Crown J and Hwang Bo Auctions Their FUBU Jeans

As the spokespersons for urban streetwear label, FUBU, Crown J and Hwang Bo both attended a charity auction event FUBU Creative Festival yesterday afternoon at Patriot Park situated near Seoul Olympic Park as they auctioned off their jeans (with their faces) for a sum of 400,000 KRW (approx. 278 USD).

20 thoughts on “Crown J and Hwang Bo Auctions Their FUBU Jeans

  1. 400,000 KRW (approx. 278 USD)… i thought it was every 10,000 KRW was equivalent to 10 USD, i didn’t think the currency would have changed so much so fast.

  2. nope (in response to some comments)… the currency did kind of change that much… as of right now, 1 US Dollar = 1,460 Korean Won

    it’s all about the economy that’s messing things up right now ^^;;

    but anyways… it’s think 278 USD is A LOT of money for just two pairs of jeans… am i right? hehe… just my two cents… and btw those jeans look really cute with their faces on them xD

  3. omg those jeans have their faces on it? im sorry but thats plain ugly. I love hwangbo though!

  4. HAHAH

    The fashion show seems really fun but FUBU? Isn’t that like 10 years ago? I’m not kidding, I remember how it used to be huge in 8th grade…I’m 22 now!

    Wow, FUBU is OLD!!! Or is just me?

  5. considering people here are willing to shell out $80 for a pair of normal store brand jeans (old navy, urban outfitters, etc), that’s pretty cheap for celebrity jeans. especially of celebrities that are likable.

  6. The last picture’s so cute. XD

    Also, anoasdf, which Old Navy have YOU been?! $80 for a pair of jeans?! That ain’t Old Navy, yo. That store be scammin’ you. XD

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