Music Shows Revived by Return of Big Names

Music shows like Music Bank, Music Core and Inkigayo who have been suffering from sagging ratings and dead atmosphere have been given a new lease of life thanks to the return of many big names in the second half of 2008.

Starting with Lee Hyori in July, Rain, DBSK, Wonder Girls, etc have subsequently made their comebacks which has in turn led to a surge in ratings for the 3 music shows. KBS2TV Music Bank had already set a record by posting an average of 4% from January to June. While from July to September, they got a consistent average rating of 6%. For MBC Music Core, they get 4.4% average before July but now they are getting 5.7% average instead from July onwards.

SBS Inkigayo improved the most thanks to the comeback of big name singers. From January to June, it’s average rating was 4%. It rose to 6% between July and August while achieving a 7.8% average in September. It notched the year’s highest rating when Rain made his comeback by notching 9.1%.

With regards to the ratings surge, the PD of Inkigayo expressed, “The success of a music program hinges largely on who is performing. With the return of Lee Hyori in July plus the big names singers subsequently, the ratings of music program have been rising steadily, showing that who is performing have a large bearing on viewership. The comeback of the big names means that we are now over the Ice Age and people are starting to get interested again.”

14 thoughts on “Music Shows Revived by Return of Big Names

  1. Seriously, Music Bank was getting boring. And it’s the only channel I get. haha. Even Open Concert and Concert2089? was getting boring!

  2. seriously, everytime I watch these music show live, it’s so hard, since I have to stay until like 2 AM to watch it, I’m already tire and all the opening act are all so …………. there’s probably like 2 or 3 good performance that can keep me awake, all the other ones just put me to sleep like a baby. So these music shows should feel dang lucky that these big stars are back.

  3. seriously? they were getting as low as 4%? and this is south korea.. it’s a relatively small country with a small entertainment industry. where does the rest of korea look for in terms of entertainment value?

  4. You always need DBSK when it comes to saving the music industry. Before BoA saved the music industry. Then it was DBSK. Everytime DBSK comes back with a comeback, it always brings up ratings 🙂

    But I have to admit this is gonna be an exciting month since all the comebacks are gonna take place. I’ve never heard of so many big names in the industry competing like this. The American industry doesn’t even have it that fierce.

    GL DBSK!!

  5. Wow. This is completely true. I haven’t watched this many music shows in a long time! Actually, I never HAVE watched this many music shows! All the big names are having their comeback this year that it’s always like a festival in each show! XD

  6. i have a question
    if people overseas watch it live like i do,
    on tvants or something, does that still affect the ratings?
    or is it just TV?

    but i agree, i started watching music shows again firstly because of SHINee’s debut and Wonder Girl’s comeback :]

  7. @Waieez, that was DBSK performing. ^^

    Whoa, I didn’t know they were suffering such low ratings as well.

    If” KBS2TV Music Bank had already set a record by posting an average of 4% from January to June”, I can’t imagine the kind of ratings they had before… @_@

  8. @DBSK Fighting or whatever!

    😀 DBSK HELPED save these shows. They didn’t save them BY THEMSELVES.

    Anyways, Rain. ❤ It’s just like you to help bring ratings up when you’ve been away for so long.


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