Crown J thinks there’s 80% Possibility He Will Marry Seo In Young

Having been playing bickering make-believe couples for the past few months on MBC star wedding variety We Got Married, Crown J recently talked about the possibility of him and Seo In Young really getting married in reality.

While recording SBS Power FM Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time on the 21st, Crown J was asked about his ideal type, “Loves me, a woman who treats me as the world.” Choi Hwa Jung then mentioned Seo In Young and he said, “Love is hard to comprehend, but the possibility of me marrying Seo In Young is 80%”, his frank answer grabbing the attention of many. The chemistry between Crown J and Seo In Young has been one of the highlights of We Got Married.

80 thoughts on “Crown J thinks there’s 80% Possibility He Will Marry Seo In Young

    how come we havent been getting any real life & paparazzi shots of them together?? i want someee! wouldnt it be cute seeing them holding hands somewhere ?? haha idk

  2. Crown J and In Young are my favorite couple and throughout the show, everyone can see the chemistry between these two and that their feelings for each other are real. If they get married for real, I would be the happiest person alive. I wouldn’t be surprised if Crown J and In Young are already dating. Didn’t In Young mentioned on another show that WGM is real to her and that she treats Crown J as her boyfriend already? But yeah, these two are the real deal.

    Ant couple fighting!

  3. What’s the 20% that’s keeping him from marrying her FOR REAL? Is it the 20% scripted things on the show? LMFAO. Errr… I’ll be so happy for them and I’d anticipate the CONCEPT of their wedding. with their babies and everything.rofl…xD

  4. @____@

    Wow. Can’t say I didn’t expect it. The chemistry between them was so real and they were one of my fav couples… but to jump from errr “fake marriage” to “real one” is kind of a big leap. They completely skipped over dating…

    Wasn’t she like really mad at him just a few eps b4?

  5. โ€œLove is hard to comprehend, but the possibility of me marrying Seo In Young is 80%โ€

    So in a round about way…it sounds like he’s saying he loves her.

    They’re my favorite!!!! Hope nothing but the best for those 2!

  6. I think they could actually be dating in real life… cos that sort of chemistry… I don’t see it as acted out… I’ve always felt a ‘fakeness’ with Andy and Solbi… but these 2… when they fight and make up… it looks so real.


    Btw… if they do leave the show and breakup… they’re gonna lose lots of endorsement deals, which they are having now. Stay married! That’s the best thing to do ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. haha… she treats him as the world but she thinks she owns the world!! omg! LOL…

    if they really get hitched, they may end up div…. sound almost like a curse to spell that word! =( wish they stay on the show for a long time to come..

  8. HAHAHAHAH the title of this entry was so eyecatching! Surprised that he said that, I thought they were on the rocks or something. But I doubt this will happen, they seem like very good friends who have good chemistry. But the Ant couple is still interesting though! Seemed like he bought her an “Alex” house next episode. Bet she loved that!

    But I heard rumours that JunJin (who’s on YSMM with SIY) likes her, or that they like each other. Whats up with that?

  9. hmmmm…and he said no kissing for reel couple but they will be the first to marry!! 80% !!! they have chemistry and seen a few scene holding here and there, she sat on his lap…

    this is good as one spend time with another…it would be hard not to develop or grow to love your partner since they are soo busy … this is like watching the “boy and girl get to know one another” “one ask one out” “relationship blossoms” just like any other relationship but theirs is scripted a bit and on public tv.

    i hope they all find happiness!!

    thanks for the sharing.

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  11. well think about it. they go out to to watch gang shows about each other, they sing together, and they also do commercials together. If it was just a tv, they would keep it as just a tv show. I think there is a high percentage of them getting together.

  12. Very interesting..I guess potentially speaking maybe it is possible. Aren’t the Ant couple the only ones that have like kissed? (Besides the new couples)
    Very interesting indeed..

  13. i think in real life CJ & SIY would probably do well if they dated. CJ has said that people don’t know the real SIY, that she isn’t that mean/Witch like in real life. i saw this interview she did saying Yoon Eun Hye is her BFF, & SIY cooked a meal & brought it to her. so she can cook & is nice to people in real life, just that on WGM she has to create drama.

    too bad CJ isn’t 100% sure, & even Andy wasn’t either.

  14. of course Crown J should marry Seo InYoung
    they are like the best couple that fits together
    and they know each other more

  15. I think they both balance each other…

    People will think ‘really?’ but they are more compatible than they are not…

    I say, good luck to the couple!!! Everyone deserves happiness and let’s hope In Young thinks they can possibly get married in real life, too! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Crown J is way too good for her!

    I love seeing them on WGM, but I sure hope nothing is happening in real life. She treats him so badly :[

  17. IMHO – i get a better vibe from Crown J & SIY compared to Andy & Solbi. AnSol seemed really fake. =X

    For me, though they are a reel couple – Crown J & SIY seemed more real and grounded

  18. LOLOL. Doesn’t that mean.. of that 100%.. his love for her is not wholly as the possibility is only 80%? Then the 20% must be hatred. Haha jokingg!
    I love the “A” Couple. They’ve been my number one duo from the very beginning and I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said that seeing those two dating in reality, even to the extent where they actually do marry “FOR REAL”, would make me completely go crazy!
    I’d be screaming and jumping around like there’s no tomorrow haha. xD
    Anyway, best of luck to the both of them, and if Crown J really does feel that strongly about Seo In Young, like all of us fans wish him to feel, then “HWAITING”, “GAMBATTE” & “JIA YOU”! =D


  19. hahaha well, imma be happy and hopefully seo in young treats him a little better since, they really are married LMFAO but i love seo in young character sometimes… hahaha
    but that’s cute ๐Ÿ™‚ crown j never wanted to go over board but now he’s reconsidering it.. i guess the 20% is left to siy to decide LOL!

  20. that would make my life!!!even if they dated it would make me life..ive always wanted one of wgm couples to be a real life couple!!

  21. no one could fit over a game of jenga like the ant couple could. that’s chemistry right there…

    at first i didn’t like SIY and now im hooked on this pair, it would be really awesome if they did get hitched…the power of a tv show XD

  22. These two really match. In the ant tour they were like the couple that has already married 10 years giving advice to the newly weds. I really like the both of them. The make a cute couple.

  23. omg, they’re my favourite couple! I was smiling to myself when I read the headline. They do fit each other so well, though. The fights will only bring them closer! Fighting!!

  24. I want them to date for real but if they do, they may quit the show so they have some private time together. Such a dilemma… ><

  25. i was hoping andy and solbi to stay long enough and in the end andy would really open up his heart for solbi. But things does not go that way for them i guess. and now it crown j and seo young taking the lead.really happy for them and still all the best to solbi and andy. hopefully theres a chnge of heart for them again. i really3 miss andy and solbi couple!!!

  26. Honestly i really diskliked SIY in the beginning but when they are together XD they are one hilarious fun couple..i really like them now..Crown J is such a sweet guy and he gives up alot for her ^^
    Hope we see some improvements in real life ;D

  27. If they do end up dating and marrying, it will be so cute!

    Marrying after meeting on a variety show is not THAT common ^^” When I first started watching them, I thought that the two will never get along. Nowadays, I still have my moments thinking that Crown J is pretty cool to put up with some of Seo In Young’s attitude, but who am I to say? =P They will be one hella of a popular couple if they end up dating/marrying!!

  28. I started off thinking IY’s a bit too overboard n demanding.
    CJ, despite his “A”-attitude, seems like a real polite, thoughtful and collected sorta guy. Not exactly sure since when, but to me the couple shows the ‘real-est’, most sincere and unforced reactions towards each other. And I began to like them lots.

    And.. during the fake fight when CJ said something like, ‘how will you ever really get married if you’re like this?’, it made me smile. because i think the Ant is exactly the sort of guy who can balance out the Witch ^_^

  29. haha i love the ant couple !
    i love how crown j is being labeled as “Perverted Ant”
    when on WGM they had to take care of the babies
    and inyoung was like “are we suppose to give birth?!”
    crown j suddenly took her hand and was trying to drag her to the room .
    in young started cracking up ๐Ÿ˜€
    and the whole MC and the casts cracked up at the “perverted ant”
    haha so cute (:
    i would die of happiness if they really get together [:
    & look at ep 41 [last ep ant couple together] crown j gave inyoung two pairs of shoes.
    but one pair is missing the other shoes.
    crown j told inyoung they would meet in summer to get her the other shoes (:
    its almost summer i hope they would meet and appear on TV again ! xD

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