MBC Gives the Okay to Rainism After Review

Rain’s title track Rainism from his 5th album has come under heavy artillery from netizens over it’s sexually explicit lyrics and tv stations have been asked to review the song again over it’s appropriateness to air on tv. MBC Korea issued a statement this morning, “Rainism doesn’t contain any mature content (18+). After reviewing it again, we have given it the ok to air on tv.”

According to someone within MBC, “We have concurred that part of the song lyrics does not refer to sexual acts. The composer was just trying to convey his perspective discreetly by using metaphors. If this is prohibited, it will limit the areas of imagination when composing and writing a song.”

KBS will conduct their second review of Rainism on 23rd October while SBS will stick to their original decision and will not review it again.

28 thoughts on “MBC Gives the Okay to Rainism After Review

  1. Junjin is not rain, and rain;s mv is not the same as Junjin’s. That dude basically was in a club and tried to seduce a girl to fuck… um.. same as rain dancing in a middle eastern kinda place? I think not.. ppl THINK.. and for those ppl that start claiming rain refers to his lyrics as his dick or watever, A) u have to much time, B) UR A LOSER SO GET A LIFE, who the fuck cares? did we EVER pay attention to what the heck rain ever said? NO jus what he can do and show hahaha

  2. You’re forgetting the last part of Rain’s MV when he had like a dozen girls all touching him. Oh sure… like YOU thought it was all about a dance… and learn to spell already…

  3. Well, some people might not care but some people might care. That what make we live a world that we live in together. IF we want to do whatever we want to do, then find a new world that nobody live but you. The fact is, in everything we do they will effect people, society and us. There should be limitation and guidence in everything we do, so does writing a lyrics or being imaginative while making a music. I will the first one to appreciate a good music and a creative and depth meaning lyric but this is not. There is no good to defend the lyric while it’s meaning what the people are thinking of.

    Well, not that the fans care. Well, whatever, I don’t like his songs but like his voice and admitted he can sing BUT I wouldn’t care what he write or anything in his songs lyrics because with that his proven he can’t acknowledge real sense of art. I will stick to his acting though. He is talented but he just have to be and get it right and normal. He is better that way.

  4. i don’t really care but this is just stupid. the lyrics is sexual explicit. I don’t care what ppl say the song is talking about sex. but whatever i seen more sexy videos.

  5. Oh, whatever.

    If he want or had write or mean it WHATEVER!

    It really means sexual encounter IF YOU FANS DIDN”T WANT TO ADMIT.

    At least, for GOD sake, admit or not just say it’s an imagination. Stupid idiot reasons, even kindergarden kids can think of that. What else can people imagine or being IMAGINATIVE when a lines like that is written and singing.

    The things that make me sick why Rain’s fans were angried when people can’t accept what he is doing.

    It’s hard to hate Rain. I didnt hate him nor I dislike him. It just the way he handle the business and that is my business and others who didn’t like what he did because what he had did to think WHAT WE WANT TO THINK.

    At least, we still respect others people opinions, unless Rain didnt respect himself.

    What I know, I good musician and artists will be highly respect by everyone even by the haters. That’s a fact.

    He owns KOREA? Get you fact right. He once has and now he lost it and wants to claim it back. He deserved it but he has do it in a wrong way.

  6. wow what’s with all the heated arguments isn’t it just a song who cares if it’s talking about sex look at America listen to the music people dance too is this really such a big deal? Then again I don’t live in Korea so I wouldn’t know ^_^;

  7. @michizan

    At least if you want to write something rather sexual write it smartly and not some magic and working your smart ass to ask later the people to use imagination to not think about that.

    Well, wait until you have kids then you know. On the side notes, American songs is not a modal. Their life is a wreck so did their songs except some of the few good ones of course. There is always a limit of everything if you don’t care or forgot.
    And I’m not being exaggerated or conservative here. Unless you forgot it called social morality and what an idol aka arist image can effect teenagers. Then don’t blamed when your girls doing abortions or shoving their babies on the street.

    Responsible is the keyword.

  8. What part of America are you living in?!?! I could think of several American songs with explicit lyrics, the only thing is they have to make a “clean” version of it as well.
    I can see why they would want to banned this since they have young “impressionable” teens. Is DBSK under scrutiny for doing the same thing with Mirotic?

  9. I don’t. I live in Australia. I guess the really explicit stuff is censored before it gets over here. xD Sorry.

  10. (flamesuit ON)
    explicit lyrics has its place in mass media; but to cover it up saying the “magic stick” was to be taken literally is really really lame, is the “inside your shaking body” part to be taken literally as well? *shudders*

    this would be similarly to say snoop dogg airing his uncensored songs on mainstream tv and claiming “ho” to be a farming tool; that “weed” is unwanted plant in the soil; and “bitch” is a word for female dogs…

    i like rain and don’t blame him, but his production company failed this time.

  11. Who cares? Seriously, who spends their time analyzing a song just for one hint of something that could be sexual. :/ Gosh, are you guys serious or what? You haven’t heard or seen, “Lollipop”, “Buttons” or even “Womanizer”? Really pathetic. Here in America, they use the F word, or the S word for the matter. Grow up, please.

  12. loveholic plz stop posting, ur making this post dumber by the word u put up, im sorry i dont use proper grammar in a freakin blog jeesh, but unlike you i actually have good points, WTF u live in auzzie land and u talk about america as if u know the place? I LIVE IN AMERICA so plz stop with ur ignorance.. ,

  13. well, EX-CUSE me, I said I was sorry, I get that I was naive to post that, but I can do whatever I want just like you can.

    Like WTF u lyk liv in aMeriCa and o u make ppl der sound SOOoooO much smartah than me coz i ma dum AusZie… lemme bow to you now……………,,,,,,,



    I guess the controversy for Rainism will probably pass sooner or later.

  14. this stuff is interesting. i never knew s. korea was so conservative, sexuality wise. i guess that’s a main problem why a lot of korean artists trying to break into the american market fail- if you’re afraid to use words like d*ck/f*ck/b*tch/etc (words even prepubescent teens use every day) in your lyrics, well, you’ve lost a good share of the youth consumer population, at least in america. even Pink bears her breasts (somewhat) every now and then, and when I think of Pink, I don’t think of sexiness. i guess this is also a reason why a lot of younger female artists get called whores, even though they can’t really help it. you gotta be scandalous every now and then, or else no one will talk about you, and public interest fades away.

  15. Loveholic, once again ur making this post dumber, thats not the point. U made reference to an american music industry ur not even familiar with, thats STUPID..but watever, im done trying to explain this to u, and btw ur a korean living in auzzie so ur not even an auzzie LOL

  16. In all honesty, I have to agree that it is a double standard. It IS Rain, so I guess, the agencies can’t help it but be biased towards him. I’m not saying it’s excusable, they’re just looking at their pocketbooks.

    Needless to say, aside from Junjin’s Wa MV, I feel like Lee Minwoo’s “M Style” was also unfairly scrutinized. Although he initially received the okay, after a few months of sales, the board re-reviewed his work and slapped on the 19+ age limit, saying the lyrics were too sexually implicit. I don’t see how this was fair to Minwoo, when Rain mentions “magic stick,” which is just about as sexual as “feel my microphone.”

  17. AHAHAHAHAHAHA Afro, you crack me up everytime. The first person to use the word “Auzzie”. LOLZ, such a loser… xD

    Love ya, coolsmurf!! xx

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