1N2D gives their viewers new laughter and more laughter. It’s unscript and very funny, i still prefer 1N2D over other korean variety shows. FO is more like guests appearance that made the show funny, but 1N2D is more of 6 members suffering each week together. 1 NIGHT 2 DAYS FTW!!!

  51. i watched Family Outing from the first episode and am really glad they have such excellent results now! (:

    in the beginning, the others were like looking down on their show and wont think they would stay for long
    but as their guests became better and it became a habit to watch!

    FO hwaiting!

  52. it’s 2D1N for me. Nothing beats the original! even my whole family watches the show now! even without subs!
    these past epis are quite not that fun compared to the earlier ones but those 6 guys grew on me already. it’s like im watching a bunch of great friends on a road trip. and i love how the staff are always involved. LOL @ the PDs and writer daegu! <33

    kid jiwon, helpless seungi, monkey mong, pig hodong, odongip sugeun and expert kim c… <333

    then FO! MC yoo is there so it’s automatically a freaking funny show. then there’s daesung! dumb and dumber!
    hyori and ye jin! especially during the taeyon SNSD guesting, their jealousy was extremely lovable.
    jongshin never fails to crack me up with his “Seasonings” :DD
    then there’s the constants bullying of chunderella from soora!

    WGM is last. i love love love the ANT couple “AAAAA!!!!” and hwanhee+hwayobi couple.. (dambi and marco too!)
    but it gets a little boring. i sometimes skip on parts…
    in 2D1N and FO, you have to watch the whole episode!


  53. Family Outing Rocks! It’s no surprise that they’re getting such great ratings! They have awesome guests and the family members are just hilarious!

  54. Coolsmurf, I think your readers’ votes will be biased, considering you introduced WGM to us; therefore, we’re most likely into WGM the most, y’know?

    Also, I’ve never watched the other shows. I watched a little of 1N2D and Family Outing, but I never got through an episode. Nobody subs them regularly like WGM. If so, it’s risky business uploading them on Youtube or some other mainstream website anyway.

  55. I hated how everyone thought that family outing was gonna be like 1n2d. i watched part of 1n2d and i couldn’t watch it. it was kind of dull :\.
    I loveddddd we got married when i came out. but now that andy and solbi are gone and alex and shinae are leaving it’s not the same. it really isn’t the same without anbi.
    not to say there’s anything wrong with the new couples. i just think that it’s not as funny as it used to be.
    but family outing is the best. i’ve been watching since it came out and i’m absolutely in love with it. and if you guys think we got married is better than family outing, you probably haven’t even seen family outing, or have not seen the best episodes.

  56. I love We Got Married. But I recently got acquainted with Family Outing, and I love it now! I still watch WGM though, out of loyalty, but I constantly sleuth the internet for subbed episodes of Family Outing, which is so hard to come by. I’ve noticed also that unlike the WGM, there are very few F.O. fans who are willing to sub the episodes. That’s why I really want to take Korean lessons now, so I can at least understand what they’re saying, without having to wait for the subbed version.

  57. i love both shows FO1 and 1n2d but 1n2d will always be the one dearest to my heart…best show ever!!!

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