Han Ji Min and So Ji Sup as Lovers in Cain and Abel

Han Ji Min has been confirmed for SBS Cain and Abel as the leading lady.

Han Ji Min will join So Ji Sup, Shin Hyun Joon and Chae Jung Ahn as the main cast who was confirmed earlier. Han Ji Min will play a refugee in the drama and have a triangle relationship between So Ji Sup and Chae Jung Ahn. Cain and Abel is a story about the conflict between two brothers and how much they hate each other. Filming begins in November and airing in February 2009.

23 thoughts on “Han Ji Min and So Ji Sup as Lovers in Cain and Abel

  1. Cool, Han Ji Min will be in the drama. My favourite actress. Looking forward to seeing it.
    Thanks for the post.

  2. I can’t get myself to like this actress. She annoyed me in Capital Scandal. I started watching Yi San but she was in it so I lost interest…

    Anyway, I hope she does well in this drama! 🙂

  3. @SP. I agree. I think she’s so typical in terms of both looks and talent. She’s annoying in all of her dramas.

  4. I’ve to concur with SP & Annie. sorry to any of HJM’s fans (she’s the main reason why i did not finish Capital Scandal)

  5. Is that why she left her anchor woman position in “Enterntainment Relay” to focus on her acting career?

  6. I think I noticed her not until I saw the movie The Cut, which is very good btw. Didn’t realize at first she was the host I saw many times lol.

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  8. omg two of my favorite celebs! muahaha this comes after so ji sub and kang ji hwan did a movie together? even though i’m a fan of the hjm-kjh couple, i can’t wait for hjm-sjs! 😀

  9. PASS…cannot get over the impression she gave me on her flirty behavior during the BTS clips in Lee San…sorry SJS…even if i like you, cannot stand your lead actress…

  10. good thing she was not in Boys Over Flower…SJS is so tall and she is so short WHAT A MISMATCHED height wise.

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