BoA to Perform Live in Front of Millions through Youtube Live Japan

The first Korean artiste to break into the American market, BoA, will soon display her charisma to millions of viewers worldwide through Youtube Live, a concert organized by the popular video-sharing website which will be streamed live.

Youtube Live kicks off from 9am until 8.30pm (KST) at night on 23rd November and will be held simultaneously in San Franciso and Tokyo, Japan.

The American concert will be held at 9am at the Fort Mason Center with Akon, Black Eyed Peas member Will.I.Am, Dutch singer Esmee Denters, etc scheduled to perform. At 3 in the afternoon over in Tokyo, BoA, Ayuse Kozue, Yu Sakai, KREVA will perform at Studio Coast, Tokyo.

This will be a significant event for BoA as she will not only open the Tokyo concert, she will become the MC linking the concert venues between San Franciso and Tokyo. She will also promote her debut single Eat You Up.

Visit or for more details.

17 thoughts on “BoA to Perform Live in Front of Millions through Youtube Live Japan

  1. she will MC? is that in japanese or english? let’s just hope her Konglish will be understandable enough or people who’ll waste time (and bandwidth) watching this event will keep saying “What did she say?” “What did she say?” “What did she say?”

  2. I know BoA’s one busy lady, but may I ask if she ever come back home to korea?…there may be nothing for her to do even if she’s back…but don’t her fans missed her in korea?…

    good luck to her for being an MC though!

  3. Crap!! I just found out about this and it’s too late to sign up to attend the concert! I live in San Francisco and really want to see her live! Do you think it’s okay to still go to Fort Mason and watch from outside?

  4. Scratch that. I just realized she won’t be in SF, she’ll be performing in Japan and it’ll be broadcasted IN SF. That really got my hopes up.

  5. I really hope she does well.
    imean its going to be so hard for her here. poor girl… i know shes going to work really hard… like she had to when she tried in japan

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