Lee Yeon Hee Realistic Crying Scenes Moves Viewers

In Episode 18 of East of Eden shown last night, the scene of Young Ran (Lee Yeon Hee) crying her heart out for Dong Chul (Song Seung Hun) for their love that cannot be fulfilled moved viewers who sympathized with their plight.

In an emotional-charged scene for Young Ran, she bickered with her father over sending Dong Chul into danger just because they like each other and even bought out her deceased mother which left her father in tears.

Young Ran then goes over to Dong Chul, saying that she finally understands why he decided to ditch love for money. She had earlier visited Dong Chul’s family and knows that he is doing all these to protect his family. Young Ran decides to let go of their love but that he must not die without her permission. They hug again and while Dong Chul is deliberating, Young Ran breaks off from him and leaves the room with Dong Chul left in an agonized state.

The production team behind East of Eden expressed, “Lee Yeon Hee didn’t seem like she was simply acting when she started tearing. It was like she was letting out all her sorrows hidden deep inside her heart. When we were filming this, we were all very solemn and deeply moved by her acting.”

Viewers expressed on the website, “It was really sad when Lee Yeon Hee was crying”, “The sadness that Guk-ja (Young Ran nickname) experiences, it’s just like the Arirang legend, so tragic”, “Yeon Hee’s eyes is full of longing”.

As the drama nears it’s climax, besides looking forward to the real parents of Lee Dong Wook and Shin Myung Hoon being revealed, the relationships between the various characters will also see some changes. According to someone from East of Eden, “we are almost half-way through the drama, there will be some changes between the relationships of some characters plus love lines. What will be the fate that befalls the two men whose fates was switched on the day that they were born, please wait and anticipate.”

On the ratings front, East of Eden achieved it’s highest rating thus far with 28.7% on Monday night. But Episode 18 last night saw a decrease with just 26.0% but that was because it was delayed due to MBC’s decision to screen a generic sports game. The 30% barrier is thus within sight.

27 thoughts on “Lee Yeon Hee Realistic Crying Scenes Moves Viewers

  1. I really, really enjoy this drama…I’m totally immersed and impressed by the cast. I like Lee Yeon Hee, but I’m still a
    Lee Da Hae fan ^_^

  2. aww…LYH, you are my favorite. who says you can’t act. you have proved that you are no less than other veteran actors. there are more episodes to come and LYH is here to shine, no matter how much some sour netizens like to deny.
    everyone should watch EOE. I love how all actors/actresses portray their characters.

  3. i blame coolsmurf agen.
    i read yehr post on ep.15… them parting or whatever…
    den i got into the drama…
    just like how i got into xman and we got married through you…
    im addicted to east of eden.
    mhm.lovin` it.

  4. …I just hope those who don’t like her now remember that she can improve herself…given more time she can only get better and she’s still young…I think she can emote more than some lead actresses I’ve seen so far…

  5. bumble, I’m in your situation, too. Because of Alvin, I’ve become addicted to East of Eden, Beethoven Virus, and WGM. After reading the summary of the scene between Dong Chul and Young Ran in episode 15, I started watching the drama. Now, I just can’t wait for more episodes >_<. I’m waiting for episode 18 to be subbed…

  6. =(
    young ran and dong chul are my favorite couple!!!!
    they have so much chemistry
    i hope they end up together… šŸ˜¦

  7. Needless to say I cried too.
    I always cry when something like that happens.
    Impossible loves seems to touch audiences in a different way then one that is possible but with character differences.

    I’m super excited like I stated before this is a good week for television. Haha.

  8. I bawled my eyes out watching this. Why did LYH have to give up on SSH?! I hope there’s a happy ending for both of them.

  9. I wanted to cry when I saw this scene…
    it was so heart-breaking.
    Good job YeonHee! šŸ˜€

    I am really hoping for a DC + YR ending…

  10. I always love LYH crying scene. Especially in her movies and dramas.
    Her crying scenes seems realistic all the time.
    And she made me wanna cry with her T_T
    She’s a great actress.

  11. this scene had broke my heart.. T_T
    hopefully there will be a miracle come to Yeong Ran and Dong Chul.. both are a lovely couple..

    LYH’s acting has developed since 1st episode.
    and epi 18 had shown her best acting, even she cried realistically… so touching..

    i really like LYH since she’s model of Fly To The Sky’s song ‘Condition of My Heart’ MV.

    LYH fighting!!

  12. LYH is my favorite Korean actress ever.. She’s so gorgeous, cute and warm…
    The thought that DC and YR will end up together leaves my heart at peace…
    I feel sympathy for her unrequited love.. If only she could chose another way.. but anyway I guess.. She would finally turn to the road to meer DC.. to love him.. and even to die for him….
    YR fighting ya ya…

  13. way you go east of eden casts. seung hun one of my favorites. we always look forward of watching the episodes. do you know that these past few months since i started watching korean drama , i never had the chance to go to bed ealier than past mdnight. and i seldom go out watch english movies because i enjoy more watching my korean drama. now i know more korean actors than filipino actors.
    anyway,i hope i will have the chance to see seung hun in person here in canada ,

  14. Gee. One moment she got bad comments, people were criticising her acting, singing what not. Now they are praising her. Goodness.

    Well, at least they FINALLY see that she is not without talent. She is young, yes, very young and not as popular or have been in the acting scene as long as Han Ji Hye and Lee Da Hae but that doesn’t mean she isn’t good. SHE IS GOOD šŸ˜€ I totally adore her. Can’t understand why she is so underrated. Her acting is so realistic. šŸ˜€

    LYH keep going, don’t let all the negative comments get you down. You are an awesome awesome actress šŸ˜€

  15. LYH is just a good actress she have improve allot i love her and SSH in EOE they mine favorite couple i just fell bad for YR when she was crying telling DC how much she love him

  16. DONG-CHUL AND YOUNG-RAN MUST END UP TGT NO MATTER WHAT!!! i think i’ll cry for a good 2 nights if they really break up… they’re really too lovable to be broken up… T_T

  17. They are great together, about some changes about the love couple, first I thought that DC and YR will be apart but now that i just watch episode 25 i think the writer will keep together this too….

  18. I love DC-YR couple. But I really doubt about the ending of their love story. Whether DC loves HR???? If that happens, may be I won’t watch EOE. Because DC-YR is the only reason that I watch this drama

  19. Anneyo Haseyo onni lee yeon hee & lee dong chul wow onni great job sarang heyo o.m.g u guys shld gt married as soon as possble coz everyone lves u awesome drama so sexy n fabulous komawo onni lee yeon hee shs my onni n real life im so proud of u.

    Sarang sarang heyo,
    Ur onni fonyooleeminho & onni kimyoolee zoojini…

  20. I’ve only started watching this drama recently, and I am totally in love with this couple. I started watching this drama for Kim Bum, then for the brother love between DC and DW.

    However, ever since episode 6, with YR’s first appearance and her first encounter with DC, I fell in love with their chemistry, their initial bantering, their attraction to eachother and now their inability to end up with eachother.

    I don’t know why some think LYH can’t act, I thought she was really good as the bratty princess at first and now the much more mature woman that understands DC’s situation. She doesn’t just want him to herself anymore, she learnt to protect him, love him and support him.

  21. its the best korean drama.dong chul and gukja they are the most wonderful couples.i really really watch to like from this movie DC and gukja.unfortunately.DC died in the end.i hate this movie’s end.i want tobe they must have live happily together.SSH and LYH are very good actors.i reallylove them.

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