Han Chae Young Drops Fashion King for Soulmates

Han Chae Young has put off her comeback in Korea after deciding to focus on her participation in a joint Korea-New Zealand movie production.

According to BH Entertainment, Han Chae Young will leave the production of KBS2TV Fashion King where she was originally set to collaborate with Cha Seung Won and Nam Gyuri. She will instead focus on preparing herself for the movie Soulmates which will be filmed in New Zealand in January 2009.

The original plan was for Han Chae Young to film Fashion King first and then starting work on Soulmates after the earlier has ended. But with KBS delaying the filming many times, it has led to a conflict in filming schedule with Soulmates. After analysing the situation, Han Chae Young decided to delay her comeback in Korea and cancel her participation in Fashion King.

Soulmates will be the first-ever joint Korea-New Zealand movie production and will be directed by Scott Reynolds from New Zealand. Han Chae Young got the leading female role thanks to her outstanding acting ability and english speaking skills. The movie could be a stepping stone into Hollywood for Han Chae Young as it will be shown in New Zealand, America, Canada, etc.

19 thoughts on “Han Chae Young Drops Fashion King for Soulmates

  1. Ye, I heard that she’ll play Shizuka in Hana Yori Dango.
    She sure looks pretty, but I really do hope that HwangBo will play Shizuka. >.<
    Anyway, all the best to her work! 😀

  2. i dont really know who she is.. just judging from the picture.. she looks like she had extensive surgery! her nose and eyes remind me of dawn yang’s. yup. who is the taiwan version of shizuka? *blur* wow it’s been awhile since i last watched liu xin hua yuan. it made my teenhood lol. i hope the korean version doesnt disappoint. 🙂 im sure it wont tho.

  3. she just has a cameo in Hana Dori, so it will be a small part.

    i thought it would be difficult to juggle 3 projects, that seemed impossible to do all 3.

  4. She IS going to do HYD..
    Her role is rather small…is going to be a cameo playing Rui’s (Hyun Joong) first love…the model he follows to France..

  5. @ lisa

    i understand why you would say that. but she is labeled as the korean barbie due to her face and body. plus she is from the US and her hs pic looks exactly like her. and its not really popular in the US for hs girls to get surgery haha.

  6. hahah! is it so hard to believe that there are actual natural beauties! oh well i guess it is in Korea!, but HCY is all natural! i seen those HS pics too!

    and if you watched her role in My Sassy Girl Chun Hyang, you would understand why she would fit Shizuka more than any other actress…

    she has a charming elegant beauty but she also looks strong, especially with that bod! she is hella tall and hella volumptuous!

  7. She’s had ALOT of surgery done, her Dramawiki picture is almost unrecognizable!! xD But she’s still really pretty and elegant, and choosing her to be Shizuka is perfect IMO, because both she and the Japanese counterpart have that sorta European look. 🙂

  8. The first show I noticed Han Chae Young was Autumn in My Heart opposite Song Hye Kyo, Won Bin and Song Seung Hoon. She played the biological sister of Song Seung Hoon’s character and was always mean to Hye Kyo’s character….later on, My Sassy Girl Chun Hyang and Only You.

  9. i verrry very love han chae young i will suported her in any condition………..


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