Kim Jong Kook to Concentrate on Singing First

Kim Jong Kook who has just released his 5th album explained his participation in SBS Family Outing which has attracted a lot of attention in the past week.

Kim Jong Kook participated in the taping of Family Outing on the 13th and 14th in Choongnam Yesan, and also on the 20th and 21st in Choongnam Yeosoo Soyool village. He will thus appear for 4 times on Family Outing.

PD Jang Hyeok Jae said, “Kim Jong Kook came to Family Outing because he already knew Yoo Jae Suk from Xman and thus adapted easily. He also became close with the other members”, as he reminisced about the filming.

Following that, the PD said, “In the meantime, he will join the recording of the show (Family Outing) for a month. We will have to wait and see if he becomes a permanent member. Wasn’t there a lot of talk about Kim Jong Kook becoming a permanent member of Infinity Challenge upon his release when Haha left for the military?”, as he talked about the permanent member situation.

A representative of Kim Jong Kook said, “It’s not his (Kim Jong Kook) intention to be a permanent member on Family Outing. It’s just something that he promised the PD, who was the Xman PD, that he would appear.”

The representative added “Once he has finished with his singing activities, he will consider being a permanent member of a variety show.”

Kim Jong Kook’s manager also said, “He still ain’t sure whether he’ll be a permanent member. The production team hasn’t spoken about this. Right now, the first step is to move forward with his 5th album. He will concentrate on his singing activities from now until December. Exact time is unconfirmed.”

After his military release in May, Kim Jong Kook released his album on the 22nd. His comeback stage will be on the 24th via KBS2 TV Yoon Do Hyun’s Love Letter. His Family Outing episodes will be broadcasted on the 26th and continue for 4 weeks. He will then make his comeback on music shows.

credit: o-cha@soompi

10 thoughts on “Kim Jong Kook to Concentrate on Singing First

  1. Boo-hoo!

    Sorry but people are giving too much hype around this guy! Just let him promote his latest album freely without forcing him to do a show already…

    Anyway, he seems like a sweet guy and hopefully someone add English subtitles of the episode. I’m interested in how Lee Hyori would act around him…. hahah

  2. From Rain’s schedule He also recorded Family outing on 20th and 21th.]
    Wow! KJK and Rain in the same episode.

  3. KJK AND RAIN? Same EPISODE? Hilarious results. OMO but Im super excited to see KJK with MC YOO. Together again!!! More than that, I would LOVE to see HaHa with KJK AGAIN!

  4. i dont think rain & kim jong kook are on the same episode… =S..
    dang.i wanted for him to be a permanent member..
    well we`ll just wait and see.
    thanks alvin.

  5. @madds

    hahahaha omg you brought back memories!
    it would have been really really entertaining to watch HaHa and kjk together.

    his new single is quite enjoyable 😀

  6. I’m just glad he’s back and with a new album to top it off.
    I can’t wait to see his comeback on music shows and also to see him on Family Outing with MC Yoo, I still laugh when I remember the times that KJK attacked MC YOO on XMAN.

  7. How about he becomes a member of 1 Night 2 Days?? That would be the best..

    I’ve tried and tried to like Family Outing but they go for cheap laughs.. I mean, I like Lee Chun Hee and Yoo Jae Suk enough to watch every once in a while, but the show is sooo boring. The comedy is old. -_-

    Anyway, I’m glad to see that Kim Jong Kook is back and better than ever! Love the new song too!

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