Lee Hwi Jae Leaves We Got Married

Host Lee Hwi Jae will leave MBC star wedding variety We Got Married.

This was announced by PD Im Jung Ah of MBC Sunday Sunday Night yesterday, “Starting from this week, Lee Hwi Jae will not film We Got Married anymore because there is a conflict in filming schedule with the other program he is hosting on the same Sunday Sunday Night offering. He has been rushing off to film his other program immediately after We Got Married filming has ended and the timing is pretty tight. With his new arrangement, Lee Hwi Jae can now just focus on hosting the other program with Kim Gura and Park Myung Soo.

Lee Hwi Jae was the pioneer MC on We Got Married. Amidst couples leaving in the middle of the year, he became a couple with actress Jo Yeo Jeong to fill the gap and played out a 9-year age gap relationship. But that didn’t last long and they soon split up after a few weeks. Lee Hwi Jae was moved back to the MC position but he clearly lost the spark. All the best to his career!

29 thoughts on “Lee Hwi Jae Leaves We Got Married

  1. @Annie, what does PMS leaving have to with Lee Hwi Jae?
    Who knows, PMS might take over.

    (though, the female host should get the boot she never shuts up)

    SO Lee Hwi Jae ahjusshi is finally leaving. I’ve always liked him since his Nonstop 4 days :] Funny guy. It’s a pity he’s leaving this show instead of the other. But I guess the other show, he got more camera time. And it’s with Kim Gura. Who can deny that? LOL

  2. CORRECTIONS @ ANNIE: What does Lee Hwi Jae leaving have to do with PMS.

    (revised sentence, I wish there was an edit button!!!!)

  3. i think it’s because PMS also hosts the other show as well.. so i’m assuming that he also rushes to the other show to host.

  4. @ Annie…
    Yeah, I agree with you. I’m not sure, because if Hwi Jae is filming his other show with Park Myung-Soo, then PMS wouldn’t be on WGM either.. o______o

  5. Most definitely questionable.
    PMS is starting to improve on his comments and he’s getting much more thoughts into the clips that are more than just the female hosts random-for-the-sake-of-talking chit chat. PMS is starting to be more bold in what he says and it is definitely adding to the comedy factor of it all.

    I hope he doesn’t leave as well because his schedule would have the same conflict + he has other shows going on too…

    Any chance to get also newlyweds MC Yoo or KHD? Haha… though I don’t think this show is in their “style”.

  6. He should not leave. I really him. Seriously they should get rid of the female MC, she is really annoying. Hope the other males MC don’t leave.

  7. Really? I liked him as MC. It’s a pity he’ll leave. Will they get another MC to replace him or they’ll keep the old MCs?

  8. with more couples = more expenses so they need to cut cost i think. taking 1 mc out is one of the way, i suppose. perhaps taking the guests out will do the trick too?

  9. Quick question:
    How come he and Jo Yeo Jeong split up? Was it because of her schedule or Lee Hwi Jae was to into the “married life”?

  10. he is a good MC but he didn’t get much air time, there were too many MCs on this show anyways. how come PMS is still on WGM if he & LHJ are on the other program, shouldn’t his schedule conflict too?

    LHJ kinda looks like one of Alshin’s “kids”, the quiet bald one that he likes with the green hoodie. the other one with hair & the black hoodie looked like Hyun Don.

  11. first kim won hee now him…pshhhh
    i agree that he lost the spark after he came back from his couple….hopefully they will get a witty presentor to fill his gap..

  12. first kim won hee now him…pshhhh
    i agree that he lost the spark after he came back from his couple….hopefully they will get a witty mc to fill the gap (maybe PMS can spark it up) ..

  13. I don’t care much!! They could get rid of Don too and I couldn’t care less.

    There’s too much host though but they should make Park Myung Soo one of the main host instead!!!

  14. honestly the only hosts i like on the show are Don Don and that other guy that now sits next to PMS..they are really funny as hosts….the lady is ok but sometimes she doesnt know when to shut up! She tends to talk during important moments and its so irritating lol

  15. yeah..the female mc tends to go ‘oh-ah’s at random stuffs…but seldom ever made good comments..there’s some improvement..but eyh.

    as for hwi jae, i do like him being an mc…at times. since he’s cynical with his comments and all. which sometimes isn’t a good thing though 🙂

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