KBS Hoping for Revival with Hyun Bin and Song Hae Gyo Pairing

The World That They Live In starring Hyun Bin and Song Hae Gyo will begin it’s run starting next Monday. Many are anticipating whether this drama will revive the sagging fortunes of KBS in the Mon-Tue timeslot as they lag far behind SBS and MBC in ratings with it’s predecessor dramas offerings in 2008.

Song Hae Gyo and Hyun Bin

Although KBS Mon-Tue dramas has been receiving good reviews in 2008, but viewers did not buy into it and most of the dramas ended up with a single-digit average overall. Even though the saying that big name equates into high ratings doesn’t hold true now, The World That They Live In have assembled a pretty impressive cast with Song Hae Gyo and Hyun Bin making their comebacks together with Full House director Pyo Min Soo and Kim Kyu Tae of A Love To Kill plus screenwriter Noh Hee Kyung of More Beautiful Than a Flower fame. This strong ensemble is undoubtedly the drama’s biggest trump card.

Screenwriter Noh Hee Kyung expressed in the special, “I will have to do my best to write an excellent script since we are working with such an excellent cast. Most dramas revolve around a love story but we will do our best to present a drama that is interesting and meaningful at the same time.”

According to a representative from KBS, “I am really anticipating after catching a little of the special. I think it can revive our Mon-Tue dramas which has been lacklustre”, reserving high praise for the drama. The World That They Live In will debut next Monday, 27th October at 9.50pm (KST).

Although it’s nice to be optimistic and with a strong team assembled, it’s going to be a long shot for The World That They Live In to capture a share of the viewership ratings. MBC East of Eden has built up an almost commanding lead and it would be like throwing eggs against a rock. SBS Tazza is already in the middle of it’s run and have established it’s own viewership. Even though it was only a special on Tuesday, the low ratings could be a prelude to what The World That They Live In might be getting next week. You can only blame it on the poor timing and the low ratings that it’s predecessor dramas got.

12 thoughts on “KBS Hoping for Revival with Hyun Bin and Song Hae Gyo Pairing

  1. I hated over-hyped and over-rated drama, ‘On Air’, but loved Kim Ha-neul’s character in it!

    I hope this drama is much better!

  2. CANNT WAIIT !! Come faster mondayyy ! 😀 ❤ hope someone subs the first episode fast, i’m a total geek lover for both hyun bin and song hae gyo and i’ve been longing to wait for this moment !

  3. i can’t wait either! finally i can watch it! i do hope somone sub this too! if not i will still watch it or read the someone’s cap for it! thanks for the info.!

  4. The screenwriter is from ALTK and More Beautiful Than A Flower? Man, I was kinda hoping it’d be some COMEDY show like what Hyun Bin and SHG did in their previous succesful kdramas but noooo… grr! Oh wells, I will still watch. I havent been watching any kdramas lately. Only variety shows. Haha.

  5. like the cast, but the whole plot seems boring. but i will watch the 1st ep before i judge it, i just hope it isn’t too serious.

  6. i watch the first three episode and i must say the rating is very bad consider it has SHK-Hyun Bi and i think i know why the rating is so bad because of the acting of SHK

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