Rainism Lyrics Are Just References to his Dance

Rain’s dance tune Rainism from his new 5th album of the same title has come under fire for it’s rather explicit lyrics and it has gotten so serious that Rain’s company had to defend him through the media, “The lyrics and song content are definitely not referring to sexual acts between a guy and a woman.”

In a phone interview with J. Tunes Entertainment by SPN Daily, “The lyrics in Rainism are describing the dance movements performed by Rain. We considered using magic stick, body shake to describe the long cane stick dance that Rain had incorporated for the Rainism performance. We never thought that this would become a dispute over whether it was inferring to explicit sexual acts. We never wanted to present that but just the dance only.”

Netizens pointed out that the line “Inside your shaking body, there spins my magic stick” was referring to the male sexual organ, while the line “I’ve felt the unbreakable limit of body shake…” was referring to a sexual act between a man and woman, and questioned the explicit lyrics used, causing Rain to become the brunt of attack. But some showed their support saying that the negativity was too harsh since the album had already passed checks.

59 thoughts on “Rainism Lyrics Are Just References to his Dance

  1. hehe how amusing…if one really wanted to, you can find meaning in everything but hey…at least they cleared it up and some people will still think what they believe even if it doesn’t apply.

  2. Glad her cleared it out, seriously it weren’t only netizens, we international fans were question the lyrics too. Now it makes me think i was dirty to have ever taken the lyrics to mean something sexual lol.

  3. i just wish netizens don’t make big deals out of every little thing. It’s just a song.

  4. hehehehe this is absolutely funny. anyway its so common now to have explicit meanings. there was sad tango too wasnt it?? oh or was it move on. cant remember which songs had pun too.

  5. Oh okay, right!!!

    I’m sure it has double meanings thought! hahah

    Oh Rain, all grown up…or not!

  6. Oh please….and HYORI’s album didn’t go under fire. what the hell do they think Mr. Big is referring to? come and give it to me? People are so stupid.

  7. LOL Some people can’t help their dirty little minds when they listen to the song…BAHAHAHA!!^^


    It’ll surpass overtime…RAIN is still No.1~!

  8. LOL Some people can’t help their dirty little minds when they listen to the song…BAHAHAHA!!^^


    It’ll surpass overtime…RAIN is still No.1~!

  9. Not really… I do think that the lyrics sound very explicit… and I am very certain when he wrote the song… he may not have already planned a dance with his ‘magic stick’ 😛

    Compare to English lyrics of American songs… this line about the magic stick is actually pretty dirty….

    I mean… how do you ‘spin a magic stick’ inside someone’s body? Unless it is a sexual act 😛

  10. The netizens are thinking too much! Or is it because of the more conservative thinking of the Asian culture.. But anyway they’re kind of over-reacting isnt it, coming on so harshly on my Rain.. 😦

  11. XDDD
    I am one of the many to think that he was referring to sex.
    I still think he’s badass for doing it in the first place.

  12. the netizens are gay as hell? What are they? still babies?

    SO WHAT if if it did contain some sexual motives? Is Korea so censored that we have to listen to lollipop songs?

  13. don’t get me wrong, i like the song and MV but in all honesty i don’t know how else “Inside your shaking body, there spins my magic stick” CAN be interpreted! as anything except as a refernce to the male sexual organ and sex.

    The “unbreakable limit of body shake” is a bit odd sounding but not sexual, but really, if magic stick doesn’t refer to the male organ is he somehow anticipating halloween and referring to a slasher film? Has he speared someone and shaken them as part of a horror movie scene? I doubt it. hehe

    the actual walking stick doesn’t appear until the last half minute of the song… and he doesn’t talk about his magic stick then…

    Ahh rain – nothing like a bit of controversy to boost sales. *pinches cheek*

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  15. If this goes pass then it’s total bias.

    While junjin and G-dragon seems to face huge problems with just words like ‘bull shit’.

    If i’m not mistaken.

  16. hahaha…so funny…but seriously, when I finally saw the translation coupled with the orgy video..it’s like…of course he’s talking about sex…but which song doesn’t these days? Aiyah…

  17. If the stick refers to the stick he uses when dancing, then why is it in whosever’s body? -.- Just admit it already, its no big deal.

  18. hahaha yumi-chan. he did mention he was going be bad. “im gonna be a bad boy, gonna be a bad bad boy.” lolx 3 times even in one sentence 🙂

  19. It’s not a big deal actually. If they can listen to rap music, why not this??? And Im still sure he didn’t just mean to refer to his dance! Lol what a weird explaination.

    To ~Kay~,

    You made me giggle like crazy!! Speared someone? HAHAHA.

    Oh well, just let Rain be.

  20. As always thinking in other matters in the lyrics as i tranlated the lyric into spanish and for me it’s sounds me what it’s dance movements.

  21. Inside your shaking body, there spins my magic stick
    its not their fault that they interpreted with sexual references. if this was part of a song from the US everyone would think it was talking about sex!

  22. well Inever thought that is the meaning for the lyrics only when netizen point out but Idont think so it just adance number so it not big deal Istill support rain Ihope that doesnt effect his album sales

  23. haha…yea the eng translation really does sound explicit to me..
    but the whole concept of the song and mv…magic..bad boy..rainism..magic stick..haha everything a bit confusing to me..

  24. That’s not J.Tunes Problem anymore..


    you have dirty thoughts!

    *laugh out loud*

    ..but seriously,, the lyrics of the song is a little peculiar yet good.^^

  25. LMAO…i don’t care what they say Rainsim is a sexual song. I mean “magic stick” “body shake” bad boy”..lol
    we all know what magic stick means *cue in 50cents “i got the magic stick”* I mean seriously we all know what the magic stick is referring to.
    If they wanted to say the song is just about the dance then why the video gotta have girls looking seductive & sexy.
    Plus why use magic stick? If they are gonna act like they don’t know what magic stick is referring to then they shouldn’t go around using the words in that kind a sentence.

    I got nothing wrong or against the song. I mean I have heard WAY more explicit lyrics & songs…shit i’m from america were alot of our songs nowadays is about sex. So i have nothing against it.

    Whatever Rain & J.Tune just admit the song is a sexual song.

  26. it does sound explicit, but i guess it really depends on an individual’s interpretation, it is kinda the writer of the lyrics fault for making the lyrics so coincidental that it could sound dirty.

  27. i didn’t even know korean people actually knew what “magic stick” meant. they’re so conservative…

  28. lol i took it the explicit way too
    but honestly listening to music in the american
    industry those things are just baby steps =_=

  29. They could have use different words to get their point across. No matter how I look at it, the lyrics look very explicit.

  30. that’s bs. when i first saw the lyrics i was like 0_0… that’s very sexual.

    In regards to Hyori’s Mr. Big
    it’s about a big ego… the song is written by Whee Sung anyways… judge for yourself.
    Hey listen Mr. Boy
    With your conceited lips
    Tell me about your deepest love
    Come on like a man

    Only filled with pride
    your days are dull and boring
    and the future is far away
    for you boys
    Now with a warmer heart
    and a straighter mind
    and with a bit more composure,
    become a real man
    Every minute and second
    the hands of the clock are
    spinning so fast its out of breath
    but why are you in the same place?
    Jump Jump
    No pridefulness,
    but with confidence
    Grow like that heavy mountain

    Hey listen Mr. Boy
    With your conceited lips
    Tell me about your deepest love
    Come on like a man
    Hey get up Mr. Big
    With your broad shoulders,
    Hold unto the woman you will protect to the death
    You know real man

    When a man’s two eyes seem to swallow the world
    It shines so brilliantly
    When a fight between men is not about strength but
    increasing hope
    We always see victory

    Hey listen Mr. Boy
    With the same bravado when you acted tough
    Throw yourself into your dreams
    Burning running man
    Hey get up Mr. Big
    With the heart to win the world
    Be reborn
    I’m waiting for you
    Let’s go Mr. Big

    Hey listen Mr. Boy
    With your conceited lips
    Tell me about your deepest love
    Come on like a man
    Hey get up Mr. Big
    With your broad shoulders,
    Hold unto the woman you will protect to the death
    You know real man

  31. LOL, yeah, it’s explicit all right.
    maybe the song writer should have used different words to describe Rain’s cane…

  32. It is like the saying: you find what you want to find! Or, you see what you want to see! That is why you can’t believe people, even when they seem to have facts. Here it’s obvious, and different from let’s say statistics.

  33. I have nothing against explicit lyrics since I listen to things like 50 Cent and so forth, but don’t give us that bull about it referring to his dance. What do they thing we are? Three year olds? While I think they’re overreacting in terms of bashing Rain for the lyrics, don’t treat the listeners like they’re idiots. It just makes them look bad, and if they really didn’t want negative feedback (which they should have expected knowing how so many netizens have nothing better to do but complain), then don’t release a song with lyrics that they KNOW will be interpreted in a sexual way. This all feels like a cheap way to get publicity, and Rain does not need it, nor does he deserve this treatment. The netizens should just lay off Rain, and his management should come up with a better expcuse than that load of bull.

  34. Rain was “attacked?”

    I just thought it was funny. Doesn’t it seem a little extreme?

  35. haha… it is indeed a sex song. obviously~~~ ^o^
    but~~duh.. who cares..?
    still love the song!!! *_*

  36. umm even if he did clear it out, they still are very explicit. what the hell is he talking about if its not sex?? im sorry i dont buy there explanation. they’re only defending him so they don’t get in trouble and suffer.

  37. lol
    as much as i love Rain and his songs
    their explaination for this isn’t going through for me!
    so let’s just say the song ISN’T about sex or something sexual, so they’re just gonna make a WHOLE song and MV about Rain’s dance and then put in some girls doing “stuff”??

  38. I agree with most people here, how are the lyrics about a dance?!? I seriously can’t interpret it to not be about sex, I mean… why would you stick a magic stick in someone and make them tremble? @-@

  39. i wonder if koreans listen to american r&b/rap/whatever it is that’s on the radio in america nowadays. every other lyric is a reference to sex (well, not literally, but every artist has at least one song about sex somewhere in their song-making history). what’s so wrong about that? is it so wrong to sing about sexuality? who really cares?

  40. “ROFL!!! Magic Stick! ROFL!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!
    First, its magic feet. Then, now, it’s magic stick. What?

  41. Well, the dancing is exquisite, the song lyrics a bit too simple but i suppose it can’t be help since this is a dancing song. Most of the lyrics is fine, nothing to complain about, but the mentioning of “magic stick” and “spinning” and “inside your body”….as much as I contemplate, I can’t see any other way it can be interpreted. Plus, as you can see, the video is very suggestive with females lying all around…. Well, so the excuse from the producer is a little bit lame ^^. But what do i care? I ‘m American XDDD

  42. Hey dear…….I just luff this album-Rainism….I tried to get the lyrics…but I am not succeed in that thing…..You have done a very good job…..I guess every body enjoys this thing….keep it up and keep make=ing us happy by making this kind of songs………take care……..love you…..

  43. oohh…no wonder people misunderstood. if people haven’t seen the MV, they would obviously think that he’s talking about stuff sexually.

  44. i love your blog…

    the lyrics kinda sounds green but the meaning depends on the person listening and the intention of the writer…

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