M! Countdown, Music Bank, Music Core and Inkigayo in a Nutshell

The following are information that I have researched about the four major music shows in Korea. All the times stated are Korean Standard Time, so please check your timezone. Shows are sometimes pre-empted or cancelled due to live broadcast of generic sports event or otherwise. Please check at their specific Soompi threads on the day itself to see if it’s showing.

M! Countdown is shown every Thursday via MNET from 7 – 8pm. It’s currently hosted by Chae Yeon and Alex. Every week, two singers/groups are picked to vie for No.1. Winner is announced at the end of the show. How they calculate the scores are pretty vague but usually the most popular ones will win. Not verified, but it seems like you can win for a maximum of 3 times.

Visit M! Countdown Soompi Thread for the latest.

Music Bank is shown Every Friday via KBS2TV from 6.35 – 7.45pm. It’s currently hosted by Yoo Se Yun and Seo In Young. Music Bank determines their No.1 weekly through their K-Chart ranking system by adding and ranking through album charts (20%), digital music charts (50%), and audience rating (30%).

Visit Music Bank Soompi Thread for the latest.

At the start of the show, the hosts will announce the top 3 and the winner will be revealed at the end of the show. There are currently no known limits on the number of times you can win K-Chart. Jewelry holds the record for six consecutive No.1 on K-Chart with One More Time in March and April.

Music Core is shown every Saturday at 3.10pm and is currently hosted by Solbi, Dae Sung and Seung Ri. They do have a ranking system in the past but have since scrapped it and is now purely a music show. But it’s rumored that the last singer/group who performs is considered to be the No.1 academically.

Visit Music Core Soompi Thread for the latest.

Inkigayo is shown every Sunday at 4.10pm and is currently hosted by Heo Yi Jae and Eun Ji Won. Inkigayo determines their Mutizen winner weekly through their chart called Take 7. The ranking takes into account street surveys, album sales, online/mobile music sales, numbers showing on TV and votes from mobile.

Visit Inkigayo Soompi Thread for the latest.

Take 7 participants are announced before the show and winner is revealed at the end. You can only win the Mutizen award for a maximum of 3 times.

Difference Between Stages
Comeback Stage usually refers to the singer/group debuting their new song and they usually perform 2 songs. Goodbye Stage refers to the last time the singer/group is performing on that particular music show. Special Stages are when artistes collaborate or to celebrate a special occasion or event.

Timezone Converter
Use this timezone converter to see when you have to get up/stay up until

Watching It Live
Watch it live if you have a decent internet connection.

For Music Bank, watch it through KBS Able from their website and you need to register yourself (pretty straightforward) and login each time you view.

For M! Countdown, Music Core and Inkigayo, download TVAnts. Few minutes before showtime, start up TVAnts, type in MNET/KM, MBC or SBS depending on which show, then select the channel with the best quality.

Many thanks to dothat36@soompi, lazenca0, seoulfull.wordpress.com for providing some information about the various music shows in Korea.

Comment if you have additional info or if there are inaccuracies.

75 thoughts on “M! Countdown, Music Bank, Music Core and Inkigayo in a Nutshell

  1. Thanks Alvin…

    This is very informative… I sometimes wonder if there were too many music program in Korea, maybe even more than Japan or HK/Taiwan… but guess this is all good for viewers and healthy competition among the singers… Just hope alll the singers get adequate rest… sometimes the perf. from Youtube, they look so tired… *fighting*

  2. thanks so much!! ever since dbsk comeback, i’ve been chasing these music shows online. And thats what i’ve been trying to find, like how they calculate the winner~~~

    you are so cool!

  3. hmm i remember for m!countdown
    they take in in-time mobile votes too
    as in once the show starts people can sms in to vote their choice of the 2 artists.

    here is it:
    10% live mobile votes
    30% online album sales
    30% offline album sales (in stores)
    20% mobile search
    10% m!ka homepage online votes

    oh and there’s a segment called ‘M!Countdown Heroes’
    whereby singers on promotion would be picked to perform classic performances in honor of the “hero”.

  4. Iwould probably want to watch Music Core cos of the three MCs. Hahah BigBang and Solbi! Too bad I cant watch it.

  5. i was thinking the other day that they had too many music concert shows. it makes you lose interest real quick when singers perform the same song consecutively for many days of the weeks then months. they should just all join together and make the Korean “MTV”.

  6. Agreed^^^ And all the music shows pretty much has the similar concept of how they determine who the winner is. Nonetheless, I wonder which one is more accurate though? Anywhooo.. I tried watching Inkigayo, but yeah the EJW and that girl looks uncomfortable or something. And all the other shows at least has 1 WGM cast. WOOT WOOT! I’d rather watch Music Bank ’cause that’s the only one I always catch on my korean channel. Haha.

  7. MusicBank and Core are the two only shows I bother to watch…Inki has a bogus sound system, Mnet is just bogus…

  8. thanks. i got confused about these shows awhile ago. but i voted for Music Core, cause its the only live music show i get (MBC America), also the MCs are cool.

  9. I prefer Music Bank, actually. Their stages are put together very nicely and I love the MCs (especially Seo In Young). πŸ˜€

  10. Music Core has the best audio, stages, and special effects. (Plus hot MCs, OMG!) But, I like Music Bank the most, because it is the only one I can watch. I only have KBS World T_____T

  11. Do you have any idea what happened to Music Bank on KBS World? It used to air every Saturday from 8:45-9:45pm, for a short while moved to Fridays… and now it’s not on anymore. Sometimes if a show ends shortly before 9:45 on either Fri or Sat (can’t remember, been a while since I caught that) KBS will air the last few mins of Music Bank… sad days!

  12. mm… voted for music core, only bc of their stages. i wish they would still put the lyrics onscreen though.
    inkigayo and music bank are good too, the only one that i really dont like is MCountdown…… dunno, guess bc it’s not HQ ^_^U


  13. OMG ALVIN! I SO LOVE YOU! Thank you for this! For the past year, I have been looking all over the net for info on the Korean music shows. I tried wikipedia but it doesnt give an in depth explanation of the mechanics of the music shows. Maybe you can post this in wikipedia for future reference for other curios Kpop lovers like me. πŸ™‚

  14. but because there are more shows, though repeated perofrmances, fans stand a higher chance of watching their singers perform live, no?

  15. Omg this helps so much since I never knew the difference before lol
    I like Music Core the most! ^^
    Thanx Alvin! ❀

  16. Does anybody know if TVAnts is safe? Or does anyone recommend paying for TVAnt does the one that you buy don’t give you viruses?

  17. When I watch KBS live, I don’t need to log in 0.0
    I just choose which ones I want, KBSTV1 or KBSTV2 and plus their radio stations on their website.

  18. Also realize apart from the weeklies music shows… there are tonnes of awards in Korea, dramas & variety, movies, music, style etc… the annual ritual. Just following on the movies awards(my passion) is enough to drive me crazy coz its one too many… and film festival awards as well…

    Maybe you can do a post on the music awards upcoming during year end. I trust all the 3 main stations all have their dramas & variety and music awards… it will be interesting! Just a mere suggestion from me.. it will be “good education” to all of us, your readers…

    Though they have been controversies that some of these awards are solely based on popularity(due to the repeated online votes…and what not) and not on merits… and guess I shall view it as entertainment rather than viewing it as a result based-show.

    Let the shows begins…

  19. Love Music Bank and Music Core! Best hosts and it’s always so lively! I like Alex hosting on Mcountdown, but chaeyeon ruins it for me……

  20. ^
    what’s wrong with chae yeon? i think she does a great job! alex and chae yeon look good mcing, they get along well together, i like their chemistry.

    to me, all these shows are pretty much the same.

    thanks for the information!

  21. im so sorry! i can’t dl tv ants. it says that it is not a win 32 application? do you have any idea how i can go about it?

  22. i vote for m!ca just solely based on their countdown heroes segment medley etc. but really, as someone stated above abt pervert cameramen, mnet should fire all those pedo ajusshi, will they stop focusing on several parts? plus they have crappy mic and too loud fans
    while music core have the best stage etc, but sometimes their camerawork makes me dizzy
    music bank have very sensitive mic which i love, but their 90s laser’s making me blind, and i hate how they turn around their camera, but i guess im stuck with it since its all i have
    thank you so much for all those infos, ive been wondering abt how they count their rank and everything

  23. hello (: thanks for telling us how to catch all the shows live.
    but i have a question.
    i click KBS Able, and then i click 2TV. but then nothing comes out. why is it so? i’m so sorry but please teach me.
    you’re help is really appreciated. thank you!!

  24. Music core have nice set and props.
    Inkigayo have lyrics on their performances.
    Mcountdown often held stage performances outside studio
    Music Bank always have the same stage. πŸ˜€

  25. Music Bank xD
    i like what the camera do ^^
    not like M! countdown the men who
    do the camera are really prevent >_<

  26. thanks^^ does anyone know who will replace heo yi jae on inkigayo? suju’s eeteuk is apparently the replacement for 2 weeks.. but is there an announcement about the official replacement?

  27. This is out of topic, but has anyone heard a european version of Kim Bum Soo’s song bogoshipdah (i miss you)?

    One of my neighbour’s was playing this artist really loudly, no idea who, music style similar to Andrea Bocelli.

    And there was this song which I SWEAR is Bogoshipdah, but its in operatic-like version and in either french, spanish or italian – i couldn’t make it out.

  28. Music Core is definitely my favourite (: one because they have awesome stages and two because they don’t tolerate lip synched performances^^

  29. its interesting how ppl picked the worst quality music bank the most,,, lol.. n inkigayo,,as one of the last..

    inkigayo is the only music program that gets over 10% ratings in korea,, while the rest get around 9 or 8,, which is a huge rating considering their time schedule,,

    inkigayo is known for their camera work,,n their ratings,, sound system,, while music bank is often harassed as filming with foot camera.. its like akorean saying foot camera,, like they suck so much that might as well film with their feet.. or something like that..

    music core is alright but sometimes tend to suck with their sound system,, mnet is a cable program so i wont go there..lol

  30. grizzlybeary..

    both music core inkigayo requires live.. i think music bank too.. but definitely music core and inkigayo

  31. Recollections: I think you’re talking about Martin Nievera’s When Love Is Gone πŸ™‚ Quite a touching song but I think the korean version is better!

  32. Thanks for the info. Searched for it on youtube and while its nice its not what I heard. I swear the one I heard was in either french, italian or spanish and sung il divo style.

    Pretty awesome. πŸ™‚

  33. This is some good info! Thank you…although I feel like trying to watch Mnet Countdown might be an issue for me tonight…I think it already aired last night…*sighs* The only Korean channel I get it TVk24 and there are NO music shows on there….there IS Showbiz Extra and Pops Seoul but I never know when they are on….also I had a question about TVants…mine was messed up or something on Saturday when I tried to watch the shows….could someone email me at EvilAngelicDemon@comcast.net and help me out?

  34. OMG! thank you sooo much for all this information!
    I was so confused as to what is what, and I never really realized that they actually show them every week and have regular hosts. I thought all these were equivalent to North America’s grammies, or oscars haha.

  35. This is really helpful coz I was confused about the different shows, and what they actually are. But now it has been clearer. Thank you!

  36. i tried going into SBS KBS AND MNET. (but hmmm we have to pay there) … and i totally not understand what it said .. I dont know korean =(

    can someone just kinda lead me instruction by instruction where to click, so I can see musica bank, music core and inkiyago ? i will appreciate it! THANKS THANKS

  37. do you know something about t the dance battles ??? because i always wonder in wath dates they are aired…sometimes i see them on youtube but i would like to know if these have special dates or when are on air

  38. Pingback: M! Countdown, Music Bank, Music Core and Inkigayo in a Nutshell (via Coolsmurf Domain) « lovelindaa

  39. If you have MNet America You can TOTALLY watch M Net’s M Countdown on Thursdays 4am EST/1am PST/3am CST if it’s daylight savings time than add an hour. I personally have only seen M Countdown (aside from Arirang’s Simply Kpop) on my cable television. (I missed my future spouse hoting the show, but awesome rockstar Hongki from FT Island hosts it). I heard of a channel called Myx TV today and they air Music Bank. Also KBS has like two channels called KBS World and/or KBS America, you can see Music Bank on there. As for Music Core and Inkigayo, you would have to check air streams.

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